Title: The Injury - P4
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 4 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom has fun in the sun but doesn't count on the shadows.

Blue was his new favorite colour.

From his lounge chair by the Resort's pool, Chakotay listened
distractedly to Tuvok and Kathryn's conversation while he watched Tom
at the bar. The pilot was layered in the cool colour.

A powder blue tee shirt fell over the tight bluejean cut-offs that
held a sapphire as sparkling as his sky-blue eyes. Tom was dazzling
and from the number of crewmembers who stopped to talk to him,
Chakotay wasn't the only one who thought so. He bit back his

Chakotay didn't mind the occasional conversational pat on the arm.
No, it was the more personal touches that bother him. He'd nearly
bolted from his chair when Geron Tem had run his hand down 'his'
lover's back to rest on his butt. It had only been when Tom had
diplomatically removed the hand that he'd settled back down.

Now the pilot was standing alone chatting with Neelix across the bar.
Using thirst as an excuse, he removed himself from his friends'
conversation and headed for the bar. Neelix saw him coming.

"Good day Commander what can I get you?"

Stepping up close to Tom, he tried to think of the most complicated
drink possible.

"A Risian Colada."

"Risian Colada?" Puzzlement fell over his colourful face. "I don't
think I've heard of that one. It'll take me a few minutes to look it
up. Be right back."

"Take your time Neelix."

As the little Talaxian scurried off, he turned to Tom who was smiling

"Very clever Commander. It'll take Neelix a little more than a few
minutes since there's no such thing as a Risian Colada."

"You're sure about that Lieutenant?"

"Believe me if has to do with Risa, I know." The pilot lowered his
tone and moved closer until their hips touched. "By the way you're
looking quite studly this evening."

Chakotay looked down at himself. He was wearing chocolate brown
trunks with a cream sleeveless tunic. The hooded top zipped up the
front but he'd left it open, exposing his chest and stomach.

"Studly?" He looked back to Tom whose blond lashes were lowered

"Oh yeah, you're so hot my cock's practically jumping out of my
shorts. Wanna see?"

See? Making a triangle with their bodies and the bar, Tom inched his
tee up until the waistband of his cut-offs showed. Chakotay tried to
observe the action without bringing attention to it.

"Spirits Tom."

Poking out the top and sparkling in the sunshine was the glistening
head of Tom's majestically adorned penis. Chakotay's boxers tented
at the juicy sight and when the pilot flicked the ring with his baby
finger, he moaned aloud.

"Hush baby people will hear." Tom dropped his shirt and took a step
back. "Meet me in the cabana by the pool in five minutes."

Threading his way through the crowd, the bold young man sauntered off
in the direction of the change room. Chakotay zipped up his top to
cover his erection and admired the beautiful view. He was so
engrossed he missed Neelix's return and nearly jumped out his skin
when the Talaxian spoke.

"Sorry I couldn't find a Risian Colada in the database Commander, so
how's about a nice cold glass of orange juice?"

He looked down at the sweating glass. "No thanks Neelix, wrong

Leaving a confused Talaxian in his wake, Chakotay followed after his
blue heaven.


"Get naked Chak."

Barely having time to lock the door behind him, the all ready nude
blond began ripping at his clothes. He pulled his tunic over his
head as the pilot fell to his knees and divested him of his shorts.
When they were off, Chakotay felt Tom's heated breathing on his erect

"Oh baby you're beautiful." Tom kissed its head using a little
tongue to lap at the moisture seeping from its tip.

"Can I suck you Chak?" He looked up with pleading eyes. "I want to
real bad."

Like he had to ask. Moving to sit on the edge of bench that lined
the wall of the small room, he motioned the blond to him. Shuffling
on his knees, Tom inserted himself between the vee of his parted legs.

"Gods you're well hung." The pilot's fingertips fluttered down the
length of Chakotay's now trembling penis to the sac that hung beneath
it. "And your balls Chak, they're the perfect size."

He started to ask what his balls were the perfect size for when Tom
sucked one into the warmth of his mouth and answered his unasked
question. Spirits it felt incredible. No one had ever done this to
him and he'd almost came when the other orb flowed into the pilot's
mouth. Chakotay pinched the tip of his penis to stop the building

"Stop Tom please. I can't," He took breath, "handle it."

The pilot released him and lifted his blond head. "Too much?"

"At the moment, yes. I'm too close."

"OK we'll save that one for when we have more time cause if you gonna
come now, it's going be while you're fucking my brains out."

"We can't do that here."

"Why not? You want it and I want it."

Chakotay had asked Tom to stop because he had wanted to come 'with'
him not 'in' him. The most he'd expected here was a quick mutual
handjob to hold them over until they could back to his quarters and
really make love. The man was nuts if he thought they could go at it
in here in a public change room. He stood listening to the splashing
water and laughing voices just metres from the hut.

"Listen to that. Have you forgotten we're in the middle of the
holodeck surrounded by a throng of people?"

"That's part of the fun Chak and besides I'm already prepared. All
you have to do baby is stick it in and move."

Spirits he would have to tell him that. The picture of Tom's
flexible body twisting using his own fingers to slick his passage was
incredibly erotic for Chakotay. He closed his eyes and bit his lip.

"Come on baby take me."

When he opened his eyes and saw the image of Tom standing facing the
opposite wall with his long legs splayed apart, Chakotay knew he no
choice but to do this. His cock was weeping profusely and his body
was trembling with desire. Giving in to his impulses he rose and
molded his body behind the pilot. Maybe they could to it quickly
enough so they wouldn't be found out. Reaching around he palmed the
pilot's weeping erection and tugged at the silver Achilles Heel at
its crest. Tom moaned when he rotated the ring with his fingers.

"Oh fuck Chak, now you're gonna make me come too soon." He thrust
his hips back. "Faster baby, harder!"

Thinking that if they could hear the milling crowd outside, the crowd
could probably hear Tom's pleas. So to avoid an audience when they
left the cabana, Chakotay wrapped his other hand over the young man's
mouth as he drove into him mercilessly.

Even muzzled, Chakotay could still hear the young man's cries of
passion as he slipped in and out of his heat. When simultaneously he
felt a sharp pain in one palm and a slick smoothness in the other, he
surrendered his to lust and came. He rocked so hard into Tom with
his final thrusts that the little building shook on its holographic
foundation. Chakotay was certain that, combined with the pilot's
muffled screams, someone on the outside must have to notice the
commotion. He pulled out and let go of Tom's mouth.

"We'd better get cleaned up and dressed." He reached for a towel
from the stack by the door.

Freed, the pilot spun around and wrapped his arms around his neck,
kissing him deeply. Chakotay dropped the white towel and pulled him
closer despite the danger of discovery. The young man's kisses were
precious to him and not to be refused no matter the cost. After a
few more moments of heaven Tom pulled back with a beatific smile on
his face that would have rivaled an angel's.

"Thank you baby."

"Your welcomed Poocuh."

Tom tilted his head. "Poocuh?"

Embarrassed for using the endearment the members of his tribe devoted
to one's lifemate, he ducked his head and picked up the towel.

"We'd better go. You first and then me."

"Why me first?"

"Because you fascinate people and they watch you. So while they're
doing that, I can safely slip out."

The talk quieted as they both readied to leave. Tom was the first to
break the silence.

"Unseen." The pilot said dead pan, not moving.


"Because we wouldn't want your precious friends to know we're fucking
each other or rather that you're fucking me."

The pilot's voice was so lifeless it made the hairs on forearms stand
on end.

Chakotay stopped dressing and grabbed Tom by the base of the skull.
He had to make him see that this situation had nothing to do with the
social aspect of their relationship.

"It's not about Kathryn or Tuvok." He shook the young man by the
scruff. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes." Tom broke out of his zombie like state and batted the hand at
his nape away. "It's about me!"

Tucking his pale blue tee into one of the beltloops of his cut-offs,
Tom stormed out the cabana.

Chakotay fell to his knees and cried for what he'd just lost.

For the privilege of tasting heaven, he was now in hell.


"You do realize that you won't be able to perform your duties on the
bridge tomorrow? You'll have to do your shift here in Sickbay

"Yes and yes." Tom leaned back against the bio-bed in exasperation
holding his throbbing arm.

"You're certain Lieutenant?" The Doc looked into his eyes to make
sure he had his attention.

"Yes! Now just give me the fucking shot!"

"Very well Mr Paris." The hologram said in defeat. "Lie down on the
bed and I'll inject you."

Doing a slow back roll and then carefully lifting his legs, Tom
followed the Doc's instructions without hesitancy. He knew that the
euphoric rush would turn his bones to rubber and his brain to mush.
Lying down on a nice comfy bio-bed would be a hell of a lot better
than be being sprawled on Sickbay's cold hard floor.

"After I administer the drug, I'm going to lower the lights and leave
you alone while it takes effect. Once the initial disorientation
leaves you, you can get up and return to your quarters."

"Got it Doc, now just do it."

"Slow down Mr Paris. If we're going to use this treatment, there are
a few things we have to be clear on. I will give you authorized
access to the opiate but only enough for three shots per day at
regulated time periods. Which is not to say you have to use them.
If your shoulder isn't bothering you, don't. Is that understood?"

"Yes." He would have agreed to anything to make the pain go away,
both the one in his shoulder and the one in his heart.

Without another word, the holodoc pressed the hypo to his jugular and
left for his office.

Closing his eyes Tom and waited for the drug to hit his system. The
rush from the cultured dopamine the doctor had given him wouldn't be
as intense as the shit he'd used in Marseilles but that was OK. It
meant the crash down wouldn't be as hard too.

As the false euphoria flowed into his bloodstream, he giggled. If
the Doc had any inkling he was thinking this way, he would have
refused him the treatment. Hell if he'd had any idea of his previous
habit he probably wouldn't have suggested it at all.

Sometimes being an Admiral's son had its advantages. No one in
official circles anyway, knew how truly strung out he'd been before
his induction into the Maquis. Not even Chakotay knew of the nights
that he'd spent suffering the agony of cold turkey on his claptrap of
a rebel ship. The commander hadn't expected too much from him to
notice or even care. He'd only been a body to use then, just like he
was now. Funny how some things never change.

Last night had been wonderful. He had shown Chakotay a little part
of his dark soul and the commander hadn't turned away, he'd embraced
it. Being allowed to fuck the big man was like being cleansed or
finally being forgiven for all his past sins. It was a reward for all
the good things he'd accomplished on Voyager.

On the ship Tom hadn't been afraid to continue to express his
sexuality because it was one thing he hadn't been ashamed of. It
didn't prevent him from being a good officer or pilot so he hadn't
given a targ's ass that some people didn't approved of his life
style. That was until Chakotay had shown an interest in him.

The first officer was the type of man that his father would have
approved of, morally correct and untainted by the seedier side of
life. In his drugged haze, Tom could picture the two men trading
Cardie war stories, slapping each other on the back and sipping
cognac in the Admiral's study. Conquering heroes and warriors, the
both of them.

To have someone like Chak look at him with desire and lust had made
him feel worthy. OK, OK so it also made him horny but shit.
Chakotay was as good on the outside as he was on the inside. Those
smoldering dark eyes and that velvet voice were the stuff of wet
dreams. Tom had no choice but to fall in love with him.

Oh wait not love. Fuck, fuck, fuck! How could he feel that way
about someone who thought he was trash?

Poocuh meant something important, he'd almost been sure of it. It
wasn't until he'd stupidly asked about it and seen that familiar look
of shame in the commander's eyes did Tom realized how wrong he was.
Poocuh was probably synonymous with slut or whore in the big man's

With scene at the bar and then in the cabana, Tom had gone over the
top and pushed the man's sensibilities too far. For him, it had been
love play but Chakotay had seen it as the actions of a degenerate.
Oh yeah the first officer had gotten off on it, but that's what was
supposed to happen when you were taunted by a cheap piece of meat.

He didn't deserve this. Hadn't he suffered enough? How could he
love so desperately someone who thought no more of him than a quick
illicit fuck?

Turning on his side and bringing his legs up, Tom cried into the tops
of his knees.