Title:  Kian P6
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  6 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  The boys receive a less than an enthusiastic welcome home.

"Voyager to away team."

Chakotay came forward to the cockpit of the Delta Flyer and kissed
the pilot's lips before answering the hail.

"Chakotay here."

"Docking procedures have been initiated sir."  Harry's voice rang out
in the quiet of the small ship.

"Thank you Ensign, Chakotay out."

Tom relinquished his control of the shuttle, allowing the bigger ship
to bring her in with tractor beams.

Voyager had returned days earlier than expected from their
conference.  Apparently the aliens in the next sector had met them
before the ship had entered their space.  Chakotay supposed it was a
case of wanting to know who was knocking at the door before letting
them in.  After negotiating safe passage, Kathryn had immediately
turned Voyager around to fetch her errant officers.

Chakotay had been sitting in the middle of the desert, enjoying the
lethargic after-glow of an incredible orgasm, when the call came.
Tom had fallen asleep in arms and was startled awake by the beep of
his comm badge.

"Is the hour up?"  Anxious blue eyes came to life.

"No Poocuh."

The tapping of his communicator had been the beginning of their
frantic rush back to base camp and eventual return to orbit in the
Flyer.  With his piloting duties relieved by Voyager, Tom rose from
his chair and hugged his senior officer.  Chakotay stroked his
tangled blond hair and whispered words of comfort into his ear.

"We'll get through this baby."

Tom looked up. "Promise?"

"I promise."  Chakotay kissed the tip of his nose.  "Just tell the
truth OK?"

"With all the colourful details?"  The pilot's look was unsure.

Searching for a smile, Chakotay replied. "Yes. It's kiss and tell

Tom rolled his eyes and the commander was rewarded with a bright
smile. "OK funny man, what ever you say but be warned." The pilot
molded his body to Chakotay's. "Afterwards I'm gonna want you very,
very badly."

Delivering home his threat, Tom kissed Chakotay with an intensity
that made the older man's knees weak. The commander backed up against
the guardrail to steady himself and kissed his love back with equal
fervor.  Seconds later the comm system in the Flyer beeped again.

"Welcome back gentlemen."

Chakotay reluctantly disengaged himself from Tom's lips and
answered.  "Thank you Captain."

"Meet me in my Ready room as soon as you're docked Commander."  The
comm link terminated.

"Showtime!"  Tom slid his hands down the front of commander's body
before stepping back and opening the Flyer's hatch.

Tom's uniform was stained and torn, his blond hair was an unruly mess
and he was sporting one hell of a hickey but he was still the most
beautiful thing Chakotay had ever seen.  The commander walked up to
him and gingerly touched the bruise on Tom's neck.

"Maybe you should see the Doc about that."

Tom scrunched his chin back trying unsuccessfully to get a look at
the mark.  "Naw, I'm in enough trouble as it is without adding
another infraction to the list."

"How could repairing damaged blood vessels be an infraction?"
Chakotay asked feeling the straight man as soon as he saw Tom grin.

"Destruction of evidence."


"You can't say that!"

Tom gave the doctor a wicked grin.  "OK then so how's about this."
He stood at attention in the middle of his quarters and
recited.  "Commander Chakotay placed his metacarpals on my gluteus
maxims, exerted outward pressure, adjusted his axis twenty degrees
and inserted his phallus into my anal passage." With flourish, the
pilot extended his hands and bowed.

When he straighten, the EMH's disdained look told Tom that his
attempt at humour was lost on the hologram.

"Oh come on Doc, I'm just trying to have a little fun."

"Fun?"  The doctor's vocal resonator amplified.  "You been charged
with violating not one but two of the Federation's General Orders,
I'd say the time for fun Mr Paris, has passed."

Flopping down on the lounge, Tom admitted his 'lawyer' was right but
he had to do something to relieve the stress of his confinement.

Within minutes of Chakotay's debriefing with the captain, Tom had
been relieved of duty and sequestered in his quarters.  After the
rough conditions of the planet, Tom didn't mind a little down time
but he'd also been forbidden any communication with the commander and
that's what really sucked.  He needed and wanted Chakotay so badly
that the drama of his court-martial had become a secondary concern.

"I think perhaps we should rethink your defense Lieutenant."  The Doc
strode back and forth stroking his chin.  "Maybe we could say you
misinterpreted the commander's order or that the radiation had
affected your thought patterns?"

"No."  Tom sat up on the couch. "I knew what I was doing."

"Oh please we can't plead innocent of breaking the Prime Directive
with the argument that you did what you did, because you were falling
in love with Commander Chakotay."

"Why not, it's the truth.  I empathized with Kian and Rad's situation
because I was in love and I let my feelings direct my actions.  I
healed him so they could be together and I impersonated a spirit so
they could be together."  Tom sprang from the lounge and clenched his
fists.  "I didn't give a rat's ass about whether or not I changed
their world's whole fucking social structure, I just wanted to help

"All right Mr Paris I get the point." The EMH placed his hands on the
pilot's shoulders and set him back down. "It's not the best defense
but I suppose with the new legal algorithms I've downloaded into my
matrix, I could make it work."

"You have to Doc cause I ain't never gonna say that Chak made me do
any of it."

"Well not directly anyway." At Tom's glare, he held up a placating
hand. "Very well not at all."

The EMH stopped talking and resumed his pacing.  Tom watched as the
hologram walked from one end of his cabin to the other, shaking his
head and making gestures in the air with his arms.  Tom got up,
walked over to the replicator, ordered a beer, and had sat back down
on the lounge before the doctor finished his silent rampage.  He
stood with his head tilted, gazing at the lieutenant with a critical

"For this to work, you'll have to look the part."

"Excuse me?"  Tom stopped in mid sip.

The Doc snatched away his beer and placed the bottle on the low

"Stand up and turn around."  The Doc spun his finger in a
circle.  "Let's see what you've got."

In confusion Tom did as he was told and rotated with his arms
extended.  In classic Mepaen fashion, the hologram examined him from
head to toe.

"I've seen better but I suppose you have enough there to pull it off."

"Pull what off?"

"If were going to use sex as an argument, you'll have to appear
desirable.  The captain will have to believe that Commander Chakotay
found you acceptable enough to make advances."

"But it wasn't just about sex Doc, it was also about love."

"Yes, yes I know but you're forgetting something."

"What's that?"

"Sex sells."


"That is an illogical assumption Commander."

"Only if Kathryn doesn't believe me."  Chakotay poured tea into his
advocate's cup.

The dark Vulcan cocked an eyebrow at him and if it was possible, sat
straighter in his chair.

"Complete exoneration is highly unlikely whether the captain accepts
your accounting or not.  Lieutenant Paris is an individual of
considerable tenacity.  I do not believe he would willingly
participate in such a course of action."

"Well it isn't you I have to convince, it's the court and this case
the court is Captain Kathryn Janeway."  Chakotay blew across the top
of his cup and sipped his tea. "And unless I'm mistaken, it's your
job to help me do that."

"It is my job Commander, to see that you receive justice and not to
promote falsehoods."

"You're not."  Chakotay set his cup down on the table in his
quarters.  "And if you can't do that or if you're not up to the
challenge, excuse yourself."

Counting on Tuvok's aversion to defeat, Chakotay awaited the security
chief's answer to his ultimatum.

He knew the man had serious doubts about his version of what happened
on the planet and with good reason.  From one end of the tale to
other, Chakotay had lied through his teeth.  He was certain Tuvok's
empathic abilities had picked up on his deceit but the first officer
was just as certain that the exceedingly correct Vulcan would follow
legal protocol and continue to represent him.

"Will Mr Paris corroborate your testimony?"

"No probably not."

"I see."  Tuvok teepled his fingers under his chin. "And you will
contest his version of the events that transpired on the planet?"


Tuvok stood. "Very well Commander I will do my best to see that
justice is done."

Without saying good bye, Tuvok left the first officer's quarters.


A rock and a hard place.

Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, agonized
over tomorrow's proceedings like a first year cadet facing her first
performance evaluation.

Denying herself a second, or was it third cup of coffee in the last
hour, Kathryn avoided the replicator to settle on the lounge in her
Ready room.

What the hell had he been thinking of!  When Chakotay had begun his
report on his mission planetside, she had expected a brief accounting
on his and Tom's harvesting of the potassium iodide and not an
admission of treason.  Kathryn had no choice but to officially
relieve both officers of command and begin court martial proceedings.

Unable to contain her nervous energy, the captain launched herself
from the lounge to stand before the viewport adjacent to it.

This wasn't the Alpha quadrant.  If they were found guilty and
convicted, she simply couldn't order out for a new first officer and
chief pilot.  She needed and Voyager needed their expertise if they
ever hoped to have a chance of getting home.

Without remembering how she got there, Kathryn found herself at the
replicator with a steaming mug in her hand.  Resigning herself to a
sleepless night, she returned to her desk and called up on the
computer every Prime Directive violation ever recorded.

There had to be a way out of this mess.  Bigger names than Chakotay
and Paris had tossed the Federation's most sacred order out the
viewport at one time or another 'and' had gotten away with it.

There had to be a common denominator and she was determined to find


"He said to say he loves you."

Shifting from one foot to the another, Harry cursed Thomas Eugene
Paris for making him do this.  Commander Chakotay stood immobile
saying nothing, making him feel like a bigger fool.

Seeing Dalby at Tom's door had been intriguing when Harry had gone to
visit him after his return from the planet, but it had been the
explanation for the guard that had caused an internal implosion in
Harry's brain.

It hadn't been the breaking the rules part that had shocked the
ensign, oh no, it had only a matter of time before the pilot's
irreverent attitude landed him in hot water, it was the reason why
that had made Harry forget how to breathe.

Tom was involved sexually with Commander Chakotay and what was worse,
he believed he was in love with the hard-assed first officer.

"Did he say anything else?"  The commander said in a quiet voice.

Remembering where he was and what he was doing, the ensign answered.

"Ah yeah."  Harry swallowed hard.  "He wishes you were with him
tonight and." Squeezing his facial features together and talking
through clenched teeth he continued. "And that he could touch you."

There he'd said it.  Not knowing if he was supposed to wait for
answer, Harry held his ground but gave into his embarrassment and
shut his eyes.  There were a few moments of silence before his
commanding officer spoke.  Harry opened his eyes.

"Tell him to tell the truth and." Incredibly his XO's voice
faltered. "Tell him I love him more than Kian loves Rad."  With that,
Chakotay turned and left the living area for his bedroom.

Harry stood as still as a statue as he tried to process this new
information into his brain.  The commander was in love with his best
friend and his best friend was in love with the commander. It was
astounding. The world must have gone crazy and someone had neglected
to tell him.

After pinching himself to see if he was awake, Harry left his senior
officer's quarters to deliver his message.


How dare he refuse to see her?

B'Elanna ripped her nails through one of the tee shirts Tom had left
in her quarters.

They had mated and the next logical step was the reciting of the
Oath, as honour demanded no less.  It was an archaic practice but
since seeing the vision of her mother in the next world, B'Elanna had
reclaimed her Klingon heritage and now lived her life accordingly.

She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was sure that Tom would
not escape his responsibility to her easily.

If he thought the Barge of the Dead was scary, wait until he took a
cruise on the HMS Torres.


She owed her life to a vision of gold and a master of light.

Kian turned on her side to kiss the baldpate of her beloved before
she drifted off to sleep.

Both men, and she knew that's all they were no matter how impressive
they were, had shown her how to reach out and take what she wanted.

It hadn't been Tom or Chakotay's clever insights and sage advice that
had impelled her to stand up for she wanted.   No, it had been the
example of their love for one another despite their obvious
differences that had given her the strength to defy her father.

Rad wasn't of her world but she loved him at least as much as the
chieftain loved the healer and together they would ensure the
survival of both their tribes.  Kian saw now how it could be done now
and whether it was the will of the spirits or not, it didn't matter.
Kian been given a map of what was possible and she intended to use it.

Pulling her beloved to her, Kian wished her totems happiness,
wherever they were.