Title:  Matchmaker, Matchmaker P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series: 2 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.
Summary:  Tom gets caught.
"He was hot."
"He was sweaty."
"He means well."
"He has a mean right hook."
"Oh come on Har, there must be something you like about the guy?"
Harry thought a moment.  "He does have a nice smile."
"Killer dimples, yeah I noticed."
"You did?"  It wasn't the admission that surprised him but the way
Tom said it.  His eyelids were at half-mast and his voice was soft.
"Shit Harry I've known the man for eight years, how could I miss
them."  The pilot replied defensively.
"Well I guess so."  Tom had known Chakotay for longer than he had, so
he supposed it made sense that he would notice the sexy way the
commander smiled.  However Harry had known the first officer for
almost as long and he hadn't notice before yesterday.  Funny.
"So are you going out again?"
"Not that I call that blood bath a date Paris, but yes we are,
"So soon?"
Oh shit, now what?  One moment Tom was literally pushing the
commander on him and the next he was shocked that Harry was actually
doing what he asked.
"What the hell's a matter with you?  I thought you wanted me to go
out with him."
"I do, I do.  It's just that I assumed you would take the
relationship a little slower seeing as you've never been touched by a
man before."
Well that wasn't quite true.  Yesterday afternoon Gerron Tem had
touched him.   It hadn't been anything sexual, just a rub down, but
he had let the young Bajoran's fingers go where no man's had gone
before.  It had been nice.
"We're going to a recital not an orgy Tom."
"Oh very funny.  Here I am looking out after your welfare and you're
making jokes."  Tom sat back in his messhall chair looking
spectacularly indignant.
Oh this was ridiculous.  Harry didn't need this headache.  After all
the only reason he'd accepted Chakotay's offer was because it would
make Tom happy.
"Look why I don't I just cancel."
"No!"  His moody friend bolted forward and grabbed his wrist.
"Shit Tom!"  Harry yanked his hand away.
"Sorry Har."  He sat back again, let out a breath and spoke with
quiet earnest.  "I want you to go out with him and I want you have a
good time. I want you to fall in love."
"Great. Then why are you acting so weird?"
"Am I?"  Tom seemed totally surprised at the revelation and stared at
him with big wide eyes.
"Yeah, you're about two steps away from crazy."  Harry laughed
lightly.  "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were jealous."
"Of Chakotay?" The stunned look started to give way to an amused
one.  "We're just friends Har, I don't want to jump your bones."
"I wasn't talking about me."  And as Harry said the words, he
realized it was the first thing that made sense in this whole messed
up conversation.  Was Tom attracted to the commander?
"I don't want Chakotay."  The pilot crossed his arms over his chest
and stared daggers at him.  "I don't want anybody right now."
"OK fine whatever.  I'll go to the concert with him."
"Fine."  Tom rose to leave.
"Where are you going?  You haven't even finished your breakfast."
"I have to see a man about a Borg.  See ya Har."
The pilot didn't even wait for Harry to reply back before he was gone
in a flash out the messhall doors.  Confused and concerned he sat
back in his chair almost wishing that the gloomy Tom Paris would
return.  At least he knew where that man had been coming from, this
one he didn't have a clue.
Maybe Tem could help him figure out his best friend when he saw him
later at lunch.  The Bajoran had a wisdom born of hardship that Harry
hoped would help him understand the pilot's odd mood swings.
You wouldn't know from looking at the placid young man but the ex-
Maquis had been through hell and survived.  Yesterday Tem had told
him about losing his family to the Cardassians and how Chakotay had
saved him from suicide by bringing him to Dorvan V.
Harry had been both fascinated and appalled by Tem's life story.  And
as the Bajoran's delicate hands had performed magic on the aching
muscles of his back, he'd also been intrigued.  The Bajoran was the
same age as he was but had out lived him tenfold.  Tem could tell him
things that Harry's cloistered academic upbringing had failed to
teach him and he looked forward to the prospect of learning eagerly.
The physical part of the afternoon had almost been as interesting.
Harry hadn't felt weird or uncomfortable at Tem's touch.  It had
seemed almost natural for the Bajoran's small hands to skim down his
body.  Harry had been disappointed when the massage was over.
As weird as he'd been acting, Tom had been right about one thing.
Being close to a man could make him feel good.
"Did you enjoy the match?"
"Yes but that's not the point."
"Are you going to play her again?"
"Yes," Kathryn felt her cheekbones flush in a way that had nothing to
do with anger.  "But again that's…-"
"So what's the harm?"  Chakotay interrupted her as he sat back
casually on the lounge in her ready room and sipped his tea.
"The harm is that he logged in with an access code that was not his
own.  It was a serious breach of both security and privacy."
"Granted, but his heart was in the right place."
"His heart?"  Kathryn settled down beside him on the couch.  "What
makes you so sure?  Maybe he wanted B'Elanna and I in the same room
so we'd tear each other's throats out."
"For what?  Revenge?"
"Well they did have a messy break up and I have been concerned about
his attitude of late."
"They're friends now, uneasy ones but friends.  B'Elanna told me so
herself the other night."
"Then what was he trying to accomplish by getting his captain and ex-
lover to play tennis together?"
"Don't quote me on this but I think he was trying to do you both a
favour.  As to the why, why does Tom Paris do anything?"
"You've got me there but me and B'Elanna together?  It's unthinkable."
"Why?  You're both strong willed women who thrive on adversity.  From
where I'm sitting, you both seem to have a lot in common besides the
fact that you're probably the only one on Voyager that can handle
B'Elanna's volatile Klingon side.  I'd say you make a good match."
As much as she hated anyone screwing around with her sex life, the
commander 'and' Tom were probably right.  Lately Michael just wasn't
doing it for her.  As sophisticated of a program as he was, he had
his limits.  The holographic bartender had become predicable,
something she was sure the chief engineer could never be.
"You forgot beautiful Chakotay."  She said by way of forgiveness of
his not so outrageous explanation.
"I didn't." He gave her a full show of his famous, much talked about
dimples.  "It was implied."
"So you think I should just ignore Tom's tampering?"
"No but I would ask that you refrain from calling in Tuvok and making
it an official incident."
"Chakotay it doesn't matter how altruistic the lieutenant's
intentions were.  I have to do something."
"Let me talk to him and I'll make him aware of the seriousness of his
infraction.  Off the record of course."
He was letting her off the hook and she knew it.  If it turned out
that there was spark between her and the feisty engineer, a public
inquiry would put a damper on their romance.  Despite what Chakotay
said about her and Tom now being civil, B'Elanna would probably balk
at entering a relationship that her ex had orchestrated.
"Fine, I'll leave the lieutenant in your capable hands."
A curious smile formed on her first officer's lips.  "Thank you
"Your welcome. Now go, I have a breakfast date."  Chakotay's eyebrows
rose in amusement.  "With Tuvok."
"Yes.  He said something about wanting to send a message in the next
data stream."
"I believe the word is 'fascinating'.  Now go and give my chief pilot
a proper dressing down."
"Aye, aye Captain."  There was that odd smile again.  It was almost
irritating and she'd had enough of that today and it was only 0900
hours.  After Chakotay had left, Kathryn lay back on the lounge and
covered her eyes with her forearm hoping to catch a moment's peace
before Tuvok arrived.
Vulcans and Klingons and matchmaking pilots, oh my.
"Holograms don't yawn or stretch Mr Paris."
"So what?  It's not like it's a real yawn anyway Doc.  It's a just an
excuse to put your arm around her.  You've heard of the Picard
Maneuver, well this is the Paris Maneuver."
"Seven won't be fooled."
"No of course not, no woman ever is, but that shouldn't stop you from
trying it."
"I don't know.  All I told her was that I wanted to show her the view
of Earth from Mars."
"Oh come on Doc, what'll hurt?  Besides in a 57 chevy you almost have
to make a pass at the girl.  It's sort of tradition."
"Tradition?  You're certain?"
"Oh yeah."
"Very well but if it doesn't work...-"
"I know, I know, I'll be recalibrating bio-beds for a month.  Trust
me Doc it'll work."  The infuriating lieutenant winked at him once
and then left Sickbay.
The doctor supposed he should be annoyed at Mr Paris' assumption that
he wanted to more than experience the Sol system with Seven.  He
wanted to be, the irritating pilot was easier to deal with that way
but unfortunately he wasn't because Tom Paris had assumed right.  He
did want to do more than look at stars with Seven.
With what was he thought were his dying breaths, he had told the
exceedingly correct blonde a month ago he was in love with her.  She
had not responded in kind and in fact after his remarkable recovery,
neither of them had mentioned the incident again.  Things would have
probably continued on that way if Mr Paris had not goaded him this
morning into asking her for a date.
Remarkably he had given into the pilot's pestering and just as
remarkably Seven had accepted after he had gotten up the courage to
call astrometrics.  Walking over to his console, he logged his
schedule into the computer to save time in case he was needed in a
medical emergency all the while running the Paris Maneuver through
his algorithms.
It had better work because Seven was extremely intelligent as well as
extremely efficient and if she wanted to, she could decompile his
program in minutes.  The only upside to her possible rejection of his
advances was that he'd have the best running Sickbay in the quadrant.
Not that he'd be around to care.
Any minute now.
Chakotay gave all pretense of working, he hadn't gotten a lick done
all day brooding over the young lieutenant, and sat back in his chair
to wait for Tom to arrive in his office.
For what the mischievous beauty had done, some kind of punishment was
called for.  The problem was what.  Chakotay had tied his own hands
when he asked the captain to keep the infraction of the record.  It
meant that official reprimands like docking rations, suspending
holodeck privileges or the extreme penalty of brig time were out.  So
that meant getting creative and that was another problem.
While he didn't see life in black and white, he didn't exactly see it
in rainbows either.  His above average intelligence had the ability
to break down complex problems into simple solutions and not the
other way around.  Chakotay saw no reason for posturing or hesitancy
when striving towards a goal, either professional or personal.  He
saw what he wanted, collected the tools required to accomplish the
task, and proceeded full steam ahead.  Conviction and clarity of
vision were his strengths not imagination and creativity.  He
supposed that was why he was considered stoic and not colourful as
Tom Paris was.
Beauty and light followed in the young man's wake but looks alone did
not define him.  His humour and intelligence combined wonderfully
into playful wittiness, or depending on his mood, biting sarcasm.
Writing the intricacies of a holonovel came second nature to Tom, as
did his ability to spellbind his peers with off coloured, but
imaginative tales in Sandrine's.
Chakotay chuckled to himself thinking that if the tables were turned,
the lieutenant would have no problem conjuring up a punishment for
his senior officer.  He was smiling broadly and staring out the only
view port in his office when the door chime rang, causing his heart
to lurch.
"Come."  He called, losing his grin and replacing it with a stern
frown.  Even if he didn't feel that way he did have to keep up
The doors slid open and allowed access to his current conundrum.
"Commander."  The pilot said stiffly at full attention.
"Please sit Lieutenant."  Chakotay smiled softening his countenance
and hoping to put the young man at ease.
Tom watched him warily as he folded his long lanky body into the
chair across from his desk.  The pilot sat silently with his hands
pressed together between his thighs, waiting for him to speak first.
"I thought you might interested to know that the captain won the
match against B'Elanna."
"Yes, the one you came back to the boxing program to arrange
At the mention of the holodeck Tom blushed hotly and began to fidget
in his chair.   Chakotay wasn't certain if it was because his
tampering had been discovered or the young blond was thinking of
their time in the locker room.  The commander in him wanted it to be
the former but the man in him desperately hoped it was the latter.
"The captain has agreed to keep the incident off the books and has
left your punishment in my hands but I confess that I am at a loss as
to what to do with you."  Chakotay rose from his chair and rounded
his desk to sit on its edge in front of the nervous lieutenant.
While drinking in the young man's clean scent a thought struck
him.  "Any suggestion?"
Blue eyes looked up at him in shock amazement.  "You want me to tell
"Well since the crime is unofficial and I can't use any of the more
conventional means of punishment at my disposal, I thought your more
unconventional thinking might help me out."
Fast blinking his eyes, Tom digested what he was saying.  After a
moment his previous air of uncertainty bled away into the surety of
arrogance.  The pilot, Chakotay knew had been in tight spots before
and used false bravado as a mode of defense.  Tom sat taller in his
chair and leered up at him.
"How about a spanking and then sending me to bed without any dinner?"
"Maybe another time, but right now I think we should talk about how
you should make up for your mistake."  Chakotay countered, surprised
and pleased at his own wit.
With some of the wind taken from his sails, the lieutenant sat back
in his seat with his long legs sprawled opened.  Being only human,
Chakotay traced the length of the slender limbs to where they met in
a vee with his eyes.  The black material swelled low where it cradled
the pilot's balls and gathered loosely across his hips where it
covered the weeping beauty Chakotay had held in his hands less than
twenty-four hours ago.
Quickly he averted his eyes, but it was too late.  Tom caught his
gaze and moved forward in his chair placing his hands on Chakotay's
upper thighs.
"Do you want me to blow you?"  Tom's voice was silky as he began to
massage his legs in circles coming close to but not touching his
growing erection.  "Would that make up for what I've done?"
The boundary between duty and desire were becoming blurred as the man
of his fantasies talent hands reached up and undid the clasp on his
trousers.  Closing his eyes, Chakotay listened to the combined sound
of their quickening breaths and the clicking of his zipper as the tab
was brought down.   It wasn't until his cock was fully exposed to the
harsh lighting and cool air of his office did he regain his
Tom looked up at him with dark azure eyes, his fingers teasing the
wiry hair at base of his erection.  Chakotay had only stopped him
verbally and had not restrained his hands.  "Why not?  You told me to
choose my punishment and this is what I choose."
"I didn't say that."
"No maybe not exactly but that's what it amounts to."
"I don't want coerce you sexually Tom."
The man between his knees laughed.  "Yeah like that could happen."
Tom bit back his mirth and sobered.  "Look Commander I want you and
knowing you're not for me makes it a kind of punishment.  So as I see
it, if I suck you off, we're squared.  OK?"
"It's not OK.  This isn't what I want."  As the words left his lips,
a bead of precum formed on the tip of his penis and glistened his out
his lie.
Oh how he wanted to say yes and grab the young man by the ears and
fuck his mouth raw but it wasn't right.  Besides the obvious abuse of
power, Chakotay had promised he would only come after the pilot after
Harry had rejected him.  Although he was sure it would because the
ensign needed someone less rigid to break into his untried heart, it
hadn't happened as of yet.  So somehow in some screw up way, he felt
like he was cheating on his boyfriend with Tom.
"Beep!  Time's up Commander."
After giving him a bright smile, Tom buried his head in groin and
swallowed his cock whole.  Blinding white lights exploded behind his
lids as his eyes fell instantly shut in reflex to the intense
pleasure.  If Chakotay could have spoken he would have told the pilot
to stop but the warm moistness at his center disabled his vocal cords
to point where they could only utter grunts of encouragement.  And
with what little he had left of his hearing, Chakotay heard Tom leave
his chair and fall to his knees between his legs.
Sucking hard and fast, Tom bobbed his head up and down using his lips
and tongue to bring him to orgasm.  No longer able to control any
part of his body, Chakotay raised his hands and placed them on either
side of the pilot's face and pumped into his mouth.  It only took a
few long strokes before he was erupting and shooting his seed deep
into his lover's throat.
When he had nothing more left to give, Tom released him, pressed his
cheek into his hip and locked his long arms around his waist.
"Oh gods, oh gods, oh, oh…-"
It in his post coital stupor it took a few moments to understand that
the young man was claming his own orgasm.  Chakotay threaded his
fingers through the golden hair at his waist as Tom came without the
aid of physical stimulation.  When the crisis passed, Chakotay lifted
him by his shoulders and placed him back in the chair.  Tom leaned
his head back and closed his eyes.
"Oh fuck Commander.  How do you do that?"
Chakotay drank in everything about the man he helped to bring to
completion.  The tousled blond hair, the flushed cheeks, the relaxed
sprawl and even the dark stain across his slim hips touched his
heart.  This was fast becoming more than infatuation.
"Do what Poocuh?"  He closed his trousers and then reached for the
pilot's hand.  At the contact, Tom bolted up in his chair and opened
his eyes.
"I, I don't know."  The pilot swallowed and he watched the play of
his Adam's apple as it moved the length of his pale throat.  Near the
gray collar of his tunic, Chakotay saw bruises.  He let go of Tom's
hand and leaned forward so he could touch them with his fingertips.
"Mine."  He said not knowing if he was claiming ownership of the
small traumas or the body they were on.
"No Commander."  Tom pushed his hand away.  "They're mine."
"But I put them there."
"That's only a detail.  They're on my body, so they belong to me."
The pilot bolted up from the chair forcing him backwards on the
desk.  "How many times do I have to fucking tell you!?  My name is
"I'm sorry."
Tom looked around the office his blue eyes dazed.  "I have to go."
He regained his focus and centered on him.  "We're done here right?"
"Yes."  Chakotay replied sadly.
"Yes."  The pilot echoed back in kind and then turned, knocking the
chair over in his rush to leave.
When the doors of his office slid shut, he righted the over turned
chair and slumped down into it.
They just had their first fight and it was of all things over who
owned the hickies on Tom's neck.  It was to Chakotay as ridiculous as
it was sweet.  He threw his feet up on his desk and contemplated was
else had happened in the last few minutes.
Tom had sucked him off to make up for illegally accessing B'Elanna's
personal code or at least that's what it would look like if he put it
down in his log, which by the way he had no intention of doing.  In
truth, the pilot had just gotten off scott free because what had just
happened had nothing to do with reparation.  It had more to do with
physical attraction and maybe even love.
Love.  Oh spirits that was not what he was expecting.  Not on his
part or Tom's.  He wanted the beautiful young pilot but this all-
encompassing need was more than simple lust and he wasn't the only
one feeling it.  Chakotay was sure that the man who left his office
in a daze felt the same way but for some reason fought it tooth and
Tom wanted him to be with Harry.
"It worked!"
"I'm sorry Doc did you say something?"
"Did I say something?  I've been saying the most important things of
my photonic life for last five minutes.  Haven't you been listening?"
Tom uncrossed and crossed his legs on the blanket and gave his full
attention to the doctor.
"Mostly?  I would have thought you would have been all ears since it
was your idea for me to take Seven to Mars."
"I know and I think it's great that it went well."
"You could look more enthused."
"I am, really.  It's just that another project I'm working on isn't
going so well and I guess I'm sort of distracted."
"Well I suppose not all couples are as well matched as Seven and I,
so you're forgiven."
"Thanks Doc."
"Yes well, if you excuse me Seven is waiting for me over by the band
shell.  Have a good evening Mr Paris."
"You too."
Through Central Park's twilight, Tom watched the doctor head across
the open field for the stage where his new cybernetic love awaited
him.  Around him on their own blankets were various members of the
crew eating, drinking, waiting for dusk to fall and the recital to
begin.  Some were on dates and some were in companionable groups.  He
was the only one that sat by himself, preferring to watch the concert
alone.  The only company he wouldn't have minded was keeping company
with his best friend.
Tom lifted his head and searched through the crowd for them.  He saw
lots of couples sharing blankets and wine, the captain and B'Elanna
among them but no Harry and Chakotay.  Grabbing a beer from the small
cooler at his side he cursed and thanked the fates at the same time.
As much as he needed to see Chakotay, he wasn't sure if he could
handle seeing him with Harry.  Oh he'd supposed he have to come to
grips with it at some point but not in the same day he'd realized
that he was probably in love with the first officer.  Well it was
either that or he had finally taken leave of his senses.  Maybe it
was a little of both.
From the moment he'd walked into Chakotay's office, it was the locker
room all over again.  Nothing had gone the way he'd planned.  He
wasn't cool.  He wasn't smooth.  If anything he'd been down right
Fuck, he'd all but begged the big man for the privilege of sucking
his cock and afterwards had creamed his pants from the turn on of
feeling Chakotay shooting down his throat alone.  That had never
happened to him before so it must be love or something pretty damn
near it.  All he knew was that there wasn't a better place in the
world than at Chakotay's feet, with the taste of his come in his
mouth and the man's fingers running through his hair.  It had been
his kind of heaven.
Unfortunately heaven wasn't a place reserved for the male members of
the Paris family.  For them, another, warmer place held their name