Title: The Injury - P9
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Pairs
Rating: NC 17
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: The saving of Tommy.

The big man had a heart of gold. Oh no wait he had a dick of gold,
his heart was pure mush.

Tom had been so afraid that Chakotay would see Tommy as just another
toy and not for what he really was, a extension of himself. He'd
even gone so far as to say that's how he saw the hologram to make it
easier for him to dismiss Tommy but his lover had seen through his
false bravado. The commander had accepted his twin unconditionally,
well almost.

Part of the deal to keep Tommy saved in Voyager's databanks was that
Tom was not to see him alone. If the program were run again it would
be while both of them were there to share his talents just like they
had last night. Yeah and what about last night?

It had been strange to see Chak kissing Tommy and stranger yet to see
the hologram respond back with such enthusiasm.

As a safeguard against anyone else using his precious toy, Tommy had
been programmed only find him, Tom exciting. However he'd also been
designed to like everything thing he did no matter how kinky or off
the wall, so he shouldn't have been surprised to find he'd gone
beyond his programming to desire Chakotay.

Not that Chak was kinky. Oh no he was still too straight-laced for
that, but he did smolder sensuously when aroused. Smolders
sensuously? Oh fuck what was he saying? Chak was just like Tommy
said. He was a fiery stallion when he was horny and fucked with the
wild abandon of an animal.

But the commander wasn't just a beast and the hologram had seen that

In the short space of an hour, Tommy had fallen in love with Chak and
Tom couldn't blame him. Although it had taken him, the living
breathing chief pilot a little longer to realized what the big
brooding commander meant to him, the hologram had fallen just as hard
and as deeply. Maybe that was why when asked, Tom couldn't refuse
him the pleasure of fucking Chakotay. Thank god his Poocuh had

Although the blowjob had been intense, their feelings weren't fully
shared like when they were alone so Tom had not been sure how his
lover would react to Tommy taking him anally. It was an incredibly
intimate sacrifice but without protest the big had turned, offering
Tommy his deliciously tight butt. In retrospect maybe Chak had fallen
a little himself last night too?

Reaching his destination, Tom stopped his meandering and smoothed
down the front of his long tunic of his dress uniform with his damp
palms. Taking a deep breath he pressed the door chime. After what
seemed like an eternity, the panels swished opened.

"Come in Tom."

Dressed in a gauzy white blouse over silver leggings, the captain
invited him in for dinner. Tom looked down at his own outfit before

Shit, he was overdressed.


"You're the first one here."

She might have just have said 'this airlock's for you' with the
amount of fear that shone in the young man's eyes at her statement.

"Where's Chak?"

"Working, he commed to say he'd be a little late."

Keeping her amusement to herself, Kathryn steered her shell-shocked
chief pilot by the elbow over to the lounge. Staring in all
directions but at her, Tom stood stock still by its edge.

"Sit down Lieutenant."

"Yes ma'am."

Moving like his joints were fused hydraulics, the pilot sat stiffly
on the very edge of the cushioned surface.

"Tom relax."

The lanky form shifted back uncomfortably on the couch.

"Yes ma'am."

"Oh heaven sake Tom this isn't a court martial. It's only dinner."

"Yes ma'.-"

"And if you call me ma'am one more time, you're going to be the main
dish. My name is Kathryn."

Tom looked at her directly for the first time since he entered. The
pink mouth was pouted opened halfway between words and the blue eyes
were wide with shock. Oh my but he was splendid. Chakotay was a
very lucky man.

"Look were just going have a nice dinner and some pleasant
conversation. Now would you like something to drink?"

Licking his lips in a way that made her knees weak, he nodded his
blond head.

"A dark beer would be good." Then he smiled so brightly she thought
she'd go blind. "Kathryn."

"Coming right up."

Fervently wishing the commander would get his ass here soon before
she jumped his boyfriend, Kathryn headed over to the replicator for
Tom's beer. She ordered a double Irish whiskey for herself straight
up. Returning to the couch with the drinks and sat a respectful
distance from the handsome young man.

"How's the shoulder."

Emphasizing the length of his slender limb, the pilot flexed before


"Chakotay did a good job then?"

Tom blushed. Oh that was brilliant, Kathryn. Next why don't you
bring up the cabana incident? Neither man knew she was aware that of
that. Tuvok had told her yesterday after she'd invited him to dinner.
The Vulcan had the ears of a bat.

"The Doc finished the treatment with electrotherapy."

"Of course."

Well enough of the idle chitchat, it was time to ask the question she
really wanted to know the answer to. Taking a final sip of her drink
for courage she put her glass on the low table in front of the couch.

"So is it serious between you and Chakotay or rather," Tom looked at
her over his beer. "Are 'you' serious?"

The pilot choked hard on his lager and she had to give him credit for
not spewing it out all over her.

"Uh yeah I am." He said after recovering.

"How serious?"


"Chakotay is my first officer but more importantly, he's my friend.
I don't want to see him hurt. So if this relationship is just a
distraction for you or .-"

"I don't fucking believe it." Tom began to laugh. "You want to know
if my intentions are honourable."

Not liking having her sincerity made light of, Kathryn twisted her
body to face him and put on her captain's cap.

"Lieutenant this isn't funny."

"Oh yes it is." The pilot took a long swallow of his beer before
placing it on the coffee table. He turned to face her just as

"I came here tonight terrified I wouldn't fit in, that I'd say
something stupid and embarrass Chak in front of his friends. I never
in a million years would have thought you'd been the one to say
something dumb." Tom played his hands down his body. "Don't you
know that I wouldn't wear this monkey suit or hang out with people
who think I'm dirt for just for a mere distraction." He put emphasis
on the last word.

"I'm just concerned for the commander. I don't want him to be bowled
over by a pretty face and lithesome body."

"Well that's where we differ. I want him to want me so bad he
doesn't know what he doing because maybe if he did, he realize that
he could do better."

Without knowing he'd done so, the enraged young man across from her
had answered her question. Tom was not only serious about Chakotay
but was most likely in love with the first officer. Will wonders
ever cease?

She admitted that while she found it easy to believe that her friend
would be entranced by the brightness the pilot exuded once he'd been
exposed to it, it was hard to believe the reverse.

Tom was a good pilot, a damn good one in fact, however off duty he
was flighty and sexually promiscuous. He never seemed interested in
one person for any length of time and had left a trail of broken
hearts up and down the corridors of Voyager. No one could blame her
for wanting to spare Chakotay that fate.

"I don't think he could." Kathryn picked up her glass and sipped it

"Could what?"

The lieutenant was breathing hard and his blue eyes were glittering.
He was stunning. Would that be what he looked like when he was
aroused? Oh she needed to get herself one of these.

"Do better."

He looked at her, at his beer and then back at her.

"You're kidding."

"No I'm the captain, I don't kid." She smiled at him. "And you can
go right ahead and say anything that comes to mind because I'm pretty
sure that anything that comes out of that honest mouth of yours will
make Chakotay proud."

"Then I passed." He grabbed his glass and relaxed into the cushions
of the couch in relief.

"With flying colours Lieutenant." She tapped his glass with
hers. "In fact I'm a little jealous of my first officer. He's lucky
to have found someone like you."

"Really?" Tom sat back up and a devious smile carved his
lips. "Well if you're interested, I think I maybe able to help you
out there."

"Who did you have in mind?" She couldn't believe she was asking.

"His name's Tommy."


"That's right baby just go with it."

"Oh spirits Tom, oh, oh.-"

As his eyes rolled back deep into his skull, Chakotay's hips began to

"It feels good, I know." Tom pressed his lips to the back of his
lover's neck and whispered. "Let it go baby, let it go."

Pumping out Chakotay's orgasm with his right hand, Tom pulled the
tightly strung ebony beads slowly out of the big man's ass as he came
with his left. When they had completely left his body cavity, Tom
spooned his long frame behind Chak and rode out the remainder of his
shuddering climax glued to the back of his broader one.

When he came back to his senses, Chakotay turned over to face him,
his dimples in full bloom.

"That was different."

"Does that mean you liked it?"

"For a warm up yes but I prefer to feel you instead."

Oh he was almost there but not quite.

"Feel my what baby?"

"Your, your.-"

"Just say it."

"Your long hard cock moving and thrusting into me until I can't think
or speak."

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Now if could only
get Chak to talk like that while they were actually fucking he'd been
in heaven. Oh well as a famous Vulcan once said, 'for all things
there is a first time' and Tom could wait until then.

"Well if you insist."

Tom was still achingly hard, especially after watching Chakotay come
so spectacularly. An undeniable erection poked at the commander's
hip and he looked up in mock surprise.

"Oh so you want to fuck me now do you Lieutenant?"

Chakotay was being playful and Tom loved it. The big man was
adorable when he let his hair down, so to speak.

"Only with your permission Commander."

"Permission granted."

Moving over on his side, Chakotay grabbed a pillow from the head of
Tom's bed, leaned his pelvis into it and lifted his top leg. It was
an incredibly submissive position for such a strong man to take and
Tom was humbled by the gesture. He ran his hand tenderly along the
dark flank.

"I love you Poocuh."

Over his shoulder his lover spoke. "Show me my Poocuh, show me."

Oh fuck, he said it back and Tom was thrilled. He had been using the
endearment like it was his own since he'd discovered its meaning, but
Chak rarely did.

Thinking he'd better fuck his lover before he proposed to him, Tom
melded behind him, slipping his cock between those perfect brown
globes. Now was not the time for such a monumental question. When
Tom asked Chakotay to marry him, it would be in a beautiful rose
filled garden or something like that and not in his sex stained bed.

"You're mine, my husband." He mouthed silently as the head of his
cock pierced that beloved hole.

This joining was special for him and as each millimeter of his dick
entered that soft velvet passage Tom relished it. He would take his
lover and future lifemate slowly and make every nano-second count.

First pushing in a few short bursts against Chak's prostate to revive
the prone man's erection, he followed with long even stroking.
Chakotay pulled his leg up higher and turned further into pillow
allowing Tom's cock to penetrate deeper.

"Harder please Poocuh.-I need to feel you." The big man pleaded.

Shit, so much for slower. Sliding his hand up behind the knee of the
raised leg, Tom held on launching his hips forward and once the
momentum started, he was unable to stop.

With fevered intensity he fucked and fucked his lover until he ceased
to know what the word meant. As his orgasm thrummed through his body
and forced its way out through his cock, Tom screamed out


As he passed out he was unaware the commander had agreed.


"You did what!"

"It's OK Chak she likes holograms."

It had been incredulous enough that Tom had invited Kathryn and Tuvok
to Harry's party tonight but to now learn that he'd swiped the Doc's
mobile emitter so Tommy could come meet the captain, well that was
beyond incredible.

"But Tommy's just a toy. He isn't real."

"You didn't think so the other night as he fucked you."

His lover's words weren't jealous but playful and they were also

His reasons for letting the hologram make love to him and his
resulting decision not to delete him was because Tommy had reached
him emotionally. The desperate need in his voice had touched his
heart just as it had when Tom had wanted him that first time not so
long ago. Chakotay had accepted the pilot for what he was totally
that night he'd shown him the ring and had been unable to do nothing
less for Tommy. Could Kathryn do the same?

"Are you sure? You did explain exactly who and what he was to her
didn't you?"

"Oh shit Chak, give me break. Of course I did. It didn't matter,
she still wanted to meet him."

Oh he hoped so. Chakotay didn't really need another headache on top
of the one he already had from dreading what was supposed to be his
public debut as Tom's lover. It was going to be bad enough facing
Tem, his former Maquis communication officer and Tom's lover as well
as reiterating repeatedly to the pilot's friends that he'd be called
Chakotay tonight and not Commander.

They had reached Harry's quarters but before he pressed the chime,
Tom pulled him in for a quick hug.

"It'll be OK baby."

It had bettered be, because considering all the volatile elements
that would be gathered all in one room, this evening could be one
hell of a disaster.