Title: The Injury - P7
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 7 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Chakotay buys Tom a ring.

Oh spirits that felt better.

Standing in the darkened alley just outside the shop, Chakotay braced
his shoulders against the dirty wall as he ran the dermal regenerator
over his throbbing groin. When the small piercing was healed he
reached into his pocket and traded the regenerator for the hypo.
Pressing it into his femoral artery, he tipped his head back and
waited for the analgesic/antibiotic mix to flow through his
circulatory system and prayed he wouldn't run into one of
the crew on shore leave right now. With his pants failed opened his
penis hanging out and a pile of blood stained bandages at his feet,
he didn't exactly command respect. Love did make one do funny things.

It taken hours to find someone on this backwater planet to perform
the procedure but all the trouble would be worth it when he saw Tom's
beautiful blue eyes go wide tonight.

They hadn't seen each other for days because the head negotiator in
their trade talks had taken a fancy to Tom and insisted he'd been
included in the deal making process. Not wanting to blow the chance
of obtaining some very prime dilithium the captain had agreed to the
bargain. However now that talks had ended successfully, the pilot
was free to meet him this evening.

Tom had asked to meet him on the holodeck and Chakotay had been
relieved to find that he'd reserved three hours and that there
wouldn't be a public program running. Making love in Sullivan's bar
had been thrilling but he wanted some alone time with the young man.
Chakotay didn't like sharing when it came to the man he loved and he
did love Tom.

That was why he gone into the seedy shop and had let a less than
hygienic alien stick a three inch needle in his dick. It would be
the ultimate proof for his lover that he was committed to the
relationship and didn't see him as a cheap thrill. For the first time
since exiting the squalid establishment, he looked down at his newly
adorned penis.

In the murky light of the alley the gold curved barbell protruding
from his urethra gleamed. The heavy ring was thicker than Tom's
silver tritanium one and the circumference greater. With his baby
finger he tested it for pain and was rewarded with of bolt of liquid
pleasure down his spine. Oh spirits was this what Tom felt? Little
wonder he screamed like a banshee when Chakotay tugged it during sex.

Pushing his erection to one side, he fastened the front of his
trousers and headed for the beam up point. With each step to the
rendezvous, the barbell pulled sightly hardening his cock further.
The new sensation gave him a deeper understanding of the man he
loved. He smiled and shook his head.

Now Chakotay knew why Tom bounced when he walked.


He was in a cloud.

Chakotay advanced further into the holodeck but stopped when his foot
kicked something soft. It was a blue satin pillow. He looked into
the centre of the room where fog cleared. Spirits he was in a cloud
full of rainbow coloured cushions.


Emerging from the fluffy whiteness like an angel was Tom. He wasn't
wearing wings but he was sporting a rather heavenly erection. As the
naked vision got closer, Chakotay's heart sank. The pilot wasn't
wearing his ring. It would lessen the joy of his surprise if they
couldn't compare jewelry. Pushing back his disappointment to a far
recess in his brain, he greeted his lover warmly pulling him in for a
deep kiss.

With his hands starting in his dark spiky hair, his huggable demon
let them flow down his back to rest on his butt where he squeezed
possessively. Chakotay instantly became so hard at the rough caress
that he was sure Tom could feel his piercing through the thin fabric
of his cotton pants rub his naked belly. With a final nip at his
lower lip, the pilot pulled his blond head back and yelled over his

"You were right he is hot!"

"I told you he was." Another Tom came out from the mist.

"No I distinctly remember you saying he was handsome. You didn't say
he was fiery stallion. Is he hung like a horse too?"

The other Tom walked up to him and repeated his parallel's
enthusiastic hello. A supremely confused first officer melted into
the kiss briefly before peeling off the long slender hands glued to

"Tom?" He looked down to see a sparkling sapphire twinkling back up
at him.

"It's me Poocuh."

"Then who's that. A hologram?"

"Yeah that's Tommy."

"Hi Poocuh." His familiar smile shone.

"We're exactly alike except he's not allowed to call you Poocuh.
Isn't that right." Tom glared at his holographic twin.

"Well what the fuck am I supposed to call him? Sweetcheeks?
Studmiester? What?"

"Call him Chakotay." His Tom said firmly.

"Even while we're fucking?"

Fucking? OK this whole situation just jumped right off the weirdness
scale. Chakotay interrupted Tom's heated conversation with himself.


"Yes baby." The reply came like an echo as two bright faces turned
to him.

"Explain now."

Only the original pilot answered.

"Tommy's one of my toys. I programmed him when I first boarded
Voyager. I was lonely and he helped me through the social bashing I
received at the hands of both the Maquis and the Fleet crew. His
talented hands made me feel wanted and not so alone."

Tom picked up one of the slender hands and kissed the tops of its
digits tenderly before letting it drop.

"You have a sexual relationship with this?"

"Hey!" Tommy cried out indignantly.

"He's a him Chak and yes I do. He may be just a collection of energy
pulses but he's my friend too. He understands me and knows what
buttons to push to make me feel good."

"But he's not real."

"I know that. He's a, a," Tom looked to the ceiling while he
searched for a word. When he found it his blue eyes sparkled
mischievously. "He's a therapeutic tool that I use when I'm feeling
down. I don't love or need him but I do enjoy him."

"Are you feeling sad now? Is that why he's here?"

"No I just thought the two of you should meet. I love you Chakotay
and I don't want to keep anything from you. Understand?"

"I think so." He looked from one beautiful man to the other. "I'm
trying to."

His lover was showing him yet another piece of the complicated puzzle
called Tom Paris and like before with the ring, he was intrigued but
not disgusted. Well he was also a bit dumbfounded but that was to be
expected when one was presented with two of the dazzling blond, one
was amazing enough.

"I can help him too, Tom." Tommy's voice was tentative and maybe a
little hopeful.

"Would you like that Poocuh." Tom began threading the buttons of his
shirt through their fastenings. As he worked his way down he touched
his lips to one of Chakotay's exposed nipples. The pilot's breath
was hot and the nub hardened. "Just for tonight as a sort of send
off for Tommy."

"Both of you at once?"

Tom was peeling off his shirt and planting small kisses across his
chest. "Yeah baby."

Never in all of his limited imagination could Chakotay have ever come
up with a fantasy like this but now that it had been conjured for him
it was difficult to refuse. Having two men make love to him
simultaneously would be epitome of lust, especially when the men in
question were both Tom or almost anyway. He looked over at Tommy who
was patiently waiting for his answer. Chakotay held his hand out to
the captivating hologram.

"Come here."

Like a shot Tommy was his side biting at his neck and grabbing at
the drawstring of his trousers. As Chakotay drew his stomach in
to facilitate the seeking fingers, Tom latched on to a nipple sucking
it through his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. Grabbing a
naked butt in each hand, he closed his eyes and sunk into the
luscious fantasy. At the same time his pants fell in puddle around
his ankles, he heard Tommy squeal with glee.

"Oh Tom he's decorated like you!"


Tom stopped his ministrations and peered down at his groin. Damn, in
all the excitement Chakotay had forgotten about his surprise.

"Holy fuck Chak when did you get that?" Tom fell to his
knees. "It's gorgeous!"

"Gorgeous? It's fucking huge!" Tommy peered coquettishly at him
through his holographic lashes. "Not that that's a bad thing.
You're big, its big, it works."

Breaking away from the hypnotic stare, he redirected his vision
downward and ran his knuckles softly along Tom's cheek.

"Do you like it then Tom?"

"You got this for me didn't you? You got me a ring."

"Yes I wanted show how much I feel for you."

He lowered himself to his lover's level. Tommy followed molding his
lean frame behind him.

Tom's pretty blue eyes misted and his voice became hoarse.

"You love me." A single tear rolled down his fair cheek and Chakotay
caught it with his lips. "I mean you only said it that one time in
the bar but I was pretty sure you meant it. Now I know for certain."

He'd only told him once? He'd thought it often enough. Oh spirits
what an idiot he was. Framing the blond's face with both his hands,
Chakotay homed in on those crystal blue orbs. Tommy sat back on his
heels to give them privacy.

"I love you."

"I love you too Poocuh."

Knee to knee, they visually drank in the other's essence both of them
bookmarking this moment in their memories.

"OK, OK enough with the mushy stuff. Can we fuck now?"

"Oh shit Tommy, I forgot. Do you want me to delete him Chak?"

"Yes Tom." The pilot opened his mouth to call out to the computer.
Chakotay stopped him with gentle finger on his lips.

"Tomorrow. You can delete him tomorrow." He said quietly so Tommy
wouldn't hear. He was only a hologram but it had been Chakotay's
experience that even artificially created people had feelings that
could be hurt.

With smile as big as all get out, Tom hooked his forefinger into the
golden hoop at the tip of his now flaccid penis and tugged it
playfully. Chakotay swooned with pleasure as the blood rushed fast
from his head into his cock swelling it.

"So in the words of the soon to be immortal Tommy let's go fuck baby."

Dislodging his finger, the delighted blond sprang from the floor and
pulled him up by the biceps. He drew him to the middle of the
holodeck where the floor was padded and the brightly coloured pillows
more abundant.

"Now just lay back and relax Poocuh."

"Yeah Chakotay let us do all the work."

Just looking at those eager young faces made his knees weak and he no
choice but to fall back on the cushioned surface of the holodeck.

The instant he was down he felt a flurry of feathered touches and
kisses roaming the length of his body. The exquisite pleasure of
being caressed in so many places at one time made his anatomy languid
and he melted deeper into the pillows. Chakotay couldn't tell which
touch came from which Tom unless he opened his eyes and searched for
the sapphire and right now that wasn't an option.

"He so silky, oh and sweet."

"Like honey?"

"Oooh yes! Have you tasted this?"

Chakotay felt warm tongues lave at the creases just below his each of
his hipbones and he shuddered.

"And responsive, oh my."

"Wanna see him really move?"

"Yes Tom make our stallion buck."

Two Tom's and twice as much talk, Chakotay snickered silently to
himself. It was the last coherent thought he'd have in the next
while as the space between his barbell and the head of his penis was
filled with a warm wetness.

His back arced sharply off the padded floor as his hips spasmed
forward. Tender hands brought him down gently stroking and soothing
his pelvis, cock and balls in a sensuous massage.

"Oh he's fucking incredible!"

"Yes, now let's take him easy. You OK Poocuh?"

Pressing his chin to his chest, Chakotay opened his eyes a crack to a
vision of two beautifully slender men on opposite sides of his body
playing with his genitals. It was incredibly erotic and he had to
squeeze his lids shut quickly before he came by the sight alone.

"Yes Tom I'm fine." He managed between clenched teeth.

"Good baby cause hold on tight we're about to rock your world."

Time and space lost their meanings as fingers teased his nipples and
two talented mouths descended on his throbbing erection and the sac
below it sucking and pulling. Having his entire groin encased in the
heat of his lovers' mouths blew his mind and his body began reacting
on instinct alone.

Reaching down to claw at the blond heads for leverage Chakotay curved
his spine and pumped reflexively. The boys allowed him to move with
out restraint and he began to feel the burn of orgasm collecting in
his lower belly. When he felt a slicked finger in his anus the fire
spread in a hot rush through his balls, up his penis to erupt into a
tropical cavern.

He must have cried out because after milking him dry both Toms were
at his sides petting and cooing endearments.

"It's OK Poocuh, it's OK."

"Oh you're so lovely Chakotay, so wonderfully lovely."

As his vocal cords refused to work, he kissed 'his' Tom's forehead
fondly to let him know he was still alive.

"Sleep for a bit baby. We still have more than two hours left."

Wrapped in a cocoon of gold and blue, Chakotay slept.


"I can see why you love him."


"He can't hear he's dead to the world." Tommy lifted his head
slightly from Chak's dark shoulder. "He's it isn't he?"

"Yes forever and ever."

"That's a long time."

"Not long enough. I'm never going to let him go."

"Does he know that? Have you done anything about it?"

"I've told Chak I love him."

"Yeah I know I was there remember? I mean ask something."

Nervously Tom looked to Chakotay's face to make sure he was still


"Bingo, give the man a prize."

"I have thought about moving in with him if he'd let me."

"From the way Chakotay looks at you, I'm sure he'd allowed more than
that. Hell he already gave 'you' a ring."

"I'm not ready."

"Oh fuck Tom give it up. When you lie to me you're really lying to

"What if he says no."

"Ah that's the problem, you're afraid." Tommy reached over Chak's
chest and grasped his hand. "He won't Tom."

"And how can you be so sure?"

"It was in his kiss."