Title: The Injury
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 1 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Chakotay becomes Tom's physical therapist.

"Hold still Mr Paris."

Matching the holodoc's sneer with a spectacular one of his own, Tom
shifted his butt cheeks once more for spite.

"I could sedate you."

Carefully cradling his left arm in his right, Tom leant forward from
his sitting position on the bio-bed and smiled sweetly. "Yeah and I
could alter your program so that when you sang you'd sound like
Neelix with a head cold."

"Do you want me to heal the tear in you deltoid or not?" As his
vocal synthesizers strained to their limit, the Doc slammed the
regenerator down on the bed.

The vibration sparked the pain in his shoulder and he winced
visibly. From the smug expectant look on the doctor's face it was
obvious he'd caught the reaction. Tom winced again. Damn.

The lieutenant hated being a patient or more specifically the Doc's
patient. While the hologram's bedside manner had improved during
their years in the Delta quadrant when treating other patients, it
seemed to revert to day one whenever it was his turn. Tom didn't
know why but he was sure it wasn't his fault. He wasn't anything but
charming around the Doc. Well most of the time anyway.

"I'm waiting." The hologram's eyebrows rose into his baldpate.

"Has anyone ever told you, you have the beside manner of the Marquis
De Sade?" Tom sat silently a few minutes trying to stare the doctor
down while the pain in his upper arm screamed. When the sweat began
rolling down his brow into his eyes, he caved.

"OK I'll sit still."

"Thank you Mr Paris." Tom wasn't sure but he thought he heard relief
in the Doc's voice. The hologram picked up the regenerator and began
passing it over his injured left shoulder. He talked as he

"Do you mind telling me how you managed to tear the muscle from your
skeletal frame so spectacularly?"

Tom did actually but after the emotional tug of war he'd just
experienced with the holodoc, he wasn't about to relate the
humiliating experience. However since the Doc's was taking away the
excruciating stinging, Tom felt he had to give him something.
Something he would believe. He lifted one corner of his mouth

"Sex." The medical instrument wavered. "Would you like the

"Thank you no." The whirring stopped and the Doc stood back and
replaced the device on the tray beside the bed. "Done."

Tom let go of his cradled arm and flexed his left shoulder
experimentally. A pain so bright it brought tears to his eyes lanced
from his elbow to his neck.

"Fuck!" He glared at the Doc. "I thought you said you fixed it!"

Unfazed by his outburst the doctor stood looking at him
impassively. "The damage has been repaired, however there may be
some residual pain."

"Some? Shit Doc it feels like I've been arm wrestling at Sandrine's
all-night and losing." He wrapped his left arm around his torso to
still the agony. "I can't work this way, you gotta do something."

Stroking his chin thoughtfully, the doctor paced before him. He
stopped. "I could give you an opiate but besides being addictive, it
would affect your motor skills. You couldn't pilot the ship while
receiving treatment."

Drugs and Tom Paris didn't mix well together for any reason and he
needed to fly Voyager like he needed to sleep and eat.

"Nope, next option."

"Of course." The Doc lowered his head in thought a moment before
raising it again. "How about T.E.N.S.?"

"Tens?" Tom squinted one blue eye at him suspiciously. "That's not
another drug, is it?"

"No it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation."

"Now that sounds like torture. You're sure you're not related to the
evil old Marquis?" The Doc rolled his eyes at his flippant remark.
Tom smiled feeling a little more in control of the situation at being
able to get the Doc's goat.

"I assure you Mr Paris the procedure is quite painless. It merely
involves a small electrical current running through your skin into
the nerve fibres to stimulate your body's own pain-fighting

"And what are the side-effects?"

"None and after three 30 minute treatments daily, you should feel
better in a week to ten days."

"Treatments here in Sickbay administered by you?" Oh joy his two
favorite things. "Isn't there anything else?"

Tom's voice was slightly whiny, but coupled with the fire in his arm
and the prospect of spending more time with the Doc he couldn't help
it. The hologram sighed loudly at him before consulting the medical
database to find another avenue of treatment.

"There is hypoanalgesia. There's no side effects and after a few
supervised sessions, you could continue the therapy in the privacy of
your cabin on your own."

Intrigued Tom asked, "What is it?"

"Essentially it's self hypnosis. The technique relaxes the body
causing a natural reduction of pain and with proper use of suggestion
the pain can be eliminated entirely for short periods of time."

"Bingo that's the one! Sign me up Doc!"

"Fine I'll contact Commander Chakotay and schedule you for a

Whoa! Tom knew this treatment had to be too good to be true. He had
nothing against the commander for a long time now but they didn't
travel in the same social circle. Chakotay spent time with serious
types like Tuvok and the captain while Tom hung out with party
animals like Harry and Delaney sisters. So involving the first
officer in his recovery was just a little too up close and personal
than he was used to and it bothered him. Tom didn't know why, it
just did.

"Does it have to be Chakotay?"

Exasperation coloured the doctor's ears and forehead red as he
answered. "The commander is Voyager's resident expert on meditative
practices. Of course it has to be him." The holodoc stood back from
his console and threw out his arms. "That's it Lieutenant. It's
either Commander Chakotay or me. You're welcome to search the
database yourself for another alternative, but I assure you, you
won't find one."

Tom slipped off the bio-bed at the doctor's offer but as his feet hit
the hard surface of Sickbay's floor, the pain in his shoulder re-
asserted itself. Tom had to grab the edge of the bed with his
uninjured right hand to keep his knees from giving way.

"Fine." He uttered through clenched teeth. "I'll take Chakotay."


It almost looked romantic.

Chakotay hastily went about the living room of his quarters
extinguishing the strategically placed thick white candles and
ordered the computer to set the room's illumination at thirty
percent. Satisfied the lower light level still gave his cabin a
relaxed atmosphere without looking seductive, the commander settled
on the couch to wait for his appointment to arrive.


Man it was dark.

"Uh Commander?"

"Come in Lieutenant. Please have a seat."

As his eyes got used to the dimness of the room, Tom spied Chakotay
standing by the edge of the lounge. He walked over and sat down
carefully. The first officer supported his decent on his good side
with a solid arm and then joined him on the couch.

"Would like you to something to drink or shall we begin."

His mouth was as dry as a Vulcan desert but Tom didn't want to delay
the session. Besides being a little nervous, he was hurting and
wanted relief.

"No let's just do it."

"All right. Lay back and close your eyes."

He followed Chakotay's direction, leaning back into the padded
cushions of the lounge and throwing his feet up on the coffee table.

"OK now what?"

"Now just listen." Tom heard the crunch of the commander's body
against the fabric of the couch. When he talked again Tom could tell
he was sitting closer. The sound of his voice was nearer to his ear
and he could smell that sweet earthy smell that only Chakotay had.

"If you read the data the doctor downloaded you know that hypnosis is
only another form of meditation. Under its influence you become
highly suggestible but you won't do anything you wouldn't normally
do. I can't make you overload the warp core or make love to Neelix
unless you really want to. Understand?"

A funny commander? Well this was new. Tom released a short nervous
laugh and sank deeper into the lounge. His shoulder felt better

"Yeah I'm not going to fuck Neelix."

"OK. Now what I'm going to do is talk you down. All you have to do
is listen to my voice and follow my instructions."

Concentrating on the commander's low baritone, Tom complied with its
instructions as he was systematically told to release the stress in
his body limb by limb. Finally he reached a plateau where he felt
like he was floating and nothing but the sound of Chakotay's voice

"Now Tom wash away the hurt. Can you feel it fall away from you?"

"Yes." And he did. As the pain drifted away, he was breathing
pleasantly, slowly drifting deeper and deeper with each breath.

"Good Tom. You're doing well. Now as I count to three you are going
to slowly, gradually, pleasantly wake up. You will return to your
normal waking state except that you will feel no pain. Now, starting
up.one.becoming more alert.two, getting ready to wake
up.three wake

Tom's eyes fluttered opened. Turning his head to the side, he looked
into a pair of serene ebony eyes and smiled.

"Did I bang a Talaxian?"

Chakotay gave him a closed mouth Mona Lisa smile back. It was
beautiful. "Everything that happened you remember. How do you feel?"

As he did in Sickbay, Tom tested his left shoulder. It spasmed
marginally at the movement but didn't bring tears to his eyes.

"Good I think." He held out his arm and flexed his fingers
easily. "How long is this going to last?"

"Until you become tense again. Your body's normal reaction to the
pain is to tighten up causing more discomfort. It's an accumulative
effect that will need to be siphoned off periodically until your
shoulder heals."

"So I'll have to keep coming here until I'm better?"

"No I've made you what's called an induction recording of my talk
down. You can play it at home when the pain reoccurs."

If he didn't feel so damn good right now, Tom would have been
disappointed. It was nice here. The room was quiet and comfortable
and Chakotay's presence was soothing. No not soothing, sensual. Tom
felt just like he'd just been thoroughly and wonderfully fucked. As
he would with any other lover, he reached out and stroked the
commander's cheek with the back of his hand affectionately.

At the contact, Chakotay shot back to the opposite side of the
lounge. With amusement Tom watched as the big man tried to regain
his composure by straightening the bottom of his uniform jacket. His
father did used to do the same thing when he became nervous. The
Admiral had called it the Picard Maneuver.

"You should go now Lieutenant."

"Now? We're done?"

"Yes if you need to see me again, contact the doctor and he'll
schedule you another appointment."

It was a brush off. It didn't happen very often to him but Tom knew
one when he saw it. Normally his pride would automatically contract
and he'd come back with a cutting reply. However with Chakotay it was
different. Maybe it was hypnosis or maybe it was because as the same
time the commander's voice was telling him to leave, Tom was almost
certain his dark gorgeous eyes were begging him to stay. It was a
toss up.

"What are you doing tomorrow night?" He peered across the couch at
the commander seductively through his blond lashes.

"Why don't you see until you feel tomorrow and then check in with the
doctor first. OK?"


Tom lifted his languid form up from the couch and walked to the
door. After a moment of fumbling at something, Chakotay followed at
his heels and escorted him keeping a respectful distance. When he
reached the exit, Tom turned.

"If I need you, will you be there for me?"

"Try the recording first." The commander handed him a thin iso-
linear chip.

Nodding Tom left and headed down the hall to his quarters, threading
the sliver of plastic through his fingers.

Tom knew the recording wasn't going to be enough, but it might do for


Oh yes that felt better.

Chakotay lay back on the couch with his trousers splayed opened,
fisting a most unprofessional hard on. As he paused at its crest to
gather some the seeping liquid to ease the passage of his hand, he
thought of Tom's lips.

They were pink, full and he imagined, deliciously sweet. Oh yes and
it would have been sinfully easy to taste them. If he had tried to
kiss the lieutenant in the dreamy mood he'd been in, Chakotay was
sure he would have been kissed back. It would have been wrong but
wonderfully so.

Chakotay sucked his breath over his bottom lip and pistoned his arm
faster. So wrong and so right. The combination of the two values
sparked his forbidden arousal higher and he jerked even harder on his
cock. As the burning in his veins reached critical, he threw his
head back and came in long ropey streams over the front of his
uniform. Savoring the release, the commander milked his cock until
it was dry. It was only after he'd satisfied his lust completely did
the guilt set in.

What he had just done was a breach of trust between therapist and
patient. The fact the Tom was not aware of the misconduct didn't
matter, it was still a violation of professional ethics. Lowering
his head in shame, Chakotay made his way through his quarters to the
head to clean away the evidence of his transgression.

He grabbed a white towel from the rack and wiped down his jacket
before rubbing off vigorously the drying semen on his fingers. When
his hands were with red raw with friction he stopped and looked up at
himself in the mirror.

Chakotay couldn't be this ragged man looking back at him. He banged
his fists down hard on the counter. No, he was a man of integrity
and controlled emotions. This was something he wouldn't normally do
and why would it happen with Tom Paris of all people?

He left the towel where it was on the counter and entered his
bedroom. After stripping off his soiled clothing, he fell back naked
on to his mattress and stared up at the bleak ceiling.

Chakotay liked and respected the lieutenant but he didn't lust after
him. Tom was admittedly attractive but he was also silly, irreverent
and believed in nothing, definitely not his type. The only time in
the past when he had wanted to touch the cocky young pilot was to
throttle him and not kiss him. So how could that in the space of one
counseling session, change?

He couldn't have been affected by the hypnosis. Chakotay after a
lifetime of meditation knew what it felt like to be in a trance so
that explanation was out. Closing his eyes he went over the meeting
in his head for clues and saw a pair clear blue eyes stare back at
him from behind his lids. As the tingling in his groin resurfaced,
understanding hit.

Those sparkling sapphire orbs had never looked at him with yearning
before. They had mocked him and even scorned him but never had they
desired him. In his passion, Chakotay had fixated on the young man's
lips but it was really Tom's eyes that had incited the insanity.

Now that he knew the trigger, Chakotay knew what to avoid. Tonight
he'd made he mistake of getting intimate in an effort to relax Tom.
If another treatment were required he would be the ultimate
dispassionate professional and keep his distance.

Rolling to one side, he slipped under the comforter and killed the
lights. With a little light meditation he was able to drift off to

Chakotay's dreams would be filled with blue skies and oceans.


Get the fuck in there!

Tom wiped his sweating palms on his bare thighs and tried again to
insert the chip in the console of the terminal in his cabin. On the
fourth attempt he was successful and the sound of the commander's
velvet voice filled his living room.

He allowed himself a few slow strokes of his penis in reward before
pushing back the chair and moving to the coffee table. On one corner
of its smooth glass surface was a six-inch silicon dildo adhered with
suction cups.

Spreading his knees, Tom lowered himself on the greased phallus to
the beat of Chakotay's melodic phrasing. As the head of its pliant
bulk popped into his anus the lieutenant screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh that's right baby. Talk me down, talk me down."

Despite the strain on his thighs, he pumped the thick phallus in and
out his ass, angling his body so its length stroked his gland. Tom's
shoulder wailed with each movement but he didn't care. The deep
resonance of the commander's voice as he impaled himself repeatedly
was the only thing that mattered.

As his arousal peaked Tom slammed himself down harder on the table
causing its far legs to beat at the carpet in a staccato rhythm.
Finally the beat reached a crashing crescendo and he erupted in a
fountain of pleasure. Tom lifted himself from the dildo and fell to
the floor.

Oh fuck that was good he thought as he listened to the recorded
Chakotay tell him to wake up. Pulling into a fetal position Tom
fell asleep on the floor of his living room.