Title:  Kian P5
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are property of Paramount and not
me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Tom takes Chak on an outing.

His shoulders were pinned by strong hands, preventing movement and
when he tried to cry out, his mouth was covered.

Remembering his Fleet combat training, the Chakotay relaxed his body
and waited for an opportunity for retaliation.  As the first officer
opened his eyes, hoping to get a look at his captor, his mouth was

"Morning sexy."  Said the beautiful blond that loved him.


"Oh yeah." An impish smile formed on the lieutenant's face.

Once again Chakotay was imprisoned. Tom's lips locked on his and
began moving at a deliberate pace.  As he noted that the lieutenant
had modified his style of kissing to match his, Chakotay felt the
same slow measured movement against his groin.  Giving himself up to
the sweet torture, Chak rocked his hips back against Tom's.  It was
divine, it was glorious and then it was gone.

"Come on."

"Tom?" Blinking open his eyes, Chakotay looked up for his lover.

Tom grabbed his hand and started pulling him the direction of the
tent flap.  Still feeling a little groggy from just waking and having
most of his blood pooling in his nether regions, Chakotay pulled back.

"Where are we going?"

Tom fell forward to straddle him.  "For a swim."

"You're naked."

The blond grinned. "Yeah and so are you big man."  Tom leaned forward
and nipped at Chakotay's bottom lip as he spoke. "Everyone's still
asleep and I don't know about you but I could use a little cleaning

The commander was skeptical.  "And what if they wake up?  I'm not
particularly anxious to have an entire Mepaen war party looking at my
naked butt."

"They won't."  Tom spread his knees further apart and the commander
felt the weight of the man's cock come to rest on his stomach. A
sultry voice whispered,  "I'll let you get me dirty again first."

Chakotay considered his options, the biggest one sitting on top of
him driving him crazy with lust, and made a command decision.

"You grab the shampoo and I'll grab the towels."


It was almost magical.

Together they waded into the waist deep pool causing ripples along
its sun-warmed surface. Tom scrunched his toes in the sand of the
cooler bottom and listened to the sound of the spring trickling down
the side of the mountain feeding the water hole.

This was perfect. It was a beautiful morning and he had a gorgeous
man at his side who loved him.  For the first time in his life Tom
started to believe that maybe love didn't have to mean guarding your
weak spots.  That maybe it was OK to let down your defenses and let
someone close.  The pilot moved around in front of 'his' someone and
immersed himself in the water.  Tom popped up a moment later so that
only his head and the tops of his shoulders felt the warm air rolling
in from the desert.  Wiping the water from his eyes and slicking his
hair back with a hand, Tom looked up at Chakotay.  The commander was
lost in though with his gaze drifting in the mountaintops.   Tom
placed his hands on his lover's hips.

"Where are you right now?"

Chakotay looked down at him as he spoke and smiled. "Home."

The commander made the word sound synonymous with heaven, he said
with such reverence, and of course for Chakotay it was.  Dorvan V was
a place of happy memories for the darker man and it was sole reason
he wanted to return to the Alpha quadrant.  Tom wished he had
someplace he wanted to be that badly, other than the arms of
beautiful man before him, that was.

"You miss it don't you?"  Tom cursed himself for stating the
obvious. "I mean you'd do anything to get back there wouldn't you?"

Chakotay bent his knees and came down into the water.  "No not
anything."  He pulled Tom to him, wrapping his arms around the
pilot's waist.  "As much I want to see forests of my homeworld again,
I'd give it up if it meant hurting someone to get to it."

Chakotay said the words matter of factly without ego, and Tom was
touched by his integrity.  The man didn't expect accolades for his
sacrifices because he didn't see them that way but he did recognize
the sacrifices of others. It was that character trait that brought
them to this point in time. Tom kissed the incredible man's lips

"Tom I've been thinking."  Chakotay dodged his lips. "We have to

"It's early."  Tom changed tactics and went for the commander's
throat intending to match the mark on his own neck.  Because of
Chak's darker skin, it wouldn't be as vivid as the one Tom sported
but it would be fun to try.

"Tom listen to me."  Chak palmed the pilot's face and brought it up
right. "We can't take them any farther, we have to go back.  Now
before they wake."

"Now?"  Tom pushed back in the pool causing small waves to lap at it
sides.  "Are you nuts?  We've got them eating out of the palm of our
hands.  One word from us and Emiak will take the Ki to Rad's father
himself."  Tom stood and failed his arms in frustration.  "The
Mepaens haven't even met Rad yet!"

Chakotay rose from the water and grabbed at Tom's arms.  After he'd
secured the distraught younger man in a bear hug, the commander spoke
soothingly into his ear.

"Hush baby, it's all right."

"No it's fucking not all right."  Tom broke the hold and waded
back.  "You can't play the night in shining white armor one moment
and then the evil admiral in the next Chak!" Tom saw his references
confused the big man so he made his meaning plainer. "We said we
would help them. We can't abandon them now."

"We're not."  Chakotay made to take a step forward but stopped when
he saw Tom flinch.  "We're just handing over the job over to someone
more qualified."

"Emiak?" Tom rolled his eyes.  "Yeah right. The guy's bowled over by
a little body hair."

"Perhaps, but his daughter's not."  This time Chak did move closer to
the pilot but he refrained from touching him.  "Kian's a capable
young woman and this will be the first of many challenges she's going
have to face if she's going to bring the people of this world

"But what about Rad?" Unable to help himself, Tom edge forward and
touched the commander's arm. "Who will help him?"

"She will and he will her."  Chakotay took advantage of Tom's need
for reassurance to bring the blond back into his arms.  "They love
each other and together they'll be strong enough to face anything.
They don't need us."

"You think?" Tom cocked a questioning eye at his lover.

"Yeah I think."  Chakotay nipped at the bruise on Tom's neck before
looking back up into his blue eyes.  "Love can be a very powerful
thing Poocuh."

Damn, damn and double damn again.  How the hell was he supposed to
argue with that when Chakotay's love made him feel like he could leap
the mountaintops in a single bound?

Thanks to the wonders of 24th century medicine, Rad was tougher than
he looked and he was a whole lot wiser than Tom was.  Throw in Kian's
love into the mix and the man should be with any luck, invincible.
Still not comfortable with Chakotay's decision, Tom deferred to the
older man for lack of options.

"So we're done messing with the Prime Directive then?"

"Yeah baby, I think it's time to go back to our world."  Chakotay ran
his hands down Tom's shoulders, over his forearms, to finally clasp
the pilot's hands in his.  "You ready?"

He wanted to scream out no.  Tom would be perfectly content to blend
into this society as long as Chakotay was by his side. Going back to
Voyager meant facing the captain, B'Elanna and the possibility of
losing the relationship he'd discovered on this complicated planet.
These last days with Chak had been like a dream and going back to the
ship would be like waking up and Tom was afraid of the reality. Would
Voyager's first officer love him as much as Kian's Maquis chieftain?


Pulling Chakotay into a fierce hug, Tom buried his head in the
commander's shoulder. He memorized the man's smell and feel before
standing back and letting him go.

"I'm ready Chak."

The commander favored him with his killer dimples and led him out of
the pond.

Tom was ready to leave Kian and Rad to continue their quest on their
own and he was ready to face the consequences of his involvement in
that quest. But as he helped the commander gather their gear from the
edge of the pool, Tom readied himself for the ultimate task.

He readied himself for the loss of Chakotay's love.


It had almost worked.

They had just secured their backpacks; Tom's being the lighter one as
they had left the other tent for Kian and Rad, when the young pair
caught them.

In retrospect Chakotay had been glad that their departure had been
discovered.  At seeing Kian and Rad, Tom's features had lit up for
the first time since they had left the pool and although it was
tearful farewell, some of the twinkle had returned to man's blue
eyes.  Chakotay gave Tom as sideways glance as they walked the trail
back to the Flyer.

The pilot was absentmindedly playing with Kian's talisman as he moved
silently, deep in thought.  Occasionally the blond looked out to the
desert but for the most part he concentrated on the path before him.
Respecting the man's need for private contemplation, Chakotay hadn't
spoken to him although he dearly wished to know what was going on in
the young man's head.

In the absence of actually knowing, the commander let all kinds of
scenarios run through his mind and most of them weren't good.  Tom
was a young beautiful man who thrived on thrill and excitement and he
was a plodding not so young man who lived for peace and serenity.  It
was difficult to imagine that once they returned to Voyager's diverse
social atmosphere, Tom would be satisfied with only him for sexual
companionship.  After all it hadn't been until Chakotay had been the
only one available had Tom turned to him for release.

On the brighter side, Tom had said he was in love with him and that
had to count for something.  All he had to do now was hope that would
be enough to bind the young man to him. Chakotay had no intention of
sharing the blond's favours with the rest of the crew and that
included B'Elanna.

Best friend or not, Tom was the love of his life and Chakotay was
prepared to do battle with the engineer if she refused to relinquish
her claim on the pilot.  Thinking about at Bat'leths twenty paces,
the commander let out a small laugh.

"What's so funny?"

Tom had stopped walking and was looking at him quizzically.

"Nothing."  Deflecting further queries, Chakotay suggested they take
a break.

The lieutenant acquiesced and removed his backpack.  Chakotay did the
same and pulled out his water bottle.  After taking a long draught,
he motioned Tom to sit with him using his pack as a backrest. With an
audible sigh the pilot dropped down beside him. Tom drank from his
own bottle and Chakotay watched the sensuous play of his Adam's apple
as he swallowed.  After sluicing some of the water over his head, Tom
turned to him.

"Do you think they'll really be OK?"

"Yes."  Chakotay brushed back Tom's damp hair.  "Emiak may be a proud
man but he's not a stupid one.  He'll talk to the Anu if it means
keeping his daughter.  She's more important to him than his

"Lucky girl."

Chakotay heard the wistful tone in Tom's voice.  He slung his arm
around the pilot's shoulders.

"Lucky planet.  It's only a matter of time before the Mepaens are
affected by the ambient radiation.  Hopefully by working with the
Anu, they will able to develop an inoculation using the potassium

Tom snuggled up to him and snickered into his neck.  "I hope you
don't plan on revealing that little tidbit at our court-martial."

"We didn't show Emiak the light Tom, Kian did that.  We just helped
her a little bit to make it possible."

"A little bit?"  Tom raised his head from Chak's shoulder.  "Shit
Chak we masqueraded as supreme beings and I healed Rad."

"But we didn't reveal ourselves and the Mepaen party probably would
have found Kian and Rad at the ruins and tended to his injuries. We
didn't change anything that would have eventually happened anyway."

"No you don't understand Chak."  Tom sat up.  "I mean I really healed

"You mean he would have been dead by the time Emiak arrived?"

"Yeah that too."  Tom gave him a guilty smile.

Oh spirits.  If Tom was saying what Chakotay thought he was saying,
they really had messed with the Prime Directive big time.  Hoping he
was wrong, the commander asked for clarification.

"He's cancer free isn't he?"

Tom nodded. "And one other thing."

The commander was afraid to ask, but did anyway.  "What's the other

"Let's just say they're naming their first born after you, OK?"  Tom
leaned into him.  "I'm sorry but they love each other so much, I
couldn't help myself."

Chakotay accepted Tom embrace and kissed the top of his golden head.
Well this made things a little more complicated. First aid was one
thing, but the invasive healing Tom was talking about was another.
Kathryn would have a difficult time seeing their actions as
inconsequential when they may be responsible for creating this
world's next Surak or worse, Khan.

"It'll be all right Tom."  Chakotay said hoping it was true. "You
were only following my orders." He said knowing that much was.

"Oh like the captain's gonna believe that."  Tom brought up his head.
Incredibly he was smiling. "The only way she's gonna swallow that one
is if I tell her I only did it to get your sweet ass into bed."

Nothing fazed the pilot and the commander guessed it was one of the
reasons he loved him so much. Tom accepted that shit happened and
sometimes there wasn't much you could do about it but roll with it
and move on.

While telling the captain that the reason they broke the Prime
Directive was because they were so hot for each other they could
think straight, wouldn't be his first inclination, it wasn't without
merit.  Kathryn was a hard core romantic and this whole situation was
like one of her holo-novels brought to life and it was
basically the truth.

Chakotay kissed the smiling man before him full on the mouth before
voicing his idea.


"And should I mention how hard I came when I felt your cock so deep
inside me that I swore I could feel it tickle my tonsils?"


"What about when you came, you roared so loud my ears rang for hours?"

"Yes I suppose you could mention that too."

Oh this was too wild. Chakotay had decided the way out their sticky
situation was to tell the captain literally how sticky they had
actually made each other.  It was a wacky idea but it just may work
and if it didn't he was enjoying talking about it anyway.

"Can I tell her that just looking at you makes my cock weep?"
Chakotay's eyes were starting to dilate.  "And that I love the taste
of your cock in my mouth?"

"You haven't done that."  The tremble in the big man's voice was
music to his ears.

"Haven't I?"  Tom moved around to kneel between the commander's
legs.  "Well I since I wouldn't want to lie on the stand, we better
do something about that."

As Tom's fingers touched the fastening of the first officer's pants,
Chakotay stomach muscles contracted creating a gap between his flat
belly and the top of his trousers.  Grateful that they'd run out
fresh underwear yesterday, Tom was rewarded with the commander's
unadorned erection as he pulled down the zipper.

"Gods Chakotay you're spectacular." Tom palmed his prize as he spoke.

The big man moaned and settled back further on the backpack. When Tom
blew across the head of his penis, Chakotay closed his eyes
and threw his head back.  A small bead of moisture bled from the tip
and the pilot took his first taste of his lover's essence.

Tastes like chicken his sardonic mind thought. Brushing away the
thought Tom circled his tongue around the crest and sampled
Chakotay's flavour in earnest. His senses erupted.  The best vintaged
wine on Risa couldn't delight his palate to this level of
excellence.  Bracing his hands on Chakotay's thighs, Tom leaned
forward to taken in more of the delicacy that was his lover.

Because of his size, Tom was unable to take the whole of the
commander's cock in his mouth but he did his damnedest to try.
Relaxing his throat and breathing in, his nose came within
centimeters of the wiry hair that covered Chakotay's groin.  A
sumptuous bouquet of musk and sweat permeated his nostrils, exciting
his nipples and his own penis into painful hardness.

Mindful of the strain on his throat, Tom eased up keeping contact
with the dark member with his lips.  Chakotay groaned for the loss
and weaved his thick fingers into his blond hair.  With a delicate
pressure on Tom's head, the big man began pumping in short strokes.
The penetration was shallow enough to ease the stress on Tom's mouth
and deep enough to give Chakotay pleasure.

The eroticism of having the commander fuck his mouth, spurred Tom's
hand to the clasp of his trousers.  With numb fingers he freed his
erection and began to work it furiously. Pulling and squeezing
himself almost violently Tom came in long hot spurts on the desert

In thrusts that were becoming deeper and more erratic Chakotay
continued his assault of his mouth.  Tom slipped his semen covered
into the commander's pants and massaged his balls.  The added
sensation became too much for the big man and he climaxed.  Tom
swallowed as much as he could, relishing the feel of the commander's
heat deep down in his belly.  When Chakotay's hands fell from his
hair, Tom pulled back to sit on his heels.

Feeling absolutely incredible and impossibly buoyant, Tom continued
his earlier diatribe.  Chakotay listened through slotted eyes.

"And can I say how good it feels to have my cock so deep inside you,
that my balls are resting on your ass?"

"You can."  The big man pulled him down beside him.  "In an hour."