Title: Kian P3
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series:  3 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chakotay has a religious experience and then so does
everyone else.

Miracles of miracles, Tom Paris wanted him. Chakotay followed his
dream into the tent, ducking his head as he entered.

The commander watched in wonder as the pilot stripped gracefully and
effortlessly despite the low ceiling of the shelter.  When he was
done, Tom slipped under the covers to wait for him.  Glittering blue
eyes, shining in the dim light of the shelter, looked up at him

"Are you coming to bed?"

In million years, Chakotay never thought he'd hear those words issued
from those lips.  He fell to his knees beside the enchanting creature
that he was about to make his lover.  Not trusting his tongue,
Chakotay nodded and stripped off his jacket and under tunic. Long
fingers on a delicate hand emerged from the covers to trace the
underside of his pectoral.

"I never thought you'd be this beautiful."  Tom said as he ran one by
one of his fingertips over Chak's erect nipple.

The commander didn't speak because the only words that came to mind
were 'I love you' and he didn't think the pilot was ready to hear
those words.  To distract himself from the thought, the commander
used his thicker darker fingers to undo the clasp on his trousers.
Tom stopped him.

"Let me."

Cradling his hand under the first officer's, Tom released the
fastener and drew down the fly. Slowly the young man peeled back the
material in a vee, exposing the woven silk of the commander's shorts
and the silhouette of his swollen member.  Tom traced the outline and

"It's big."

"Not so big."  Chakotay closed Tom's hand in his and squeezed it
reassuringly.  "I won't hurt you."  He brought the hand up to his
lips and kissed it gently. "I couldn't."

Pulling back, the commander removed the rest of his uniform and
slipped under the blankets, settling on his side next to Tom. He was
careful not to let his erection brush the lieutenant's leg.

They were in the same position they'd been in the previous night but
now things were different.  Tom was inviting Chakotay to do more than
just give him release, the pilot was offering to give the commander
release as well.

Like a blind man in an unfamiliar room, Chakotay ran his hand down
Tom's side seeking out curves and crevices. He relished the
smoothness of the pilot's skin as his fingers traversed over his
ribs, to his hip bone, finally stopping at Tom's thigh covered in
soft hairs that Chakotay knew had to be golden.  Tom arched into his
touch like a cat and purred out a sultry moan.  The sound made the
commander's cock weep and he continued his exploration.

Crossing the gap between Tom's thighs, Chakotay ever so lightly
brushed the underside of his lover's balls.  This time the pilot did
more than moan.

"Oh man." Tom threw back his head, exposing his pale throat.

Chakotay stopped his return trajectory and detoured to the pilot's
pulsing cock.  Allowing what he had denied himself of last night,
Chakotay kissed the slender throat as he stroked Tom's penis.  Tom's
breath hitched and the commander felt a hand in his hair, massaging
his scalp.

He had waited more than six years for this to become a reality.  In
his dreams, Chakotay had made love to Tom a hundred times never
believing that in real life the pilot would ever allow him the
pleasure.  Well here it was and Chakotay was deathly afraid of
blowing it.

The commander had seen the fear in the lieutenant's eyes at the sight
of his erection.  He was above normal in size but not unusually so.
Spirits Tom's own cock when it was fully erect almost matched his in
length if not width.

Not wanting his size be roadblock to further intimacy, Chakotay
decided to give the young man time to get used to its feel and weight
before they joined.  If nothing happened tonight that was OK, they
had many more nights to get to know each other better.

"Oh fuck Chak."

The commander refocused his attention to the man beside him whose
passion was escalating.  Thinking about being inside the beautiful
blond had spiked his own arousal and the commander carefully pressed
his cock against the pilot's thigh as he bit at his neck.

Tom turned on his side to face the commander, dislodging his hand
from the pilot's cock. Tom looked into his eyes and for a moment
Chakotay thought the pilot was about to speak until the man's lips
descended on his.  Back was the frantic kissing and Chakotay allowed
Tom to have his way briefly before taming his tongue, slowing and
deepening the contact.

Bring his hands around to the pilot's butt, Chakotay brought their
erections together.  Tom mirrored the action and taking the
initiative began pumping against his hips. It was glorious and it was
bringing Chakotay very near his climax.  He tried to pull back, not
wanting to come too soon but Tom held him fast.  The pilot tore his
mouth away and buried his head in the commander's shoulder.  Between
grunts and groans the pilot spoke.

"I can't wait.I have to.I have to." Tom stopped speaking
and cried

Chakotay felt the warmth of the pilot's release on his belly and fell
over the edge.  In a primal urge, Chakotay bit Tom's neck as his
orgasm tore through him.  Tom spoke tender words into his ear; words
that in his fevered state the commander's brain was unable to process
and held him to his chest.

In a tent that had suddenly become stifling warm, Chakotay pulled his
sweat-slicked body back from his lover.  Tom was flushed and
glowing.  The commander traced his fingers across the pilot's swollen
lips down to the reddening mark on his pale neck. The eventual bruise
would show above the collar of Tom's uniform and Chakotay found he
liked the idea of his mark being visible.  It denoted ownership and
possession.  Chakotay laughed aloud at his archaic response and at
the joy it brought him.

"Not the reaction I'm used to but for you I'll make an exception."
Tom said with a bright smile and glittering blue eyes.

Chakotay kissed the upturned lips. "Good. I want to be your
exception."  He encased the pilot's face with one hand. "In all

"You are." Tom tilted his head to the side and placed a kiss on his
temple near his tattoo. "It scares the hell out me Chak but it's

"It scares me too."  Chakotay refrained from saying that what he was
really afraid of was of losing this and not of it happening as Tom

Twisting an arm behind him, the commander grabbed the towel the pilot
had discarded in a heap after his bath.  After wiping the both of
them down as best he could, he traded it for his neatly folded towel
and tucked it beneath them covering the wet spot their lovemaking had
created.  Tom watched him with an indulgent grin.

"You do like taking care of me."

"You make it easy."

Tom laughed a laugh that Chakotay would willing die for and settled
his blond head down into the crux of his shoulder.

"Easy is not a word usually associated with me. Difficult and cocky
are more like it."  He twined his legs with Chakotay's.

"Well then I guess you'll just have to get used to it Lieutenant
because I intend to make you intimately acquainted with the word."

"Whatever you say Commander."  He kissed the first officer's chest
and in a fading voice said, "Whatever you say, baby, whatever."

Wrapping his arms around the sleeping man, Chakotay closed his eyes
and relived the past half-hour.

Easy for the most part had been the operative word.  It was easy to
touch Tom and it was easy to love him.  The hard part would be
finding the right time to tell the blond pilot all of that.  Chakotay
was playing for keeps and making the wrong move at the wrong time
could frighten the skittish lieutenant away. So Tom would have to say
it first.

Chakotay had been a warrior his entire life one way or another and
knew when to fall back in order to gain the ultimate victory.
Patience could have great strategic value and the commander was wise
enough to know it was the best tactic at his disposal to win this
battle. These last six days on the planet had revealed something
about the pilot that the last six years on Voyager hadn't.

Tom Paris wanted to be won.



The commander opened his eyes and then quickly covered them with his
hand until they had time to adjust to the morning light.  He shouted
back at Kian through the tent flaps.

"What is it?"

Tom shifted in his sleep, melding his body closer to the commander's
but didn't wake.

"We have company!" There was panic in her voice.

"I'll be right there."

Chakotay peeled Tom from him and pulled on his uniform, grabbing his
phaser but tucking it out of sight.  In the midst of his commotion
the pilot finally woke.

"What's up?" He rubbed his eyes like a small child.

"Someone's here." Feeling a fierce desire to protect his lover,
Chakotay gave an order he wouldn't have normally given to any other
fully trained Starfleet officer. "Stay here while I check it out."

But being the Fleet brat that he was, Tom easily saw the breach of
protocol. "No, I'll back you up." He began to rise.

"No." Using the flat of his hand on the pilot's chest, Chakotay
pushed him back down to the floor of the shelter. "You can dress but
you will stay here until I call for you."  With two fingers, Chakotay
captured Tom's chin.  "Understand Lieutenant?"

Tom slumped back on his elbows.  "Perfectly."  With a sneer that that
caused a small ache in Chakotay's heart, he added, "Commander."

Shelving his pain in deference to knowing that Tom would be out of
harm's way, Chakotay left the tent.


Oh spirits!

With his right hand resting on the phaser hidden under his jacket,
Chakotay walked to the group of men standing at the edge of their
campsite.  He didn't sense any immediate danger but thumbed the
weapon to stun as a precautionary measure anyway.

It was if he'd entered a time warp back to when his ancestors
traveled the plains of his original home world, Earth.  Like the
aboriginal people of the time, the men wore ornately decorated tunics
and breaches of tanned leather. Memories of the holo pictures that
had graced his grandfather's home came to mind as Chakotay looked
into their swarthy faces framed by dark long hair. These people could
be of his tribe but for one notable exception.  Strapped to each
man's leg was angry serrated edged knife the length of his arm.

Kian rushed forward at his approach and took his hand, leading the
commander to less than happy looking assemblage. Letting go of his
hand, Kian gave a small bow to a regal man standing in the middle of
the group. In a clear voice she spoke, keeping her eyes to the ground.

"Commander Chakotay, this is the great healer and shaman Emiak." Kian
looked up at the commander through her lashes and whispered. "My

Noting the positions of the priest's guards, Chakotay touched his
chin to his chest in reverence before speaking.

"My name is Chakotay and I welcome you as a friend."

Not saying a word, Emiak circled him taking in the cut of his
clothing and his greater height.  Chakotay suffered through the
inspection like he had with the priest's daughter two days ago.
When the shorter man was done, he returned to his previous position
and gave the commander a cold stare.

"You say you are my friend and yet you hold my daughter captive?"

"I am her guide not her abductor."  Chakotay returned Emiak's stare
trying to fill it with sincerity.  "I have made it my responsibility
to see her through the desert safely."

"And the boy as well?"  Emiak's voice hardened to bitterness.  "Are
you a protector of infidels?"

Chakotay unobtrusively scanned the crowd for the sickly young man and
sighed inaudibly in relief.  Rad was absent and the commander hoped
that he was safe in the tents behind him.  Knowing his next words
would be like drawing an imaginary line in the sand, Chakotay squared
his shoulders and loomed over the shaman who was a head shorter.

"I protect who I choose to and make no discriminations regarding

"Hah! Then you are no better than the godless vermin who live among
the peaks."  With a flick of his hand, Emiak dismissed him. "I
relieve you of your responsibility." He nodded to one of his men who
started forward in the direction of the shelters.  Kian cried out and
fled the group for her beloved.

Thinking Kathryn would probably want his head on a platter after his
next action, Chakotay stepped in front of the warrior and in his most
authoritative voice issued a command.

"Stop."  The stunned man did as he was told and looked to Emiak who
in turn looked to Chakotay.

"We wish you no injury chieftain but you will not prevent us from
taking what is ours.  Stand aside."

"No the boy is under my protection and belongs to no one."

Emiak eyes narrowed in hate.  Chakotay surmised that man probably
wasn't used to being defied, which could be for the commander, a good
thing or a bad thing.  The first officer hoped for the best and that
Emiak would back off but thumbed his phaser just in case the man

Fear in both animals and men often lead to unpredictable and
dangerous consequences.  Chakotay could already see the fear building
in the 10 or so men behind the priest causing them to grip the
handles of their sabers.  If Emiak didn't make the right choice here,
Chakotay had a feeling he wouldn't be around to feel the captain's
wrath.  The commander held his breath and readied his body for battle
as the seconds ticked by.

"Oh fuck!"

All eyes, including the priest's when wide and before Chakotay could
register what was happening the entire Mepae party fell to their
knees bowing their heads.  Chakotay turned to see the reason for
their sudden capitulation.

With only his boxers for covering, sat Tom just outside the tent with
his feet twisted in a thermal blanket.  The planet's radio-thermal
sun beat down on the pilot giving the hair on his head, torso and
legs a golden glow.  Feeling the commander's hard gaze, Tom shone his
brilliant blue eyes on him and smiled timidly.




If he weren't sprawled out in his skivvies, in front a bunch of
staring spectators, Tom would have barked a couple times at the
commander.  However guessing by the dark stare Chakotay gave him
before turning back to the natives, now wouldn't be a particularly
good time for levity.

The situation was tense.  Tom had heard the whole conversation and
the ensuing standoff through the thin walls of the tent. It had been
that deadly silence that had goaded him into action and attempt to
rush to Chakotay's aid.  Unfortunately as he hurried to dress, his
feet had become entangled in the blankets causing him to fall ass
backward out of the tent.  Thank the gods he'd managed his boxers
before losing his balance or he would have given his unexpected
audience a real show.


The quiet voice behind him made him jump. He kicked the blankets off
his feet and sat up.


The young woman sat down beside him, her eyes on the group at the
edge of their campsite.  The Mepae were still on their knees but
their heads were up listening to the commander.  Chakotay wasn't
speaking with the same thundering voice he had before and Tom was
unable to follow their discourse.  He turned to Kian for insight.

"What's going on."

As she made to answer him, she stopped and her eyes explored his
body.  Tom shifted uncomfortably under her scrutiny.


"Sorry." She looked away quickly. "They think you're a spirit."


He understood that she and Rad had thought him a bit mystical because
of his ability to heal the young man but these people, all he done
for them was his best imitation of an idiot.

"Why Kian?"  She was doing her damnedest not to look at him. Using
the fingers of his right hand, the pilot lifted her chin
gently.  "Please Kian it's important."

"Because you're the colour of light."  She pulled back from his touch
and looked at him reverently. "And you're made of gold."

OK he'd been told he had a silver tongue but made of gold, never.
Kian was looking at his body again and Tom looked down at himself
trying to see what she found so fascinating.

Tom scanned his chest and legs.  They were pale and hairy unlike
Chakotay's smooth dark succulent skin. If they were talking about
gods here, Tom's vote would be for the commander.  The little guy in
his boxers hardened slightly, seconding the pilot's motion.

"Don't you see how beautiful you are?" Kian reached a hand out and
ran it along his forearm. "Spun gold, you're made of spun gold."

As he watched her hand leave his arm to caress his flank, realization
hit him.  He was a hairy blond in the midst of a bunch of smooth
skinned brunettes.  Tom smacked his forehead and blamed his stupidity
on his current fascination on the latter.  Tom stopped his
companion's wandering hand and started acting like the efficient
Fleet officer he knew he was.

"Where's Rad."

Kian regained her poise at the mention of her lover's name.


Good. That meant for now he was out of harm's way. Tom stood and
looked over at Chakotay.  The commander hadn't asked yet for his help
but maybe that was because he wasn't aware of their leverage in this

Seduction was the name of the game here and Tom was an adept.  The
goal was to get Kian and Rad to the mountains and Tom was committed
to using every advantage he had to make that a reality.

So screw the Prime Directive and screw everything his father had ever
told him, Thomas Eugene Paris was going to follow his lover's lead
and do what he wanted.

He was going to lead with his heart and not with his fear.