Title: The Injury - P3
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 3 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Tom gives Chakotay a ring.

"We'll have to be discreet."

Talk about a kick in the teeth. Tom pulled the covers up closer to
his chin. He'd been flying so high with the thrill of joining with
the commander that he'd been totally unprepared for the callus

It hurt to know that Chakotay didn't want his friends to know they
were having sex. Wasn't he good enough to publicly acknowledged?
Shit most people on Voyager would be proud to have others know that
he, Tom Paris sexual extraordinare had selected them to sleep with.
But not the first officer, he was ashamed. Tom had seen it his eyes.

So with pride shattered, he'd played the role the commander had
assigned him. Acting like the dirty skank Chakotay thought he was,
Tom let the first officer know in no uncertain terms, that the fuck
was all he wanted. But it wasn't, not anymore. He wanted to see the
gentle humoured man who laughed softly and smiled with his whole
face. Shit he'd even gone so far as to use blackmail in hope he'd see
that person again. A tear formed in the corner of his eye and when
he raised his hand to knock it away, his shoulder screamed in agony.

Cursing loudly into the empty air of his bedroom, Tom rolled
carefully out of bed. There had to be something in the medicine
cabinet to take the edge off the pain. He didn't dare use the
induction recording. He was too sore to slake the eventual hard on
Chakotay's melodic voice would induce. Rising slowly from his knees
off the carpet he headed for the bathroom and hopefully relief.

Finding a mild analgesic ointment, he slathered it over his shoulder
feeling its effect immediately. The aching lessened only
fractionally but it would be enough for him to sleep.

As he returned to bed, Tom wished it would be as easy to cure the
aching in his heart.


"How did you hurt your shoulder?"

They had just finished a therapy session in Tom's quarters and those
beautiful baby blues were staring languidly at him inciting his
forbidden passion. Hoping to talk a little first before the sex he
knew would follow, Chakotay asked about the young man's injury.

The pilot's pretty eyes lowered. "It's embarrassing and it will turn
you off."

"It won't."

"Yeah it will." He said softly into the front of his white tee.

"Tom I promise it won't?" Gingerly he lifted the blond's face up by
the chin with his thumb and index finger. "Despite my recent
behavior I am your counselor. You can't turn me off. I don't work
that way."

Tom's soft lips twisted in an off kilter smile. "Even if it's a
little sexually bizarre?"

"Even if."

"Well OK Counselor let's go test that theory."

Grabbing his hand, Tom bounded from the couch and pulled him in the
direction of the bedroom. Chakotay resisted moving from the lounge.


"Don't what?"

"You're avoiding my question with sex."

"I'm not." Tom reached down and grabbed his other hand. "Really. I
want to show you something and see how you feel about it."

"I won't be turned off."

Tom kissed his tattoo and whispered.

"I hope not baby. I hope not"


Tom stroked himself a few times to stiffen his wilting penis. It
would look better if he was hard.

Upon entering the bedroom he had directed Chakotay to sit on the
corner of the mattress and then had turned from his view and
stripped. This was going to be a test of the big man's sensibilities
and Tom was scared to death he was going to fail.

Chakotay's world was as conservative as Tom's was kinky. He dressed
that way, he lived that way and probably screwed that way if last
night was any indication. When Tom had asked him to talk to him
while he shoved his dick into him, the first officer hadn't known
what to say. Most men would have talked dirty or at least have
whispered sweet nothings but the commander had recited the Prime
Directive. OK so that was his idea but it was beside the point.
Chakotay was a sexual traditionalist and that could be a barrier to a
lasting relationship between them.


"Yes Tom. Show me."

He twirled around with his arms outstretched in a physical 'tada'
watching the commander's reaction closely.

To say the man was surprised would be an understatement. With eyes
showing more white than brown, Chakotay's mouth fell open. After a
few loud swallows the man who was nose to nose with his dick, spoke.

"What's it called?"

"It a dressing ring. It's made of tritanium, the same material as
Voyager's hull and the bead is a terran sapphire."

Reaching out with his index finger, Chakotay traced the silver-white
hoop from where it emerged from his urethra down to the underside of
his glans where it disappeared. When he rotated with his fingertips
the captured blue jewel the slight draw caused a delicious sensation
that Tom felt from the tip of his cock to the base of his balls.

"Does it hurt when you make love?" Chakotay's fingers trailed
lightly down his shaft and stopped at the base of his cock. When the
commander turned his hand and started to caress him with his knuckles
a drop of pearly liquid formed at the tip of his penis, sliding down
the tritanium band to cover the bead. Chakotay licked his lips as
his ebony eyes followed the trickling.

"No. In fact it feels pretty good."

"For your partner too?"

"Yes, both male and female."

"How long have you had this?"

"I got it in France while I was at the Academy."

"Starfleet let you wear it?"

"Yeah I said it had religious significance like a Bajoran earring."

Tired of the Q and A, Tom shimmied his hips and wiggled his erection
in Chakotay's face. "So are you shocked, disgusted, or what?"

The commander stood up. Oh fuck he was going to leave. Tom should
have known somebody as straight laced as Chakotay wouldn't understand
the pleasure the ring gave him and it was only the tip of the
iceberg. The dildos, cock rings and wands in the wooden chest at the
foot of Tom's bed would probably freak the first officer out


Tom sneered at Chakotay. "What do you mean what? I didn't say

"You gave me three choices, shocked, disgusted or what. I choose

Pulling his hips close with a meaty hand to the base of his spine,
Chakotay used the fingers of his other to twist the sapphire bead.

"I must admit I was a tad shocked. I've never seen one of these
before but now that I have I find it exotic." He tugged the ring
gently. "And I love the way the gem compliments the sparkling blue
of your eyes."

"You do?" The pulling was turning Tom into a bowl of heated jelly.

"Yes and now that we've tested my theory, I think it's time to test

"What theory?" He managed breathlessly.

Chakotay moved up close and whispered in Tom's ear.

"That the ring feels good."


Exotic, erotic.

There was a reason the two words rhymed and that reason was Thomas
Eugene Paris.

When the pilot had stood naked with his finely muscled back to him,
Chakotay had imagined all types of horrible physical deformities. He
remembered how last night Tom had made a point of hiding himself so
it was a logical assumption that something was not quite right with
his genitals. Chakotay had never been so happy to wrong.

Tom's penis was not only long and thick, it was exquisitely regal and
appropriately crowned. He'd wanted to touch the majestic member the
moment he saw it. The funny thing was that Tom had expected him to
be repulsed in fact he'd almost dared him to be. Well he was about
to show the young pup of a lieutenant how misguided that presumption
was. His sex life may not have been as varied but that didn't mean
he didn't know how to make love. He did, and quite well.

Letting go of the tantalizing jewelry, he stood back from Tom to
undress. Looking all of eighteen, the pilot stared openly as
Chakotay exposed his meticulously maintained older body. Playing the
exhibitionist to Tom's voyeur, he exaggerated his movements and
flexed his muscles until they were taut. Tom bit at his bottom lip,
swelling it attractively and played with his silver ring. Nude,
Chakotay stood with his feet apart and his arms open.

"Come here Tom."

Like a bolt of lightening the young man struck him, pulling at his
head and lips frantically with his hands and mouth. Bending at the
knees, Chakotay cupped Tom's ass and lifted him up to straddle his
hips. The movement pulled at the dressing ring and Tom, not moaning
like any other lover he had, performed his usual and screamed.

"Oh fuck Chak!"

The pilot's shortening of his name personalized the convergence for
Chakotay and spurred his lust to a new level.

"You gotta fuck me now!" Tom hooked his ankles together and
squeezed. "Right now Chak! Right now!"

Chakotay wanted desperately to acquiesce to the fevered man clinging
to him but he needed to know how that piece of bright metal would
feel inside him. Relaxing his knees he fell backwards on to the
bed. They bounced and the pilot shouted again.

After they settled on the mattress, Tom disengaged himself and
retrieved a sac with a diamond white spout from the top drawer of the
bedside cabinet. Tom placed the pliant bundle into his hand and
Chakotay was surprised to feel the bag was already warm. The skin
must be made of self-heating nucleogenetic particles he mused.

"I'm not ready this time so you'll have to stretch and lubricate me
before entering OK?"

Chakotay handed the bag back. "No you'll have to prepare me."

Like it was infectious Tom held the heated pouch by its crystal
nozzle with only the tips of his delicately long fingers. "I can't
take you." He replied shaking his flaxen hair.

"Why not?"

"Why not? Well because not only do you outrank me, you outclass me,
that's why."

"I want the ring Tom."

For emphasis Chakotay reached down and starting at the base of the
pilot's thrumming cock, ran his palm up until he reached the
tritanium loop. With his thumb he rotated the ring through Tom's
urethra. The hesitant blond arched his back in delight.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Does that feel good Tom?" Chakotay slipped his baby finger into the
metal slot that was just big enough to accommodate its girth and
tugged sharply. "Imagine what it will feel like deep inside of me.
Give me the ring."

"OK fine damn it. But you better come fast because I won't be able
to hold back."

"I will." He promised.

Chakotay made to turn over but Tom stopped him.

"No. If I'm going to fuck you Chak, I want to see your lips move as
you talk me through it."

"All right." Chakotay laid back and lifted his knees.

Pressing the release on the pouch Tom poured a generous amount of
warmed gel into his palm. He swiped his cock and all its
paraphernalia briefly before reaching down between his legs and
pressing a slicked finger into his ass. From the urgency of Tom's
actions, he knew foreplay was had been forfeited in favour of a quick
release. It comforted Chakotay to know that with all his
worldliness, Tom could still be excited to the level of a novice.
When the pilot inserted his third finger and hit his sensitive gland
his pondering stopped and he moaned.

"Don't make noises Chak, talk." The pilot moved between his legs and
pushed the irregular head of his penis into his loosened
opening. "Tell me how this feels."

Oh spirits he wants me talk. That was going to be difficult since
the gods that had given him a brain and penis and had also given him
only enough blood to run one at time. Chakotay bared down and gave
it his best shot.

"It burns, I burn." Tom inched forward and he felt the smooth metal
ring press against his prostate. The sensation was exquisite and
beyond words. "Oh yes, do that again. Move Tom, oh please, oh

Driving his hips downward his lover sank deeper and Chakotay swore he
could feel the bead rotate along the wall of his rectum. He tried to
verbalize the marvelous feeling but his words came out in broken sobs
instead but that was OK. Tom talked for him.

"Oh this is soooo good. You're so tight Chak. I think I'm going to
come, oh yeah, oh yeah I am, I am, I.-aaah-!"

Lowering his head, Tom bit into the top of his shoulder as he pumped
faster. The small pain melded into his intense pleasure and Chakotay
came explosively flooding the space between their bellies. As Tom's
orgasm hit shortly after, he screamed so loud that Chakotay was
almost convinced they really could hear him in the Alpha quadrant.

"Oh baby that was great." Tom pulled out and fell to his back beside

With an effort that was worth it, Chakotay turned his head to stare
at the finely sculpted body glazed gloriously with a fine sheen of
sweat beside him. He had done that, the commander thought with
pride. It had been his body that had been responsible for bringing
that wild young thing to orgasm. It made him feel new and
rejuvenated. He reached across to the spin the blue bead at his
lover's groin.

"It held."

Tom tilted his face towards him. "What did?"

"Your theory. It did feel good."

Throwing back his head and exposing his tender pale throat, Tom