Title: Holodiction P6
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Paring: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 6 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: Tom acknowledges to himself, Chakotay and the crew who the
father of his baby is.

He awoke to rhythmical chanting and pressure on his bladder.

Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, Tom looked down for its source.
In the dim light of his bedroom he saw a buck naked Chakotay with his
head resting on his belly over the covers. He was speaking quietly.

"Are you talking to me or yourself?"

The commander lifted his head and smiled.


"And I thought I was nuts. Ah I hate to tell you this Chak, but
we 'are' the only ones in the room."

"Our son is here too. I was talking to him."


Scooting up and climbing under the comforter, the big man loomed over

"Yes as in yours and mine Thomas Eugene Paris."

The use of his full name warned him that he was about to become
involved in a 'serious' discussion. Tom didn't do serious very well.

"I know what the word means Chak."

"Do you?" His normally soft brown eyes were hard.

"Yeah, now it's your turn. What comes to mind when I say horny?"

"The devil a.k.a. you." The commander growled.

"Right." He said to empty air as Chakotay left the bed and began

Oh fuck, he'd gone too far but he couldn't help it. After the soul
lifting love they made last night, Tom was having a hard time keeping
it together. He'd experience a depth of emotion he never had before,
and if he started talking about the baby now he'd end up a blubbering

Crying was weak his father had told him, and there was no way in hell
he wanted Chak to see him that way. Then again if he didn't say
something, the commander was going to walk out the door without a
backward glance. Oh shit Tom thought, what was worse looking like an
idiot or being one. He decided on the former. The first officer did
up the front of his uniform jacket and turned towards the door.

"Bevin!" Tom shouted at the commander's back. "I was thinking of
calling him Bevin." He said in a more natural voice.

Chakotay halted his exit and came back to the bed. He sat down on
the end and spoke in an even tone that belied neither anger nor joy.

"Bevin? What does it mean?"

Leave it to the spiritual first officer to assume the moniker had a
meaning. It did but that was beside the point.

"It's Irish for sweet song." He bit at the inside of his bottom lip
to keep it from quivering. "But if you don't like it or want
something more native, Bevin can be his middle name."

"If I want?"

"Yeah if 'you' want. You are the father so I suppose you

His sentence was cut off first by a fierce bear hug then a long
lingering kiss. Tom felt wetness on his cheeks and the taste of salt
mingling between their lips and didn't give a fuck. His father be
damned. Chak pulled back and smiled into his face.

"I like Bevin sweetness."

"You do?"

"Bevin Chakotay. It sounds noble."

"So does Bevin Paris."


"Hey I'm the one with last name not you."

"But how will people know he's mine?" The playful glint in his ebony
eyes told Tom he really didn't give a fuck what people thought.

"I'll tell them."

This time he was tackled.


It was time for the blessing or the 'ightesaal' as it was called
amongst his people.

Holding Tom's hand in his, he led the blond through the forests of
his homeworld to the sacred ground. Silently the pilot walked beside
him, taking in the thick green foliage and occasionally peering up
through the towering treetops to the twinkling stars of Dorvan V.

Once upon a time he'd thought the enchanting creature at his side
believed in nothing. He had been wrong. The problem was that before
now, Tom had never been given anything to believe in.

Chakotay was fortunate in that respect. All his life he'd had his
father, his tribe and his culture to guide him. Without them he'd
would never been able to survive his father's death or their ordeal
in the Delta quadrant. He had been blessed by their gifts and it was
a blessing he intended to share, first with Tom tonight and later
with their child.

"Are we there yet?" It was the first thing Tom had said since
entering the holodeck. His voice wasn't brash but soft and
reverent. Chakotay was pleased that he felt the magic of this place


The dense underbrush broke out into a clearing ringed with
phosphorescent stones. In the centre, surrounded by sweet smelling
loam, was a warm spring fed pool sparsely decorated with white
luminescent water lilies.

"Holy fuck, ah I mean cow." Tom looked at him apologetically. "It's
beautiful Chak. Is this a real place?"

"So I'm told. I've never been here."

"Why not? If I knew about a place like this I'd be here all the

"I've never had call to." He stopped and kissed the back of a long
slender hand "Before now that is."

Putting down the small bundle he carried in his other hand, he began
to strip. Tom's blue eyes dilated black as he followed suit. When
they were both standing naked before the steaming pool, Chakotay
reclaimed the pilot's hand and led him into the pond. When the tepid
water was waist high he turned to the pilot.

"The ritual we are about to perform has been practiced by my family
for a millennia to celebrate fertility and to bless the creation of

"OK. What am I supposed to do?" The pilot swallowed hard.

"You stand still sweetness and let me honour you and our child."

Turning to the leather sack he'd left at the rim of the basin,
Chakotay pulled the rawhide string and released its contents.

Selecting a large porous sponge he immersed it the pond's calming
waters and then brought it up to his beloved's neck. Squeezing
gently he sluiced the warm liquid over Tom's pale shoulder, then
repeated the gesture on the opposite side. Once the pilot's upper
torso was drenched, he engorged the sponge again then brought it up
over his head, wetting his blond hair.

Now that Tom was properly anointed, Chakotay dipped the sponge under
the waterline, to the baby and began the prayer he'd learnt the night

"Water and Earth, blessings on thee. I do cast out from thee any
unpleasantness both from the spirit world and from my world. I do
cast out any and all things that are not to your good and benefit. I
do cast out any and all emotions that may be pulling you and harming
thee. Be cast out that which is not in complete agreement with
thee. By the power of the Old Ones, as I will it, so mote it be."

Tossing the sponge to the bank, he used his hands to bring the
pilot's lips to his and kissed them once softly.

"Man that was fucking great Chak." Tears were streaming down his
radiant face.

Tom's outburst may not be very traditional but it worked for Chakotay.

"There's one more thing." He removed the another item from the
leather bundle. It was a blue beaded bracelet. He lifted Tom's hand
from the water and slipped the bangle over on to his delicate wrist.

"I ask that you wear this valai to promote peace and understanding
between us."

Tom held his arm up and twisted his wrist causing the beads to flash
in the ambient light.

"They're beautiful Chak. What are they?"

"Opals. They are made from water and fire." He brought the hand
down and kissed its palm. "And like you, they are unique, no two are

Tom shuddered, causing small ripples in the water around him.

"Are you cold Poocuh?" He said the word he now had a right to now
that Tom had accepted his valai.

"No but I'm incredibly horny." Tom cringed. "Oh shit can I say that

"Yes but only if you love me." He said fishing.

"Love you? Oh fuck Chak I not only love you, I worship you."

"And I you."

He grabbed the last item from the pouch and held it up before his
lover's eyes.

"Oh my aren't we the universal Boy Scout." Tom laughed.

Holding the vial of oil in one hand, and Tom's in the other, Chakotay
led the chuckling blond out the pond. Now it was his turn to tremble.

He was about to make love to his Poocuh for the first time.


Tom wasn't sure but he thought that maybe he just got married Dorvan

He couldn't say for sure but the intensity in Chak's dark eyes had
heightened and he was using a different endearment. Pooka? What the
hell kind of a name was that?

It had been explained to him that this was a bathing ritual to bless
him and the child. The commander had made no mention of the
bracelet, whose symbolism it seemed to him was suspiciously like a
wedding ring. It wasn't gold nor was it on his finger but somehow it
bonded him to the big man anyway.

So did his accepting of the valai mean they were married? Maybe it
did. Oh well he'd worry about that later when his ass wasn't feeling
so needy.

Still holding his lover's and possible new husband's hand, Tom looked
around the simulation for a place to make love. All was dirt and
brush. Fuck! He was dripping wet and didn't feel like making a mud
puddle. He was adventurous as the next guy but shit, there were
certain things Tom didn't want to get up his butt, holographic or not.

"Over here Poocuh."

Hoping for a nice sturdy blanket and a pile of warm white towels, Tom
was disappointed when Chakotay led him over to birch tree.

"I was hoping to fuck you and not the forest Chak."

"Neither is going to happen. Now lean over and brace yourself
against the tree."


Finally getting the picture, Tom bent into the birch and pointed his
ass at the commander.

"Like this Chak?"

"Oh yes, sweetness just like that."

He looked over his shoulder to see his lover uncapping the vial and
spreading the musk scented oil over his erection. When he caught Tom
watching him, the commander threw his head back and pumped into his

The richly textured cock slipped in and out of the greased fingers as
strangled moans escaped from his lover's lips. Watching Chakotay
fuck himself with the same exuberance as he did him, drove his hand
in a frantic rush to his groin.

With one arm outstretched against the tree, Tom pressed his chin down
to his chest and wailed away at himself. The tip of his penis was
oozing freely when a dark hand reached around to stop his jerking.

"Not yet Poocuh." Chakotay breathed hard into his nape. "I want to
be inside you when you come."

"Then fucking do it!" He screamed he was so close.

Spreading his knees and bracing himself once again on the tree, Tom
shoved backwards into the commander's pelvis. Immediately two slicked
fingers slipped into his anus and worked at the tight opening. It
felt good but he needed more, much more.

When he opened his mouth to ask an exquisite fullness filled him and
expressed the breath from his lungs. He fought for air and a better
grip on the birch as Chakotay grunted in and out his ass in long
strokes. Strong hands on his hips aided his struggle to remain
vertical but did nothing for his respiratory system. Tom began to
hyperventilate as the pleasure radiated along the length his cock,
molding it upright along the bulge of his distended stomach.

As the relentless battering of his butt continued, his elbows
collapsed and he turned his head pressing his cheek into the cold
smooth bark of the tree. The coolness was refreshing, helping him
regain the ability to breathe at the same time allowing his brain to
register the heat building in his loins. The sensation was
overwhelming and Tom screamed at the birch as his come blasted
against the side of its trunk.

Chakotay echoed his cries and surrendered his release in one final
spine-shattering lunge. A warm pleasantness flooded his abdomen
causing his muscles to melt just as the temperate pool had during his
bathing. If not for the strong arms that came quickly about his
torso he would have fallen into the dirt of the holodeck's floor.

"Are you OK? Can you stand?" Came words kissed into the back of his

Tom straightened and tested his knee joints. They held. He looked
down at the stained bark of the birch and began to giggle.

"What is it Poocuh?" Still behind him, Chakotay nestled his chin on
his shoulder.


Tom pointed to the dark spot on the tree and then kissed his lover's

"I did fuck the forest after all."



"I'm feeling lucky. I'll raise five."

"Oh Samantha that's daring. I'll catch that action."

"I'm in and I'm pregnant."

"We are aware of that Lieutenant. I too am in. How many cards do you
require Ensign Kim?"

"Four I think."

"The rules of this game indicate that only a maximum of two cards may
be discarded."

"Oh. Two then please."

"Ensign Wildman?"

"One please."

"Mr Neelix?"

"Uh let's see. I have to have a pair to win right?"

"That is one of the combinations, however it is the one with least
value. It is unlikely a pair would be considered a winning hand."

"Really Seven? I'll have two then please."

"Very well. Mr Paris?"

"It's a boy did I mentioned that?"

"No Tom that's wonderful, congratulations."

"Thanks Sam."

"Cards Mr Paris?"

"None thanks Seven."

"The dealer takes none as well. I believe it is your bid Ensign

"Call me Sam Seven or at the very least Samantha."

"I will try."

"Thank you. Hmm, I think I'll bid five again."

"Five? Oh my! That means I have to throw five chips into the pot
doesn't it?"

"Or fold Mr Neelix."

"Oh no I can't do that, I'm having too much fun. I'll yell then."

"You mean you'll call."

"Sorry Tom."

"Hey don't worry about it. I think I like your term better. Let's
see. Ah yeah, Bevin and I will match that bet and raise it ten."

"Who's Bevin?"

"Our baby Harry."

"Mr Kim is the father of your child?"

"No Seven he's not and it's fifteen to you."

"Very well I will match your wager and increase it by another ten.
Mr Kim?"

"Oh damn, I fold."

"It'll be there for you next time Harry. I call."

"Thanks Sam."

"OK, OK let me think. You're sure about that pair thing Seven?"

"Positive Mr Neelix."

"All right. One, two, three.-"

"Neelix you're not suppose to let us know what you have. You're
supposed to bluff."

"Is that like lying Tom? Oh I couldn't do that. You're my friends
and I.-"

"Place a bet, call or fold Mr Neelix!"

"I call."

"He wants to marry me you know."

"Who does Lieutenant?"

"The father."

"Fascinating, now play."

"I raise twenty."

"I'm out."

"You're folding Samantha? Oh dear."

"Yes Neelix. Let me see your cards."


"You fold."

"You're sure. Look at this card, it's red and has pretty a diamond
in the middle. Surely that's worth something."

"By itself no. Fold Neelix."

"I fold."

"Mr Paris?"

"Do you want to know his name Seven?"

"I do!"

"In a sec Neelix. So what would it be worth to you to know the name
of my baby's father? After all you and the Doc were the ones that
made it all happen. It kinda makes it your baby too don't you think?"

"I provided the doctor with the Borg maturation chamber specs for
purely scientific reasons not personal fulfillment."

"Oh yeah so if I asked you to forfeit this hand in exchange for the
other half of my baby's DNA mix, you'd say no."

"You would tell me the name for the cost of a poker pot?"

"For you yes."

"I see but you do understand that if I agree to this proposal it is
because I wish to further my understanding of human procreation? I
have no desire to be the child's godmother."

"Of course not."

"Then I forfeit. Surrender the name."


"Commander Chakotay?"

"Yep, none other."

"That is unexpected. You will excuse me Lieutenant."


"Oh Tom he's perfect for you."

"Yeah I think so too Sam. Do you think Seven's OK?"

"I'm not sure but I'll check on her later."


"You're pure evil you know."

"And thanks to you too Harry."


"Yes Neelix?"

"All your cards are different with little hearts on them. Some have
faces but two of them have a one and a ten on them. You didn't even
have a pair."

"It's called a Royal Flush Neelix and it's the high hand."

"Really Harry? Then why did you force Seven to forfeit Tom? You
were going to win anyway."

"I trying to be cute. Unfortunately all I ended up being was
insensitive. Do you really think she's OK Sam?"

"She's Borg, she'll assimilate, don't worry."


"So can we tell people Tom? I mean it's not a secret anymore that
the commander's the father, right?"

"Yeah go ahead Neelix knock yourself out."

"Great. It'll be my lead story on A Briefing with Neelix. Night

"I'm out of here too. I'm broke and I'm tired."

"Hey next time we'll play pool Har, I promise."

"Bite me Paris. Good night Sam."

"Night Harry."

"I'm going now too Tom. Naomi will be waiting up for me to kiss her
good night. Are you coming?"

"Yeah in a moment. I'm just going to sit and look at the stars
awhile before I turn in."

"All right. Say good night to Bevin for me and don't stay up too
late. You both need your sleep."

"I will and thanks Sam."

Some people were lucky in cards and some people were lucky in love.
It was a very rare thing to be both and tonight he'd forgotten that.

It was obvious to him now that Seven had feelings for Chakotay and
what he'd done this evening was tantamount to rubbing her nose in
it. He felt like a shit but didn't have the foggiest clue what to do
about it. Maybe he should just let Sam fix it. She was good with
people whether they be ex-borgs or not.

Rising in his seat in the messhall, Tom went home to his last night
of peace on Voyager. Tomorrow the whole ship would be a buzz with
the news that the chief pilot and first officer were having a baby
and he wouldn't get a moment's peace from curious crewman.

It was a commotion he'd been looking forward to until he'd seen the
hurt in Seven's pale blue eyes. It had been a stain on his pristine
image of his future. He shouldn't be surprised however. Tom Paris
didn't get anything for free.

Because every cloud in his life that ever came along with a silver
lining also came with the makings for a thunderstorm.