Title: The Injury - P2
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17 most certainly.
Series: 2 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Plastic is out and flesh is in, literally.

Gods he was sore.

The combination of his shoulder, fucking himself and sleeping all
night on the living room floor, had made Tom a walking, talking mass
of hurt. He shifted his rear in his seat at the helm while listening
to Chakotay speak to the captain behind him. The mild discomfort in
his ass transmuted into pleasure as the commander's vocalizations
filled his ears and Tom added another ache to his list.

Briefly tearing his eyes away from his console, he looked down his
enlarged groin to see a small wet spot. Oh fuck he should have worn
underwear. Gripping the sleeve of his uniform, Tom tried to
nonchalantly sop up the mark with the hem but only succeeded in
spreading the stain and make his stiff cock weep more profusely.
Giving up, he returned his hands to the helm's controls. He still
had half an hour before his shift ended. The resilient material
would dry spotlessly by then as long as seeping stopped. That would
mean deflating his erection. Tom concentrated on the starfield ahead
and not the hunk with the buttery voice behind him.

Breaking his just made vow, he tried to understand exactly why
Chakotay was making the little guy in his pants do handstands.

As he'd walked to appointment last night, Tom had amused himself by
thinking that the dull first officer could probably put him to sleep
just by saying hello. Excitement and fun weren't words he associated
with Chakotay and he'd been surprised when that assessment changed.
It had been the Neelix remark that had shifted his mindset. Well
that and the husky voice that had poured forth from that incredibly
sensuous mouth. Before then Tom hadn't considered the sedate older
man as a sexual partner but now that he had it was driving him crazy
with lust. His damp lap was proof of that.

Which brought him back to his present dilemma. If he didn't want to
spend every duty shift with a raging hard on he was going to have to
get the commander to fuck him and judging by the man's startled
reaction to his touch last night that meant seducing him. It might
be a challenge but he was up for it. Tom peeked downward and

Oh yeah he was definitely 'up' for it.



Chakotay looked away from the report his distracted mind refused to
digest and to the doors of his office. Tom Paris sashayed through
its entrance and like poetry in motion, elegantly folded his lean
body into the chair on the other side of his desk. Spirits had he
always moved that way? Stamping down his mounting arousal, he turned
away from his monitor to face him dead on.

"Was there something you wanted Lieutenant?"

"I wanted to tell you that I'm not wearing any underwear."

That little factoid caused his bottom lip to drop. Quickly closing
his mouth and regaining his composure, Chakotay answered back in what
he hoped was a professional unaffected voice.

"And was there anything else Mr Paris?"

Tom placed his elbows on his desk and propped his chin up with his

"Yeah I want you to run your big hands up and down the skin of my
thighs, crawl between my legs and bury your head in my crotch." The
pilot stood and began creeping over the top of his desk, pulling
himself along with his hands. "And then I want you to turn me over
fuck me so hard they'll hear my screams all the way to the Alpha

Chakotay pushed his chair back when the blond got close enough to
reach out and touch him. Tom reconnoitered and continued his advance
slinking around the desk to his position behind it. Chakotay was
again fascinated by the way the younger man moved and sat frozen in
his chair. The pilot took advantage of his immobility and straddled
him. He could feel the man's erection against his own.

"I want to taste your cock and flick my tongue over it." Tom
whispered into his ear before nipping at the lobe.

The sharp pain broke his paralysis and Chakotay bolted upright,
spilling the blond to floor.

"Fuck!" The lieutenant rubbed at his shoulder and looked up. "OK
fine. You want to play rough big man, well I can do that too."

Remembering who he was and how he was suppose to behave, Chakotay
moved to the doorway.

"I'm your therapist Mr Paris and this kind of interaction is totally
inappropriate." He stood to the side of the door. "I think it's
time you left. We can talk about this incident in the morning."

With some measure of relief and a little regret Chakotay watched as
Tom hauled himself off the floor and headed in the direction of the
exit. He moved flush to wall to avoid touching him as he walked by.
The pilot was almost at the point where the panels would have slid
open when he changed his trajectory and plastered his frame over
his. Chakotay raised his hands to push him away but Tom deftly
caught his wrists and pinned them over his head.

"I want you to play with my balls and suck them into your mouth one
by one."

"Stop it Tom." He breathed into the blond's face. Tom responded by
grinding pelvis forward.

"And then I want you stick your fingers up my ass and.-"

"Shut up!" Chakotay roared and in a burst of adrenaline he flipped
writhing man over so his back was square with the wall. Tom released
his hands and cupped his ass with his palms.

"Come on Chakotay, shut me up, bang it in there, pound me, come on
you fuck, you hot, hot cock, fuck me!"

It was too much. Professional conduct be damned. Chakotay was burning
so hot with desire for the malcontent daring him with his words, he
didn't give a damn about ethics anymore. All that mattered was
finding a release from this torment.

Pressing his forearms to the wall he took those bittersweet lips with
his savagely. He sucked and bit at Tom's mouth and then plundered
its heat with his tongue mapping out every centimeter of its
interior. Tom scraped his white teeth along his gums and moved his
hands around to open the clasp of his pants. Chakotay moved his hips
back to give the young man better access without losing the taste of
his delicious mouth once.

Long slender fingers slid into his trousers finding his bursting
erection. Tom tore his mouth away, resting his forehead on
Chakotay's shoulder as arm started pumping.

"Do you like this baby?" The pilot's voice was rough but at the same
time silky.


The movement stopped and Chakotay felt a warm hand caress his balls.

"And this?" With a knee the pilot kicked his knees apart. "What
about this baby?" Chakotay felt a digit rim his anus.


The sensation made him go out of his mind with pleasure. It had been
along time since anyone had touched him there. Tom's fingers danced
back up his peritoneum, over his cock and out his trousers. He
brought his golden head up and pierced Chakotay with his crystal blue

"I like it too baby. I like it a lot."

Slipping away from the wall, Tom moved over to the end of the lounge
and stood with his back to him. Undoing his pants he let them fall
to his ankles and bent forward lifting his white ass in invitation.

"Do it Chakotay."

After taking a moment to worship the young man's anatomy with his
eyes, he moved forward to the same with his hands. Running his palms
up along the insides of Tom's smooth thighs, he grasped the firm pale
globes and pulled them apart to prepare the opening.

Spirits! Tom anus was already stretched and waiting for his
entrance. Chakotay rubbed the head of his wet penis over the hole
smearing it with his pre-cum. Tom shuddered and jabbed his hips back,
embedding the tip partially.

"Fucking do it!" He screamed over his shoulder.

"We need lube."

"Been there done that. Now just shove goddammit!"

Unable to hold back any longer, Chakotay did was he told and pushed
the purple crest in deeper. It popped through the smaller ring and
then slid in easily into the pre-slicked passage. Part of his mind
he registered the fact that Tom had come to his office tonight
prepared for this to happen as the rest of it went into Paris

Unable to keep to the niceties he normally adhered to when making
love for the first time with someone, he shoved his dick in to the
hilt all in one shot. The pilot cried out and shoved back hard
enough to bruise Chakotay's hips.

"Talk to me Chakotay."

He wanted him to talk while he was doing this? Was he nuts? Then he
remembered who he had his dick in and thought, of course he was.

"What do you want me to say?" He propelled his hips forward and then
back as he spoke.

"Oh fuck that's good." Tom fingers clawed at the cushions of the
couch. "I don't know anything just talk. General Order One, yeah
oooh, that's it. Tell me about the Prime Directive baby!"

Thankful that the regulation had been burned into his skull at the
academy, Chakotay fucked the squalling lieutenant mercilessly while
he recited the Federation's number one rule.

The words blurred into one another as the familiar burning in his
veins settled into his balls, bringing their sac tight up into his
body. Tom's caterwauling intensified to a fevered pitch and Chakotay
came, orgasming deep within the young man's body. He pumped a few
last times before his knees gave out and he collapsed to the rug.
Tom fell with him, grunting loudly as thet hit the floor still
spooned together.

"Did you come?"

Chakotay reached around the sweating pilot to check, berating himself
for not seeing to the other man's pleasure as he sought his own. Tom
batted his hand away before he had a chance to touch him.

"Yeah and it's going to be a bitch to get the stain out of your

Chakotay looked to the lounge and in relief saw a patch of wet gunk
along its side.


"Good?" Tom shifted his hips forward enough to break their precious
bond. He didn't look over his shoulder as he spoke but kept his gaze
straight ahead. "That was fan fucking tastic Commander."

Getting up off the floor the pilot continued to face away from him as
he brought his pants back up and fastened them. Chakotay feeling a
like an idiot lying on the floor by himself followed and secured his
own trousers. Finally after righting himself Tom turned to look at
him with a bright smile.

"We'll have to do that again."

There was no use in saying no as Chakotay had already trashed his
ethics beyond salvage. He knew he wanted this again as Tom knew he
did. The only thing he had left was to make sure nobody else did,
like the captain for instance.

"We'll have to be discreet."

Tom sauntered up to him and ran a delicate finger along his jawline.

"Whatever you say baby. Nobody has to know you're fucking someone
from the wrong side of the social tracks."

"It's not social, it's.-"

"Look Chakotay I really don't give a flying fuck what your reasons
are for wanting to keep this secret." His finger trailed down his
chest until it reached his groin. When it got there its fellows
joined it and squeezed. "As long as you keep sticking this up my ass
my lips are sealed. Get it?"

A moan escaped his lips before he answered. "Yes I understand."

"That's a good commander."

With one last squeeze the beautiful blue-eyed pilot left his office
and Chakotay sought the cold comfort of his desk chair. Once he was
sitting he rested his elbows on his desk and cradled his head in his

He had just screwed his patient and it had been a mind blowing, life
altering experience. Chakotay didn't know whether to be happy or sad
about it but he did know one thing.

He'd never been screwed back with such finesse in his entire life.