Title: The Injury - P11
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 11 of 12
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Both Tom and Chakotay kiss and tell.

"Oh yeah harder Chak! Oh fuck I'm coming!"

"Me too. Oh, oh, oh yes Chakotay!"

Twin fountains of creamy ejaculate arched up and splashed on mirrored
golden haired chests. In tandem both men cooed softly their love for
Voyager's first officer while they milked their cocks dry in slow
lazy strokes.

Snuggling together and nesting deeper into the coloured pillows of
the holodeck, the two naked men drifted awhile thinking about their
mutual love before emerging from their haze.

"That wasn't breaking the rules was it?"

"No I didn't touch you and you didn't touch me. Shit Tommy it wasn't
even you I was thinking about."

"Me neither. When did that change?"

"When we fell in love I guess."

"He told me last night he loves me too. Is that OK?"

"Yeah. He's got good taste."

"And he tastes good."

"Very funny." A thoughtful pause. "He does though doesn't he?"

"You had him last night, didn't you?"


"No, no it's OK. Just tell me about it."

"What and start another circle jerk? I did come here to talk and not
talk to come you know."

"Give me break, will ya?"

"OK but then we talk, OK?"


"We did it au natural. No bells or whistles, just us."


"In my bed. I lit candles so the whole room glowed."

"His honey brown skin shone too didn't it?"

"Yes. It was smooth like velvet and I tried to touch every inch of
it as he kissed me. Chak's mouth was soft and gentle at first then
became hard and insistent. His hands were shaking as he moved them
up and down my sides."

"He was starting to lose it, wasn't he? I love it when he does that."

"Me too so I pushed him further over the edge by playing with his
barbell, moving it backwards and forward flexing my wrist until he
started to buck so hard I didn't have to move at all."

"Oh fuck that's hot. What did he do next?"

"He slammed me back against the mattress and started biting and
licking my nipples. I tried to grab at his hair but he moved too fast
me and before I knew it he was playing with my hoop with his warm wet

"And then he went down on you, right? What did you do?"

"I screamed his name and pumped into his mouth. I couldn't move too
much though cause he was holding me down by the hips but I did try."

"I saw the bruises."

"Oh no those happened when he stuck a greased finger up my ass and
had to use his forearm to keep me still. When the third finger hit
my gland, it couldn't stand it and I exploded into his mouth."

"Did he let you go then?"

"Yeah but first he drank every drop of me. I was still riding the
high and didn't realize he was gone until he kicked my legs apart. I
barely had time to grab the back of my knees before he started
ramming into me."

"Oh, oh all of him at once?"

"Yeah, you're touching yourself aren't you Tommy?"

"So what if I am, so are you 'Tom'. Go on with the story pleaase!"

"Well he's in full animal mode by now and couldn't be gentle if he
wanted to be. Over and over he slammed into me. He went so deep and
hard, I could feel his balls slap my tailbone."


"Ah yeah.ah and then.oh, oh."

"Dammit talk Paris!"

"He's growling.oh and biting my ah, my ah, neck!"

"Tell me, oh god, oh gods tell me!"

"Chak's coming! He thrusting so fast and it feels so fucking good,
oh so fucking, fucking good!"

"Oh shit, Tom!"


Two hot sticky streams pulsed over contracted bellies and moving
fists. Gluing themselves together with their love of a dark haired
man, two sated blondes held each other tight.

"Let's sleep a bit first before we talk OK Tom?"

"You're a hologram Tommy. You can't sleep."

"No but I can dream."


"So did you have a good time last night Kathryn?"

They were supposed to discussing crew evaluations but Chakotay was
tired of competing with the viewport in the ready room for her
attention. The reports could wait. The captain curled her feet
under her legs and smiled at him across the top of her morning coffee.


"I'll take that a yes."

"A definite one."

"That good?" He didn't know why he asked because he really didn't
want to know. Chakotay still had a sore spot when it came to Gerron
Tem. Whenever he thought of the quiet young man he remembered that
the Bajoran had probably touched all the same places he had on Tom.
It wasn't exactly jealousy but more like envy because Tem had got
there first.

"It was marvelous, he was marvelous." Kathryn purred.

"Marvelous." He swung his datapad up in front her dreamy face. "Do
you think we could get back to work now?"

Breaking out of her haze, Kathryn sat up.

"Not so fast wonder-lips. I hear I missed one hell of a floor show
before I got to the party." She kicked a foot out at him. "You know
the routine Chakotay, now give."

"It was nothing."

"Nothing! Biting the buttons Tom's off shirt with your teeth while
you ravaged him over the beer keg isn't what I'd call nothing."

"I didn't bite the buttons off! One might have fallen off when I was
kissing his neck but.-"

"I see it was just a simple ravaging then."

Chakotay didn't know why he bothered to try to keep anything from
her. Kathryn had been his friend for too long and knew how to pushed
all the right buttons in the right sequence.

"We kissed and yes it might have gotten a little out of hand but then
we got a hold of ourselves and moved to more secluded area of the

"Thanks to Samantha Wildman. So," She tilted her head at him
expectantly. "Now that you ruined the poor boy's reputation, what
are you going to do about it?"

"Not a thing." It was time to for the captain to squirm in her seat.

"Excuse me?"

She put her cup down before she spilled it.

"Oh come on Chakotay. You're such a diehard traditionalist that if
Admiral Paris were on Voyager, you would have asked his permission to
date his son. Don't tell me you're not going to make your
relationship with Tom official."

Oh this was great. It wasn't too often he was able to make Kathryn's
eyes bug outside their sockets. This was a thing to be savored and
not wasted.

"I didn't say that. If he asks me, I'll say yes."

"Him ask you?"

"Yes Kathryn. In fact he almost did the other night."

"How do you know that?"

"He talks a lot when he's ah, ah.-over stimulated."

You're mine, my husband, Tom had promised. It had been very faint but
Chakotay had been paying particular attention at the time and even if
he hadn't, it would have been hard not hear the epitaph as his lover
screamed it out in orgasm.

"OK I'm not even going ask what that's supposed to mean."

"Good because I wouldn't tell you. Suffice it to say, Tom wants to
be my husband and he will ask to be eventually."

"And you're going sit quietly and wait until he does?"


"Ah ha! I knew it!" She leaned forward, conspiracy burning bright
in her hazel eyes. "What have you done?"

"You remember Tom talking about Tommy? He doesn't know it but he's
going to help me hasten the process."


Chakotay was glad he'd sparked her interest because for his plan to
work, he was going need her help.

"I'll make you a deal. If you let me leave the bridge at any given
time, no questions asked, I'll give you play by play of the proposal."

It was an offer that the romantic in her couldn't refuse.


Knowing it was unlikely they'd get any more work done this morning,
Chakotay excused himself and headed back to his station on the
bridge. As the doors of the ready room swished opened he heard
Kathryn call out from behind him.

"Details Commander! I'll want details!"


"So what did you want to talk about Tom"

Grabbing a hot pink pillow, the pilot wiped down his gummy front.

"Oh we can talk now, can we? You know you're awful horny for a

"Hey I'm a product of my environment, go figure. Now what was it you
were to so hot to trot to talk about."

He tossed the soiled pillow into the far reaches of the cloud before
turning on one elbow to face his twin.

"I need advice Tommy."

"From me?"

"Yeah you."

He'd thought about going to Sam with his question but she didn't know
what Chakotay would like as well as the hologram would. Besides it
seemed only fitting somehow that Tommy should know his intentions

"What's the perfect way to propose to Chak?"

Tommy's mouth erupted into a wide Cheshire cat like grin and like the
fabled feline it was the last thing he saw as he dissolved into

"What the fuck?"

As he spun his head around, Tom watched as the floating cloud he was
lying naked in reverted to black and gold lines of the hologrid. He
sat up beside the rumpled pile of his uniform on the hard cold floor.

"Computer reinstate program Tommy One."

"Unable to comply."

"Why not?"

"Access to holographic protocols have been suspended from Lieutenant
Thomas Paris."

Oh really? Tom didn't know what kind of glitch had affected the
ship's computer but he did know he could fix it. He was good with
hands in more way than one.

"Computer display arch."

"Unable to comply." Came the haughty voice.

Oh that was just fucking wonderful. If couldn't access the arch, not
only did it mean he couldn't bring Tommy back online, it also meant
he couldn't leave, shit. Being trapped on the holodeck was a hell of
a way to spend an afternoon off. It looked like he was going to have
to call Sam to help him out after all.

Snatching his jacket from the floor, Tom pressed his communicator
between two fingers. Nothing, no chirp or even a feedback squeal.
The gold and silver device was dead. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

He was about to fling the useless garment across the room when the
arch appeared and the doors slid opened. Thinking modesty was the
better part of valor in this instance, Tom quickly tied the jacket
around his waist.

"The answer's yes Tom."



Tom stood in the middle of the stripped room blue eyes wide with only
his red and gold jacket tied at his slim hips. Spirits he was
beautiful and probably always would be no matter how old he got or
how many babies he had.

"Man I'm glad you're here. I was talking to Tommy and then all of a
sudden everything stopped working." His voice began to rise
hysterically as he flailed his long arms about. "I called the
computer and it wouldn't listen, my communicator wouldn't work and I,

"Come here Poocuh"

Chakotay held his arms out wide and Tom rushed into them burying his
blond head into his shoulder. With gentle soothing strokes along his
bare back he calmed the trembling young man.

"I'm so sorry Tom, I didn't mean to scare you."

Tom lifted his head. "I wasn't scared, I was pissed or at least I
thought I was until you showed up to save me." The pilot's head went
back down to nestle in the jointure between his neck and
shoulder. "Shit I sound like a five year old, I'm sorry Chak."

"Don't be Poocuh."

While Chakotay rocked him in his arms, he berated himself for such an
ill thought out plan. Once his comm badge alerted him that Tom asked
Tommy about marriage, the program was only supposed to shut down and
to hold him there until he could get to the holodeck to accept the
proposal. He hadn't counted on the systems shutdown frightening the
normally brash pilot. It was 'supposed' to be romantic and
spontaneous for spirits sake.

"Yes what?" Said a small voice below his ear.

He pulled Tom's head back so he could see his face. Chakotay brush
his cheek with his thumb and gave him a rueful smile.

"Yes I'll marry you?"

"Did I ask you?" Confusion clouded his blue eyes.

"No, not in so many words." A thought occurred to Chakotay. Maybe
the alterations he'd made hadn't work as planned. "Did you want me
to ask you?"

"No I 'was' I going ask you, I just don't remember doing it is all."


They stood silently looking into each other eyes wondering what do
next. It was as usual, Tom who spoke first. His tone was tentative.

"So were getting married then?"

"Only if you want to Tom."

"I do. Do you?"

"I already said yes."

"Oh right."

Like the early morning sunrises on Dorvan V Chakotay cherished in a
special place in his heart, understanding dawned on his Poocuh's face
and he beamed brilliantly.

"We are getting married Chak."