Title: Kian P11
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 11 of 11
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: A day of champagne and begonias.

"You'll still always be my best girl." Tom bent over and kissed her
forehead mindful of its irregular surface.

"You promise?" Came a speculative voice.

"Yeah." He tweaked her chin. "Forever and ever."

"Good." Naomi beamed at his reassurance and then ran to tell her

Feeling happier than he felt he had a right to be, Tom took a seat a
vacant table with his crystal goblet and bottle of bubbly for
company. After filling the glass, he shifted the chair so he could
watch his wedding guests, including his 'best girl', enjoy the sunny
afternoon. As he scanned the crowd for his husband, Tom heard the
chair next to him creak.

"An enchanting young creature." An empty glass appeared before
him. "What is her name?"

"Hey Leo." Tom filled the master's goblet. "Naomi Wildman."

"An noble name for a girl." The bearded man bumped his shoulder
sloshing the wine in Tom's glass as he lifted it to his
lips. "Although expect if your first child is a boy you would call
him something just as noble.like Leonardo perhaps?"

Tom choked on his champagne and the bubbles burned his nose.

"It's was only a suggestion, Thomas, not a request." The master
slapped at his back. "Of course it would be totally up to you and
the commander what you name your children."

"Children?" Tom took another run at his wine and this time drained
his cup.

"Yes you know little ones." Leonardo flattened his hand out and
placed it near to the ground.

"I know what children are, it's just I never thought about having
them." Tom refilled his and the master's glasses emptying the

"Oh but you must!" The older man lifted the crystal to his lips and
stopped, his small eyes sparkling over its brim. "You wouldn't want
to deny Chakotay the joy of progeny, would you?"

Tom furrowed his brows and gulped his wine. "No, I couldn't deny Chak
anything he truly wanted." He signaled for another bottle from a
tuxedo clad holographic waiter who responded promptly and topped up
their glasses before he left.

His new husband had a tribe mentality and was used to a home with
lots of loving brothers and sisters so it made sense that he'd want
to have a family. Hell the big guy had already adopted Voyager's
crew and made them his own in an effort to recreate that familiar
atmosphere and that was OK. The commander's need to pull the whole
world to his breast and protect it was one of the reasons Tom loved
him so much.

However where Chakotay's family had taught him to love
unconditionally and without reserve his had trained him to be guarded
and to always look for the hidden agenda. Would Chakotay want to
have children with someone so emotionally impaired? Maybe he
wouldn't and Tom's less than sterling parenting requisites wouldn't
be an issue. Wishing they'd talked about this before the wedding,
Tom remembered the long hours his beloved had spent with Da Vinci
discussing the reception. After depositing his now empty glass on
the table, the pilot pivoted unsteadily in seat to face the gray
haired master.

"Has Chakotay spoken to you about this?" Tom lifted the champagne
bottle from the table.

"Briefly." Leonardo leaned over him to grab the wine, took a slug
and passed it back.

"Oh fuck." Tom sealed the bottle to his lips, allowing an enough air
in to get a healthy swig.

"If I remember correctly, I believe that's the best way to do it."
Leonardo plucked the wine from the pilot's hand and wet his lips with
the sparkling liquid before returning it.

"Do what?"

"In the modern vernacular of your time," The master's beady eyes were
becoming unfocused. "The best way to knock him up of course."

Tom almost dropped the bottle of wine. "Get Chakotay pregnant?"

"Who else?"

With a surge of joy Tom felt rise from the tips of toes, he rocked
his blond head back and laughed. He hadn't considered it that way.
The thought of his husband carrying his baby dispelled the dread he
felt at rearing a child. Chakotay would do no less than birth a
perfect infant and nothing Tom could do could possibly screw that
up. Tom lifted the magnum to Leo in salute.

"To my husband's fertility!" He raised the bottom of the bottle and
drank sloppily with most of the wine landing on his white shortcoat
than in his mouth. After swiping the back of his hand across his
mouth, Tom gave the wine to Leonardo so he could join in the toast.

On the second try the master caught the neck and drank deeply. "
Bravo!" Finishing the champagne, Leonardo threw the drained
container of over his shoulder.

Tom watched with glee as the bottle flew and bounced into a manicured
flowerbed to make its own bloom.

Bravo he thought as he ordered another.


"I love you."

"I love you too, now just lay back on the bed."

"I don't want to."

"Yes you do."

"I love you."

For the tenth time since rescuing Tom from the middle of a spread of
pink begonias, Chakotay reiterated his devotion while trying to strip
the intoxicated pilot from his clothes. The pants had been the
hardest as the young man had insisted on doing the task himself,
spurting some nonsense about fruit and loins. It had been during
Tom's private battle with his trousers, that the commander had taken
the opportunity to retrieve an anti-intoxicant hypo from the head.
Harry had taken his job seriously and had as his gift to the wedding,
used his own replicator rations to laced the synthahol wine with real
alcohol. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Chakotay placed the
slender instrument to his husband's neck and pressed the release.
The drug's effect was instantaneous.

"Oh fuck." A now naked Tom sat forward on the bed and cradled his
head in his knees.

"Does you head hurt?"


Chakotay reset the setting on the hypo and injected an analgesic into
the pilot's upper thigh. Even knowing there was no pain at the
contact, the commander rubbed the spot tenderly with his fingers.


Tom looked up sheepishly. "Much." His gloriously bare husband
tugged at the black silk collar of his shirt. "Do you still love me?

"I will under one condition."


"That you don't make a habit of getting drunk with elderly
renaissance holograms and reciting bad poetry at the top of your
lungs in a field of trampled flowers in front of the alpha shift."

"Oh man, I did that?" Tom punched his arm. "Why the hell didn't
you stop me?'

"Well you were quite entertaining until you started stripping off
your clothes. That's when I decided to take you home. Your gold
braided jacket is still probably lying on the holodeck's floor."


"Bastard? An hour a ago you were calling me Juliet."

Tom ignored his jibe and began to undo the buttons of his shirt.


He moved his hips again and was rewarded with a howl that made his
balls twinge.

"That's right baby, now just move." Chakotay bit at his full bottom
lip and closed his eyes.

Following his lover's more experienced direction in the art of loving
making, Tom kept his body level and drove his cock downwards. In
previous encounters, Julian included, his natural inclination would
be to fall forward and pump but Chakotay showed him how to angle his
trajectory so they would both get the most out of their joining.

"Yes, like that.oh yes."

With his arms hooked behind Chakotay's knees to ease the strain on
the older man's back, Tom thrust into him making his grand gesture.
In his daydreams he thought this would be good but now he was living
it for real, it was mind blowing. Tom began praying for Chakotay to
have a quick orgasm because in few more strokes he was going to come
hot and incredibly hard. Having enough presence of mind to recall
the last part of his fantasy, the pilot panted,

"Open your eyes Chakotay."

Brown orbs opened and was Tom basked in the light of most intense
love he had ever experienced. It was a love that cleansed his soul
and righted everything that had ever been wrong in his life. In the
beam of those dark ebony eyes, Tom saw the strength of Kian and Rad's
quiet wisdom. He forgot the pain of his past and looked forward to
the joy of his future.

And when they could no longer stand it, they came together.