Title: Holodiction P9
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 9 of 9
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Chakotay isn't satisfied.

Things change.

Racing from the cargo bay to Sickbay where there was a pilot with his
name on it, Chakotay thought about how much his life had changed in
the last year.

He learned that there was more to being a good first officer than
warp core efficiency and making sure the duty shifts ran smoothly.
You had to be a part of the life sagas around you and to do that you
had to join in the drama. Something he'd done spectacularly when he
fell in love with Tom Paris.

Marriage to Seven would have been just an extension of his job. She
would have made one hell of an assistant but when the day was over,
so would be her value to him. It wasn't her he wanted to cuddle up
to a night and discuss the day's events with before making love and
falling into an exhausted but satisfied slumber. No he needed
someone who would share his life with passion and not organize it

To be fair, he supposed if he had put wild monkey sex on his agenda,
Seven would have tried to accommodate him and in light of her recent
actions she might have been successful. She'd grown emotionally as
much he had these last months but it was irrelevant, as she would
say. He couldn't return her desire because his was already earmarked
for someone else and that someone was waiting for him on the other
side of the doors he now stood beside hesitating.

He had already seen Bevin and had spent an hour bonding with his
newborn son in the Doc's office before going to see Seven. Tom had
been still sleeping then recovering from the injuries he'd sustained
on the Flyer. The birth of their child had been less traumatic.

With little fuss Bevin had been beamed from unconscious pilot's body
and transferred to an incubator. The doctor had left the womb as it
had integrated itself into Tom's bodily functions and would shrink
over the next few days. The organ would become inert until it was
needed again as Chakotay dearly hoped it would be. He intended Bevin
to only the first of the many offspring he and Tom would conceive.

He wasn't sure how his Poocuh would feel about that because as well
as he knew the man he loved soul, Chakotay couldn't predict what the
turbulent pilot would to from one moment to the next. Which was why
he was cowering outside Sickbay in the corridor.

Once he crossed the threshold and saw him with their son, it would
take all the restraint Chakotay had to prevent demanding Tom to marry
him on the spot. Neither of them had mentioned the institution
since the time he had found out about the baby and fallen at the
blond's knees pleading his acceptance. Tom had said no then and he
might say no again if he blurted it out now. Careful planning,
timing and patience would be required to secure the elusive blond
this time around and as an impeccable first officer he was an adept
at all three.

Taking a few calming breaths, Chakotay pushed away from the wall and
entered Sickbay.

Things were about change even more.


"Hey handsome, come here often?"

Sitting on the bio-bed with his son, Tom only minimally registered
the comings and goings of other people in the room but when Chakotay
had arrived, his whole body had thrummed with awareness. The sound
of his footfall and the smell of his body were unique to Tom's
senses. He didn't even have to look up to know the big man had
entered the room.

"No but I am hoping to make it a habit."

"Oh that was subtle Chakotay."

The father of his child kissed his lips.

"It wasn't meant to be." He ebony eyes twinkled just like they did
when he was horny. "I could say it more plainly if you like."

"No I get it or have a feeling you'd like me to several more times."

"Several." He kissed him again and then stroked the fine black hair
on Bevin's tiny head. "Many."

"Oh fuck Chak, I'm not a fucking brood mare." Tom tried to sound
indignant but failed. Holding the small miracle in his arms that was
his son, was the most wonderful feeling in the world and couldn't
imagine not doing it again.

"No you're the most beautiful man in the universe whose beauty has
expanded with the birth of our child and it's my intention to make
you very, very beautiful."

The intensity in Chakotay's smoldering orbs was fierce and Tom could
feel himself respond physically to the hot gaze. His erection began
to creep up over his collapsing belly. The crotch of his hospital
blues expanded outward in full view of the audience on Sickbay's

They may not be able to hear their exchange but they're weren't
blind. Tom considered bringing Bevin down as a shield then thought
what the fuck. If the headline on Breakfast with Neelix was "Paris
Gets a Son and a Woody in Sickbay!" more the better. At the very
least it would spice up the boring little show.

"You know there are other ways of making feel beautiful."

"Yes I've been thinking about that." He moved, giving the crowd a
view of his broad back. "You know because of the baby I've never
taken you on your back."

"Oh would you like that?"

"Yes. I think I'd like to see your face as I rammed into you."
Chakotay's thick fingers slipped into the gap of his Sickbay issued
pants and circled his throbbing penis. "But of course we'll have to
wait until you recover from Bevin's birth."

"I not a woman Chak, I don't need time to recover. I can take your
cock inside me right now." Tom spread his knees further and curled
his tailbone as Chakotay moved his hand the length of his cock. "In
fact I think I'd let you right here and now on this bio-bed in front
the captain and her new alien buddies."

Chakotay removed his hand and kissed him chastely on the forehead.

"No not now but it will happen Poocuh." He pulled back giving the
crowd back their view. "And when it does, it will be perfect and I
promise you will remember it for the rest of your, no our lives."

"You're a fucking tease Commander."

"And a father."

It was an obvious segues but Tom let it slide.

"So what do you think? Did I do good, or did I do good?"

"You did wonderfully Tom. Bevin Chakotay is perfect."

"Paris, Bevin Paris you mean."

"How about Bevin Chakotay-Paris?"


"OK then, maybe he can do the one name thing like his Ataata? We do
need to put something down on his birth certificate."

One name? That could work. Tom thought about it. It wasn't like he
was real attached to the Paris name. The overblown honorific had
always been more of a hindrance than a help in his case and perhaps
he could spare his son some of that baggage.

"OK Atata just Bevin it is."

"No it's like this, Ah-taw-taw."

Tom watched as Chakotay formed his lips around his tribe's convoluted
word for father. If he were having trouble with the native
pronunciation, Bevin would never master it before he was five and he
needed to call his father something before that.

"How's about we just use Tata? It sounds a little like tattoo and
that way he'll know which of his father's which."

"He'll know. You'll be the one getting him into trouble and I'll be
the one getting him out of it."

Tom thought not. He had a feeling Chakotay would become the epitome
of doting fathers. Given time, Bevin would have the big burly first
officer wrapped around his tiny baby finger.

Chakotay leaned forward and traced a finger along the baby temple.

"Besides by the time he's five he'll have his own tattoo. What will
his brothers and sisters call me then?"

"Brothers and sisters? Oh that's assuming a lot."

Chakotay looked up from the baby and the fire in his dark eyes re-
ignited so quickly it gave Tom goose bumps.

"Get used to it Lieutenant because he's only the first in a long line
of Chakotay-Paris'."

His voice booming voice echoed against Sickbay's bulkheads and before
Tom could come back with something witty another sound distracted him.

Building softly at first the resonance rose to a thundering
crescendo. Looking away from Chakotay, he took in the line of
crewmembers and aliens rimming the walls of the medical facility.
Their faces were smiling and their hands were moving.

They were applauding.


He couldn't put him off much longer.

Every night since they had moved into their new quarters, Tom had
lain on his back and wrapped his long legs around his hips offering
himself to Chakotay in bed. Those blue eyes gazing up at him with
such want had been difficult to refuse, but he'd done so anyway
finding another way to bring him to orgasm.

When he took Tom for the first time while the young man lay prone
beneath him, it would be with an offer he couldn't refuse. Taking a
lesson from Seven, Chakotay had mapped out a plan that in his opinion
couldn't fail.

He had dropped off Bevin at Sam's, the only one thus far they would
leave their precious son with and was heading for the holodeck.

It was Friday night and he had a date.


Oh this was fucking wonderful.

After being summoned to the holodeck while relaxing at home with
Chakotay or Bevin curiously no where to be seen, he sat alone at the
bar in Sandrine's nursing a beer.

Tom had expected a surprise party. It had been two weeks since his
son's birth and no one as of yet had given him a baby shower. It
wasn't as if he wanted one but tradition was tradition. When babies
where born they were suppose to be celebrated. He took another sip
of his beer and laughed into its foam.

OK, OK what the fuck. He wanted presents, he wanted crewmembers like
Meghan and her sister cooing over his baby and he would have even
tolerated wearing a bow covered paper plate on his head. It was just
that he was so happy he could spit and wanted the whole world, in
this case Voyager to know it. So he'd shown up at Sandrine's tonight
ready to be shocked but to no avail.

There was no party, no balloons or silly games that he would have
pretended to hate but secretly liked. The hail must have been an old
one or from someone who had still had the hots for him but didn't
have the guts to show up.

Shit, he'd rather be home with Chakotay and Bevin right now than
sitting in a vacant bar late on a Friday night. Typical of his luck
tonight, not one of the crew had wandered in for him to show baby
pictures to.

"From the gentleman Monsieur Thomas."

Sandrine nodded her well-coifed head in the direction of the bar's
far booths and then faded back into the outskirts of the program
leaving a small glass in her wake.

Tom didn't have to taste the golden liquid in the glass to know what
it was. Its heady aroma cleared his sinuses in a way that only real
honest to god not replicated scotch did. Before taking a drink and
accepting the unspoken offer, Tom twisted in his seat to check out
his benefactor. Not that he had any doubt to who it was. Only one
person would set him up this way but he'd spent enough time on this
bar stool squirming and it was time to share the wealth.

Spreading his knees provocatively, Tom leaned back on the bar on his
elbows. The seam of his tight jeans bit into his now blood engorged
balls and penis but he suffered the discomfort for art. He looked
good and knew it.

"If I drink this does it mean I have to fuck you?" He yelled across
the room.

"No." Came the answer.

Oh really? He got up and walked towards the strategically positioned
dark booths, playing the game.

"Will you fuck me then?"

"Yes." The deep baritone replied.

"On my back so I can see you?"


Tom clutched the still untouched drink to his chest as he walked.
He had wanted the owner of the disembodied voice to take him that way
since the birth of their child. He hadn't been dishearten by the
fact that he hadn't so far, Tom always knew he would eventually but
he'd also knew when it happened, his lover would make it an event.
And people thought he was the kinky one in this relationship. Tom
rolled his eyes in the gloom. Oh man, if they only knew.

"Then you're going to ride me hard? Make me beg for it?"

"Yes most definitely yes."

Too horny to carry the charade any further, Tom made his way to the
last booth in the darkened bar. There in the outfit he had first
torn from that gloriously brown body to fuck was Chakotay. He wasn't
in the booth but leaning against the table with his arms folded over
the deep vee in his black cashmere sweater. This may be his baby's
Tata but he was also one hell of incredibly sexy man. A dark stain
spread across the front of his worn bluejeans.

"Come here Lieutenant." His deep voice commanded.

Moving between his powerful thighs, Tom did as he was told. Chakotay
took the drink from his hand, then poured its contents down the front
of his top. The golden liquid glistened off his finely muscled chest
and stomach accentuating the harden curves. His lover brought his
hands up and opened the wide vee of sweater further exposing dark

"If you want me, drink."

What he should have said was don't faint. Holy fuck with Chakotay
looking so hot, every ounce of his blood rushed to his penis. He
barely had enough left over to keep conscious.

"Oh fuck, I want you."

Diving forward, he latched teeth, lips and tongue onto one of the
proud dark nubs and with his fingers he mimic the motion on the
other. Chakotay arched into him and then fell back onto the table.
Tom followed grinding his blue clad erection into the big man's black

Hands clawed at his back and pulled the white tee from his body. He
released his hold on Chakotay's nipples only long enough to
facilitate the shirt's removal. He fumbled at the edges of the
commander's sweater but in his arousal his fingers had become numb
and Tom couldn't get a grip. He let go the dark knob he'd been
devouring and growled into the big man's chest.

"Take it off, take it all off."

Hoping that the people left in the bar were holograms, but in truth
not really giving a fuck right now, Tom gave Chakotay room to strip
and removed the rest of his own clothing, kicking his runners half
way across the bar as he did so.

When they were both naked, Chakotay moved into him for a full body
kiss. As lips danced together, so did hips and bellies. For the
first time since his pregnancy Tom felt the hard flat plane of the
commander's stomach rub against his own. As his breath caught in
his throat at the sensation he felt a warm wet tongue slip deeper
into his mouth.

Remembering the promise of the drink, Tom in his ecstasy maneuvered
Chakotay so their positions were reverse and fell back against the
cold hard surface of the table. The commander fell with him and
landed between his opened legs.

"Fuck me Chakotay." He pleaded into his ear as he grabbed on the
dark man's lower back and ass.

"Yes Poocuh."

Reaching over his head the commander selected a bottle from the
condiment rack at the end of the table. Wishing fervently that he
wasn't about to be slicked up with ketchup, Tom was relieved to see a
familiar glass vile.

Spilling the silky contents, Chakotay worked the oil over his balls
and penis. As always when the big man touched himself it was a sight
to behold. With sensual abandon he worked the slick liquid into his
pores, moaning and grunting as if on the brink of orgasm. Tom almost
came watching him prepare himself and in reaction his anus loosened
for his entry. It would take very little effort for penetration and
Chakotay knowing him, would be aware of that.

Finished with himself the commander hooked his arms under Tom's knees
and pressed the bulbous head of his penis to his aching hole.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" He shot his hips forward
embedding just the tip of his cock. Tom screamed out in
pleasure. "Tell me Poocuh. Do you want this?" He pressed further.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes!"

He tried with the use of his hands on the scarred surface of the
table, to bring Chakotay deeper inside him. His lover pulled his
hips back, keeping the contact at status quo.

"Don't move or I won't do this. Just lie back and feel. Can you do
that for me Poocuh." He slid his cock in an inch deeper for
emphasis. It was delicious.

"I won't move. I won't, I promise I won't."


Tom bit his lower lip to still the automatic movement of his hips as
Chakotay edged his way in short thrusts deeper into his passage.
When he was completely filled the big man stopped. In the stillness
Tom could feel the pulsing of the blood in his lover's cock beat
against his prostate. It was hard steady beat and it was driving him
wild. Tom needed to be fucked and fucked hard without semblance of
mercy or tenderness.

"Move Chak, oh please, please move."

Full lips kiss his. "I will if you do something for me."

"Anything! Just move!"

"Marry me Tom Paris."


"Marry me and I'll move." The big man twisted his hips a fraction
causing the inside of his thighs to tremble.

He wanted to marry Chakotay someday only he'd expected flowers and
soft music when he proposed and not a hard cock in his ass and hairy
balls falling along his own. The other way gave him time to think
about his answer and stall for time but this way took away his
ability to think at all. Chakotay gyrated his pelvis and moaned.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes!"

"Yes what Tom?"

"I'll marry you. I'll be you fucking husband! Now just MOVE!"

"Computer confirm." The commander yelled over his head.

"Contract confirmed. The marriage between Commander Chakotay and
Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris has been duly logged and added to the
appropriate personnel files."


"Be quiet Poocuh and just look at me."

Without another word, Chakotay began to thrust in long even strokes
never once moving the angle of his head. As his pelvis rammed into
him harder and harder his ebony eyes never wavered from his blue
ones. Even as their mutual orgasms ripped through them their eyes
remained locked and open.

As the warm pleasant sensation filled him and spilled out over his
inner thighs, Tom realized it was his husband that just come deep
inside him and not just his lover anymore. He wanted to be angry
with Chakotay for digging into his weak spot and exploiting it but

He'd just been fucked royally and expertly by the only man he ever
really wanted. So what if his tactics had been less that
honourable. Given the same circumstances, Tom would have done same
thing. It just surprised him that one of the good guys had resorted
to his level. There was hope for Chakotay after all.

"Oh you're in for it now Chak."

"I'd say I'm in 'it' already."

"Very funny. You're bloody evil you know."

"Yes and you're point would be?"

"I might have said yes over a candlelight dinner."

"And you might have said no just to piss me off. I couldn't take
that chance."

"So now were on the record? What you did just now was legal?"

"Yes and it was an opened ended contract."

"Opened ended? Aren't marriage contracts supposed have a time limit?"

"No, not here, not on Voyager. Here they're forever, new ship's

"You can do that?"

"I just did. You belong to me forever Tom Chakotay."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa just a minute. Did you just call me Chakotay?"

"Yes. It will be less confusing for Bevin and our other babies when
they grow up."

"You registered him as Bevin Chakotay didn't you?"

"He's my son and should carry my name."

"And I'm your husband and should do the same, is that it?"


"And what if I object?"

"It's too late. If you check the ship's logs you won't find a
Lieutenant Paris but you will find a Lieutenant Chakotay."

"You fucking asshole."

"Yes I did and I believe that's what got us here in the first place,
not that I'm complaining. I'm quite please with the results."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really. I love you Tom and I love our baby."

"I, I know that."

"And you love us."

"Yes Chakotay, I love you and Bevin."

"And you will loved the rest of the tribe as they come along."


"Yes, it took me long enough but I finally figure it out on the night
Bevin was born. You were talking about our family that night when I
was with.-."

"Yeah, yeah I get it! You do want lots of kids don't you?"

"As many as possible. We won't lack for help here on Voyager. I'm
not even sure I'll be able to get Bevin back from Sam tomorrow."

"Does that mean we have all night?"

"Yes. How do feel about working on another child tonight?"

"It doesn't work that way Chak. We'll need the Doc."

"I'm up for it."

"Oh you would be. You weren't the one that couldn't see their dick
for months at a time."

"It wasn't that bad. I found it."

"Yeah you did but that's not the point. For the entire pregnancy
you still looked good."

"So did you. Sometimes when we were making love, all I had to do was
touch your belly to come. Does that sound sick?"

"No baby it doesn't. It used to choke me up the same way. After
awhile I had a hard time separating the baby from myself so when you
touched me you were touching both of us. You reacted to that
combination. I think the same thing will happen when it's your turn."

"Turn at what?"

"Oh now the fearless first officer meets his match."

"You know this table is getting awfully uncomfortable. Maybe we
should go home?"

"Yeah sure but how's about we make a stop a Sickbay first?"


"I didn't think so."

"Friday nights are ours. We can go see the Doc tomorrow."

"You're kidding?"

"No. I don't do jokes."

"Oh shit yeah that's for sure."


"Sorry. Why don't we go home and sleep on it?"

"OK but tomorrow we go see the doctor, agreed?"


Chakotay lifted his bulk from his body and Tom heaved himself off the
scarred table. He was sure if he looked, he'd have his own tattoo
blazoned across his butt. Only it would read something stupid like
Harry loves Meghan instead of what it should really say and that
should be,

Tom loves Chakotay. It was already etched on his heart, why not his

It made sense.