Title: The Injury - P10
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: NC 17
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Series: 10 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: TGIF!

Now this was more like it!

As he walked into Harry's cabin, Tom drank in the sounds of raucous
laughter and music playing loud enough to feel its driving beat thrum
in his chest. There was no elegantly laid dinner service here but a
table heavily laden with a keg of beer and salty snacks.

"Is Kathryn here?" Chakotay yelled into his ear.

Tom scoped out the dimly lit room for the captain. He didn't see her
but he did see Tuvok in a Delaney sandwich in the far corner. The
Vulcan's dark head was lowered in conspiracy between the sisters
amused faces and he didn't seemed to mind their lingering hands on
his biceps. Oh shit, the security officer was in more danger than he
realized. Tom knew from personal experience that the combined forces
of both Jenny and Meghan could rival a Borg attack any day.

"I don't think she's here yet." He took his lover by the
elbow. "Come on, let's go get a drink."

Wading through a sea of curious faces, he steered Chak over to
the 'refreshment' table.

This party was Friday night tradition on Voyager. It was a way for
the lower decks to blow off the steam that accumulated after what was
invariably a stressed out week shipboard. Rotating through various
crewmen's quarters, the weekly bash rarely saw hide nor hair of a
commanding officer, save him, Harry and a few others who knew how to
leave their rank at the door.

Glancing back at Tuvok, who was now sharing a beer with Jenny, it was
evident the tall Vulcan was playing by the rules and had been
accepted by the crowd. Could Chak and the captain do that and if
they could, would they be welcomed just as warmly? It was a replay
of the previous evening except in reverse. This time it was his
lover and his new best friend that were in the hot seat.

Last night he'd been ready to be snubbed for his lack of intellectual
adroitness but it hadn't happened. After the captain realized that
her first officer was more than a quick fuck for him, she had engaged
him in dinner conversation that spoke to his interests. Tom had
spent almost two hours regaling his fellow guests on navigational
anomalies and then on the lighter side, all the best places to eat on
Risa. He hadn't felt dumb even when the talk turned to metaphysics
and quantum dynamics. All three commanding officers had made sure he
was included in the discussion and asked his opinion on several

Tom had such a good time that he'd invited them all to the Friday
night bash. In truth that may have been the dumbest thing he done
all evening, well that and arranging an introduction between Tommy
and the captain. Tonight was supposed to be the night he and
Chakotay came out to his friends and not a blockbuster showcase.

None of his friends except Tem knew that he and Chak were seeing each
other romantically. Tom hadn't discussed it with Harry or even Sam
and he usually told the kind understanding woman everything. Because
of their platonic friendship, she knew whom he'd fucked, how he'd
fucked them and how many times. It had been harder to talk about
making love so he figured he bring Chak to the party and just
show them all how he felt.

So now he had that to contend with that on top of the captain and
Tommy who was tucked away in the Doc's emitter in the front pocket of
his bluejeans. Observing the speculative glances the commander was
creating were drawing an audience, he thought what the fuck. It was
time to start the show.

"Here Tom."

Chakotay handed him a pale lager in a slim fluted pilsner glass. Tom
drank it all in one go and replaced it with another from the many all
ready poured beside the keg. He drank half of that before turning to
his lover.

"Kiss me."


"Yeah," Tom finished his draft and then peeled Chak's full one from
his fingers and placed it on the table. Slipping his hands into the
back pockets of the tight black jeans his stunned lover was wearing,
Tom pulled their groins together in a way that no one watching would
question their connection.

"Kiss me like you did when you first saw a ring in my cock."

The commander's eyes dilated black with lust and for added effect Tom
balled his fists in his pockets making the wrapping that held his
gilt-edged package tighter. Chakotay wasn't quite used to having a
hoop imbedded in his dick and hadn't yet learned to acclimate himself
to new sensations it afforded.

"Don't Tom."

He began clenching and unclenching his fingers. "Fucking kiss me

"You bastard."

Seizing the back of his neck with both hands, the angry commander
devoured his lips in not a gentle kiss but a savage rendering of his
mouth. Without meaning to go so far, Tom had woken the wild animal
his lover became when he was aroused. At these times, Chak was no
longer the serious stoic commander but a wild thing raging with wants
and desires. In his peripheral hearing, Tom could still hear the
music but the laughter had gone. Except for the thundering down
beat, the room was still.

When a meaty hand twisted into his blond hair and jerked his head
back to expand the area of the sensual onslaught to his throat, Tom
snatched his hands back to Chakotay's shoulders.

"Enough baby." He said weakly being either ignored or not heard.

As teeth scraped his collarbone, Tom hips shot forward of their own
volition and he began grinding his pelvis into the commander's
knocking the big man against the table. Glasses tinkled, then
spilled, creating a waterfall of beer along its flat surface on to
the cabin floor. It was the cheering not the wet ankles that
finally brought him back to his senses.

"I think we get the point Thomas."

They both brought their heads around to the soft-spoken voice that
pierced their sex-crazed fog like a beacon. Standing apart from the
now pheromoned charged crowd, stood Samantha Wildman holding her hand

"Come with me, both of you."

To numb to talk, they followed her lead over to a vacant spot on the
lounge. The rabble parted for them as they went, resuming their
previous festive chatter but at a more fevered pitch than before.
Before sitting them down across from her at as she sat on the edge of
the coffee table, the sedate woman secured each of them tall glasses
of strong blue ale from a passing tray.

"I'm thinking it would have been more tactful to post the complete
manifest of your relationship on the comm system instead of making
out beside the beer keg." She shrugged her frail shoulders and
smiled amiably. "But what do I know. I'm only an old married
woman, maybe your way was more fun."

He looked at Chak who was gulping frantically at his contraband ale.
Unlike him it took the older man longer to come down from a sexual
high, so Tom did the speaking.

"Was it that bad?"

Sam took a sip of her ale before handing the remainder over to
Chakotay who received it greedily.

"Tom you were practically doing it on the dining room table. If you
were trying to make a point, I'd say you did it in spades." Sam
reached forward and rubbed his knee. "Only I'm afraid it's not the
point you meant to make."

"Explain Ensign." The big man demanded, his pupils returning to a
more normal size.

"Well Commander all that little display did was to put you out
there. Before tonight I don't think anyone saw you as possible
sexual partner but now," Sam lifted her eyebrows in
exasperation. "Now I'm afraid you've sparked more than one libido."

"But I was with Tom."

"Another nail in the coffin I'm afraid to say." Sam looked at him
apologetically before turning back to Chakotay. "Look Sir you're as
sexy as all get out but nobody before now thought you had the passion
to go with your looks. Tom's going to be seen as a catalyst and
nothing more unless you go one step further and show them you're not
up for grabs."

"I'm not."

"That much I know or I wouldn't be wasting my time. Tom never kisses
anyone like that in public."

"She's right baby not quite like that." He said, not wanting Chak to
discover Samantha was bending the truth a little. Late at night
when these parties really got going, he'd been known to almost fuck
Tem where he stood against the wall. But that was in a dark corner
of the room and not in right smack dab in the middle of it at the
beginning of the evening when everyone was still somewhat sober.

"No not quite." She conceded. "So what I want you to do is mingle."

"Mingle?" The older man said in disbelief.

"Yes play, flirt but let others know all you want is each other. A
few soul searching looks and salacious remarks about the other's body
should do the trick."

"I don't get it?"

"If you give them romance, they'll forget all about the sex."

"You're sure?" Tom didn't get it.

"Oh yes." She sat forward and brushed his cheek with her small hand
and smiled serenely.

"Sex may sell my sweet Thomas but love is what they really want to


"Man you look hot."

"I don't."

"Yeah you do big guy." Tommy swiped an appreciative hand down his
ass then pushed him back against the vanity in Harry's
bathroom. "And it not because I know what this looks like naked.
Which is not to say I don't like it in its natural state but those
black pants do hold it well."

When the hologram's hand moved around to fondle his crotch he grabbed
the familiar hand.

"This is isn't what you're here for."

"I know, I know I'm here to meet your captain and to make everyone
think you love Tom."

"I do love Tom and don't make it sound as if I don't or you're going
back into his front pocket. Remember activating you was not my
bright idea."

The beautiful hologram pouted and he felt his ring shift slightly.

"I'm a distraction I know. You told me." He melded his lanky body
along Chakotay's pressing seductively into all his hot spots. "You
guys made a mess of yourselves in front everyone and now I have to
clean it up."

"If you want, I can discontinue your program right now. "

"No don't do that." Tommy shuddered visibly and for a hologram that
was quite a trick.

"Oh Brightness it wasn't a threat." He wrapped his arms around the
frightened young man and kissed his temple to reassure him. "I just
meant I don't want you to do anything you don't want to."

This was a bad idea. In fact the entire concept of Tommy coming to
this party was wrong. This wasn't his world.

Sam apparently had always known about Tom's holographic twin and when
she learned he'd brought the toy with him, had insisted they activate
him. Some how or another it was supposed to be a show of his
security. Another way of demonstrating he accepted the pilot for
what he was and wasn't threatened by his past. It was a great idea
for them but a terrible one for Tommy. He wasn't a mere toy anymore
and didn't deserve to be treated this way.

"Voyager to Chakotay."

He broke out his musings to a pair of twinkling blue eyes and a
playful grin.

"Can we leave the bathroom now and join the party?"


"All right!"

With swiftness that was surprising, Tommy flipped the clasp on his
jeans open and pulled down the zipper. Before he had a chance to
protest, long talented fingers were massaging and stroking his cock.
It didn't take long before it was rock hard and weeping.

"Don't Tommy."

"Oh please baby, let me take care of this." He tweaked the gold
barbell and Chakotay's knees went weak. He braced his palms on the
vanity to keep from falling.

"We can't Tom's not here." He had trouble stringing together whole
sentences. "A rule.a rule."

"Fuck the rules and fuck me big guy." Tommy growled.

When the hologram released his grip on his genitals to remove his own
clothing, Chakotay's head cleared. He halted the eager man's

"No Brightness we can't make love now."

He did his pants up noting the disappointment in the hologram's face.

"Later then after we go to the party?"

"You're not going to the party Tommy."

"But I thought you wanted me to seduce the captain?"

"Do you want to?"

"No not really but if you want me to I will."

"I don't." He took the beautiful image of his love's chin with his
thumb and forefinger. "You're mine as much as Tom is and I have no
intention of sharing either one of you ever."

"Because you love us?" The blue eyes sparkled with tears.


Tommy hugged him tightly and planted sweet kisses along his nape.

"We love you too Poocuh."


"Where's Tommy?"

"In my pocket. Is the captain here yet?"

"Ah yeah."


The big man tried to look around him for his commanding officer but
Tom blocked his view. He wasn't sure Chak would like where or
with whom she had ended up with. He however was thrilled.

From the moment his lover had gone into the head to active the
hologram, Tom had been plagued with doubts. There was a reason he'd
programmed Tommy not to want anyone else. The spirited matrix was a
part of him just like his healed shoulder or his dick was and the
only person he wanted to touch any of them was Chak. And since his
lover had emerged from the bathroom with out the hologram, Tom
guessed the big man felt that way too. Good.

"Tom where is she?" His voice was impatient.

Oh fuck this was the part Chak wouldn't like. He pointed to an
overstuffed chair in the corner where Kathryn sat drinking beer with
her new 'friend' perched on its arm.

"Tem? You introduced her to your lover?"

"Shit Chak I'm not sleeping with him anymore and besides she already
knows him."

"Yes but.but," The commander was blinking hard at the sight.
"Did it have to be him?"

"Would you rather it had been Tommy?"

"No Tommy's ours." His lover said adamantly.

Ours? When the hell did that happen? Tom stuck his face between the
scene in the corner and the commander's stare.

"Did you fuck him in the bathroom Chakotay?"

"What?" The dark cheeks burnished. "No. We talked and then we held
each other, that's all."

Tom knew full well how Tommy 'hugged' so he suspected a little more
than that had transpired. Well that and Chak's reddened cheeks.
After all he'd shown and done to the big man these past weeks, he had
never blushed once.

"I didn't make love to him Tom but," His lover gazed down at his feet
and whispered. "I wanted to but you weren't there."

Well, well, well. Maybe the stoic commander had a little kink in him
after all. Tom wanted to be jealous but he was too overjoyed that
Chakotay had crossed to his side of fence to care. Getting a ring
was one thing but desiring both him and Tommy at the same time was
different. It showed some sexual initiative and he liked that.

"It's OK Chak."

"You sure?"

"Oh yeah baby." Tom pulled him in and nibbled on his ear as he
spoke. "Now let's blow this popsicle stand and go home and make love"

"All right but on one condition."

"What's that Poocuh?" He rubbed their rings together through the
double layer of denim. Chak's breath hitched and he had to bite at
his bottom lip before answering.

"That we do it alone and without any toys."

"You got it big guy."

Placing his slender hand in Chakotay's meatier one, Tom weeded them
through the throng of partiers and took his boyfriend home.