Title: The Injury - P5
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 5 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag.

"Mr Paris?"

The doctor left his office and approached the lieutenant who was
curled up on the bio-bed in a fetal position. He picked up a medical
tri-corder and scanned the recumbent man for signs of an allergic
reaction to the drug. All he found besides the pilot's previous
injury was some minor anal bruising. The medication had acclimated
without any adverse effects.

"Doc?" Wiping his sleeve across his face, the pilot rolled over and
straightened. "What is it?"

"Are you still experiencing pain Lieutenant?"

"None that you can help with."

"I'm not sure what you mean?"

"Sex Doc, it's about sex." The despondent young man threw his right
arm over his eyes.

"I see, a broken heart." An idea struck him. "Have you spoken to
Commander Chakotay about it during your sessions? The hypno therapy
may not have worked, but the first officer is a counselor."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

Tom removed his forearm and rolled his tear-swollen eyes. "I'll give
the you three guesses and the first two don't count."

If the young man was saying what he thought he was saying, then this
was very serious. The doctor had to be sure.

"Did the commander touch you in a sexually coercive manner during the
course of your treatments?"

"Sexually what?" Tom sat up carefully and draped his legs over the
side of the bed. He wavered slightly from the effect of the
opiate. "Do you mean did he fuck me?" A blissful aura graced his
face. "Yeah and he was good at."

"I see."

Tom gave him a lopsided grin and his eyes sparkled. "Hey I thought
you didn't like hearing the highlights?"

It was obvious from the lieutenant's flippant remark he wasn't aware
that what had happened was professional abuse. The commander had
committed a grievous breach of trust between therapist and patient
and Tom saw it as a failed love affair. Perhaps he would feel better
if he knew the truth.

"Tom," He used the pilot's first name in an effort to be
consoling. "What Chakotay did was dishonourable, unethical and
unprofessional. He crossed a line he shouldn't have and broke his

"What the hell are you talking about?" The false sunshine left the
pilot's smile and storm clouds brewed in his eyes.

"Its called sexual misconduct. He was your therapist and it's
forbidden for him to touch you, the patient for the purpose of sexual
arousal or gratification."

"No Doc you got it wrong. I wanted 'him' to touch me. In fact I
didn't give him much of a choice."

"It doesn't matter. Commander Chakotay was the one in charge and
should have either stopped your advances or ceased treating you. He
didn't do either."

The young man fell silent and contemplated the floor. It seemed the
travesty of what the commander had done was finally sinking in. Good,
it would make it easier for the pilot to testify if he understood he
was a victim. When Tom looked back up, the doctor readied himself to
answer the abused man's questions.

"That's why he didn't want anyone to know." His voice was a whisper.

"No doubt Mr Paris. I'm sure he didn't want to be brought up on

Tom's eyes went wide. "Charges?"

"He broke Federation statute." He padded the young man's uninjured
shoulder. "Don't worry Lieutenant, Chakotay will be punished for
what he did to you."

"No!" Batting off his arm, Tom jumped down from the bed. His eyes
lost their focus until he regained his equilibrium. "I'm not going to
charge him with anything."

"Well I'm afraid it's not up you. I'm bound by ethics to report his
behavior to the captain. I'm sorry Lieutenant."

And he was, for both men actually. Chakotay was a good officer and
an even better man and the doctor liked him. It distressed him that
one unfortunate error in judgment would destroy all that.

Tom stood before him defiantly. "I'll deny it. I'll lie and say
nothing happened."

"It won't matter. There will still be an investigation and I'll have
to give my deposition." The doctor shook his head. "I wish there
was something I could do."

Squeezing his eyes shut, Tom pinched the top of his nose in what the
doctor supposed was an attempt to clear his drug induced fog. When
the lieutenant opened his eyes he seemed more centered.

"Maybe there is something."

"I won't lie Mr Paris, so don't ask me."

"You don't have to. I just want you to hold off on your report until
tomorrow. Give me a chance to talk to Chak first and explain what
I've done."

"No. I don't think you should be alone with the commander," The
lieutenant opened his mouth to argue, so he stopped him. "And there
isn't anything you can say to dissuade me from that assessment."

"I'm in love with him."

Except that. Damn. He had hoped the attraction Tom felt was
primarily physical. It would have made it easier to break the
unlawful bond but leave it to Mr Paris never to do anything half
way. The doctor would have to trust that commander would do the
decent thing and break off the relationship now that it was

"Fine you have twelve hours Lieutenant and after that I'm going to
the captain."

"Thanks Doc. I owe you one."

As the young man raced out of Sickbay, the doctor ran a self-



He'd been about the press the chime of Chak's quarters when the
doors had swished opened revealing a startled first officer.

"What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you." He tried to back the commander into his
cabin but Chakotay wouldn't budge.

"Now's not a good time. I'll come see you later if I'm allowed but
right now I have to talk the captain."

Oh shit the Doc reneged. "Let me explain first baby."

"No I've let this go on too long. If we have any chance of ever
being together, I have to confess to Kathryn what I've done before it
blows up in our faces."

"She didn't call you?"

"No." Puzzlement replaced the determination on the big man's
face. "What going on Tom?"

"Oh shit Chak, I've done something really stupid."

Finally letting the doors shut, Chakotay brought him into his
quarters. Now that they had some privacy, Tom chanced a kiss to his
lover's mouth. It seemed a good way to start the conversation. The
commander didn't refuse him and pulled him in for a full-bodied rip-
smacking kiss in response. He starting thinking that twelve hours
was lots of time so there was no real rush to talk when the first
officer pulled back.

"What did you do Tom?"

Taking a deep breath as much to clear his head as to bolster his
courage Tom replied. "I let it slip to the Doc that we were sleeping

Chakotay's dark skin went white and he walked over to the lounge,
collapsing on its soft surface when he got there. He didn't say
anything but just sat there staring straight ahead. Tom moved into
his line of sight.

"I didn't know it was such a big deal. Really I didn't."

"I told you it was." He was still staring and it was starting to
scare Tom.

"Yeah but like the insecure idiot that I am, I thought it was an
excuse. I thought you were ashamed to let your friends know you were
fucking someone outside your social class. I mean I am a bit of a
slut and not exactly up to your standards."

Life came back into the commander's gorgeous dark eyes.

"No you're beyond them. You're beautiful and wild and men like me
have to cheat to capture you. I'm not young nor am I exciting so I
had to break the rules to make you mine. I knew it was wrong but
spirits help me I couldn't help it, I wanted you so badly." Chak
lowered his head. "And now we'll both to have to pay the price for
my selfishness. I'm so sorry Tom."

No this was wrong. He should be the one apologizing, not this
wonderfully noble man. Tom fell to his knees at the commander's feet
and stroked the inside of his thigh.

"Tell me what Poocuh means."

Chakotay looked up. "I shouldn't have called you that. It was
presumptuous and arrogant of me."

"Tell me baby."

"It means husband."

Holy fucking targ shit, husband! Chakotay had to love him. OK
marriage scared the hell out of Tom but if the big guy could call him
that, it meant he'd been agonizing over nothing.

So close, so close had he been to the abyss just because he'd assumed
Chak thought he was an easy fuck or a fresh way to get his rocks
off. But it wasn't true. So much joy filled Tom's heart that he
temporarily forgot what deep shit the both of them were in. He
leaned into his lover's leg and purred.

"Is that a proposal baby?"

"No Tom just a dream." Chak ran his thick fingers through his blond
hair, petting the top of his head like a cat. "One that I've

No, no, no, Tom refused to let the older man's unfounded guilt taint
the bliss they had shared these last few days. Lifting himself from
the floor, he straddled Chakotay. It was high time Tom became the
adult in this situation.

"If I had never been your patient, would you have strolled up to me
one day and asked me out?"


"Just answer the fucking question Chak." Tom squeezed his knees
together. "Would you have ever approached me?"


"Why's that?" The big man hesitated. "I'm a big boy Chak, I can
take it just tell me the truth."

"You weren't my type."

"So you weren't lusting after my ass then?"


"So you didn't use our therapy sessions to get me into the sack. It
was only afterwards when we got to know each other better did those
kind of feelings arise?"

"Yes but when I realized how I felt, I should have stopped seeing
you. I'm a professional."

"Yeah but you're not a god Chakotay. Just like me you're only a man
and I honestly believe that if I wasn't coming at you like a cat in
heat that you would have kept your ethical standards. But that wasn't
the way it was."

Tom framed his love's face with his hands.

"First I fell in love with your voice, then your body and finally
your soul." Tom kissed his tattoo. "You never had a chance big guy."

"You love me?"

"Oh yeah and if the captain thinks that's wrong then she'd can drop
me off on the next habitable planet we find and fly the fucking ship

Chakotay hugged him fiercely and clashing their groins together.
Tom's became instantly hard at the contact but the commander's stayed
soft and pliant. Chak was peaking emotionally at the declaration,
while he was physically. It was one of the many differences between
them but like everything else, it wasn't insurmountable. Tom was
sure if he tried, he could bring his lover down, or rather 'up' to
his level of arousal. Tom lowered his head and nipped at Chakotay's
ear. The big man moaned.

"Fuck me Commander."

"I have to speak to Kathryn."

"Please Poocuh?"

Chakotay's hips bucked at the word and Tom found his secret weapon.
Sitting back he peeled his uniform jacket and undertunic off in one
go. Slipping his hands under Chakotay's upper clothing and palming
the muscles of his smooth hairless chest, he crooned.

"The Doc promised me he wouldn't report you for twelve hours, so we
have time. You can speak to the captain after you've fucked my ass

"I should do it now."

"No Poocuh," Tom twisted Chakotay nipples between his fingers. "You
should make love to the man who loves you."

The commander grabbed his butt forcibly grinding, what Tom was
pleased to find was a now rock hard penis into his.

"You're a huggable demon Tom Paris."

"Oh you can do better than that. Talk dirty to me Chakotay."

"All right Paris but first you'll have to get naked."

"Right back at you baby."

In a frantic flurry of flying clothes both men obliged the other and
settled on the couch, the older man over the younger.

"You didn't happen to bring your little magic bundle of lube did you?"

"Oh shit no."

"Wait here."

Tom rolled his eyes. "Like I'm going anywhere."

Bounding from the couch like a man half his age, Chakotay bee-lined
it for the replicator. He was back within Tom's knees in seconds.

"I'm going to fuck you now Tom Paris."

It wasn't the most elegant sex talk he'd had ever heard but Chak was
a bright man and certainly trainable. Tom tried to encourage him.

"And how to you plan on doing that Poocuh? What are you going to
touch first?"

"Your rosy pink nipples with my mouth."

The commander leaned forward and twirled the tip of his left nub with
a warm wet tongue keeping in it place with his perfect white teeth.
Accepting and relishing that the commander's bark was worse than his
bite, Tom lifted his whole upper body into the soul ripping touch.
When Chak's tongue dragged deliciously along his chest to the other,
he spread his knees wide and tipped his tailbone up.

"Oh fuck baby that's good. Now use the oil."

Understanding his meaning, his lover opened the vial and poured it
contents over his hands letting the excess drip over his pounding
cock into his cleft.

As a finger worked into his anus, Tom realized this was the first
time he felt one of those strong powerful digits inside him. It was
tremendously wonderfully filling and he craved another and another.

"Don't stop Chak, I want them all."

Pumping and stroking his prostate as he went Chakotay pushed four
fingers into his ass while he stroked his cock with the other. It
wasn't enough.

"Fill me baby, give it all to me." He cried.

"Are you sure?"

Tom heard the concern in the big man's voice and he'd tried to allay

"Yes Poocuh. I can take all of it."

The commander shifted on his knees so his drawing shoulder was
downward and pushed. Tom felt intense pressure in his rectum and
then intense pleasure as Chakotay's fist moved into him.

"Oh Tom I can't believe you're letting me do this."

"Do you like it?" He managed between the blinding white flarings of
his brain synapsis.

"Yes, oh yes."

To punctuate the point, Chak punched his arm faster. Tom wished he
had arms four feet long so he could fuck Chakotay with his hand too.
It was the last thought he had as all the nerve endings in his body
overloaded and he exploded hard enough to splash warm come under his

Chakotay removed his hand and began flailing away at his dick. Still
riding the euphoria of his orgasm, Tom scissored his body forward and
peeled the commander's hands away just in time to catch his release
in his mouth.

After taking all his 'Poocuh' had to give, Tom fell back onto the
lounge. Chakotay followed his decent covering him like a favorite
blanket. They lied still feeling the beating of each other's heart
and relishing their closeness. As Tom drifted into sated sleep, he
was jerked awake by his lover's voice.

"Computer set alarm for 07:00 hours."

"Seven o'clock? That doesn't give you much time to talk to the
captain before the doctor's report reaches her."

"Do you love me Tom?"

"Yes Poocuh, but.-" Chak stopped any futher retort with a finger
on his lips.

"Then I'll only need five minutes."