Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Status:  New
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Series/Sequel: Yeah, there will be another installment.
Disclaimers: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Tom takes another try at making his "Life's Wish"
come true.  Enter accomplice number two.

I wonder if he's ticklish.

It was five in the morning, and he was on the lounge pinned under the
commander's bulk.  He had to pee and his right hand was numb which
was really unfortunate given that it was resting on Chakotay's firm
bronze ass.  All things considered there wasn't another place on the
ship he'd rather be right now than being trapped under the big guy.

Tom tried shifting again but he couldn't budge Chakotay without
waking him and he didn't want to wake him, not just yet.  Chak wasn't
going to be in the best of moods when he woke, and he figured it
might be long time before he got this close to his "Life's Wish"
again when he did.

Last night he had found heaven in Chakotay's arms.  OK, not heaven
exactly but it was pretty damn close.   It would have closer if
Chakotay had been a little more willing.  Tom couldn't fool himself
into believing that the commander hadn't been wrestling with his
conscience at every touch, every kiss, every.

Slow down Tommy Boy.  Let's not add a hard-on to your present list of
problems here.  Not to boast but my dick in his stomach would wake
the big guy for sure.  Damn too late.

"Tom?"  The commander raised his head and looked into the ensign's

"Uh, morning Chak."

"Tom."  He squeezed his eyes back shut and placed his right hand over
his forehead.

As he attempted to roll off of lounge, his legs tangled with Tom's
and he landed on his butt on the floor hard.  Although Tom's bladder
didn't miss the commander's weight the rest of his body did,
including Mr. Happy which abruptly deflated at the loss.

"Computer, time!"  The commander was definitely not in a good mood.

"It is 0515 hours."

He rose from the floor and walked into his bedroom.  Tom heard the
shower running.

Hello?!  There's a naked guy on your couch out here!  Oh, great don't
tell me that Chak's solution to the problem was ignoring it.    Shit.

Tom got up from the couch and started collecting his clothing.  He
was almost dressed when Chakotay reappeared in the doorway of his
bedroom clothed in a clean uniform.  His voice was stiff and

"Nothing's changed.  We still can't do this."

What?  Tom clenched his jacket tightly.  He leveled his gaze at the

"Can't do this?  Chakotay unless that was someone else's cock in my
hand last night, I'd say we already have done this!"

Chakotay visibly winced at Tom's words.  This time his speech was
softer, quieter.

"Tom, I know we did.  I meant that we can't continue it.  I shouldn't
have let it happen.  I'm the first officer and it."

"It?  We fucked Chakotay!  We touched, we kissed, and we made each
other feel fantastic!  If we're going to forget all about "it" then
let's at least get it straight what "it" is we're going to forget all

The commander strode forward with his palms up.  He raised a hand as
if to touch Tom's cheek.   Tom swatted it away.

"Don't. Just don't."  Said the blue eyed ensign, whose eyes were more
red than blue at the moment.

Without finishing dressing, he fled the commander's quarters.


Damn, damn, damn!  How could have I been so stupid.  I knew he'd have
regrets but I didn't think he was going to dismiss me so completely.
And then that look of pity, shit.

Tom leaned back against the shower stall in his quarters letting the
warm water cascade down the front of his body.  He gazed down at his
hips.  They were bruised and sore from the force of Chakotay's
thrusts and when he ran his fingers along the flesh of his neck he
felt the small welts left there by the big man's teeth.  Evidence of
the commander's need.

He shut his eyes and let himself remember what had transpired the
previous night.  Lathering soap into his chest, he pinched a nipple
with one hand, letting the other trail down his abdomen to his
cock.   He grasped himself and pulled upwards thumbing the slit when
he reached the head.  While repeating the action, the other hand
moved down to his hip, pressing into the bruises, not hard enough to
hurt but just enough pressure to remind him they were there.

"Chakotay, yes.. Oh, yes!"

His head went back and his back arched as he spilled his seed into
his hand.  Spent, he slipped to the floor of the stall, the water
washing away the evidence of his need.

It's Alpha shift again, and here I sit doing my thing again, totally
aware that the ship's most sexist and anal-retentive man is sitting
right behind me.

Even though I'm still hurting from this morning's rejection, the
smell of the man still drives me crazy.  It's worst now because of
instead of that earthy scent, I imagine I can smell the tang of our
bodies after sex.

I'm not giving up.  God, last night the man was as horny as a
Cardassian vole.  OK, scratch that mental picture, but the point is
he needs me as much as I need him.  I've just gotta break down that
that wall that has the word "Commander" painted all over it.

So as the saying goes, "It ain't over till the fat Bolian sings"; so
enter unknowing accomplice number two.


Holodeck Two.


The current program running was a classroom setting.  Voyager's EMH
looked up from the PADD he was studying at his desk at the head of
the room and rolled his eyes.

"Mr. Paris, what a delight.  To what do I own the honour of your
presence?"  At face value the words sounded friendly enough, that is
until you saw the look of disdain that accompanied it.

Tom ambled over to the doctor looking over his shoulder at the PADD
he was holding.  The Doc immediately clasped it to his chest away
from the ensign's prying eyes.  Tom moved around the front of the
desk and perched himself on the corner facing him, smiling.

"You're teaching the first aid class here tonight right?  Well I
thought I'd offer you my services as teacher's aid.  You know, share
my moments of incredible insight and heroic exploits."

He was treated to another roll of the eyes from the EMH, just the
reaction he was shooting for.  "What do you say Doc?"

"As titillating as that sounds Mr. Paris, I'm a doctor not a drama
critic.  If you stay, you will remain quiet and do exactly as I say,

"Sure, Doc.  Your wish is my command."  He hopped from the desk and
grabbed a chair in the front row furthest from the holodeck's arch.

As this course was a command requirement, Tom wasn't surprised to see
most of the bridge crew filing through the door, up to and including
Voyager's first officer.

 When Harry Kim entered the program he saw Tom and made a beeline
straight for him taking the seat to his right.  Tom had this juvenile
urge to yell "Seat saved!" but instead he welcomed Harry to sit.
Chakotay had already taken a seat in the furthest row from him at the
very back anyway.

As the doctor began expounding on the virtues of responding rapidly
and staying calm in an emergency, Tom twisted slightly in his seat
trying to unobtrusively get a look at the commander.  Chakotay seemed
intensely interested in the EMH's speech.

"Mr. Paris your assistance please."  No response.

The doctor looked at Tom contorting in his seat and increased his
vocal resonator an octave.  "Mr. Paris!"

In one fluid motion the ensign straightened in his chair and
literally soared to a standing position beside the EMH.  Apparently
Mr. Paris didn't limit his flying to the bridge thought the doctor.

"At your service, Doc."

For the next hour the doctor explained casualty assessment procedures
and techniques using holo slides and his blue eyed, blonde haired
prop.  Tom patiently tolerated it all while lying on the bio-bed that
had replaced the Doc's desk at the front of the classroom.

"Since in a emergency situation you many not always have a cortex
stimulator, I now will demonstrate CPR, Cardio Pulmonary

Tom, the bright boy that he is, saw his opening, licked his lips and
went for it.

"Uh Doc can I make a suggestion?"

Disgruntled from being interrupted by his now vocal visual aid he
replied with impatience.

"What is it Mr. Paris."

"Since the slide show is such an integral part of this presentation,
how about I do the demonstrating, and you run the holo camera?"

Way to go Tommy Boy, flattery can get you somewhere he thought as the
Doc nodded his head in agreement, practically beaming with pride.  He
jumped off the bio-bed and selected a "volunteer".

"Commander Chakotay, your assistance please, if you would?"

As the commander rose from his seat and walked down the aisle, his
expression was fierce.  Tom was suddenly glad he wasn't alone with
him for once.

Chakotay positioned himself on the bio-bed and Tom started following
the EMH's instructions as images flashed on the screen behind them.
The doctor finally got to the part Tom was waiting for, mouth to
mouth resuscitation.

Tom wasn't stupid.  He knew he couldn't casually slip Chak the tongue
while he was breathing down his throat in front of an entire room of
watchful students.  So as he bent down waiting for the Doc's signal
he hid his face from the crowd and whispered.

"I want to feel your cock inside me."

Chakotay's eyes flew wide and his pupils expanded as Tom followed the
EMH's order, and placed his mouth on Chak's opened lips and blew.
Tom closed his mind to the sweetness of the man's mouth and did his
best to be as clinical as possible.

The doctor concluded the demonstration and dismissed the class.  Chak
got up off the bio-bed, looking as stoic as ever to the untrained eye
and left the holodeck.  Only Tom noticed the flaring nostrils and the
commander's carefully controlled movements.


It was 1100 hours and Tom was lying back on the lounge listening to
some soft music with the lights dimmed before he turned in.  He had
showered and changed into jean shorts, sans underwear, and a white
tee shirt.  As he ran his fingers through his still damp hair, he
played over the evening's events in his head.

"I want to feel your cock inside me."  Oh yeah Tommy Boy that was a
good one.  Judging from the reaction he had gotten from Chak, that
little declaration had put a major crack in the man's defenses,
getting him one step closer to his "Life's Wish".  He felt incredibly
pleased with himself as he tapped his foot in time with the music and
played with the frayed edges of his tightening shorts.

"I want to feel your cock inside me."  Oh yes.that was a good one.
Tom spread his knees and allowed his fingers to play across the front
of his shorts.  His breathing became shallow and his face flushed.

The door chime rang.  Shit who the hell could that be?  Before he
could rise, the doors of his quarters swished open and the commander
strode in purposefully.

"Ensign we need to talk.  Your performance in class." Chakotay halted
when he saw the perfect image of desire splayed on the lounge before
him.  His eyes took in Tom's tousled hair and the slender white hand
resting on an erection outlined in denim.

Tom saw the look of hunger descend on the commander's features.  OK
Tommy you got his attention, now you gotta hang on to it.  He lowered
his lashes and bit his lower lip.

Crossing his arms, he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up
over his head.  After tossing the tee aside, his palms followed the
trail of red gold hair on his chest to his navel.  As one hand
advanced back up his torso to tug his nipples the other unfastened
the brass button of his cut-offs.  Tom pulled the straining zipper
down and with a moan slipped his hand in to grasp his sweating cock.

"Oh, Chakotay.yes, oh yes."

He heard the commander's breath catch and the crunch of the carpet as
he took a step forward and kneeled beside the lounge.

When he felt hands divesting him of him shorts, Tom tighten his
eyelids and froze.

"Please.please don't stop."  A whispered voice entreated.

Not looking at the source of the plea, he continued stoking himself
to an almost painful hardness.  Rustling clothing told him the big
man was mirroring his movements with his own.  Tom hoped Chak had a
short attention span because he wasn't going to last much longer.
Knowing the man was hovering over him getting off on watching him
touch himself was shattering his control.

"I can't.I can't.Gods, Chakotay!"  His back arched as he came and the
warmth of his release covered his belly.

Tom eyes opened as he felt the dip of the lounge as the big man
placed himself between his knees drawing his calves over the
shoulders of his uniform.

"Tell me Tom, tell me again want you want."  Chakotay's hand was
gathering the semen from his stomach and coating his impressive
erection as he spoke.

Collecting his wits, he looked up at the commander who was completely
dressed with only his fly open showing off a glistening dark penis.
He moistened his lips with his tongue before he repeated his mantra
from earlier.

"I want to feel your cock inside me."

His words released a cascade of desire from the commander and he
shoved himself into Tom savagely.  He had to place his hands against
the top of the couch for leverage to prevent Chak from breaking his
neck as he slammed into him.

One of Chakotay hands released the vice like grip of his hips and
began to stroke his newly awakened penis.  The commander inclined
over him, his penetration deepening stroking his gland.

In tandem they came.  Chakotay fell forwards allowing Tom's legs to
lower and relax along his hips.  For the first time Chak's touch
gentled as he ran his fingertips along Tom jaw line, kisses trailing
in their wake.


Tom savoring the endearment, wrapped his arms around his "Life's
and drifted off to sleep.