Title: The Injury - P12
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 12 of 12
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Chakotay and the Toms tie the knot.

The ceremony had been beautiful. I think I even cried.

When the captain had asked Tom if would take Chakotay as his lawfully
wedded husband, I did feel a wetness on my cheeks as I stood behind
my creator and said the words with him.

I had been honoured when the two men had ask to have their wedding in
my cloud and even more when they asked me to stand up with them. I
think I might have cried then too.

They look so happy and I'm tempted to walk over and share their joy
but not right now. Today is for them and so will be tonight, their
wedding night. Tom promised me that they activate me on their
honeymoon but I told him no. Time doesn't move the same for me here
on the holodeck so it won't matter if they come for me tomorrow, in
two years or never again. I won't know.

Ah the guests are laughing. Tom must be telling the story about how
the big man proposed again. I don't need to hear it because I was
there. Chakotay only shutdown my video emitters, so I heard every
word of the awkward proposal. It was thoughtful and much appreciated
gesture. Gods I love that man.


It's him. I was so busy thinking about him, I didn't notice him slip
away from the crowd.

"Congratulations Chak."

He slips his powerful arms around my waist and kisses my lips softly.

"You too Poocuh."

Oh man he called me husband. I slide my hands up his chest and rest
my forehead against his. I'm leaking again.

"I love you Chakotay."

"And I love you too Brightness."

He pulls me full into his body and I know he means it. I float for
awhile in his embrace trying to burn into my holographic memory his
smell, his taste and his touch. It doesn't matter that I'm not
capable of ever forgetting.

"Hey is this a private party or can anybody join in?"

I look up over Chakotay's shoulder to see Tom's smiling face. It may
vain, but I think he's the most beautiful creature I've ever known.
He brought me to life and then gave me one. I owe all that I am to

Chak turns and invites him into the embrace. Now I have both of them
in my arms and it's wonderful. We stand awhile just holding each
other, celebrating our love with the simple contact. I break away

"It's time for the both of you to go."

They don't argue but just nod and kiss me one at a time on the
mouth. They gazed at each other and I see the bond they share in
their eyes. It's something I may be able to bask in but never truly
touch but it's OK. I'm not unhappy because I know most holograms
don't even get that much.

I'm one of the lucky ones.


He was the luckiest man in the universe.

Feeling blessed, Chakotay reclined on the bed and watched as his new
husband disrobed in the candlelight. The lean body stretched and
arched gracefully as each garment was removed, exposing its ivory
skin inch by delectable inch.

The pale slender form contrasted well with his own dark heavier
body. The big man smiled to himself. The differences in their
bodies were reflective of their entire relationship.

Light and dark, wild and steadfast and even gold and silver, they
were all opposing elements that had been brought successfully
together with love. It had been that merging they had celebrated

"Are you ready for me big man?"

"I have been for years, now come here."

Turning on his side, Chakotay waited for Tom to fill the gap beside
him. Obliging him quickly, the blond melded his frame to his until
they were one.

With their hands and mouths they explored each other's bodies, in
soft unhurried movements allowing their passion to build slowly.

When Tom's hips began a steady rocking motion, he new it was time to
accelerate the pace, so reaching down he grasped both the erections
in the palm of his hand. The pulsing rods were similar in size and
would facilitate well with the next part of his seduction.

Carefully pinching his gold barbell between two fingers, Chakotay
threaded one of it bulbous ends into Tom's silver hoop. The action
caused a slight draw on his lover's penis and he moaned.

"Oh fuck Chak what are you doing?"

"Completing our bonding. Cover my hand with yours."

Once their fingers were intertwined, Chakotay began move his hand
from the base of their cocks to their weeping tips. Each time he
reached the top, he flicked their rings with his free thumb. The
action dislodged the collected moisture easing the passage of his
palm and enhanced their joining. The combination of practicality and
pleasure was yet another melding of their love.

"Faster Chak, go faster." Tom breathed into his neck.

Tom's hips rocker harder against his and Chakotay had no choice but
speed the movement of his arm for fear of losing their mutual
rhythm. It was no hardship.

Letting go of the here and now, he let himself fall into the bliss of
feeling his husband's cock move with his. Automatically his arm
moved as his conscious thought was overwhelmed by spiraling
sensation. The only thing able to pierce the fog was Tom's scream as
his orgasm hit his slender body. Fisting harder, Chakotay ripped his
own release from his body. Even after they were both spent they
still remained joined by both fingers and rings.

"Holy fuck Chak, talk about exchanging rings. That was fan fucking

Spirits he was talking already. With gargantuan effort Chakotay
opened his eyes and responded to his husband.

"Maybe we should get Tommy pierced and try that all together."

"Interesting idea." The blond frowned in concern. "Do you miss him

"No Tom, I see him every time I look into your beautiful face."

"Well then maybe we should install mirrors on the ceiling so I can
see him too."

By devilish smile on Tom's face, Chakotay knew he'd just been
suckered in to try yet another toy. Not that he minded but he could
use the request to find out something he'd wanted to know for a long

"OK Tom but on one condition?"

"Anything baby?"

"Tell me how you hurt your shoulder."

When the playful gleam left the sparkling blue eyes, he began to
regret his question.

"OK but it was really stupid."

"You don't have to tell me Poocuh if you don't want to."

"No it's all right." He took a deep breath. "I fell in the shower."

"And what were you playing with in the shower?"

"Nothing. I was just washing my hair and slipped."

"That's it? You weren't pleasuring yourself or.-"

"No. Shit Chak, even I can be ordinary sometimes."

Ordinary? Tom was a lot of things but never that. Laughter bubbled
up from deep within his chest as pulled the contrite young man to his

"Oh Poocuh you couldn't be ordinary if you tried."

"Really and that's OK?"


The impish grin returned as Tom shifted his hips forward and ground
their rings together deliciously.

"Good. Now talk dirty to me Chak and make me feel extra ordinary."