Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Status:  Complete
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Series:  3 of 3 I think.
Disclaimers:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Tom gets scared, Chakotay gets naked and both get a little
help from a not so unknowing accomplice number three.

He was floating.


Tom stretched an arm from out from under the covers and slapped his
chrono silent.  If there was music in Hell, he was sure that the
sound of his alarm waking him in the morning would be on the top of
the charts.

OK, move Tommy Boy.  He pulled back the covers, sat up and swung his
feet to the floor.  The fog in his brain lifted abruptly when it
registered the kink in his neck and the throbbing of his ass.  The
couch, he should have been waking up on the couch and not all nicely
tucked in his bed.  Chakotay?  He hadn't expected this from the big
guy.  It threw him.

Being as he was the star graduate of the "Owen Paris" academy of
life, he was more prepared to deal with the commander's usual pattern
of rejection and denial this morning other than this small kindness.
Intimacy 101 hadn't been on the Admiral's course calendar.  Tom stood
and gave himself a mental shake.

Shit Paris get a grip!  All the guy did was put you to bed after he
fucked you silly; it's not like he professed his undying love or
anything.  Hell it was the least he could have done.  Tom felt better
as he proceeded into head and got ready for this morning's scheduled
staff meeting.

Feeling more in control of his emotions, Tom left his bedroom and
walked in his main living area.   He had half hoped to find a naked
first officer on his couch but instead the only things on the couch
were his shorts and tee shirt meticulously folded.  Gods, the man was
anal-retentive to the core.  This was a Chakotay his head could deal
with.  As he grabbed the stack of clothing to put into the fresher an
object fell from the folds.  It was a small holo cube with an audio
file attached.

After retrieving it from the floor, Tom sat down on the lounge and
pressed the activate button.  A solitary red rose surrounded by
twinkling white stars appeared in his hand.  A short message followed.

"Good morning, Poocuh."

Tom slumped back on the lounge, his equilibrium blown and closed his


The Briefing Room.

Don't look at him. Chakotay was focused on the captain, a Mona Lisa
smile graced his lips.  Don't notice that sparkle in his eyes or the
cleft in his chin.  Come-on Tommy Boy, concentrate on the Captain,
I'm sure saying something really important.

She was.  They were presently in a stable orbit around the planet
Trebor.  The Treborians were a race of traders, and had extensive
knowledge of the surrounding star systems and the civilizations
inhabiting them.  In an effort to expand their customer base they had
offered to share this information in exchange for the similar records
Voyager had collected on their on going trek back to the Alpha
quadrant.  A meeting was scheduled for later that day with a small
reception for the senior staff afterwards.

As the Captain went on to explain the details of the mission, Tom
focused on the starfield behind her head thinking about roses, and
fingering the small disk in his pocket.


"Poocuh - a mischievous Celtic spirit or imp."

A mischievous imp?  Well he had been called worse, much worse in fact.

Tom sat at the computer console on his desk reading with his chin
resting in one hand, a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich and a
sparkling rose at his elbow.  After completing the first half of his
shift in Sickbay he had decided to skip Nelix's special of the day
and replicate lunch in his quarters.

All morning he had been wrestling with his feelings.  In previous
relationships, he had always been able to keep a small part of
himself from his partner.  It kept him whole, kept him from feeling
vulnerable and being hurt.  As much as he wanted Chakotay, his "Life
Wish", he still had thought that place in his heart would remain his
safe haven.  He glanced down at the hologram shimmering on his desk,
until now that is.

With very little effort on his part Chakotay had not only breached
that sacred place but had walked in and made himself at home.

What in hell was he supposed to do now?  Later, he'd think about it
later.  Tom finished his sandwich, turned off the hologram and placed
it back in his pocket.  He took a deep breath and headed back to
Sickbay to finish his shift.

The wall was crumbling and Tom was scared as hell.


"Enter omnipotent accomplice number three."

"Q, what are you up to now?"

"Moi?  Just trying to improve the mundane existence of a few pithy
mortals.  You know Q, doing my part for humanity and all that."

"You're doing this to impress her, aren't you?"

"Her?"  Metaphorical eyebrows rose in mock confusion.

"Janeway. She won't care you know."

"Kathy?  Nonsense dearest, I have you now.  The darling of the Delta
quadrant has nothing to do with this.  I'm just a sucker for happy
endings.  Besides Chuckles and Helmboy were made for each other,
don't you think?"

"Well they do look kind of cute together."

"Yes they do look awful yummy.  But my love, without a little
intervention Helmboy's going mess it all up.  He's finally fallen in
love and now he's going to throw it all away because he's frightened
of getting hurt."

"They're so fragile aren't they.  So what do you plan on doing with
your little pets?"

"Oh, nothing too spectacular.  Play the fairy godfather is all."

"OK, I'll bite.  What do fairy godfather's do?"

"We grant wishes."


Tom escaped to the relative peacefulness of the gardens.

What the Treborians called a small reception was what he called a
full-blown party.  The hall he had just left was a cacophony of
light, music, and bodies.  Lots of bodies.  Half the capital must
have shown up for this event and after being openly groped for the
third time, the ensign searched for the nearest exit.  He found small
a door oddly placed behind a large flowering plant.  Not questioning
his good fortune he made use of it and found himself in sparsely
lighted, somewhat overgrown park.

Before him was a dimly illuminated cobblestone path.  Not caring
where it led, as long it was away from over friendly Treborians, he
followed it.  He strolled lost in thought until he became aware of
the sound running water and after turning a corner he saw its source.

Before him was a clearing sparkling with lights.  No not lights,
fireflies or the Treborian equivalent.  At the far end was a
waterfall, emptying into a pool covered in red flowers.  If Tom
didn't know better he'd swear he just walked into one of the
Captain's romantic holo novels.  Now all this scene needed to be
complete was his knight (no names) in shining armor to ride up on a
big white charger and rescue him.

"Hello Poocuh."

Tom spun around and saw his knight standing at the edge of the
clearing.  The lights were dancing around his body making look him

"Chak?  What, are you doing here?"

The commander emerged from the tangle of bushes, and walked across
the plush grass to stand before him.  His gaze went from the
waterfall, to the fireflies, finally settling on Tom's face.  He

"Looking for you."

His hand came up and snaked behind Tom's neck lightly caressing his
hair.  His eyes were questioning and his voice gentle.

"Did you get my rose?"

Tom's hand unconsciously went to the pocket where he had kept the
cherished gift all day.  He took a step back and the commander let
his hand drop.

"Uh, yeah.  It almost went in the fresher, though.  I suppose it
would have been ruined then. The sonics would have probably disrupted
the image.  Then I guess my answer would have been no but it isn't,
it didn't. Go in the fresher I mean."  He was babbling.  Gods Paris,
calm down and just ask him.

"You changed your mind.  Why?  What happened to all that me
commander, you chief pilot crap?"  Tom looked Chak right in the eye
trying to appear self-confident, even though he didn't feel too self-
confident right now.

"You were right."  He countered the ensign's look of disbelief with a
slight curve of his mouth and continued.

"I discovered I am lonely.  The "Commander" has the entire crew of
Voyager to keep him company but "Chakotay" is alone.   And last night
as I watched you sleep, I realized what I was lonely for."

Chakotay came up close to Tom and returned his hand to its previous
position, running the soft blonde hair between his fingers.

"Ask me Poocuh.  Ask me what I'm lonely for."

Tom's knees became weak.  To stop himself from collapsing, Tom braced
his hands on the commander's hips.  He licked his lips before

"What are you lonely for, Chak?"

"Thomas*Eugene*Paris."  He punctuated each word with a soft kiss to
his lover's lips.


Chakotay took advantage of Tom's open mouth to explore its sweetness
with his tongue.  Even as he felt his tongue curl with his own, he
was aware of the ensign trembling.  This man was a mystery to him.
He was a demanding lover, a wanton and now this shy virgin in his
arms.  He broke the kiss and placed his forehead against Tom's.

"Poocuh, are you all right?  We can stop if you're not ready.  We can
go back to the ship and talk or if you need some time to think."

A little voice in the back of his mind was telling Tom that he was in
very real danger of letting his fear fuck this up.  There was no way
in telling what Chakotay would do if he pulled back now after chasing
him the last couple of days.  Through the commander's apparent
willingness to give this relationship a shot, he could see the man
was afraid of getting burned as much as he was.  Go for it Tommy Boy
(or was it Helmboy) that little voice said.

"No, Chak.  I'm ready."

"Are you sure?  I mean there's no hurry, I can wait if I have to.  I
want this to be right and if."

"Gods Chakotay I said I was ready." And to emphasize his point he
grabbed the commander's hand and placed it on his hardening cock,
rubbing it against the fabric of his pants.  "Just shut up and kiss
me, will ya?"

Chakotay, ever the fast learner, Tom thought, growled and pulled Tom
down to the lush grass, his mouth locked to his.  They began
frantically removing the other's uniform, kissing or stroking each
piece of flesh as it was exposed to the warm breeze of the clearing.

The length of their bodies molded and they rolled back and forth,
each one pressing for dominance over the other.  Finally Tom hovered
over Chakotay, his hands pinning the commander's to either side of
his head.   He etched the outline of his captive's tattoo with kisses
and soft words while he rhythmically arched his back rubbing their
erections together in time with their labored breathing.

"My wish, my wish, my.oh god Chakotay!"

He took the commander's lips in a ravenous kiss as his cock began
spurting between them.  As Tom's fingers loosened their grasp
Chakotay took the ensign's ass between his hands began pumping
against him.  The sound that erupted from his throat wasn't coherent
as he came mixing their release together on their bellies.

Tom fell forward into Chakotay's embrace.  For awhile they lay in the
soft grass listening to the waterfall's song and watching the
fireflies dance around their glistening spent bodies.

Tom broke the silence.  "It's beautiful here."

"No."  Chakotay ran a blunt finger along his lover's neck, and down
the furred chest splaying his hand.

"No, Poocuh, it's beautiful here."  He kissed Tom's cheekbone.  "And
here, and here." As he continued kissing eyelids, lips, stopping with
the tip of the ensign's nose. "And here."

Tom looked into those ebony eyes.  Someone once said be careful what
you wish for, you just may get it.  It was supposed to be a warning
but for him it, well for him it had been his ambition.  His "Life's
Wish".  He was still scared but now he was scared of losing this, not
embracing this.

"Chak, do me a favor?"

"Anything Poocuh."

"Next time you run into Naomi Wildman, tell her thank you and Happy


**Note:  A special thanks to Ronaid's cpfanon page for the "Poocuh"