Title: Kian P10
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: An Italian Wedding.

They had made love and then they'd talked and then they had made love

Chakotay kissed the forehead of the sleeping pilot before running the
dermal regenerator over the slumbering man's enlarged bottom lip.

Making love to Tom after the proposal had been like transporting a
container full of trilithium resin laced with micro-fractures. It had
to done carefully and very gently. Besides the cut lip, Chakotay had
found on closer examination of the pilot's lean body, impact bruises
on his shoulder blades. Who had ever hit his lover had one hell of
punch and must have sent Tom flying.

Rolling Tom over with the up most care, the commander ran the
instrument down the pilot's back eliminating the ugly black marks and
restoring the skin to its usual brilliance. That done, the commander
reset the device to focus on the area below Tom's tailbone to heal
the tearing he didn't need a tri-corder to tell him was there. The
second time with Tom, Chakotay had not been so gentle.

In the afterglow of post-proposal sex, he had pulled his new fiancee
to his chest and whispered in his ear.

"How do you feel?"

"Good." Tom clasped him tight and nuzzled his cheek into the area
just below Chakotay's collarbone.

"How's the lip?"

One blue cerulean eye peeped up suspiciously. "Fine. Why?"

Chakotay tread cautiously. "I didn't reopen the wound did I?"

"No, you barely touched it." Tom's voice began to escalate. "In
fact, except for your hand on my cock and your cock on my thigh, you
barely touched the rest of me either."

"I didn't want to hurt you." He looked into both of his beloved eyes
as the blond head tipped up. "Like you said, you've had a rough day
and I didn't want to make it any worse."

Tom folded his arms over Chakotay's chest and his speech
softened. "There isn't anything you could do, except for changing
your mind about getting married, that could make me hurt." He
touched one of his long delicate fingers to his damaged mouth. "This
looks worse than it feels."

Chakotay brought the finger to his mouth and kissed it. "Then it
must feel pretty bad Poocuh."

Tom rolled his eyes. "I said it was fine, now drop it OK?"

At that moment the commander had his first doubt about making the
pilot his husband. Tom would always rebel against Chakotay's natural
need to protect the young man from danger and that would be a
problem. Maybe the pilot had been alone too long and was too used to
fending for himself to let anyone else do it for him.

Tom sensed his brooding. "You're are changing your mind aren't you?"

"No. I'm just concerned."

"Because I didn't tell you who hit me."

"Not so much that as the fact that you won't let me help."

Tom sat up and clutched his knees giving Chakotay a panoramic view of
the vicious discolouration across the top of the young man's back.
Unable to help himself, the commander brushed a finger along them.

"I know Chak. I can feel them." Tom said in a hushed voice.

"If you won't tell me who did it, will you at least tell me why?"

The pilot turned around and sat crossed legged beside him. His
beautiful blue eyes were misted with tears.

"Because I made a choice about my life and I stood up for it." His
breath hitched in his chest as he continued. "It was a hard choice
Chak and not one I thought I'd ever make but it was mine alone to
make and I suffered the consequences. The details of the incident
aren't important but the results are."

Tom took Chakotay's hands in his.

"I'm here with you now and I promise any future choices I make I will
involve you. All you have to do is promise the same thing back, OK?"

He was asking for a fair trade and that perhaps was something that
Chakotay could live with.

"So the next time you'll tell me if somebody tries to hurt you?"

"Fuck Chakotay what next time?" Mirth and a familiar sparkle crept
back into Tom's eyes. "With you around, an entire Hirogen hunting
party wouldn't be able to get within two meters of me." The pilot
leaned down and kissed his tattoo. "I think I could get used to
having you as my body guard." A warm wet tongue slipped out to
caress the lines of the ancestral markings on his forehead. "But
only if you guard my body very closely starting now."


"Oh yeah Sexy." Tom nails ran down the front of his dark chest
stinging slightly. "And don't you dare hold back. If it hurts I'll
tell you." The young man unfolded his legs and molded his lanky frame
along side Chakotay's denser more compact one. "I need you to kiss
me long and hard and I especially need you to fuck me just as hard
and as long."

The commander felt himself begin to harden. "Earlier I offered you

"Not until the wedding night."

"The wedding night?"

"Oh yeah." Tom found his budding erection and began to work it. His
white teeth nipped at Chak's earlobe. "Then along with everything
else, your ass will be mine Commander."


"Can you feel this?" Tom bumped his cock along Chakotay's
thigh. "Every one of it's nine and half inches is going to be rammed
hard up your butt the moment you say I do."

Thinking a short engagement was called for, Chakotay turned on his
future husband and stole any further conversation from his lips with
his own. He tasted a faint hint of copper as his tongue slid down
his beloved's throat but trusted Tom to tell him stop if it became
too much. The pilot didn't and pulled Chakotay on top of him.

When Chakotay felt his hips encased by the pilot's knees, he angled
his body so his cock slid against Tom's. The commander was near
bursting with pleasure and savagely plundered his lover's mouth as he
moved his pelvis. The pilot broke the kiss and moaned.

"Fuck me Chakotay." When the commander bit at the younger man's
splendid white neck and pumped harder, he moaned again. "Please."

Grabbing the vial from the bedside table, Chakotay with a fumbling
hand uncapped it and poured its entire contents over his weeping
penis. The excess covered his hands and trickled down the crack of
Tom's ass.

Inhaling the scent of sandalwood, the commander reached down between
their heaving bodies to ready the pilot for his entrance. Tom's anus
relaxed easily to his touch and Chakotay wasted no time in inserting
himself into its welcoming warmth. The lieutenant screamed in
pleasure and reached for his knees as the commander buried himself
deep into his core.

Aware that each thrust would crush the bruises on Tom's back,
Chakotay tried to moved his pelvis in slow sure strokes but his lover
would have none of it. Throwing his hands over his head Tom pushed
against the wall over his pillow to increase the speed and depth of
Chakotay's cock. The aggressive gesture sparked the commander's
libido and he responded with furious movement.

With a brutality he didn't know he possessed, Chakotay pushed
repeatedly into his future husband in an effort to assuage the
building fire in his groin and in his mind. Tom screamed again in
orgasm and in a hot sweet rush Chakotay came with him, emptying
himself into his lover.

Fighting the blackness that creeped at his peripheral vision, the
commander braced his arms on the bed and pulled out of his lover.
Tom lowered his legs and looked up at him with dazed eyes.

Spirits Chakotay thought, as the pilot lay totally helpless beneath
him. He never looked so vulnerable or so beautiful. Not caring if
Tom fought him or not, Chakotay lifted him from the bed and helped
him into the head.

Like a pliant sleepy child Tom allowed Chakotay to bathe him cleaning
the sweat and blood from his battered body. After a perfunctory wipe
down of his own abused form, the commander ushered the groggy
lieutenant to a chair next to the bed. Quickly stripping the
mattress and replacing the sheets, Chakotay placed Tom back into its
comforting folds. The young man was asleep before the blankets
covered his body. Chakotay climbed in beside him, further warming the
blond with his body heat.

It was only after he was sure Tom wouldn't wake that he had risen
from the bed to retrieve the dermal regenerator.

Turning the instrument off after healing the worst of the pilot's
wounds, Chakotay spooned his bulk behind him. Thinking of his
wedding night and making a fist with his left hand to feel the gold
band that encircled his third finger, the commander began to drift
off to sleep. As unconsciousness claimed him, Chakotay heard two
soft words.

"Thank you."


"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I checked with the computer."

Tom lifted a large canvas draped over a stool and whistled.

"Yoo-hoo Captain Janeway?" Smiling he stood. "Nope Chak she's not
under there."

The commander pointed to the upper level, attainable by a wrought
iron spiral staircase. "Try up there."

Tom gave him a disbelieving looked and shrugged his shoulders. "What
ever you say Sexy."

"Tom!" Chakotay said in exasperation. "Can we please leave 'Sexy'
in our quarters?"

"OK. Whatever you say Gorgeous." The mischievous blond said as
headed up the twisting ladder to look for his missing captain.

Kathryn watched the secret smile her first officer gave her chief
pilot as he bounded up the stairs. Delight infused her veins and
warmed her heart.

"Is that them bella?"

Emerging on the portico beside her, the Master eyed the commander and
the playful lieutenant, as dust motes flew around his gray head,
illuminated by the large bay windows of the workshop.


"Then introduce us my precious girl!" He grabbed her elbow and
brought her forward into the workshop.

"Chakotay." Kathryn said solemnly. It was hard sometimes to talk
any other way around her mentor.

The first officer spun around and the pilot hearing her voice leaned
over the railing on the second floor. Letting Leonardo guide her by
the arm, she left the sun-drenched patio to enter the dimness of the

"Captain." He flashed his dimples. It had been awhile since she
seen them and they were a welcomed sight.

"I'd like you to meet a friend of mine."

Before she had a chance to do the honours, the Master stepped from
her side and bowed.

"Leonardo Da Vinci at your humble service Commander Chakotay." The
bearded man looked to the rafters of his workshop. "And that I would
guess is your Tom?"

The commander followed the hologram's gaze and nodded. "As much as he
could be anybody's anything, I guess I'd have to say yes."

"Ah a bit of wild thing is he?" Leonardo patted his stomach. "He's
a challenge I would expect."

"That would be an understatement."

"But you love him anyway."

Swearing she could see a hint of pink to the commander's cheeks,
Kathryn reiterated the Master's question in her own style.

"Are you here to tell me something Commander?"

"No actually I'm here to ask you something."

Tom clamoured down from his precarious perch on the second level to
stand behind Chakotay. With a possessive air he snaked his arms
around the commander's waist from behind.

"And that would be?" Kathryn replied taking secret delight in her
first officer's discomfiture at the blond pilot's familiarity.

"Will you marry us?" Tom said slightly out of breath from his
excursion from the attic, before Chakotay had a chance to reply. The
beaming young man smiled. "I asked him last night and he said yes."

"You did?" Amazed she looked at her first officer.

The commander held his left hand up displaying a gold ring. Chakotay
didn't look uncomfortable anymore. He looked proud.

"Yes Kathryn I did."

Well this wasn't the outcome to her order she was expecting. At most
she'd hoped they'd find a way to get along and at worst learn to keep
their fighting off the bridge. Marriage had never enter her mind.

"You know you did have a week Commander."

"In week I like to be married man." The dark man pulled his fairer
fiancee around to stand at his side. "I thought it best to come to
you now so we could plan the ceremony."

"Isn't this a little fast? I mean two weeks ago Chakotay you avoided
Tom like the plague," She gave Tom an apologetic look. "And now you
want to spend the rest of your life with him? What am I missing?"

"It's a long story."

"Then give me the short version." Kathryn took her power to join two
people in matrimony very seriously and was not about to do it
hastily. As much as she would like it to be, life was not a holo-
novel and true love didn't happen at first sight. Real love took
time and patience.

"All right in a nutshell ten years ago I fell in love with dream.
Three years later that dream became a nightmare and then it became a
fantasy. Over the course of the next seven years I thought that's
all it would ever be until I met two people that gave me the strength
to try to make it a reality." He kissed Tom's temple. "And now that
it is, it's my dream come true."

In other words, Chakotay had always loved Tom but had been too afraid
of getting hurt to reveal his feelings. OK that worked for her. In
the last seven years, she had learned that when the commander felt
passionately about something, he did so with his whole heart. So
fine she trusted his judgment but what about her promiscuous chief

Chakotay had loved Tom for years whereas Tom had only loved the
commander for two short weeks, if he loved the big ex-Maquis at all.
Kathryn had confidence enough in him to fly Voyager but to remain
faithful to her first officer she wasn't so sure. She wasn't
questioning the younger man's sincerity. It was obvious he cared for
Chakotay on some level but for the sake of her first officer and
friend's welfare, she needed to know if Tom understood the difference
between lust and love.

"Lieutenant can I speak to you outside?"

She had expected him to protest the private interrogation but he had
only nodded and have given her a respectful 'yes Ma'am' before
heading in the direction of the portico.


She didn't think he was in love with Chakotay.

Tom's first reaction was to become angry at the captain's disbelief
but remembering how shocked he himself had been at the realization he
couldn't live without the big Maquis by his side, he softened. He
walked out into the bright sunshine and sat down at the top of a
marbled staircase that bottomed out into a beautiful garden. The
captain took a seat beside him.

"Do you understand why I wanted to talk to you alone?" She asked

"Yeah, you didn't want Chakotay to hear my answers."

"Partly but mostly I wanted to give you the freedom of saying things
you may not want to in front of him." Her more
authoritative 'bridge' voice reasserted itself. "What you're asking
me to do involves more that just the two of you. Do you understand

"Yes." Tom twisted his long arms and tucked them between his knees.
He looked straight-ahead and concentrated on the perfectly composed
flowerbeds. "What do you want to know?"

"Is he your first man?"

"There were men at Auckland."

"Besides that."

"No there was one another at the Academy. He was medical student."

"So what Seven said wasn't true."

"Yes and no. I flirted with other men and there was some touching
involved but besides Julian nothing serious."

"Did you love him?"

"No but I wanted him. There's a difference."

"How's that?"

"I welcomed him in my life but I didn't plan it around him. When my
training called me to France we parted. I was sad for awhile but I
got over it. I wouldn't get over losing Chakotay. I love him."

"You have be sure here Tom."

"I am Captain." He turned to face her. "When I'm with him, I'm filled
with a euphoria that permeates my skin, bones, heart and soul." Tom
laughed and shook his head. "When it first happened it scared me to
death. This is Chakotay we're talking about here. I mean the guy
already intimidated me more than anybody had since my father, and
then bang! I discover a new way for the guy to make me tremble."

"That happened down on the planet?"

"Yeah he's in my face giving me proper dress down and all I can think
about is kissing him."

"Is that when you knew you loved him?" The authority was fading from
her voice.

"No. That didn't happen until later. He was sitting in front of the
campfire talking about love, desire and destiny and I found I needed
to be all three for him." Tom looked back out to the garden. "We
made love for the first time that night."

"So it was love before sex." The captain squeezed his knee and
stood. "I think I've heard enough Mr Paris." She began walking
towards the studio.


She stopped her progress and turned back to him. "Yes Lieutenant?"

"That's it?"

"Oh not at all Mr Paris." She smiled. "I believe there's a lot to
do if we're going make the commander a married man in under a week.
There's the ceremony to plan, not mention the reception." Trying to
look harsh but failing, Captain Janeway continued. "You do plan on
helping don't you?"

Tom sprung from the cold marble stair and stood at attention.

"Yes Ma'am!"


"To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to
cherish 'till death do us part."

As he repeated back the same words that Tom had said to him moments
before, Chakotay placed a gold ring on the pilot's long pale finger.
Tom had wanted to do the same for him as he spoke the oath but
Chakotay had refused to remove his matching gold band for the
ceremony. It was a part of him now as much as the shining young man
standing before him was. He would never allow either of them to
leave his touch again for any reason.

"With the power invested me by the United Federation of Planets, I
Captain Kathryn Janeway now pronounce Commander Chakotay and
Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris of the Starship Voyager," She took a
breath, "Married." And in a lower voice, "I think you know the next

He nodded and in the sun-filled cultured gardens outside Leonardo's
studio, Chakotay took his husband into his arms and kissed him. It
was a kiss full of promise and conviction. The commander had meant
every word of his wedding vow and tried to express his devotion with
his lips. The guests clapped at his display but when the adulation
became peppered with catcalls and whistles, he broke it off.

"Whew Sexy save some of that for tonight." Tom pinched his ass
teasingly before stepping out his embrace. "Now let's go get some
champagne. Leonardo had it flown in special just for us."

"He's a hologram Tom and he didn't fly anything in. Ensign Kim
programmed the wine."

"No Chak he's our host and you're going to thank him for his
kindness." Tom gave him an evil grin. "But if you prefer, you could
give Harry a big fat wet one for making our wedding day more festive."

Suddenly seeing the value of humouring his husband's notion, Chakotay
conceded. "Fine. You get the champagne Poocuh and I'll look for the

With quick kiss, Tom skipped off to the buffet, and was immediately
engulfed by a throng of well wishers.

"He looks good in white." Said a deep resonant voice.

"He looks good in anything." Chakotay twisted his shoulders. "Thank
you for the wine."

"Benvenuto." Da Vinci waved his plump hand. "Just promise me you'll
treasure him."

"I will."

"And give him beautiful babies." The master rounded on him and
squinted at him. "My Bella tells me you can do that now. Am I

"Yes but."

"But what! You love him, give him children." Leonardo slipped his
arm into Chakotay's and guided him over the refreshment table. "Ah
what a magnificent play of darkness and light the two of you could
create. Your offspring would be masterpieces."

"We haven't talked about it yet. I don't know if Tom would even
consent to getting pregnant."

"Tom?" The older man stopped in his tracks and disengaged his arm.
Running his hands over Chakotay's lower body with a clinical air he
retorted. "Look at those hips. They were made for child bearing.
No, no you will be the canvas and Thomas the paint."

As Chakotay's stomach flipped at the thought of giving over his body
another lifeform, the commander pulled his host aside. "You haven't
mentioned this to Tom have you?"

"Of course not that's your job. However I have spoken to my precious
Kathryn about your procreation and she agrees with me whole-
heartedly. You have an appointment with your doctor tomorrow."

Seeing his 'precious Kathryn' at the far end of the buffet, Da Vinci
bowed to him and made a bee line for her.

Grabbing a goblet of bubbling wine from the lace covered table before
him; Chakotay lifted the long stemmed glass to his lips and drained