Title: Kian P4
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series 4 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Tom takes on the Mepae.

Charming, oh yeah he could do charming.

Besides flying Voyager and pool, it was one of the few things Tom was
really good at.  He knew how to make them like you and when to pull
back leaving them wanting more.

At an early age he'd been aware of the advantages his appearance
afforded and had honed it into a finely developed survival skill.  It
had gotten him through everything from tiresome parties with his
father's cronies to the terror of imprisonment at Auckland.  Figuring
the Mepae would fall some where in the middle of those two extremes,
Tom put on his sexiest smile and strode forward to stand beside
Chakotay. Kian followed in his wake.

The commander was talking about their trip through the desert and
didn't notice his presence until he brushed shoulders with him.  Tom
received a less than enthusiastic welcome from the big man.

"I thought I told you to stay put Lieutenant."  Chakotay tried to
keep his voice low but from the look of surprise on Emiak's face, Tom
surmised it wasn't low enough.

Drawing his head down to the commander's level, Tom whispered in his
ear. "Trust me." Chakotay's expression was speculative.  Tom leaned a
little closer, his lips now touching his lover's ear.  "Please
I know I can do this."

He wasn't surprised by the commander's nod of assent but he was
surprised at how dirty it made him feel.  Using his charms on
Chakotay, like he did everyone else to get what he wanted didn't feel
right somehow.  Shelving the uncomfortable feeling for now, Tom
concentrated on the task at hand. Turning to the mute priest before
him, Tom started his quest of capturing the desire and then hopefully
the trust of the Mepae.

"My name is Thomas Eugene Paris."  He held out his hands and
smiled. "You can stand if you want to."

In tandem the entire group stood and with the exception of Emiak,
took a step back.  The priest looked to his daughter who was now
standing tall and proud beside Tom.  Kian addressed her father with
respect and understanding.

"It's all right father."  She touched the golden hairs on Tom's
forearm briefly. "You can talk to him."

Feeling envious, Tom noted the shaman's pride in his daughter's
composure before the priest started his inspection of his near naked

As dark eyes mapped the lines of his form ritually, Tom gained some
understanding into their culture.  Like some people were motivated by
tactile or auditory stimuli, the Mepae were driven by their visual
responses.  Seeing is believing took on a whole new meaning when
talking about the natives of this planet.

"Are you a spirit?"  The priest asked with confidence.

Still mindful of the Prime Directive no matter how much he and
Chakotay had trod upon it, Tom tried to answer Emiak's question
honestly without actually denying that he wasn't a Supreme Being.

"I've been called a lot of things," He moved into the shaman's
personal space. "And yes, lately that's been one of them."

Feeling the impact of his closeness, Emiak voice trembled slightly
with his next question.

"Why are you here?"

"Because Chakotay asked me to be."

Tom intended his answer to do two things.  One, give the commander
the reassurance that Tom still recognized the command structure in
this unusual situation and two, let the Mepae know Chakotay was the
real force to be dealt with.

"And what is the chieftain to you?"  Emiak's asked plainly.

Tom was getting to know that that guile wasn't a part of these
people's vocabulary.  When they wanted to know something they just
asked, no matter how personal the question. Accepting that Tom
answered, acutely aware that Chakotay was beside him wanting to know
as much as the shaman did.

"Commander Chakotay is my lover."

The last word didn't translate and Kian stepped up to interpret his

"Chakotay and Tom are mated Father."  She looked up to him for
permission to continue and in a nod, he gave it.  "Despite their
differences, and I have witnessed many, they cleave to each other and
are one."

Emiak was amazed at his daughter's words.  "You love a mortal?"  His
hand snaked beneath his tunic, pulling out a talisman on a leather
strap a little bigger than Kian's.  He stroked it as if in
warding.  "Why would you do that?"

Oh fuck.  Tom didn't really know the answer to that one, so he just
talked and hoped what he said made sense trying to remember he was
also supposed to be a spirit.

"Because he sees the world differently I guess and it's what I needed
to survive."  Tom leaned into Chakotay's shoulder.  "His diversity
makes me shine brighter."

"Is this why you protect the infidel?" The shaman's earlier reverence
of his being was fading at the mention of Rad. "Because he is

"Yeah sort of and because he's the same too." Tom felt Chakotay's arm
move around his waist and it bolstered his flagging courage.

"But he has no faith and loves nothing." Emiak spat.

"Not true.  He loves your daughter very much.  Should he be punished
for that?" Emiak deep in thought didn't answer right away so Tom for
dramatic effect drew his hand through his blond hair to get his
attention.  The priest's eyes were riveted by his action.

"Look at me."  Emiak took him literally and eyed every dip and every
valley of his body before looking into his deep blue eyes.  "I'm
different.  Do you hate me too?"

"You're the spirit of light, I couldn't."  Emiak was appalled at his

In a voice that needed no acting to portray the pain, Tom pleaded
with the priest. "Then do me a favour and listen to your daughter."
He reached out and palmed the chunk of potassium iodide anchored
around the priest's neck.  "If you can have faith in this, you can at
least have faith in her too."

Kian with eyes steeped in tears, stepped forward and wrapped her hand
around Tom's, encasing the rock three-fold.

"I have a lot to say father and it is time you listened. If that's
acceptable to the spirit of course." She turned her head to Tom and
gave him a wry smile that told him she'd seen through his deception
and he was simply just a healer to her once again.  Tom played the
game and touched his chin to his chest in not so mock reverence.

"It is and we will see to your beloved's comfort in the meanwhile."

As always when Rad's name, no matter how unobtrusively, was mentioned
Kian shone with an intensity that humbled Tom.  She took his hand in
hers and brought them to her lips.

"My life is yours for that gesture alone, and if there is a great
beyond, my essence will be forever devoted to your service."
Displaying a behavior that was vaguely reminiscent of his commander,
she let go of his hands and nodded her head in dismissal.  "That will
be all Lieutenant."

Tom bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing in pure admiration.
Walking away from him with her father and his entourage in tow, was
the perfect imitation of a young Captain Kathryn Janeway.  How ever
unintentional, the young Mepaen had absorbed visually the conduct of
a Starfleet officer from them and was now emulating her version of it
with remarkable flair.  Tom turned to Chakotay and saw the irony was
not lost on him.

"She'll be the first witness I'll call upon at our court-martial."
The man who he'd all but admitted in the last half hour he was in
love with, turned to him with killer dimples initiated. "If the
spirit allows of course."

Tom glad the attention of the troupe had shifted to Kian wrapped his
arms around Chakotay's neck.  Tension seeking surcease focused on his
groin and Tom touched Chakotay's lips with his own hoping to be drawn
into his soul.

His beloved commander acquiesced to his desire by kissing him through
the all the frivolous pretenses he had erected to get through to the
Mepae.  The touch of Chakotay's lips brought him back to himself and
left him with a need for more.  Tom broke the kiss long enough to
voice that need.

"Fuck me Chakotay."

The commander buried his head in Tom's shoulder and moaned.

"Oh Poocuh I want to."  Tom felt a soft kiss on his neck. "You can't
ever know how much but we have to look after Rad right now."

Knowing already that the first officer's heart was big enough to
encompass an entire galaxy, Tom took a step back so their bodies no
longer touched.  He smiled at the man who was ripping through his
conception of what love was supposed to be at warp speed.

"I know you're right but I still want to hear the words before we go
take a look at Rad."

"You want to hear how much I want you?"  Chakotay threaded his teeth
through his bottom lip before saying more.


The commander stood at attention and spoke as if delivering a report
to a senior officer.

"OK then listen up Thomas Eugene Paris because you're about to get an
earful."  Chakotay's eyes shifted to the ground.

"I want you when I'm sad and I want you when I'm happy.  I need you
when I'm lost and I need you when I'm found. I want to fuck you, make
love to you and totally possess you."

The commander raised his head, taking a chance and looking up into
the pilot's cerulean blue eyes. "My days don't start until I see you
and they don't end unless I think of you."

Tom was literally bowled over at Chakotay's confession.  His knees
buckled and he fell to the hard packed surface of the desert floor on
his butt.  He hadn't expected this.  Tom had wanted Chakotay for as
long as could he remember for one reason or another but he had never
prepared himself for Chakotay wanting him. Not this much anyway.

Part of him screamed out for Chakotay and another part of him hid in
fear.  These were the words Tom wanted to hear and Tom never got what
he truly wanted.  It had to be a trick or some kind of
misunderstanding because if his brain had processed things right,
Chakotay was telling him he was in love with him and that couldn't be
right.  Could it?

"Poocuh are you all right?"  The big man knelt behind him and wrapped
him in a hug.

"No." His voice was barely a whisper.

"I'm sorry, I know I should have waited.  I was going to wait but I
found I couldn't when you asked," Chakotay kissed the top of his head
and said with a voice Tom had never heard before, it was so unsteady
and so unsure, "I had no choice."

That couldn't be true because Chakotay always had choices and if they
weren't readily there he made them.  As much as he looked the perfect
Starfleet officer, he was essentially Maquis and took what he wanted
when he wanted to.

"Tom?"  Chakotay's voice broke halfway through saying his name.

Taking control of what he could, Tom stood and thought about the
sickly young man sleeping in the tent behind them.  Chakotay rose
with him but stood apart.  Tom knew he was waiting for some kind of
signal, whether it be a negative or an affirmative, to direct his

Not having the strength at the moment to accept the commander or deny
him, Tom squared his shoulders and headed towards the young people's


I love you.

It was the middle of this planet's night and the commander was still
awake. Chakotay listened to his partner's even breathing and sighed.
His body was exhausted but his mind was raring to go despite the long
day he'd put in.  They had spent they rest of the day, seeing to
Rad's comfort and settling the Mepae party just outside their own

I love you.

Tomorrow they would discuss their situation and a possible solution
to their conflict.  Rad when he woke, wanted to have his say and
Chakotay had promised him tomorrow he would grant his wish.

I love you.

By his calendar, the commander figured they still had at the minimum
six days before Voyager missed them and he would be forced to explain
his actions to the captain.

I love you.

So that left them with a three or four-day lay over before he and Tom
would have to start the two-day trip back to their original co-

I love you.

The lieutenant may still have to play the role of spirit but if it
got them talking it would be worth it.

I love you.

Tom did it so well that it was a wonderful sight to behold.

I love you and I can't believe I didn't tell you that when I had the


He loved Chakotay.

Light the fireworks and alert the media, Tom Paris was finally in
love.  It had been a hard path as Rad would say, but in the end he'd
found his way.

Tom had spent most of the day with the young man seeing to his needs
and keeping him company while Chakotay had looked after the Mepaen

Thank the gods he had something to distract him because it had taken
him that long to process what the commander had been trying to tell
him earlier and longer to figure out how he felt about it.

Rad told him that opportunities only came once and that's why they
were called opportunities and not options.  Sometimes you had to take
chances and damn be to the consequences to get what you wanted.  For
some one so young, the man had a lot of answers and made a lot of
sense.  Tom supposed a fully trained Betazoid counselor probably
couldn't have done any better.

Tom pulled his knees to his chest and listened to the sounds of the
night.  He could hear nothing from the Mepaens and even less from the
man that lay behind him in the dark tent.  Chakotay's silence meant
he was awake, otherwise Tom would hear the comforting sound of his
breathing and soft snoring.  Thinking about options and
opportunities, Tom took a chance.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

"You don't have to say that."  Said a velvety voice.

"Yes I do."

Silence reigned behind him and Tom thought for a moment that maybe
he'd dreamed this morning's conversation.  After all it was too good
to be true that the formidable Commander Chakotay might have feelings
for him.

"Turn around."

Tom did as he was told and faced the man of his daydreams.  Gods he
was incredibly beautiful.  The dim light in the tent accentuated the
commander's darker physique sculpting him into a work of art.
Chakotay touched the cherished bruise on his neck softly with a blunt
finger before speaking.

"I love you."

It was simple statement but it was one that changed his whole world.
Emotional barriers were surpassed, doubts were left behind and fear
was but a memory.  Chakotay loved him and from this day on that's all
that would matter.  His beloved caressed his bottom lip in a light

"Tell me again."

"I'm in love with you."

"Say my name."

"I love you Chakotay."

With that declaration the commander took his mouth and touched his
soul.  In all his years, nobody had ever kissed him this way.  It was
incredible and he felt the heat from his heart seep out to his
extremities sparking his arousal.  Tom pressed the length of his body
against Chakotay's.

"Fuck me."

Tom knew the words were crude but it excited him to say them.  He
needed to feel Chakotay's cock inside him to make this moment
complete and knew no other way of saying so. He tried to turn so he
could offer himself to his lover but the commander stopped him.

"No Poocuh. I will take you but not quite just yet."

Oh hell Chak wanted to make slow sweet love to him when all he wanted
right now was to be soundly fucked by the man who was doing the same
to his head.  Seeing an end to his means, Tom changed his trajectory
and headed south.

With very little ceremony Tom took Chakotay's formidable dick in his
mouth and swallowed.  The commander cried out in pleasure and as Tom
bobbed his head, the big man began to lift his hips in reflex.  The
pilot sucked and licked until he felt hands in his blond hair
directing his head for a better angle.  Tom pulled up and grabbed at
his med kit. Finding the tube he was looking for, the pilot slapped
it into Chakotay's hand and turned over.

"Fuck me."

This time there was no opposition and very little preparation.
Chakotay stuck one then two fingers up his ass to loosen the muscles
briefly before he felt his cheeks pulled apart. Tom waited for the
pain and was surprised by the ecstasy.

Chak was big and Tom could feel the resulting fullness but he also
felt exquisite pleasure.   Chakotay pumped his way into his passage a
little bit at a time making sure to hit his gland with each stroke.
Tom felt his cock spring to life and slap against his belly with each
thrust of Chakotay's hips.

When the commander hit ground zero and was all the way in, Tom
exploded.  His reflex tightening of his muscles brought the commander
in deeper and Tom heard Chak roar his release through his own
euphoria.  It was the sweetest music Tom ever heard.

Chakotay braced himself on one elbow and pulled Tom down to the tent
floor facing him before collapsing.  Tom rested his head in his
lover's chest breathing deeply of his musk and the combined scent of
their lovemaking.

It became Tom's most favorite place to be in all the known and
unknown quadrants from that moment on.