Title: Kian P9
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Series: 9 of ?
Rating: NC 17
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Janeway makes a decision.

Ensign Chakotay, it had a nice ring to it.

Still a commander for the moment, he pulled out a chair from his
dining room table and sat down in front of his tea. Despite this
morning's proceedings and his part in them, Chakotay was in high
spirits. Once he had stopped feeling sorry for himself over his
testimony, he had time to reflect on Tom's.

The beautiful young man Chakotay had worshipped for years had made
his feelings for him a matter of public record. Looking incredibly
dashing in his formal whites, Tom had told the court he was in love
with his first officer and what's more, the commander smiled dreamily
remembering the pride in the pilot's voice, that he was happy about

Seven's following cross was irrelevant and possibly prophetically
ironic. If Kathryn busted Chakotay down in rank as punishment for
his crime, he could be the one accused of sleeping with a superior
officer. He grinned into his tea before taking a sip.

In his mind's eye, the commander could see the playful smirk on the
pilot's face at having Ensign Chakotay call him 'Sir' while they made
love. Of course that would only be tolerated for so long before
the "Commander" took control. Ensign Chakotay would have no problem
adhering to the chain of command outside of the bedroom but when they
were alone in the dark, Tom would be the junior officer.

Chakotay sucked at his bottom lip thinking about having the fair-
haired lieutenant writhing under him in ecstasy. As much as it made
every nerve in his body tingle, sex wouldn't be the first order of
business when they were granted the privilege of being alone together
again. When this was all over they would have to talk at length about
the emotional nature of their relationship first. In the wake of
Chakotay's earlier perjury, Tom needed to know how much he was loved
and Chakotay needed to be forgiven for denying it.

As the commander took another sip of his now cold tea, the lights in
his cabin took on a crimson hue and the emergency klaxon sounded.


"Who the hell is firing at us Mr Kim?"

As the ensign's mouth opened to answer the captain, the ship was
rocked again. Tom grabbed the railing near Harry's post as he made
his way to his station. Relieved of duty or not, if Voyager was in
trouble his place was at the helm.

The captain gave him no notice as he excused Baytart, but Chakotay's
eyes went wide. He was about to chastise the commander for taking
his own place at the captain's side when he remembered his disheveled
state. He had a bruise the size of holo disc on his neck, a fat lip
and blood all over the front of his jacket. Before settling down at
his seat he gave his lover a reassuring smile and in a hushed voice,
some comforting words.

"I'm OK Sexy." The captain's eyebrows rose and the big rough and
tumble Maquis beside her, blushed like a schoolgirl.

"Take your post Lieutenant." The left side of Janeway's mouth was
tipped up in a half smile.

"Yes Ma'am." Tom said jauntily and settled in chair, his talented
fingers flying across his console as he stabilized Voyager's course.
When the ship stopped rocking, Harry found his voice.

"It's a small Clarion scout ship Captain."

Captain Janeway looked over her shoulder at the young
ensign. "Clarion? Didn't we just negotiate safe passage with these

"Maybe somebody didn't tell the captain of this vessel?" Chakotay
said not really believing that to be the case.

"Well it's time someone did." Janeway straighten in her command
chair. "Hail them Mr. Kim."

Before Harry could open a link another volley of weapons fire hit
their shields. This time with Tom at the helm, the resulting
shockwave was minimized as he tipped Voyager into its wake, riding it

"Nice flying Lieutenant." Tom twisted in his chair briefly at the
captain's comment before returning his attention back to his post
with a big assed grin on his face.

"Mr Kim?" Her tone crisp but not impatient.

"They're answering now Captain."

The large forward viewscreen came to life, giving the Alpha shift a
clear picture of the smaller ship's bridge. A small dark man sitting
in an elaborate command chair squinted back at them and spoke.

"This is Malak of the sentry ship Peal. Who wishes to pass our

"Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager." She stood to stand beside

"Oooh, a starship is it?" The Peal's captain beat his chest in mock
fear. "Well Captain Janeway of the 'Starship' Voyager if want you to
pass you'll have to pay the toll."

In a calm diplomatic voice she replied. "I believe if you check with
your government Captain Malak, you'll find that the matter of payment
for passing has already been taken care of."

"Really?" The little man made a display of looking off screen at
unseen comrades. "Sorry Captain but it would seem we didn't get that
particular memo so if you wouldn't mind."

Turning to Harry she made a cut sign across her throat and the ensign
terminated the audio portion of the link. Pursing her lips, the
captain walked back to her chair and sat back down.

The first officer leaned over. "Captain if I may?"

"Be my guest Commander." She threw out a hand in exasperation.

Chakotay rose from his chair and took his commanding officer's former
position beside Tom. He nodded to Harry who re-established the
connection. Standing proud and tall, the first officer addressed the

"Greetings Malak, my name is Commander Chakotay and I believe I have
a solution to our problem. Please lower your shields and transfer
your navigational control over to our helm."

"What?" It was obviously not the answer the Peal's captain was
expecting. He vaulted from his chair. "Listen Commander Cha, Cha,
whatever your name is, you're not taking my ship!" Malak face went a
darker shade of pale. "I'll shoot your 'starship' out of the sky
first before I do that!"

"Take your ship?" The first officer held his hands out. "Forgive me
Captain but I believe you misunderstand. We only wish to tractor
your ship into our docking bay so that we may convey you to your seat
of government." Chakotay smiled sympathetically at the diminutive
alien. "I'm sure your time is valuable and since our ship is faster,
I thought Voyager could give you a lift." A veil of pure innocence
blanketed the commander's face. "A quick solution to this
unfortunate situation would be favourable to both of us, don't you

The audio connection was severed again but this time it was the scout
ship that ended the transmission. Malak's former posturing dissolved
into agitation as silent words spewed from his mouth. After a few
moments the link was re-opened. The captain of the Peal regained his
composure and eyed the commander haughtily.

"You're right Commander my time is valuable and I find I have no more
of it to waste on a trivial border crossing." Malak dismissed the
Chakotay with a flick of his wrist and lowered himself back in his
chair. "Now if you and your starship would leave my patrol area, I
can get back to more important matters."

Chakotay bowed. "Of course Captain, we'll go now."

"Good." Malak's dark eyes narrowed. "And you trust you won't waste
my superior's time either by informing them of this incident?"

"No I don't think that's necessary. Thank you for your time."

Malak rolled his eyes and slammed his fist down on the keyboard
imbedded in the arm of his self made throne.

This time the connection was severed completely.


"Tell me who hurt you."

"Oh for crying out loud would you just stop it."

"Stop what? Giving a damn?"

"No I like that part."

"Then what?"

"Treating me like child! I'm a big boy and can fight my own battles!"

"Yes but apparently not very well."

"Oh very funny."

"I wasn't trying to be funny. Now tell me who hit you!"



"Yeah N O, no! You're not my lord and master, so get over it!"

"I don't want to be!"

"Like hell you don't!"

"Please gentlemen." Her voice was quiet.

"I don't Tom!"

"Yes you do Chakotay!"

"Oh would the two of you just please shutup!" Kathryn slapped her
hand down on the desk in her Ready Room to reassert her presence.
Both men looked at her in shock. She pointed in the direction of the

"Now sit down and listen!"

Meekly they followed her order and sat down on opposite ends of the
couch. She took a quick sip from the steaming mug on her desk before
walking over to them and perching on the low table in front of the

Kathryn stared across at the two sulking officers that had only
minutes before had used their superior tactical skills to extricate
Voyager from a very sticky situation. At the moment it was hard to
believe they were the same men.

"What I am going to do with you two?" She sighed loud enough for
Tuvok to hear her at his station on the bridge. "Between your
breaking of the Prime Directive and having hissy fits in my office, I
swear you'll be the death of me."

Chakotay sat forward. "I take full responsibility Kathryn for our
recent misconduct."

"Surprise, surprise the Lone Ranger rides again." Her chief pilot
sneered from his corner of the lounge.

"Enough!" She resisted the urge to slap the both of them up side the
head. "Despite your recent regression to childhood it's obvious to
me that I'll require the both of you to get Voyager back home. So
listen very carefully." Needing to stand for the next part of her
speech, Kathryn lifted her butt from the coffee table and moved to
the other side of it.

"As for the dereliction of duty on the planet, I'm invoking my right
as captain and canceling out your violations of General Orders one
and sixteen with thirty."

"Thirty?" Tom's tone was puzzled.

Walking over to her desk, she shifted through the myriad of PADDs
strewn over its top. Finding the one she was looking for, Kathryn
activated it and recited the passage that had taken numerous cups of
coffee to find.

"Starfleet Command recognizes the right of each ship commander to
interpret the specifications of the Prime Directive as he/she sees
fit, consistent with the conditions of other existing general orders
in effect, and based upon circumstances that may arise in dealing
with newly discovered sentient races."

She tossed the slim instrument back with its fellows and walked back
over to Chakotay and Paris. "So in effect gentlemen your ranks have
been reinstated and your case is dismissed."

"Thank you Captain." The first officer made to stand.

"Sit down Commander, you're not off the hook yet."

With a submissive face that she would love to capture, frame and hang
on the wall in her quarters, Chakotay reclaimed his seat.

"It's apparent that since leaving Voyager a week ago, your
relationship has expanded into the realm of the romantic. You became
lovers down on the planet, am I right?"

Chakotay looked at Tom and Tom looked at Chakotay. In tandem they
looked back at her and nodded.

"Would I also be correct in saying that this is more than a physical
attraction." Again with the silent nods. "Not good enough
gentlemen. Chakotay did you lie to me?"


"Because you had no choice?"


"Tom did you tell me the truth?"


"Because you had no choice, right?"


"All right here's one more choice neither one of you have. You have
one week to make the other understand what you told me or this
relationship is over. At the end of the week you either come to me
together or you don't come to me at all." Tempering the Master's
advice with her own practicality she continued. "I need you and
Voyager needs you and if you realize you need each other fine, I
won't stand in your way. But if you can't get it together, I will
not risk the safety of my crew because the two of you can't decided
who gets to be on top. Understand?"

Looking properly chastened her first officer and chief pilot assented
to her unusual order and left her private office.

Stripping off her jacket, Kathryn embraced the length of the couch
with her overtired body. For the next six hours she vowed not to
look at another PADD, drink another cup of coffee or think about
Paris and Chakotay's turbulent love life.

Even if she wanted to.


"I'm sorry and I love you."

"I love you too Poocuh."

"Call me that again."


"Oh yeah, now stick your tongue down my throat."

"You heard the captain, we need to talk."

"I don't want to talk, I want to fuck."

"We will but first tell me who hit you."

"Don't do this."

"I can't help it."

"Yes you can, you just don't want to."

"You're right. Now are you going to tell me who did this to you?"

Tom spiraled out of his arms to land on the couch in the commander's
quarters. Chakotay watched as the blond pulled his knees up to his

"You're going to ruin this."

"I don't mean to but spirits Tom you lip is split and you have blood
all over the front of your whites. Something violent happened to
you. How can you expect me to ignore that."

"Come into the bedroom." The young golden sylph got up from the
lounge and in one fluid movement stood outside the doors of his
sleeping area.

Chakotay shook his head and closed his eyes. "Tom."

"Come on Chak make up your mind."

The commander heard the swish of doors and found himself alone in his
living room when he opened his eyes.

Make up his mind. Chakotay was becoming near sick to death of doing
that in this past week. It seemed he couldn't turn around without a
life or death decision throwing itself in his face and now Tom was in
essence, asking him to do that again.

Letting go and not caring about the consequences like pilot was so
easily able to do was scary. It meant giving up control which was a
responsibility he loved and hated at the same time. Could he do that
for his lover? It would mean relinquishing a dominance he always
felt was his right but did that really matter when it came to Tom.

Whether he wanted to admit it or not the blond blue eyed pilot had
conquered him years ago. Chakotay was only fooling himself if he
thought he ever had any say in this relationship once the young man
said he was in love with him. In theory his surrender had already
happened, maybe it was time to make it a reality.

They would still talk about the blood on Tom's pristine white coat
but it could wait. Now was the time for total capitulation and not
irreverent posturing. Chakotay would walk through the doors of his
bedroom and allow Tom to take him.

It was time to say 'uncle'.


The sheets were cotton.

After a quick trip to the head to freshen up, Tom had slipped into
Chakotay's bed totally divested of the pretty white dress uniform he
had fantasies of the night before.

The walls were bare and that was interesting. The bedroom doors
opened as he contemplated why the outer room was so warm and this one
was so cold. Chakotay walked to the end of the bed.

"I'm sorry."

"Me too. Now come here and." The commander finished his sentence.

"Fuck me, I know. I'll be right there." He turned and headed for
the bathroom.

Tom pulled the covers up and listened to the sounds of his lover
making himself presentable. When the light went out the head,
Chakotay emerged totally nude. After placing a small vial on the
bedside table, the big man slipped under the sheets.

"This is a lot softer." The big Maquis said as he snuggled up to him.

"Hey give me break, I've had a rough day!"

"I meant the bed, Poocuh."

"I knew that."

"Uh-huh." Warms lips trailed down the side of Tom's throat as the
commander hooked a leg over his. "Do you know how long I've loved
you?" Chakotay ran his broad palm over the golden hairs of Tom's

"Gods that feels good." Tom turned on his side and threw his head
back entreating the darker man to continue his sensual ministrations.

"Ten years." Chak said between kisses.

"Wait a minute." Tom pulled his chin down to his chest. "Ten years?
I didn't even know you then."

Chak slipped an arm under his slimmer body and pulled him close. "I
know. I saw a picture of you once and it gave me an odd feeling. It
wasn't until I met you that I knew what that feeling was."

"Where would you see a picture of me?"

"In the Maquis." Chakotay sucked gently on the mark on his
neck. "Admiral's sons make good hostages."

"You were going to take me?" He pulled back from his lover's lips.

"Yes but I talked them out of it. You looked too pretty, too

"You were coming to my rescue even then." Tom laughed. "Oh Chak
what am I going to do with you?"

"Take me instead." His voice was dead serious.

Chakotay slipped his hand down between their bodies to make his
meaning clear. With a sure firm grip, he stroked Tom's cock. It
cried with pleasure.

"I need you to Tom and what's more I want you to." His hand was more
convincing that his words.

Right now it would so easy to break his vow to wait until marriage
but something inside Tom bolted. Fucking Chakotay would be his way
of making their bonding sacred and that was important. This dark
dangerous man had changed his outlook on life so profoundly that he
needed to do something, anything just as profound in return. It was
his grand gesture but how to tell Chakotay that without actually
telling him was the trick. Now wasn't the time for proposing, was
it? Tom looked into Chakotay's pleading eyes. Oh fuck, maybe it was.

"Just a minute, OK?" He leapt from the bed.

"What?" Chakotay leaned back on his elbows. "Where are you going?"

Tom ran through the doors of the bedroom to the replicator in the
next room. Standing before the unit he opened his account.

"Computer how many credits do I have."

A mechanical voice answered back. "Forty two."

"How much would it cost to replicate a gold band, size 12?"

"Eighty six credits."

Shit. "OK how about a gold plated one?"

"Thirty eight credits."

"And for a velvet box too?"

"Forty two credits."

Bingo. "Do it."

As the requested items shimmered into existence, Tom licked his
fingers and spruced up his hair. That done he picked up the ring and
put it the box. Taking a few deep breaths to calm his jangling
nerves, Tom went back into the bedroom to meet his destiny.

He just hoped his 'destiny' would have to the sense to say yes.



In a flash of white, the pilot left the bedroom. Chakotay pulled his
body up into a sitting position and leaned back against the wall
behind his bed.

What in spirits did he do wrong now? Being with Tom was a constant
struggle. Maybe that was the penalty for loving him so easily.
Nothing came without a price.

The spirits and the fates had granted him the long awaited gift of
the pilot's love but offering didn't come without drawbacks. Tom was
difficult and unpredictable. Chakotay didn't know from one moment to
another where he stood with the enchanting creature that had become
his whole life. As he tried to think of a way to get grip on the
situation, the pilot strode back into the room. With his hands
behind his back, Tom rounded to his side of the bed.

"Chakotay I love you."

"I love you too Poocuh." He pulled back the covers. "Come back to

"I will but first." Tom looked down over his lean body, then
brought a hand up with one finger extended. "Oh shit just a minute."

Totally confused, Chakotay watched as the young man rummaged through
the heap of clothes at the end of the bed.

"Bingo!" Tom picked out his bloodied and now crumpled white dress
jacket from the pile and put it on. He tugged at the bottom of the
garment to set it properly on his shoulders before returning to the
side of the bed. When he got there he fell to his knees.

"Did I say I love you?"

"Yes." This scene was becoming weirder by the moment.

"OK good." The pilot reached out with one his pale hands to take one
of his darker ones. "And you love me right?"

"Yes more than anything."

"And that's not going to change is it? I mean I know it won't for
me, I just need to know it won't for you."


"Right, OK." Tom closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The pilot
took his hand away and placed it in his lap with the other one.

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Doing what Poocuh?" Chakotay sat up straighter in the bed. "What's

He watched as the pilot's blond eyelashes fluttered open. Crystal
blue eyes pierced his soul and a beaming smiled blinded him.

"Nothing and everything I guess." The blue eyes began to tear. Tom
brought both his hands up and placed a small black box on the
mattress. With great care he pulled back the lid. Inside was a
golden band.

"Chakotay will you marry me?"

Stunned the commander looked down at the black box on the bed and
then up at the man that had asked him an incredible question.

Tom's blond hair was peaked up at all angles, he had a fat lip, a
hickey the size of all get out and except for a stained wrinkled
white jacket, he was naked as the day he was born. In essence, he
was the proudest, most beautiful thing Chakotay had ever seen.



"I'm dying here." Tom took the ring out the box and held it up. "Do
you want this?"

"Yes on one condition." Chakotay took the ring from his beloved and
placed on the third finger of his left hand.

"What's that?"

"That you come with it."

"Not a problem big guy." Tom got off his knees and climbed into bed
beside him. "A word of warning though."

"Oh what's that."

Tom wrapped his arms and legs around Chakotay's body before answering
and squeezed him tight.

"No refunds."