Title:  The Limerick
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  nope
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chakotay finds poor Tommy weeping,
          Which soon has Chakotay's cock seeping.
          First Harry had trashed him,
          Then Dalby had thrashed him,
          Now Chak fucks him while Harry is peeping.

          Ellison Wonderland 2001

"The Flyer?  Oh come on Tom you can do better than that."


"No way."  A pause.  "With who?"

"I'm a gentleman Har, I don't kiss and tell."

"You, a gentleman?  Now I know you're lying."

"Am not."

"Then who?"

"Sue Nicoletti."

"Get out."

"No really, we were doing some scans for the captain and the next
thing I know, her tongue is in my ear."

"And like the slut you are, you took it as an invitation."

"I'm not a slut Harry."

"Yeah and I'm a ladies man.  You'd fuck anything that moves Tom

"Really?"  A barely concealed sniffle.  "Is that what you think of

"It's what everyone thinks of you.  I can't believe you didn't know

"A slut.  You think I'm a slut."

"Yeah so, but I'm still your friend."

"Oh thanks a hell of a lot."  Gulping and then the bang of an empty
glass on a wooden table.  "I'm outta here."

"Got a date?"

"Noooo.  Screw you Harry Kim."

"Anytime Tom, anytime."



"And double dumb ass on you."   Harry said to the pilot's retreating
back as he left Sullivan's.

The spoilt brat had just ruined the possibility of him getting laid
tonight.  Now probably none of the local talent would stop by the
table to flirt.  Tom may be a pain to be around but his cast offs
were the stuff of dreams.  Many a night he taken one of the natives
to the back alley behind the bar and screwed them silly after the
pilot had rejected them.

A few condescending lines like "yes, I know he's a prick" or "but I
think you're beautiful" and had gotten him not a few pieces of
holographic ass and sometimes when he was lucky, a few real ones.
However that wasn't going to happen tonight because Pretty Boy Paris
couldn't take the truth.

Shit, the guy rarely slept his own cabin.  What the hell did he think
people would say about him?   That he was just a lonely guy looking
for romance?  What a crock.  Tom was constantly telling him that true
love was only a myth and that Valentine's Day was clever ruse created
by the Ferengi to boost sales.  It was way too late for the
promiscuous blond to develop scruples.  Not when only difference
between him and a whore was that he didn't do it for the money.

Tom did it because he liked sex, which was something because of his
boyish good looks and silver tongue he got a lot of.  Poor baby.  It
was very hard for Harry whose tongue was more brass than silver and
who tended to sweat profusely at the most embarrassing times, to feel
sorry for him.

"Hey Harry, how's it hanging?"

"What?  Oh not so good, not so good Ken."

"Me neither."

"Have a seat."  If he couldn't get laid tonight, at least he could
bitch about it with someone who could sympathize.

"Thanks."  Dalby ordered a jug of beer from a passing waitress.  When
it came, Harry filled their mugs.

"So what's eating you?"

"No one and that's the problem.  Sue brushed me off again saying she
had to pull a late shift in Astrometrics."

"Really?"  Oh this was too good to pass up.  "I hear Tom Paris works
there a lot too after hours."


"Yeah, something about scans for the captain which confused me.
Isn't that Seven's job?"  He placed his elbows on the scarred wooden
table and put on his best rookie face.  "It's funny.  Why would she
ask a pilot and an engineer to map star fields?"

"Sue says it's extracurricular training."  Ken said defensively.
He'd been dating Lieutenant Nicoletti for months now and was fiercely
jealous of her.

"Well it's extra `something' I'm sure."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Let me put it this way Ken.  Have you heard of a new cross training


"Me neither but then again I'm only an ensign.  So I suppose they
don't tell me everything."

"You're a bridge officer Harry, they'd tell you this."


"Fuck maybe.  There's no such program is there?  She's fucking that
slut Paris."

"Now, now you don't know that.  Perhaps Sue's just planning a
surprise birthday party for you and has enlisted Tom's help."

"My birthday was last month."

"Oh my, was it?"

"He's a dead man."  His big meaty fists clenched and unclenched.

"Ken it's not his fault he can't keep it in his pants.  Tom's just
naturally, ah friendly.  Yes that's it, friendly."

"His problem, not mine."  Dalby finished his beer and stood.  "If
you'll excuse me Harry, I think it's time to teach Tom Paris how to
choose his `friends' more wisely."

Leaning back in his chair with a self-satisfied smile, Harry watched
as the classically jealous boyfriend stormed out of the homey Irish
pub.  He might not get his rocks off tonight but he was certainly
getting his jollies.  Ken was going to trash his overly sensitive
friend and it served him right for abandoning him in his hour of

It would give Pretty Boy Paris something to really cry about and god,
what he would give to see that.

Mmmm.  Now, there's a thought.


He would not cry.

It didn't matter that his supposed best friend thought he was dirt or
that he was consider by the crew as a whore, the men in his family
were men, god dammit.  They didn't gush like babies because their
feelings were hurt.

Sitting crossed kneed down in front of the console on the upper level
of Astrometrics, he called up the map of the Sol system and tried to
gain some comfort from the schematic.

The graphic display of the far away place was cold and flat but it
was better than being here.  On Earth was the real Sandrine's.  OK,
so Auckland was there too, but the good replaced the bad.  The brutal
sex he'd endured in prison was easily cancelled out by the memory of
the bartender's gentle embrace.  Even though he preferred men by
large, it had only in the arms of women where he found solace.

They were kinder and gentler during loving making and that appealed
to Tom.  If he could find a man who would take him with love and
care, he'd be happier but since that had never happened, he'd settled
and gravitated towards the fairer sex.  Oh shit, sex.  Tom sniffed
back the threatening tears before tapping his comm badge.

"Paris to Nicoletti."

"Tom!  Sorry but I'm running late.  I'll be there shortly."

"Don't worry about it.  Actually I was calling to cancel.  Would it
be OK if we met another time?"

He really didn't feel like doing anything else except sitting here
and feeling sorry for himself.

"Another time?  Look Paris I went to a lot of trouble arranging to
meet you so if I don't see you tonight, it's never."

"Fine then, never.  Paris out."

Maybe he was right in his initial assessment of the engineer.  Cold
hands, cold heart Nicoletti, Tom had called her once and although
former was incorrect, Sue's attitude over the comm link had showed
him the later wasn't.  Well screw her.  She probably was one of the
many that called him a slut behind his back anyway.  It depressed him
further that even women could be cruel sometimes.

Didn't anybody see the beauty in sex anymore?  What was wrong with
feeling good and making some else feel good in the process?  Damn it,
wasn't it what these people wanted from him?  For seven fucking years
he'd been making love to most of the crew as a way to survive so why
were they turning on him now?

Taking a lesson from Auckland, Tom had met the hostility he'd
encountered on Voyager with charm and grace.  Words like traitor and
murderer were quickly morphed into baby and lover after a round
between the sheets with him.  They got a night of wild passion they
couldn't get better from a Risan pleasure worker and he got to keep
his teeth.  As far as Tom could see, it was a win-win situation all
round and one he thought up until now, they appreciated.  Shit, even
when he'd let one of the male members of Voyager fuck him, they had
seemed grateful for his company.

Tom supposed the old adage was true after all.  The biggest illusion
was self-delusion.  He was a dumb and apparently an easy fuck whose
feelings not even his best friend cared about.  Feeling lower than
low, he hid his face in his hands and did the unthinkable.

He cried.


"Computer, location of Tom Paris."

"Lieutenant Paris is in Astrometrics."

"Surprise, surprise."

Moving from the computer access panel on the wall, a very angry
Kenneth Dalby headed towards the object of his ire.

Keeping hidden around the corner, Harry lurked patiently until the
crewman had entered the lift and then called the next one.  While he
waited, he damned Tom's choice for a rendezvous.

Astrometrics didn't afford a lot cover from someone who wanted to
play the voyeur.  Although he'd had a hand in its redesign, Seven had
done most of the work and as a result the lab reflected her spartan
tastes.  Why couldn't have Pretty Boy planned his tryst in someplace
more cluttered like Hydroponics or one of the cargo bays that were
just down the hall for instance?  There, he'd have lots of places,
like behind ferns or barrels to watch the show unnoticed.  Damn Tom
for never picking the obvious or easiest route.

The turbo lift came and Harry boarded hoping that when he got to
Astrometrics, he'd be inspired or just plain lucky.


What the hell was he doing?  Crying?

Ken stopped at the threshold of the lab and watched silently the man
who had cuckolded him.  The lieutenant hadn't noticed his entrance
and now would be a good time to ambush him but he was transfixed.
The soft sounds emanating from the hitching back reminded him of the
hushed weeping of Bajoran children.

The young refugees had lost so much and hurt so badly but had only
showed their grief in quiet reserve.  The pilot's similar display of
the sad emotion shocked and unnerved him.  It had been a while since
he'd be struck by a flashback of his most terrible time in the
Maquis.  He stepped towards the crying man, not sure if he planned to
thrash or comfort him.  Paris heard his approach and turned.

"What are you doing here Dalby?"

His eyes were puffy and his face was wet which would make most people
look a mess but not the lieutenant.  Now he understood why some
people called him pretty.  The tears had made his blue eyes sparkle
like sapphires and his cheeks glisten.  Tom Paris was extremely
attractive and Ken almost forgave Sue for her indiscretion.  Shit, he
almost felt like fucking the radiant man who was now standing bravely
with his arms folded on the upper level peering down at him.

"Do you plan on answering me today Crewman?"

Ken wasn't fooled by the lieutenant's false bravado. "I was looking
for Sue."  He lied, thinking he'd rather kiss the slut than hit him.
It really wasn't a bad idea and it was sort of apt.  After all it was
his fault Mr Happy was wearing a frown tonight and from what Harry
Kim said, Paris would be more than willing to cheer him
back `up'.

"She's not here and neither should you be.  This is area is off
limits without the captain's permission."  The blond ascended the
three stairs to Astrometrics main floor.  "I'll escort you out."

"Sure Mr Paris, I'm right behind you."

The lieutenant gave him a suspicious look and then brushed passed him
heading out the doors of the lab.  Ken followed keeping a close eye
on the sweet ass that would soon be his.


Oh shit that was close!

Ducking quickly into a Jefferies tube alcove, Harry wiped a hand over
his sweating brow.  A nano second later and the two men would have
spotted him as they emerged from Astrometrics.  After congratulating
himself on his lightening quick reflexes, Harry chanced a look down
the corridor just in time to see Dalby grab Tom by the waist and pull
him into the cargo bay.

Great!  It was about time something went his way this evening.  The
bay would be deserted this late in day and Ken would be able to kick
the shit out of Tom without having to worry about being interrupted.
All Harry had to do is find a dark corner, sit back and watch the
fun.  His cock harden in anticipation as a manic smile split his face.

Making sure the coast was clear, he scooted down the hall and stopped
just to the right of the bay's doors being careful not to activate
its sensors.  If he didn't want to be found out, it was important to
give them some time to begin so they wouldn't notice his entrance.
Harry counted ten warp cores, crouched low and joined the party

The doors slid open to an empty bay.  Confused, he scratched his head
and his distended groin.  Where were they?  His penis began to wilt
until he heard a cry at the farthest end of the deck behind some
large cases.

"Get your fucking hands off me Dalby!"

With his cock and his glee renewed, he sprinted to the outer most
bulkhead and edged around the obstructions to his revenge.  Finding
his targets, he was momentarily put off by what he saw.

Dalby had Tom pinned by the biceps against the wall but he wasn't
trying to hurt him.  He was attempting to kiss him.  Disappointment
started to dampen his arousal, when noticed that amazingly his
oversexed friend was fighting it.  Oh this could be interesting after

"Give it up Paris.  We both know you want this. Open your fucking


"Fine then I'll open it for you."  Ramming a knee between his
captive's legs, Dalby tore at the pilot's face with his teeth
breaking the skin of his pale cheek before biting down hard on his

A delicious chill went down Harry's spine at the sound of the pilot's
muffled screams and the sight of the bright red blood dripping down
into the collar of his uniform.  He found it very stimulating to see
Tom Paris at a disadvantage.

The man got everything with a smile.  Rank, women, men, you name it.
Whatever Tom Paris wanted, Tom Paris got and all he had to do was
just be Tom Paris.  It wasn't fucking fair.  Not everyone got to be a
young god.  So the fact that the pilot was in the process of being
raped didn't concern him.  In Harry's mind it was justice being
served.  The pilot had used sex to get what he wanted, so it was only
right that he should be punished by it.  Let him feel what's its like
to be mortal.

"Bastard!"  Ken screamed and staggered back with a bleeding lip.

"What's the matter Dalby?  I thought you liked it rough."  Tom said
defiantly through bruised lips.  Even though his attacker had let him
go, he hadn't taken the opportunity to flee and remained as if glued
to the wall.  Harry hoped it was fear that held him in place and not
bravery.  Tom having courage on top of everything else would be too

"Don't do this Ken.  Just turn around and walk away."

"That ain't gonna happen Paris.  You took something from me, so I'm
going to take something from you."

"I can't take what was given to me freely, not to mention eagerly."

"That's it you fucking slut.  Your ass is mine."

"In your dreams Crewman."  Tom clutched his hands together in front
of him and Harry was heartened.  Maybe Pretty Boy was a little afraid
after all.

"And in your nightmares Lieutenant.  I was going to do this nice but
now you've ruin it."  Ken said spraying blood with each syllable as
he took a step forward.

"Beep.  Wrong answer."

As Dalby advanced, Tom brought his doubled fists up to his right
shoulder and swung out connecting squarely with his would be rapist's
chin.  The crack that surely had to be Ken's jaw breaking made Harry
cringe in his dark hidey-hole.

His head snapping back, Ken's body spun and he fell face first into
the cold hard decking of the cargo bay.  Unclenching his hands and
wrapping them around the back of his neck, Tom slid down the bulkhead
and stared at toppled crewman.  As soon he was level with Dalby, Tom
began to shake and the tremors carried to his voice.

"Are, are you awake?  Can you walk?"

A gurgle and a nod followed by a sharp intake of breath was the

"Good.  Now pull yourself up, go to Sickbay and return to your
quarters.  Tomorrow you will not report to your duty shift.  You will
stay home and think about what you tried to do here tonight.  I'll
fix it so you won't be missed.  Understand?"

Another gurgle.

"OK, now please, please leave."

Without looking around at Tom, Dalby peeled himself off the floor and
limped out the cargo bay holding his chin gingerly in one hand.  As
soon as the panel shut close, the pilot folded in on himself and
really began to shake.

Deciding to call it a night, an unsatisfied Harry Kim made to leave.
Seeing Tom play the merciful hero made him physically sick and he
wanted nothing more to than to go home to bed and hide under the
covers.  Unfortunately, his escape was thwarted when the cargo bay
doors slid open again.  With his exit cut off, he sat back down in
resignation.  When the new comer came into view, he shook off his
disappointment and got comfortable.  It was Tom's worst enemy.

Commander Chakotay.


"You call this whiskey?"

"Aye. Irish whiskey."  Michael gave him a concerned look.  "It's the
same brew you drank last week, and the one before that as well."

"It tastes like old bathwater."

"Is there's something wrong Commander?"  The artificially sensitive
hologram asked.  "Other than the drink." He added with a kind smile
that was hard to get angry with.  Damn Kathryn and her toys.

"No, did I say something was wrong?"  Chakotay countered trying to
keep a hard edge in his voice.

"Not in so many words but you've been acting like shine's gone out
your sun."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're missing Tom."

"Tom?  Tom Paris?"

"Aye, none other.  You've come to watch him and he's not here."

"That's ridiculous.  I'm Voyager's first officer and not some starry
eyed young fool."

"Any man can lose his hat in a fairy wind Commander."

"I'm not going to even ask what that's supposed to mean."

"No, I suppose you already know the answer to that one."  And with a
nod of his head, the proprietor of Sullivan's headed to the other end
of bar to counsel some other hapless soul.

It wasn't true.  After his shift, Chakotay simply came to Fairhaven
to unwind and not to stare at Tom Paris.  So what if he glanced over
at him from time to time?   The young lieutenant was entertaining to
watch that's all.  Anyone and not just him had to admire the way Tom
charmed the pants off both holographic and biological patrons alike.
It wasn't like he needed, or heaven forbid wanted the pilot because
he most certainly didn't.  He had his job, his faith, and his friends
to make him happy.  Why would he want to screw all that up by
becoming involved with Voyager's resident bad boy?

A relationship with Tom Paris would be nothing but problems upon
problems.  Besides being his direct report, he was too young and
beautiful for him to keep for any length of time.  Tom also had a
large sexual appetite and while in normal circumstances Chakotay did
not doubt his own prowess, he was not sure it would be enough to
sustain the voracious pilot.  Not that it mattered because he wasn't
interested.  His life was good enough.  It was only this synthehol
trying to pass for good whiskey that messed up his comfortable

Scowling at his half empty glass, he pushed the vile liquid away.
This he could fix in one easy trip to his stash of Antarian wine
pocketed away in the cargo hold.  After a few drinks of the amber
ambrosia he wouldn't want for anything.

Well at least not until the bottle was empty.


"Lieutenant?  Are you all right?"

Oh please, oh please god not let it be `him'.  Bring back Dalby or
some evil reincarnation of my father, anyone one but Voyager's first
officer.  Abuse both physical and mental he could stand but contempt
from the man whose life he owned was intolerable.

At first Tom thought Chakotay tribe's ancient belief of being
responsible for the person whose life you save would be amusing.
However he soon found the commander did not.  It wasn't the custom
that bothered the first officer but to whom he was beholding.
Chakotay considered him a waste of time and not worthy of his life.
He hadn't actually said so in so many words but his aloof behavior
and the disdain Tom saw his dark eyes spoke volumes.

He hadn't even entertained the thought of winning him over the way he
had the rest of the crew for fear of offending him and making a bad
situation worse.  The seedier parts of his life he kept hidden from
the morally upright commander.  What he had done instead was try to
be the best damn pilot he could in hopes of at least gaining his
respect if not his friendship.  So it went without saying that if
Chakotay found out about what had happened here tonight, seven years
of hard work would be blown away in seconds.  Tom bowed his head into
his knees to hide his battered face.

"I'm fine Commander.  Now go away."

"You are not fine."  The first officer kneeled down beside him.  "Is
that blood?"  Tom felt a finger brush his cheek and sunk his head

"No." Tears began to threaten once again.

"You've been fighting.  Who did this to you Lieutenant?"

"Nobody that will ever do it again."  Tom mumbled into his chest.

"Look at me Lieutenant."

Damn he wasn't going to go away, so why fight the inevitable Tom
thought in resignation and brought his face up slowly.

"Oh Spirits."  Chakotay lightly touched his swollen lips.  "You were
sexually assaulted weren't you?"

Tom was surprised that the commander had not automatically assumed he
was the one at fault but he still didn't want him to know what
happened.  It was all because of sex and even if this incident wasn't
consensual that one that caused it was.

"No you were right the first time.  I was in a fight."

"With your mouth?  Not likely."  He said with raised eyebrows as he
assessed the damage to his face.  "You need to report to Sickbay

"No, no reports."

"Calm down.  I didn't mean it that way."  Chakotay stared him.  "You
don't want anyone to know about this, do you?"

"Not particularly."

"I understand."  Chakotay straightened to a standing position.  "Wait
here, I'll be right back."

The commander disappeared behind a large container, made some
shuffling noises and then returned carrying a brown bottle.

"Here open this Lieutenant."  He said handing the bottle to him.

"We're going to get drunk?"

Chakotay laughed.  "No Lieutenant.  We're going to clean you up.  The
wine will disinfect your wound.  Now I'll need a cloth."  His eyes
searched the cargo bay a moment before he looked downward sighing.

Tom held the wine in his lap while trying to figure out who this
alien was that had taken over his commander's body.  He had not
expected this kindness.  No he'd expected the brig or at least a
dressing down or, oh my god!  What the hell was he doing?

The older man's jacket was on the floor and he was peeling his gray
under tunic off.  A ball of fear formed in Tom's gut.  Oh please not
him too.  He'd surly die of humiliation from the degradation of being
raped by Voyager's most trusted son.  Was he worth so little even to

"Please Commander don't."  He pleaded.

Chakotay stripped from the waist up, sat down beside him smiling with
his tunic still in one hand.  "I promise it won't hurt.  Well perhaps
a little but I'll try to be fast."

"That's what they said in prison but they lied.  It hurt a lot."  He
whispered as his shakes returned full force.

Chakotay's brow furrowed, crinkling his tattoo. "In prison?  What are
you talking about?  In the infirmary?" Understanding hit smoothing
out his face with surprise.  "Oh spirits no Lieutenant, I don't want
to, to.-"

"Fuck me?"  Oh shit why the hell was he helping?

"No, rape you."

"Then why are you half naked?"

"My shirt.  I needed a cloth and oh what a fool I am.  Here you are
after just being assaulted and I start stripping.  I'm so sorry.  I
don't ever want you take you that way."

"You don't?  Oh fuck, of course you don't."

It was the last straw.  First he found out his best friend wasn't his
friend, then that his lovers mocked him, he was nearly thrashed by
Dalby and now incredibly he was disappointed his commanding officer
didn't want to rape him.   The stress of this day was more than he
could handle and he broke down, not giving a rat's ass he was doing
so in front of Chakotay.

As heaping sobs wracked his body, Tom felt strong arms wrap around

"Hush Tommy, it's OK.  It's OK."  Chakotay crooned into his ear as he
rocked him to his chest.

It felt good to be held in such strong arms while gentle words
soothed him.  Feeling brave, Tom set the wine aside and snaked his
arms around the commander's waist.  His boldness was rewarded when
the embrace tightened and he felt a light kiss on the top of his
head.  Content to drift and dream, he closed his eyes.

Over Chakotay's beating heart Tom didn't hear the retching in the


Oh you're one sick puppy Chakotay.

Tom's a wreck and you're thinking about how sweet his hair smells and
how good it feels to have his arms around your waist.  The poor man
was practically raped and your arousal is the last thing he needs or
probably wants.

The man in his arms moaned and brushed his damp face across his chest
rubbing his nipples to attention.  In a chain reaction his cock
pushed against his trousers and he shifted his butt in an effort to
give it more room.  Unfortunately all he accomplished was pulling his
pants tighter, which heightened his arousal and alerting Tom to the
awkward situation when his expanding groin knocked the lieutenant's
elbow.  Blue eyes opened and looked up at him.

"Problem Commander?"

"Nothing I can't handle and it's Chakotay.  We're alone here and I
would rather you called me by my given name."

The eyes twinkled.  "Well if you can call me Tommy, I suppose I can
call you Chakotay, Chakotay."

Oh spirits he'd done that, hadn't he?  "Open the wine."  He said
quickly trying to cover his embarrassment.

"You don't have to get me drunk."

"I, I know."  He stammered as he grabbed his shirt for
distraction.  "I want to clean your face."

"Oh right, sorry."  Tom hung his head as he released his sweet hold
and retrieved the bottle.  Finding the trigger, he popped the cork
and handed him the wine.

Wrapping a corner of the tunic around two of his fingers, he tipped
the bottle to wet the fabric.  Turning he placed the fingers of his
other hand under the pilot's chin.

"Now hold still.  I don't want to reopen the wound."

"Yes Chak."  Tom replied softly personalizing his name.  His covered
hand stopped briefly on its task as his heart acknowledged the

Leaning close, he cleared away the dried blood from the pale cheek
and dabbed at the injury.  It wasn't too bad but because it had
already started to heal, Tom would have a half moon scar under his
right eye.

"So will I live?" Tom asked with a bright smile.

Unable to help himself he answered back with a smile of his
own.  "Barely.  However I can't say the same for the bastard that did
this do you."

The smiled faded.  "Let it go Chak."

"He deserves to be punished.   If not by Tuvok, then by me."

"No he doesn't.  It was my fault."

Tom's answer threw him.  It was classic for the victims of sexual
assault to blame themselves for the attack but he was still surprised
Tom was doing so.  With all the crap he'd survived since boarding
Voyager Chakotay had assumed he was stronger than that.  Actually
wished was more like it.  He didn't like to think it was the pilot's
vulnerability that was arousing him but his bravery.

"And besides, I've already punished him.  He's hurting more than I am
right about now."

"But.-" Tom cut him off with his fingers on his lips. Chakotay fought
the urge to kiss them.

"It's over but this isn't."

Removing his hand, the pilot tilted his head and kissed him softly.
The thought of pulling back in deference to the ordeal Tom had just
gone through never entered his mind.  Careful of his damaged lips,
Chakotay opened his mouth slightly and let him control the depth of
the contact.  Closing his eyes, he sat still and let the pilot's
velvet lips caress his.  When he reached out to touch his undamaged
cheek, Tom pulled back.

"Do you want to help me Chak?"

"Yes, more than anything."  He said breathlessly.

"Then make the bad good for me."


"Fuck me.  Right now, right here where it happened."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes but you'll have to do it gently.  Can you do that?"

He wanted to and yes he could make love tenderly.  He didn't know how
to any other way, so that wasn't the problem.  This would be a
milestone in their relationship and he hoped the young lieutenant
realized that.  Chakotay wouldn't be satisfied with just watching him
at Sullivan's anymore.

"I can."

"Good.  Computer engage privacy lock."

Chakotay thought he heard an outcry behind him but blamed it on his
hopped up senses.  They were alone and now that Tom had sealed the
room, they would remain that way.


Harry prayed to god while cursing the blue eye devil for locking him
in the cargo bay to endure further torture.

How the hell had he done it?  Chakotay should be throwing his ass in
the brig and not fucking it.  What magic charm had Tom used to make
the man who normally avoided the pilot with a three-metre pole want
to be near him?  Besides being physically ill with anger, Harry was
at a loss.  He edged away from his earlier reaction to the
commander's cuddling.

Shutting his eyes tight and covering his ears with his hands, he
tried to block out what was about to happen.

It wouldn't work.


"Oh yes, like that."

Tom leaned further over the large cargo bin and offered his bare ass
up to Chakotay's tender ministrations.  Another finger slid into his
puckered opening oiled with lube Tom always carried.  The commander
rubbed the small his back and kissed his neck as he stretched and
prepared him for his entrance.

"Oh my sweet, sweet Tommy."

Chakotay blanketed his back with his warm nude body dispelling the
chill of the cargo bay.  Initially when the commander suggested they
remove all their clothing right down to their footwear, Tom had
balked.  It wasn't necessary to get naked for what he had in mind but
now he was thankful he was over ruled.  All that dark velvety skin
against his felt wonderful.

"Are you ready Tommy?"

OK let's check.  My legs feel like rubber, my balls are so tight to
my body that if I looked I bet I wouldn't see them and last but not
least, my cock weeping so much I think there's pool of pre-come on
the cargo bay floor between my feet.  Yeah I think I'm good to go.

"Do it Chak."

The smaller active objects in his butt left to be replaced with a
steadier, much larger entity.  Involuntarily he started to tense but
was brought back down by his lover's whispered assurances and gradual

As Chakotay's cock slid deeper and deeper into him, the commander
never stopped whispering to him nor did his hands halt their gentle
caress of his hips and lower back.  This was what he been looking for
all his life to be so lovingly filled in both body and soul.  In his
bliss, he moved back on the shaft.

"Oh spirits Tommy don't do that."  Chakotay moaned as if he was in

"I can't help it.  You feel so good."

"And so do you but if want me to last, you won't do that again."

Tom repeated his earlier move but this time he clenched his sphincter
as well.  Chakotay screamed and but continued to pump into him at a
measured pace.  Tom had to admire the man's iron will but it was time
let go.  When he neared orgasm, he didn't mind a little senseless

"I need it harder Chak."

"Oh spirits, you sure?"  He couldn't see but he was pretty sure
Chak's teeth were clenched.

"Yeah Chak.  Make me scream."

After letting out a roar that would have made a lion proud, the
commander surged forward and began driving his cock in and out his
ass at a furtive pace.  Tom held on the cargo container with one hand
and pulled at his dick with the other.  One glorious sensation fueled
the other and he came after only a few strokes.  Chakotay however,
was still going to town on his ass.

"Come for me baby."  Tom said over his shoulder.

"Can I?"

Holy shit, he'd been waiting for permission.  For an old guy, he had
incredible control.


At his word the floodgates were opened and Chakotay filled him again,
heating Tom to his core.  The feeling was so comforting, his own damn
burst in the form of tears.  Laughing and kissing they slid to the
floor wet all over.

Tom hugged the bigger man to his chest.  "You're an animal Chak."

"And you're a fairy wind Tommy."

"A what?"

"Long story."  Chakotay kissed his uninjured cheek.  "If you have
time, I'll tell you about it one day."

"All my time is yours Chak."

"Good Tommy.  Good."


All the time?

No, no, noooooo!

It was right about then when Harry Kim passed out.