Title: The Injury - P8
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Paring: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 7 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Tommy's last hurrah.

Author's note: This part is a little smaller than usual because it's
sort of bridge between parts 7 and 9. I couldn't start the next
chapter without this one going forth first.

Were holograms supposed to feel jealousy?

Tommy watched enviously as the waking Chakotay turned instinctively
to the right Tom Paris kissing him softly on the lips.

After years of servicing Tom, holding him when cried or most recently
just listening to him while he described the love he felt for this
ship's commander it would only be natural that he'd hate Chakotay for
stealing Tom's desire. So why didn't he? Because he loved the older
man as much his creator did. Tom was the one he resented.

It was hardly surprising. Tom was a technological virtuoso and had
done an impeccable job of recreating himself in Tommy. He craved the
same, he felt the same and he reacted the same way the biological
pilot did. The only significant difference between them was that
Chakotay loved the real Tom Paris.


He closed his eyes letting the commander's velvet voice wash over
him. Chakotay turned over and dipped his head pressing his lips to

"Are you all right Brightness?"

He wanted so badly to say 'yes Poocuh' but he was forbidden to do so
and was unable to rebel against his programming.

"Yes my love." It was close.

"Are you sure?"

The big man's mouth traveled down his face placing small kisses along
the side of his throat. As he offered his neck to the man of his
dreams, his maker reached around to stroke the small of his back.

"Oh Tommy I should have realized." His original crooned.

Fuck. Tom naturally knew how he felt and sympathized. Instantly he
regretted the less than charitable feelings he'd been projecting.

"I'm sorry. It's just that you have him and I don't."

Strong firm hands slid down his back to his ass pulling him tight
into a massive erection.

"Tonight you have both of us, my beautiful light."

The dark man's words healed the rift in the soul he didn't know he
had. Tommy burrowed his head into the smooth hairless chest. He
wanted so badly to look into those deep ebony eyes but was afraid
he'd explode into a million particles of light if he exposed himself
to their compassion.

"I love you." He whispered against a dark nipple.

"Oh Tommy you are the sum of all I love too."

Chakotay didn't quite say he loved only him but it was close enough
to make his holographic heart sing. He tipped his head up and traced
his tongue around the outline of his full lips before delving into
the moist heat of his mouth. Chakotay moaned clutched him tighter.

As he sampled the honeyed-sweetness of his love's mouth, he felt
one of Tom's practiced hands knead the taut muscles of his back. He
pulled away from the ambrosia and chanced a look over a dusky
shoulder to see his creator sucking and biting at Chakotay's
earlobe. Gods the man was magnificent in his passion. Snaking a
hand around the commander's torso he grabbed the base of Tom's neck
and pulled him forward. The pilot grasped his intention and
scissored his mouth over his in a crushing kiss.

With his chest heaving he broke the kiss and looked into the perfect
reflection of his clear blue eyes.

"Let me fuck him." He kissed Tom's bruised lips with tender
care. "Please Tom, just this once."

"Can we do it together? Would that be all right Tommy?"

Because his brain was his brain, Tommy understood what Tom was


And knowing them both the much beloved commander between them turned
to face the real pilot. He scraped his short trimmed nails down the
broad back before reaching back and grabbing the buckskin pouch with
the crystal spout.

After pouring a over generous amount of the heated gel into his palm
Tommy reached over with his clean hand and seized Tom's wrist.
Splaying the long slender digits of his greased palm he intertwined
their hands pressing hard until the clear lube squished between their

"I love you too Tom." He said before letting go of the finespun hand.

The pilot didn't reply with words but kept eye contact with him as he
kissed Chakotay savagely. Mesmerized he watched his creator fuck the
lips his of beloved with his mouth. Breaking from his self imposed
spell he reached down between the commander's buttocks.

At the first touch of his greased finger over his tight opening,
Chakotay grunted and lifted his well-developed thigh over Tom. Now
totally exposed for his use, Tommy pressed his digit into the
commander's ass.

It slid easily into the velvet warmth. Positioning his body so his
hipbone touched his elbow, Tommy thrust his pelvis forward pushing
the digit in deeper. He kept his hip and arm tight together as he
pumped, embedding more of his fingers into Chakotay's puckered

"Oh spirits Tom."

The cry wasn't for him. As he prepared Chakotay for his entrance,
Tommy knew the pilot was preparing himself for the commander's. The
autoerotism of the act excited the big man enough for him to start
dry humping Tom's flat stomach with his weeping penis. It was time.

Directing the scene Tommy slipped his fingers out of Chakotay's
stretched anus and positioned him between Tom's parted legs. Falling
over his broad back, he whispered.

"Take him Chakotay. Go deep."

Hooking his big arms under Tom's knees the commander shoved forward
and impaled the slim man beneath him totally in one long stroke. His
creator screamed and in reaction the big man began to pound into him.

"Stop Chakotay." Tommy clutched the older man's hips and pushed
forward to still his movements.

"Please Tommy, I can't.I need to move."

"In a moment my love."

He stroked his cock roughly a few times to bring his orgasm closer
before popping its head into Chakotay's ass. Sinking as far as he
could into its tight heat, he slung his arms over the commander's
shoulders locking himself to the seductive man like a vice.

"Fuck him Chakotay, fuck him hard."

"Oh spirits."

He felt the big man's frame begin to trembled in orgasm. The dual
connection was too much for the commander to continue to move of his
own violation so Tommy pumped for him, fucking Tom as much as he did

"Oh yes, oh fuck, oh fuck.-"

Tom was coming now. He couldn't see it but he felt its backwash as
Chakotay's anal muscles tighten with his own release. Unable to
fight the chain reaction of stimuli Tommy rammed harder into
commander spilling his light enhanced seed deep into dark man's

With a collective gasp of breath, they fell to their sides into the
mass of over stuffed pillows.

This time both officers passed out in exhaustion and for the first
time since meeting Chakotay, Tommy was glad he was hologram.

Pulling himself up on one elbow, he traced a reverent finger over
Chakotay's lips and then Tom's. He was in love with them both and
would miss them horribly if that were possible.

After tonight he would cease to exist and all the passion he'd just
experienced would dissolve into nothingness.

He was a tool that had outlived his usefulness. He knew that and it
was OK. He'd fulfilled his programming and it gave him a sort of
peace. He could now slip gently into that good night knowing Tom
would be taken care of.

Chakotay shifted in his sleep and an unconscious hand came to rest on
Tommy's hip. Oh sweet Jesus he would miss this incredible man's
touch. Molding his holographic frame to the commander's flesh and
blood, Tommy rubbed his faced into his sculpted chest. When the
motion became slick he raised his tousled blond head in surprise.

Tommy didn't know holograms could cry.