Title: Holodiction P4
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 4 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom starts the tribe without it chieftain.

Chakotay loved him.

OK right now it was a little hard to tell through all the dirty looks
and the silent treatment, but Tom knew he did. The big guy just hid
it well.

It had been two Fridays since his coming out on the bridge. After
the minor fiasco, a couple of pirate ships that had backed off when
they'd realized they'd bitten off more than they could chew, Chakotay
had ordered him into his office. Man had he'd been furious. Tom put
down the medkit he was restocking from Sickbay's larder and
remembered his lover's fury.

"You little bastard." The commander's voice had been low and fierce.

"I can explain."

"You don't have to. I all ready know why you did it."

"No you don't or you wouldn't be so mad."

"What? Don't tell me you made a fool of me because you love me? Is
that it Mr Paris?"

"Yes." He stammered on. "I mean no. It was never my intention make
a fool of you, I.-"

"Oh I see. You just wanted to fool me? So you could fuck me right?
Well then that's different." The commander crossed the small room
and grabbed him by the throat slamming up against the wall by the
door. "It makes you a heartless little bastard."

Tom had tried to tell him how wrong he was but the grip on his neck
had tightened.

"You know even Seska had more class than you. At least when she lied
her way into my bed she did it because she believed she was helping
her people. But you," He'd let go his hand and flinched back like
he'd touched acid. Tom had slid down the wall to the floor
choking. "You did it to help yourself. You believe in nothing."

He had watched Chakotay walk away from him to stare out the
viewport. When he had finally worked up enough spit to talk, Tom had
yelled at his back while still seated on the hard rug.

"I believe in you! I love you!"

A face raw with hate had turned on him.

"Don't you ever say that to me again!"

"But baby.-"

"Get out now!"

Knowing that Chak wouldn't listen to anything he had to say, even if
he had proposed to him while he was down on the floor on his knees,
Tom had left him alone with his rage. He figured he would wait until
the big man had calmed down before proving his love, after all
neither of them was going anywhere. Unfortunately Chakotay still
refused to speak to him and he was getting tired of waiting.

"Mr Paris?"

Tom looked up from his woolgathering. "Ah yeah Doc?"

"You said you wanted to talk to me at the end of your shift?"

What he was about to do was crazy but Tom was getting used to being

"Do you still have Chak's sperm sample in stasis?"

The doctor looked at him inquisitively. "Yes Lieutenant. Why?"

"The project's a go."

The hologram wasn't getting it. "A go?"

Giving the Doc a pointed look, Tom placed his hands on his lower
abdomen and expanded them outward.

The light came on in the hologram's eyes and he smiled brightly.

"A go, ah yes. Very well Mr Paris you lie down on the bio-bed and
I'll get the sample."

"You're ready right now?"

"Of course." He said indignantly. "A good physician must be
prepared for all contingencies. You're not the only male aboard
Voyager in a same sex relationship Lieutenant."

"How long will it take before I'm, I'm, you know.-"

"Pregnant?" The Doc finished for him.

"Yeah." Tom hopped up on the bed closest to him.

"Let's see a few minutes to join your DNA with the commander's
gametes, a few more to transplant the fertilized ovum into the
artificial placenta," The hologram paused a moment to give
credit. "Seven helped me with that. Then we'll transport the womb
into your abdominal cavity under your peritoneum and were done. I'll
prescribe you a short series of hormones so you don't reject the baby
and you'll be out of here in fifteen minutes."

"In an quarter of an hour I'll be two people, oh wow."

Oh shit was he really going to do this? This was turning out to be
one hell of an attack of the crazies.

"Essentially yes." The holodoc picked up on his nervousness. "Would
you like to call the first officer before we begin? Or if you would
like more time.-"

"No! I tell him later, once I'm sure this has worked."

"It is going to work Lieutenant. This isn't quantum mechanics we're
performing here."

"Just humour me OK? I'll tell Chak about the baby when I'm ready."

"Very well." Rolling his eyes, the doctor pinched his fingers and
twisted them over his mouth. "My lips are sealed. Now if you'll lie
back we'll get started."

Swinging his legs, he fell back on to the bed and stared up at
Sickbay's ceiling hoping that the adage was true.

That sometimes deeds spoke louder than words.


"It's been more than three months, have you spoken to him yet?"

"No and I don't plan to."

"It was my idea too."

"I know and I'm not too please with you either."

"But you're talking to me."

It was true he had forgiven Kathryn for her part in the plan but that
was different. She had done it because she'd cared about his well
being. Chakotay didn't agree with her methods but at least her heart
was in the right place. Tom didn't have that excuse. The lecherous
pilot didn't have a heart. Chakotay slumped in his easy chair and
stared into the holographic fire.

"He loves you, you know."

"I can do without his kind of love. It's hurtful and selfish."

"Then teach him the right kind Chakotay for both of our sanity. All
work and no play makes the first officer a danger to his crew."

Oh she was still worried about him burning out was she? Well she
needn't be. Chakotay was finished with being a slave to his rank.

"I have a date tonight in Sandrine's."

"With Tom?" She said hopefully.

"No with Gerron Tem."

"Gerron? He's not you're type Chakotay. He's not a pilot like you
are, doesn't share a passion for history with you like Tom does and I
hear he doesn't even know how to play chess."

He looked from the fireplace and gave his disgruntled friend a
devious smile.

"I don't plan on playing chess or even talking to him much for that
matter Kathryn."

"Oh so you're going to do to him the same thing you accused Tom of."

"No Tem knows what I want him for and I didn't have to tell him I
love him to get him to agree."

"What if Tom sees you in the bar with the Bajoran. You'll hurt him
you know."

Chakotay leveled his gaze directly at the captain and said succinctly
so she wouldn't misunderstand.



"Do we have to go to Sandrine's Har?" Tom slowed his pace as they
neared the holodeck. "I hear they're setting up a late night poker
game in the messhall."

"No we're going to the holodeck to play pool." The ensign got behind
him and shoved. "We haven't been to Sandrine's together in months
and besides I can't play cards."

"I hate to break it to you Harry but you can't play pool either, so
what's the dif?"

"The difference is the bar itself. No nice clean walls, smells or
women." He pulled at the sleeve of his gray sweatshirt. "Come on
Tom, we'll laugh, flirt a little drink a few beers, it'll be fun.
You do remember what fun is don't you."

"I'm the king of fun Harry."

"You used to be."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?"

His best friend stopped just outside the holodeck's arch.

"For the last few months all you've been doing is hanging out in your
cabin after shift. Shit Tom what's happened to you?"

"Maybe I've grown up."

"Yeah and maybe I've got pigs flying out of my butt. So either you
tell me what's up with you or we're going to walk through these doors
and have a good time. You choose."

Well that wasn't much of a choice. Tom wasn't about to tell Harry
that he spent most of his time at home throwing up in the john. It
wouldn't fit his devil may care personae. Besides, Tom wasn't ready
to reveal to the ensign that he was three months pregnant. Shit he
hadn't even worked up the guts to tell Chakotay yet.

"I choose the fun."

"OK then, let's go."

"After you Maestro."

Tom swept his arm out and bowed low to Harry. The ensign repeated
the gesture back.

"No how about together Flyboy just like we used to?"

"You got it Maestro."

Arm in arm the two best friends entered Sandrine's on a busy Friday


"Some scotch Mon Cheri?"

"No thank you."

It was the third time the holographic proprieties had offered him the
golden beverage and it the third time she'd scowled at his refusal.

"I'd like some please." Tem piped up from beside him.

"We're out." Sandrine said curtly and then walked to the far end of
the bar.

"Weird program." The Bajoran shrugged his slight shoulders and then
twisted in his barstool bringing his fresh face close to Chakotay's.

Spirits he seemed so young and vulnerable but Chakotay knew from
personal experience, Tem's appearance was only a facade. The former
Maquis was a hard worn veteran that had seen his share of strife and
bloodshed. The man stroking his inner thighs with his small fine
hands was no babe in the woods that needed to be coddled.

"How long do we have to stay here?"

"This is suppose be date Tem."

"Well can't you 'date' me in your quarters?" His soft brown eyes
looked up at Chakotay. "Or do you want me to 'date' you here?"

The Bajoran's hands moved up his legs and slipped under his sweater
to his jeans. He felt delicate tracings along the seam that bisected
his balls. The twin orbs tingled then tightened in reflex to the
almost touch. Chakotay shifted forward in his chair.

"Do you like that Commander? I can do better." Tem waited for his
signal to go further.

He nodded and thought why not? Unless somebody really looked, nobody
would know the Bajoran was jerking him off at the bar. His long
cableknit sweater and the shadow under the lip of the rail screened
most of the action.

"Oh you're hung well. I always knew you would be."

"Move your hand Tem not your mouth." He commanded.

"Oh yes sir."

As the young man stroked his dick, Chakotay let his eyes glaze over
and looked unseeingly out into the crowded bar. The young man's hand
aroused no more passion in his soul than his own did and unbidden the
image he'd used countless times to get himself off came to mind.
Blue eyes and golden hair filled his inner sight as his orgasm neared.

"Thomas is here Mon Cheri."

"Oh yes Tom." His sweetness.

"I do not think you would like him see what you are doing."

"Beat it lady before tell the computer to delete you."

Tem's irritated voice broke his spell and cleared his vision.
Walking through the crowd in his direction with Harry Kim in tow was
the tantalizing blond of his fantasy. He was still in shock at
seeing his dream come to life when Tom reached the bar. The pilot
greeted Chakotay's date first.

"Hey Tem." The lieutenant then turned to him and said
sarcastically. "Come here often Commander?" He looked down spying
the placement of Gerron's hand. "Or did I interrupt you?"

"No you interrupted me." Tem lazily brought his hand out from
beneath his sweater and then licked his fingers dry one by
one. "He's taken Lieutenant, get your own."

"Fuck you Gerron."

"No that's Chakotay's job and he does it very well thank you very

Wrapping his arms around his mid-section over his bagging gray
sweatshirt Tom stepped up to the self satisfied Bajoran.

"You're lying you little shit."

"Sweetness no." Chakotay moved his hand out to stop his ex-lover's
advance but Tom flinched back.

"Don't fucking sweetness me you asshole and don't you dare fucking
touch us."

Us? He reached again but this time it was Ensign Kim that pulled the
blond away from his touch.

"Tom let's go." Harry said hooking the shaking pilot by the arm and
dragging him off the holodeck.

Devastated and unable to move, Chakotay watched Tom fade into the
crowd. He wanted to follow and tell him how much he loved him but
couldn't. What was the point when all they ever did was hurt each

"Now that that's over with, I think you should take me home and get
this date really started."

He broke his gaze away from the holodeck's exit to the mistake
sitting beside him.

"Fuck you Gerron."

Chakotay left the bar and went home.



"Oh my god does he know?"

"No and he's not going to right?"

"But you did it because you love him."

"Loved Harry, past tense."

"Are you still going to keep it then?"

"It's not an it Harry, it's a him and yes I'm going to keep him. I
may not love Chakotay but I still love his baby."

"Oh shit his baby. I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that

"Well then it's a good thing that I'm the one's that pregnant."

"And that's another thing. Tom Paris pregnant. If anything I
thought you'd been the one knocking someone up not the other way

"Yeah I know me too Harry."

"So what are you going to tell him. I mean in another month or so
he's going to notice."

"Nothing Harry, I'm going tell him nothing."

"It's his baby Tom, you have to tell him."

"Why? He won't give a rat's ass anyway."

"He's Chakotay, he'll care."

"Not if I'm the mother, parent or whatever the fuck I'm supposed to
be. If anything, he'll only hate us more."

"But you said he loved you."

"I thought so but shit Harry you saw what he was doing with Tem.
How could he do that and love me at the same time?"

"Sometimes fucking is just fucking Tom."

"That's only a myth. Good night Harry."


"Please Har, we're tired."

"OK but call me if you need me?"

"We will."