Title: The Injury - P6
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 6 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Chak confesses to the captain.

"I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do."

She switched off the report displayed on the terminal and sat back
lazily in the chair behind her desk.

"But Kathryn.-"

"You're not a licensed therapist Chakotay." She said matter of

"That's only a technicality."

"Yes well it's that 'technicality' that prevents me from taking any
formal action against you."

"That doesn't excuse what I did."

"No but as your captain that's my job and I do." Wearing a tired
look, she leaned forward and rested her elbows on her desk. "Do
you 'want' me to throw you in the brig Commander?"

She was letting him off the hook. So why in all the spirits was he
fighting it? Residual guilt he supposed. If his lover were here,
he'd probably slap him up side the head and tell him to get over it.
Extracting a lesson from the book of Tom, Chakotay shook off his
brooding and smiled.

"I'll think I pass."

"Good. Now that's over with," Kathryn's eyes gleamed with
undisguised interest. "Tell me all about your new boyfriend."

"You already know Tom."

"Yes but not apparently as well as you do. Give Chakotay."

She got up from her chair and motioned him over to the lounge but not
before grabbing a cup of java from the replicator. By changing venue,
she ceased being the captain of Voyager and simply became his
friend. Chakotay was surprised he still bore the honourific after
his explosive charge into her ready room.

Kathryn had listened quietly while he had mapped out for her the
progression of his relationship with Tom. When he adroitly told her
that nothing short of imprisonment would keep him away from the
pilot, she had only nodded mutely before turning from his vehemence
to consult the doctor's report. In the end she had trusted his
judgment and had accepted what he done. Feeling freer than he had in
days, Chakotay sat across from her on the couch.

"What exactly did you want to know?"

"Oh I don't know. How's about why you fell for Voyager's bad boy and
not someone closer to your intellectual tastes like.-" She wove
her hand through the air. "Like Seven for instance."

Seven? Yes why not her. As an ex-borg the information she'd held
about the numerous species she'd assimilated had nourished his love
of anthropology and he enjoyed their cultural discussions. It should
have been a logical progression for him to fall in love with her but
he hadn't. Even her beauty hadn't tempted him to embark on a
romantic relationship with the lithesome blonde. It wasn't that he
didn't appreciate the physical comforts of a woman. He did and had
indulged himself from time to time. It was just that she didn't make
him feel alive like Tom did.

"She's not my type."

"Oh yeah and like Tom Paris is. If I had to pick the two most
diametrically opposed personalities on Voyager, it would have been
you and the lieutenant."

"Maybe that's the attraction."

"Oh I get it. You wanted to take a walk on the wild side. Taste the
forbidden fruit. That sort of thing."

"That's what Tom thinks or at least I hope he used to."

"So there's more to the young man that meets the eye."

"Yes and no. Tom's pretty much the person you see. He's wild and
playful but it's not, like most people think, because he's uncaring
or shallow. He feels deeply Kathryn but unlike a lot of us he has
the courage to express it. It takes guts to show the person you are
on the inside to the outside world and you have to respect that."

"Or fall in love with it."

"That too."

Chakotay couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. When
he tried to suppress it, his cheeks burned in a hot blush. Because
of her scientific background and her natural attention to detail,
Kathryn noticed the reddening of his cheeks immediately.

"Oh he has got you hot hasn't he?"


Kathryn put down her coffee and hugged her shoulders, a wistful smile
playing her face. Pulling herself closer on the lounge and lowering
her head she whispered.

"Has he got a friend?"


He had a date.

After his morning electro-therapy session with the Doc, Tom had raced
home to check the messages on his computer. Wading through the usual
requests for his company, he had spied the one he was looking for.

Meet me at Sullivan's at 19:00 hours for a drink was all the short
message said. When he'd commed Chak on the bridge during his
afternoon shift in Sickbay for more information, he had been politely
but firmly put off.

So now here he sat at the bar quaffing a dark lager watching his
fellow crewmates enjoy the hospitality the antiquated pub offered.
Raising a hand to the publican, who was curiously enough not Michael,
Tom ordered another beer.

"Hello Glory."

Tom felt a tiny hand curl around his hipbone and a generous erection
press into his butt. He didn't have to guess whose hard cock was
rubbing against the seat of his rough-hewn dungarees, only one person
called him by that particular nickname.

"Tem." He faced the fresh-faced Bajoran, sliding his hand down his
side as he turned to dislodge the possessive fingers.

"You look good tonight." He played at the ivory buttons of Tom's
white cotton shirt as he spoke.

"Thanks so do you."

And he did as always. Geron was tight and compact and clothed his
petite body in tight fitting garments to emphasize his delicate
form. He was a classic bottom and many had been the time when Tom
had been his top. The younger man pressed his length against him,
whispering almost touches with his breath against the side of his
neck as he spoke. Tom's cock hardened in reflex.

"I've missed you my sweet Glory."

Cursing his over sensitive body, Tom pushed his former lover away
with the balls of his fists and the tips of his fingers tenderly.
Geron had no idea how much his world had changed these last few days
and was acting in a manner that would normally excite Tom. He
couldn't hurt Tem. It wouldn't be fair.

He had taken so much pleasure from the delicate slight form these
last seven years on Voyager that they had developed a pseudo sort off
kilter bond. While he had explored the various sexual tastes of the
crew, the Bajoran had remained true to him, succumbing only to his
touch and no other's. He was always there when Tom was hurting and
needed the soft touch of a lover that forgave all. It was at best an
unequal partnership, but Tem had never complained as long as he had
come back to him. And he had always, until now.

"It's over Tem."

"Yes and tomorrow it won't be."

"It will. Tomorrow and forever."

"Forever?" The crinkled Bajoran nose scrunched up even
more. "You've found him then."

"Found who?"

"Your oracle."

The words were too cryptic for Tom. "My what?"

"Your shrine, the one you'll worship for life."

Tem's words were coached very carefully as he spoke and Tom wasn't
fooled. The Bajoran wasn't really letting him go but just giving
him enough rope to come back. To think anything else would be too
easy. He pulled the young man to his chest.

"I'm so sorry Tem."

As light feathered kissed lined the underside of his jaw, Tom felt a
firm strong hand at his nape.

"Let him go crewman."

The kissing stopped and Tom was pulled back to bar, the edge biting
into his lower back.

"That's enough now go." A gruff voice said.

Looking past him over his shoulder Tem replied. "Yes Commander."

As Tem left browbeaten to mingle with the other inhabitants of the
bar, Tom whizzed around to face the possessor of the iron grip at his
base of neck. Tom was angry at the intrusion.

"What the hell was that?"

"He was too close."

"Fuck Chak, all he was doing was touching my neck."

"He wasn't touching he was kissing. Don't pretend to me you don't
know the difference."

Oh wasn't this the perfect first date. Your new lover interrupting
the advances of your old wasn't what Tom would call a day at the
beach. Fuck.

"Believe me Chak, I know the difference." He tried to stifle his
anger. "I was just trying to let the guy down easy is all. I didn't
need your over active pheromones to help me."

Chakotay stiffened and let his hand fall away. "He's very
beautiful." The big man spoke over his head. "He's your lover
isn't he?"

"He's an empty vessel looking to be filled and yeah for a time I've
done that for him." Tom pulled at the black leather vest Chak wore
over a white shirt and blacker jeans. "Don't fuck this up baby.
This isn't a surprise, you know I've had other men."

"But he's so young."

"Yeah he is but so what. He may be able to fuck three, four times in
a night but he can't make love to me once. Not like you can Poocuh.
Shit you just have to kiss me to do that."

Sidling up to the bar, the commander brought their hips together with
his big meaty hands. Cupping a globe of his ass with each palm,
Chakotay lowered his head and nipped at the flesh beneath the
starched white collar of his shirt.

"I'm sorry. It's just that it's been a very long time since I've had
to do this."

"Do what?"

"Compete. When I was younger it was easier. If I saw someone I
wanted, I just stepped up and took them. All the rest of the rabble
fell back at my approach."

"Tem fell back."

"Yes because I'm his superior officer."

"No baby because you were the superior man."


"Yeah really. Now do want to go behind the bar and fuck or what?"

"No not behind it."


"Come on."

Steering him with his hips, Chakotay directed him over to the end of
the bar where it cornered with the far wall. It was a little dimmer
here but not much so.

Pulling him into the corner he called the barkeep.

"Three shots of khalua."

The bartender brought the requested shots and after taking one for
himself, Chakotay handed him one of the small glass cups. He raised
his shot.

"To lovers past and present."

Tom touched his glass to his benefactor and joined him as he swigged
its contents fast down the back of his throat. The liquid was sweet
and slippery as it slid down. Tom looked down at the third glass and
then back up a Chakotay.

"Pull your shirt out of your pants Tom."

As he obliged his lover's request he was pulled back against him.
Chakotay was flush with the back wall and he was flush with
Chakotay. When his shirt was out covering his groin, the commander
unbuttoned his fly and pushed his trousers down around his hips.
Seeing where this was going, Tom brought the big man's hand around
and molded it around his now erect penis.

"Oh fuck Chak do it, make me come."

"You'll have to be quiet."

"I will."

With a stroke firm enough to bring his foreskin over the head of his
penis, Chakotay pulled at his cock. Tom had to bite at his lower
lip not to cry out. He couldn't. People were drinking, playing cards
and rings not two metres from where he stood and this time there was
no cabana wall separating them. There was just thin layer of cotton
and his self-control. He almost came from the danger of discovery

"Oh spirits I love you, Tom."

It was a sweet sentiment and he felt it back as much as Chakotay did,
but gods it was hard to think about anything else but that big hand
stroking his dick in a room full of people. With what senses he had
left, Tom heard the pop of a glass leaving a whetted surface.

"Now be steady for me Tom."

Before he had chance to ask why, he felt two slicked fingers up his
ass. Oh fuck Chak was greasing him up with the dark liqueur so he
could finger fuck him while he his pumped cock. Trying to keep a
passive front, Tom leaned into the touched and squeezed his rectal
muscles to show his appreciation of the big man's efforts.

"Now easy love, just relax." Chakotay breathed into his shoulder.

The dancing fingers left his anus and before he had time to regret
the loss he was filled with something much larger.

"Just lean back Tom and open your legs a bit."

Oh sweet Jesus, Chakotay's dick was in him. To the innocent bystander
sitting at one of the tables laughing and drinking, it would look as
if the commander was simply holding him close. The corner was too
dim too discern what was really going on. Tom pushed back bending
his knees and impaling himself on the warm shaft in his ass.

"Oh fuck yes Chak."


His fingers biting into his hipbones, Chak humped into him. The
strokes were tentative at first but soon became strong and sure. It
took all the strength Tom had in his upper thighs not to show the
movement of his lover's thrusts. The effort caused a sweat to break
out over his body plastering his white shirt to his torso. Only the
front tails hung free concealing the love that was happening
unbeknownst to anyone else in the room.

"I can't stop Tom, I'm coming.-"

Chakotay bit fiercely into his neck as his release ripped through
him. The resulting pulsing against his gland tripped a wire in his
libido and Tom splashed his semen up into his already damp shirt.

Shaking together in a huddled mass of quaking flesh they held each
other up against the wall of Sullivan's bar with force of sheer will.
People still laughed and play games as the two shattered bodies
sought to regain their stability. As usual Tom was the first to
speak. He let his head fall back against Chakotay's shoulder.

"Now if that was a proposal, I definitely say I do."

Chakotay pulled up both their trousers and righted them before

"No that wasn't it. Not yet anyway."

The bartender brought them another round.