Title: Holodiction P3
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 3 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: And he thought being a hologram was hard.-

"Calm down Lieutenant. I've seen more blood from a

"Oh yeah?" Tom wondered briefly what paper was. "Then why the
hell did it feel like I was bleeding to death?"

Instructing him to sit up, the doctor ran the tricorder once more
over his pelvic region before switching to a PADD.

"Because Mr Paris, the commander naturally expresses a large
volume of seminal fluid and that combined with the internal bruising
I detected, may simulate the sensation of hemorrhaging. Surely you
must have noticed this phenomena with him before?"

"I didn't say it was Chakotay I was with."

"You didn't have to. His DNA is all over your body, both
inside and out." The Doc tapped at the slim instrument in his
hand. "Ah here is, Chakotay, Commander. High semen volume with
marginal viscosity but actively motile sperm."

"Is that bad?"

Tom knew he shouldn't be asking questions about Chak's medical file,
especially knowing the doctor would answer them on the assumption
that they were in a relationship, but he couldn't help himself. It
made him feel closer to the emotionally elusive first officer somehow.

"Esthetically perhaps but in regards to fertility no. The quality of
the commander's ejaculate may not be conductive to the movement of
sperm but the gametes are healthy so impregnating you in-vitro should
pose no problem."

"Me?" Tom almost fell off the bio-bed.

"Yes you. Because of you're the younger, I would recommended
that you carry the child."

Oh fuck, how the hell did he get into this conversation? One moment
they were talking about messy sex and the next his firstborn.
Mentally back peddling, Tom tried to direct the dialogue back to his

"But I'm OK?"

"Without testing you, I couldn't say for sure but as the host it
wouldn't matter. We would only need to take a splice from your DNA to
inject into a synthetic ovum for conception and with the sample of
the first officer's ejaculate you have provided me with, the

"I meant my ass Doc." He said deadpan.

The doctor, obviously enjoying the anticipation of the project, rose
his eyebrows in annoyance at being interrupted.

"Yes Lieutenant you're fine." His holographic voice was
terse. "Although the next time you and the commander make love I
recommend you use lubrication. I very nearly called Tuvok to report
a rape when you first arrived in Sickbay."

Rape? Oh wouldn't that have been a horror. Tom could imagine the
incredulous look on the security officer's face when he tried to
explain that it was his idea to impale himself on the first officer's
cock. He didn't even want to think about Chak's expression at being

"Sorry Doc, next time we will I promise." He slid off the bed,
wincing when the edge scraped over his still sore butt. "Can I go

"Please Mr Paris." The hologram said emphatically.

He was halfway to the door when a thought struck him. He turned back
to the disgruntled doctor. This was a golden opportunity not to be

"Has Chakotay talked about having children with you?"

"That's confidential Lieutenant."

"Yeah and so are sperm counts. So has he?"

Knowing Tom had him by his virtual short hairs, the hologram answered

"Yes he might have mentioned it during his last physical."

"How many Doc?"

"Excuse me?"

"Babies, how many does he want?"

"He didn't give me a number but it was my understanding it was more
than five but less than ten."

Holy shit, what the hell was Chakotay trying to do? Start his own
fucking tribe on Voyager? Shit if the commander had his way Tom
would have to either be in a constant state of pregnancy for the next
twenty years or have a litter just like the captain's dogs did.
Harry would have to alter the helm for him to adjust for his
fluctuating gut and they'd have to take over the whole of deck five
just to house their expanding family. Not to mention he wouldn't get
to wear his favorite pair of worn bluejeans for about two decades.

"Mr Paris are you alright? You're as pale as a ghost."

"What? No I'm fine."

But he wasn't. Not by a long shot because not only was he already
arranging his lifestyle to accommodate for children that might never
be, he was starting to think of names to call the rugrats and that
was just plain nuts.

You didn't plan a family with or think about reshuffling your whole
life for someone you didn't care for. So that meant either he was in
love with Chakotay or out of his fucking mind. When the answer came
to him, Tom grabbed the doorframe in a death grip to keep from

He was perfectly sane.

Oh shit.


"Just a little closer. Oh yes that's right, no, no I mean move to
the left, good it's almost there now, now push, not too hard, oh
that's better, now let go."

Chakotay knew he shouldn't be doing this but when the captain had
asked for a volunteer to assist Mr Paris in decorating Sandrine's for
the third anniversary of Kes' ascension, his hand had shot up on
its own volition. He couldn't help it. He missed Tom.

It would be three more days until he'd be able to share the company
of the holographic Tom again and he needed a Paris fix in the worse
way. So when the opportunity had come up to spend some time alone
with the lieutenant, he'd taken it. The real thing was the next best
thing to the fake one.

With his hands on the thighs of the long legs that seemed to go on
forever he steadied the pilot on the ladder while he finished tacking
up the arrangement of sliver and gold balloons over the bar's

"Is it straight now?" Beautiful blue eyes surround by golden lashes
looked back over a shoulder Chakotay knew glowed lustrously the light
of a low fire when bare.

"Yes." He contracted the bones in his fingers minutely, hoping the
lieutenant wouldn't notice the stolen caress.

"Great. I'm coming down now."

Pivoting his body on the ladder, the pilot started to back crawl down
the lattice and straight into his up stretched arms. Not adjusting
his angle, Chakotay let his hands glide over the blond's hips and
ribs as he descended. By the time Tom became floor level, his
splayed palms were resting on the front of the pilot's slick blue
shirt. Their faces were so close they were breathing the same patch
of air.

"Do you like this Commander?" Tom exhaled into his mouth.

"Like what?"

"Touching me?"

"I'm not touching you Lieutenant, I'm spotting you so you don't fall."

Even as the excuse left his lips, he knew it was a lie and what was
worse, so did Tom. Holding him with only his gaze, the pilot dipped
his head and touched his lips to his tentatively.

Oh spirits his kiss was sweet. Moving his starving hands up along
the silk of the younger man's shirt, he gripped the collar and mashed
their mouths together. The blond's eyes fell closed as his lips
opened inviting Chakotay's tongue into his treasured warmth. He
could feel the vibration of Tom's silent moans as he plundered its

The ladder creaked as his pelvis shot forward and threatened to tip
as he began to pump his burgeoning erection into the base of the
finely sculpted torso of the man pinned between him and it's latticed

Through the rushing of blood in his ears he heard a popping sound and
then another. When the clean scent of soap mixed with a hint of musk
assailed his nostrils he let go of Tom's lips to look for its source.

Without bothering to undo the fastening, the pilot had torn open his
shirt tearing the buttons from their places in the delicate blue
silk. Both of his rosy red nipples were now exposed including his
most of his left shoulder. Tom's flushed pink skin sang out his
arousal and Chakotay willingly joined the chorus.

Using both his hands he gripped the front edges of the gaping garment
and pulled outward. The remaining buttons sailed through the air of
the bar and the shirt was pulled out from the blond's tattered jeans
to fall open around his hips.

Now fully bared to his touch, Chakotay leaned forward, took an erect
nub between his teeth and flicked its tip with his tongue.

Hooking his arms back Tom made himself part of the ladder and splayed
himself open to Chakotay's sensual attack.

"Oh fuck yes Chak. Suck it, oh fuck."

Latching on harder, he did as pleaded while pinching the other nipple
between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh god!" Tom's hips bucked and Chakotay felt a familiar hardness
hit his chest. Would it really be the same as the one he held less
than a week ago? Needing to know the answer and not caring anymore
that this was the cock of Voyager's chief pilot and not a hologram,
he fell to his knees to look.

Peeping from the waistband of the trembling pilot's jeans was an
angry purple knob. Moisture seeped from the hole in its glistening
tip, matting the golden hair beneath it. A small bolt of liquid heat
spiked from his tailbone, along his scrotum to the base of his penis.

It was the same and oh spirits he wanted it just as much if not more
but to go any further would mean compromising his principles.

"Please Chak, do something!"

Without thinking he snapped opened the brass button and pulled down
the metal fly, releasing the weeping beauty.

Screw his principles, he'd think about them tomorrow.


"Yes Tom?"

"I'm dying here."

"Oh don't do that. I need you alive for what I'm going to do to you."

"What are you going to do?" The tremor in the young man's voice made
his whole body thrum.

"I'm going to let you fuck my mouth." Starting at the base he laved
the pilot's generous erection with the whole of his tongue right back
to where the pliant organ met his molars, to its swollen tip. "Will
that bring you back to life my impatient lieutenant?"

With his arms still hooked backward over a rung of the ladder, Tom
arched forward screaming out his assent. Needing to see his face,
Chakotay peered upwards but was unable to see past the young man's
extended belly. Not deterred, he closed his eyes. There he found
Tom's visage where it always was, burned into his brain and imprinted
forever in his mind's eye.

With the vision intact, he loosened his jaw and swallowed the phallus
whole. Battling his gag-reflux, he relaxed breathing deeply through
his nose and opened his throat to its apex.

"Can I move now Chak? I have to, oh god I need to."

In answer, he grabbed the back of Tom's pants and peeled them down.
Slipping a finger into the tight cleft of the now expose globes he
brushed the needy pilot's puckered opening. Tom moved.

"So good, oh, oh, so good.-"

Still attached to the ladder the pilot slid his ample cock slowly in
and out of his tightly stretched mouth dragging out his pleasure. It
was good for him too, but more on a mental level than physical.
Unfortunately his eyes had been bigger than his stomach or in this
case his mouth.

His cheeks were becoming tired and he was running out of spit but
stopping was out of the question. He wanted feel the prize of Tom's
essence shooting down his throat and into his belly. So catching
the pilot on his down stroke, Chakotay pierced the hedonistic blond's
anus with his middle finger hoping to speed up the process.

"Oh fuck Chak!"

Leisurely strokes turned into frantic jabs that scraped the back his
hand repeatedly against a ribbed ladder rung. The burning pain was
quickly forgotten as the first warm spurts of sweet semen coated the
back of his tongue.

Sacrificing breathing over swallowing he consumed his lover's seed in
strangled gulps. As Tom's penis deflated and the pressure on his
lips abated slightly, he began to suck drawing everything the young
man had to give into his being. Tom crooned softly and petted his
sweat-spiked hair as he drank.

"Oh that's right baby take it all. It's all yours, all of my
sweetness. No one else's, only yours."

As his stupor left him, Chakotay heard only the last line of Tom's
serenade clearly. Letting the flaccid penis fall from his lips, he
stood and framed the beautifully flushed face between his hands.

"Only mine?"

He wanted desperately to believe it. Tom widening smile pushed his
hands outward.

"Yes and if I'd known you preferred come over scotch, I would have
sent you a glass of my own months ago."

"I don't think Sandrine would have found that behind bar."

"Believe me if I'd known I would have made sure she did. Being with
you is all I've been able to think about since that first Friday

"Is that so?"

"Oh yeah. Welcome to my world big guy."

It was true. He was in Tom's world now. He had traded in his duty
for love and the funny thing was he didn't feel as wrong as he
thought he would. In fact he felt pretty good.

Now that he had made his choice and he felt more at peace than he had
in months. His principles would mean nothing if he didn't have Tom
Paris, why hadn't he'd seen that before?

If you wanted to stand up and fight for something, you had to love
something worth fighting for. So even if the pilot eventually
turned him away, he'd still know he acted on something he'd believed
in. He would survive and he'd make sure Voyager would too.

The only bad part would be hearing Kathryn's delighted 'I told you
so' when he told her. Chakotay closed his eyes and winced at the

"Oh don't you fucking dare."

The sweet singsong of his lover's voice became a harsh dirge. He
opened his eyes in confusion to Tom's hardened gaze.

"Don't what?"

"Regret this." He spat.

"I don't. I was just thinking about what the captain will say when
she finds out about us."

"Oh I know what she'll say better than you do and let me tell you, it
won't be what you think."

"It will and I agree with her."

He reached for the angry young man but he twisted away putting the
ladder between them.

"So do I even though I didn't before." Tom's chest hitched and his
blue eyes glistened. "Tell me. Do you think fucking is just fucking

In shock the blood rushed from his head. Oh spirits where had Tom
heard that, surely not from Kathryn? She knew that anger and
frustration had been behind his words when he told her you didn't
have to love someone to sleep with them. They were friends and she
wouldn't betray his trust by repeating the conversation to Tom.
Besides when would she have the opportunity? The pilot and her
didn't exactly travel in the same social circle.

"Who told you I said that Tom?"

"You, you said that?" He began to back out the holodeck doors; his
eyes wide and wet with unshed tears. "Then you lied."

"Lied? I can explain.-" The devastated look on Tom's face cut
him off.

"What about the tribe Chak?"

"What tribe Tom?"

"It doesn't matter it was crazy anyway." The pilot said into the
space over his shoulder. The dead look in his normally vibrant eyes
scared Chakotay.

Something had gone terribly wrong. In the space of a few minutes he
had found the man he loved and now he suspected he'd just lost him.
He stepped around the latter to find what it was.

"Stop Chakotay."

The pilot wiped the sleeve of his shirt across his face, staining the
blue silk black.

"Why I thought you wanted this?"

"I'm not sure what I want but I do know this isn't it."

"But all those months in Sandrine's, and then today.-"

As he talked, he moved closer to the distraught pilot.

Tom stood ramrod straight and pierced him with his ice blue orbs
freezing Chakotay to his spot. His voice was just a cold. "I don't
want to fuck you Commander."

"Oh sweetness please."

The chill in his tone wavered slightly. "I can't anymore."

And then he was gone. With a spinning head Chakotay moved to the
bar. He sat down before he fell down.

He had expected Tom to leave him but not this soon. Spirits he
hadn't even told the young man he loved him yet. Nothing about this
made any sense, especially the odd comment Tom made with such sadness.

What the hell was the tribe and why didn't it matter?


Fuck you he spat at the annoying machine.

Tom sat in his quarters watching the red message light on his
terminal blinking angrily at him. It would be the Chakotay trying to
get a hold of him on his private comm channel and he didn't want to
speak to him. Nothing the commander had to say would change the fact
Tom was a crazy as a loon.

A few days ago he'd gone out his fucking mind and he should have seen
it coming. The first sign had been when he'd entertained the thought
of having the commander's babies and the second was when he felt the
glorious touch of Chakotay's mouth on his dick on the holodeck.
Having the first officer suck him dry had drove him crazy with love.
It was so personal, so caring, that he'd been unprepared for the
final straw when it hit. Chakotay had lied to him when he said he
loved him.

It didn't matter that it was the holographic version of Tom Paris he
had confessed his feelings to. He had had said the words and Tom
like a love-struck virgin foolishly believed him and if that wasn't
nuts he didn't know what was.

Tom had been around and knew better. Lots of people, male, female,
terran and alien had declared their love for him in order to get at
his body and if he liked them, he let them. It didn't matter if what
they said was true or not. For him it was only sex and he'd take it
anyway he could. He was a jaded slut and proud of it but Chakotay
wasn't like him.

The first officer was supposed to be one of the good guys. Someone
who when he gave his word would die for it. He was a hero and a
champion, who gave but didn't take, who didn't fuck but made love and
he was the only one in this whole fucking universe that could make
Thomas Eugene Paris a feel brand new again. He wasn't supposed to

Heaving himself from the chair at his desk, Tom grabbed the jacket
the slung over its back to cover his torn white tee.

It was Friday night and he had a date.


"You're angry with me too."

"Shutup and play Commander."

"No!" With one swipe of his arm, he cleared the chessboard.

"Good move Commander." The hologram drawled sarcastically.

Coming here tonight was a mistake. Hoping against hope he had sought
out the hologram's company in an effort to understand what had gone
wrong the other day with Tom. It was his last avenue of recourse
since the pilot had refused to speak to him privately or answer his
comm messages. However from the attitude the fake blond was
projecting it didn't look as if he'd be gaining any insights this

"Oh is it time to fuck now Commander?"

"Would you please stop calling me that and no, I do not want to fuck!"

"Well then why don't you get the hell out." Tom leered viciously at
him. "Commander."

"Fine I will but first tell me what I did to piss both of you off so

"You used us."

"Used? How?"

With exaggerated grace, Tom got up from his chair and walked over the
bed. Stripping off his jeans and tee shirt, he slipped under the
comforter and sat up against the headboard.

"Come fuck me and I'll tell you."

Crossing over to the bed, he sat on the edge careful not to touch the
caustic young blond.

"This isn't what I came here for."

"Oh are we not good enough even for that now?"

"We? I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Oh please Commander, we may be crazy for loving you but we're not

"Would you please stop using the plural when referring to yourself.
You don't speak for Tom."

"Really? Then tell me why the hell you came here tonight if not to
talk to him? You don't want play chess and you obviously don't want
sex so talking all that's left."

"OK fine, whatever. I want to understand, that's all. I finally
make a move towards him and he pulls back. You said I've used both
you but I don't see how. I've done my best to treat you with

"Maybe we," He rolled his eyes and put up a hand. "Maybe Tom wants
more than that."

"No that's where you're wrong. If I tell him how much I love him,
I'll lose him for sure."

"You love him? I mean really, truly, make me a honest man, love him?"

The hologram had one hell of problem with pronouns. He was about to
comment on it when the red alert klaxon sounded and the ship rocked.

Springing from the mattress, Chakotay headed for the exit and his
place on the bridge. As he reached the arch he turned to bid the
hologram a quick good night and was startled to see him pulling on
his clothes.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting dressed."


Tom gave him a sheepish grin and did up his fly. "Because I can't
fly the ship naked Chak."

Ducking by him, the one and only Lieutenant Tom Paris left the

Chakotay followed, his eyes burning more holes into the tattered
white tee.