Title: Holodiction P2
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 2 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary: It's not easy being a hologram.

"He's got eyes like Chakotay's. Big, brown and soft." His brilliant
blue one's looked up at her. "What's his name?"

Tom looking all of twelve years old, sat cross-legged in the middle
of her latest litter of golden retrievers on the rug in her den.
Most of the puppies were asleep, she programmed them that way when
she had company but she'd left one awake for him to play with.

"He doesn't have one or at least he didn't until a moment ago. I
think I'll call him Commander."

"Cool." Tom picked up the newly named dog and looked into its soft
fuzzy face. "Hey Commander how's it hanging?"

After kissing its wet black nose the lieutenant whose hair was as
golden as the puppy's, cradled it in his arms and Kathryn released a
mental sigh. If the real Commander was in her study now, she was
sure he'd change his opinion of the holo-sim after one glance of the
heart-warming scene in front of her fireplace. Hell, one look at the
way Tom tenderly held the dog and cooed into its ear would probably
change his opinion of the pilot too. It already had for her.

It was hard to believe that the lamb sitting on her rug playing with
the prize of her litter, was the wolf that had agreed with hunger a
more than a week ago to seduce her first officer.

Ten days prior, he had come petitioning her for access to the
Discretionary Holodeck Fund.

The DHF or "Dif" as it was called among the ranks, was a reserve of
time that had been set aside for crewmembers to use as therapeutic
tool in crisis prevention. Access to the fund required her
permission and because of Voyager's limited resources the situation
had to be extreme. Vorik's pon farr for example had been one of the
rare incidences where she'd granted a request.

So understanding that she wouldn't allow him access to the Dif
without first knowing his reasons, the lieutenant had stood straight
and tall before her desk in her Ready Room and told what he wanted,
or rather whom. Fortunately for him, his objectives coincided with
her own. It was only his method she had a problem with.

Tom had wanted to program a fully functional holographic character of
himself as an anonymous present to the first officer. He only
intended to run it once, figuring that just a taste of the forbidden
fruit it would be enough to entice the commander into a sexual
relationship in real life. It had been her idea to give Chakotay the
whole apple.

After getting over the shock of her capitulation, the pilot had
consented to forgoing the power costly recreation of himself for the
real thing and to giving the commander more than one bite. Together
they had agreed to end the deception after the relationship had been
consummated. Today was the first chance they'd had to talk face to
face since the implementation of their plan.

"So he didn't make love to you last Friday but it went well?"
Surprised at his blush, she held her hand up. "I don't need details
Mr Paris."

"Yeah we both got a little messy and he did promise to come back

"And he doesn't suspect anything?"

"No." The response wasn't very enthusiastic and she called him on it.

"You sound disappointed."

The inflection in his voice changed for the worse.

"Fuck Kathryn,"

Damn it was weird hearing him call her that. He'd started using her
first name right after they'd made their pact. Unfortunately she had
made the mistake of not correcting the intimacy immediately so she
suffered it now graciously.

"I may be good at lying but it doesn't mean I like it." His outraged
tone softened. "Especially when it comes to him."

"I'm not comfortable with the deception either Tom but I need an
emotionally sound first officer by my side." She took in the guilty
expression on his previously innocent face. "However I also don't
need an agitated pilot flying my ship. If you want we can stop this

"No!" The puppy in his lap yelped and he quickly soothed it to
silence again with his long delicate fingers before continuing.

"I can do this. I know how important it is to you and to Voyager
that he bleeds off some of his stress. Besides it's the only way I
can get him to touch me." Tom turned his golden head and spoke softly
to the fire in the grate. "And I want that more than you can know.
I just wish he'd look at me the way he did in the holodeck in real

That's when it hit her. Tom wasn't performing this whole charade
simply to get into her first officer's pants. It was more than that.

"Tom I can find another way to help Chakotay. One where you don't
have to lie to him or pretend. If you love him and.-"

"I don't!" Tom eyes flashed as his head pivoted in her
direction. "Look Captain I came to you because I want to feel his
cock up my ass and that's all, end of story. Don't let your romantic
notions read something more into this than there is. Sometimes
fucking is just fucking! Get it?"

Oh hell where had she heard this diatribe before?

"My mistake Mr Paris. I hope you'll forgive my assumption and my
incurably romantic heart?"

The pilot was trembling and his agitation was transmitted to the
young dog in his lap. As the pup began to whimper, Tom brought his
knees up and pulled his whole body around it.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." He sang softly to the simpering

Kathryn accepted the indirect apology silently.


Oh spirits Chakotay just pick a damn shirt!

He leant forward, closed his eyes and grabbed the first garment off
the floor of his bedroom that came to hand. Slowly opening one eye
and then the other he inspected his choice.

With two fingers he held up the black cashmere sweater with long
sleeves and a deep vee in the front that he had tried on and
discarded as too daring an hour ago.

The front was cut low enough to expose the top of his abdominal
muscles and if he moved his arms, the reflex would be seen across the
tight plane of his bare chest. The holographic Tom would have no
trouble discerning his intentions if he wore this over the snug
black jeans that had taken him the better part of the afternoon to
decide on. As he was about to throw the shirt back into the pile on
the floor he stopped. What the hell was he thinking?

This wasn't a date. He didn't have to play the cavalier to get Tom
into bed. It was what the he was made for and what's more it
was what he expected. So what did it matter what he wore and what
the hologram thought about it. Chakotay would get lucky tonight if
he showed up wearing a phaser scarred uniform that hadn't been washed
in a week.

But unfortunately for him that wasn't what was going on
here. He didn't think of Tom as a hologram. He thought of the
hologram as Tom.

All week he watched the pilot perform his duties in front of him on
the bridge and all week he'd had difficulties not touching him or
calling him sweetness.

Realistically he knew that the beauty he'd made love to last Friday
night wasn't the efficient pilot flying Voyager but it was hard to
separate his responses. The holographic Tom was merely an expanded
daydream of the real one. His reactions may be misplaced but his gut
feelings were not. Chakotay knew which man he loved. He also knew
which man he could have.

So that brought him back to his screwed up dilemma. What to wear for
the man he loved for the image he couldn't help but treat otherwise.
Chakotay laughed nervously. He had thought that maybe he was walking
the edge of sanity before but now he was sure.

However now he was blindfolded too.


I'm just going to fuck him.

When he's get here we're are not going to talk, we are not going to
have a drink, were are not going to pass go or any other such
nonsense, we are just going to fuck until neither one of us can
speak. I've got nothing to say to him and I don't want to hear
anything he has to say to me.

Crossing his arms over his bare chest, Tom lay back on the eighteenth
century bed and repeated his mantra.

It was times like this he hated wanting to be one of the good guys.
It was a whole lot easier acting like he didn't give a damn and being
the total screw up he was most of the time. But fuck when nobility
raised her ugly head he almost always never failed to answer her call
and it almost always got him into deeper shit.

Look at Caldik Prime for instance. If he'd just kept his big mouth
shut, nobody would have known that was his failure for not reacting
quickly enough at the helm was the true reason his crewmates died.
If he'd let the commission believe the error was mechanical and not
pilot, he would probably be flying the Fleet flagship right now
and not stuck in the Delta quadrant with Chakotay. Oh fuck Chakotay.

Kathryn thought he was in love with the first officer. He wasn't and
it would be unfair to Chak to let him think he could be. Okay right
now the first officer thought he was a hologram but if their plan
went wrong and Chak found out it was really him in this big empty
room, he might translate his affection for love. The only problem
was Tom didn't do love very well, he never learned how he supposed,
and the commander would be hurt.

So that meant no caring, no sweet words, or anything that didn't have
to do nail scratching, teeth biting, hair pulling, hard core
fucking. Tom was not going to let Chakotay fall in love with him and
get hurt. He couldn't.

Chakotay already 'was' one of the good guys.


"I missed you."

"I suppose if I had the same sense of time you do, I'd miss you too.
Now take your clothes off and come here."

Or just lift your arms over your head so I can see your chest move,
Tom thought. Either way he'd come from just looking at the delicious
man. Damn it all to hell, why did he have to look so good?

OK he knew he wanted the big man but he didn't actually want to want
the guy with a capital "W". Chakotay stood at the end of the bed and
placed his hands on hips causing the vee of his shirt to spread open
further. Damn.

"My aren't we impatient tonight."

"Does that mean you'd rather play chess at the Academy?"

"No it's just an observation." Those big brown puppy dog eyes
softened. "I wish we had more than an hour. I'd like to do this

So did Tom but he wasn't going to admit it to Chakotay or even

"We don't, so get naked Chak."

Still standing at the end of the bed, the commander crossed his arms
and pulled his sweater over his head. Tom watched fascinated at the
play of muscles under his dark skin as his back arched displaying his
hard stomach to perfection.

He was still thinking about how incredible the man looked when he
kicked his shoes off and undid his jeans. The cock that jutted forth
was big dark and formidable, not to mention dripping like a leaky
faucet. Tom felt his own erection weep in sympathy.

"Oh spirits Tom you're beautiful."

For a moment he was startled. He'd been so wrapped up with looking
at dark glory before him, he'd forgotten he was lying buck-naked on
the comforter. He also hadn't noticed his hand on his own cock as he
watched Chak disrobe. Naked, the commander leaned against one the
carved bedposts.

"If you come now while I watch, you can still come later for me


Or at least he hoped so. Twice in one hour would be cutting it
fine, even for him.

"Good then let me see sweetness."

Tom closed his eyes to block out the commander's smoldering gaze. He
had to or this was going to be the shortest show in holodeck history.

Biting his bottom lip in an effort to slow the release he could
already feel building in his balls Tom arched his back, spread his
knees and took hold of himself. One stroke, two, the burn was
building, three strokes four, his inner thighs were twitching, five
strokes six, he couldn't stop his hand, seven, eight, nine.-

"Oh fuck Chak!"

As he felt his orgasm shoot out over his belly he felt a warm body
settle beside him and hold him close.

"Oh sweetness that was wonderful, oh so fucking wonderful."

A biting mouth trailed kisses down his neck and then took a greater
hold on his shoulder. He would have a bruise the size of a comm
badge there tomorrow.

"I need you now. Oh please Tom, I need you."

"And I need you Chak."

Call out the dogs and alert the media, this was the event they'd all,
him, the captain and the unknowing crew of Voyager had been waiting
for. Chakotay was going to fuck him. The not so exciting part for
any of them, especially Tom, was that the commander was going to do
it dry because holograms didn't need lube, right? Oh fuck right.

Thinking quickly for a man that had just blow his lights out, Tom
grasped Chakotay's penis with his sticky left hand and slathered the
remnants of his orgasm on long its shaft. The commander moaned at
the touch and tried to turn him over for a back entry. Knowing that
he'd have no control of the pace or depth of their joining in that
position, Tom took the initiative and straddled the aroused man.

Grabbing the ornate headboard with both hands, he lifted his body
over Chakotay's semi-slicked cock and hoped for the best. Breathing
deeply to relax the muscles of his upper thighs, he closed his eyes
and lowered his body down on the shaft.

Bright pain struck at his core as the bulbous head of his lover's
erection pierced the tight ring of his anus.

"Oh yes, oh, oh.-"

It was a tight fit and of course it felt good to Chakotay. Not
knowing the pain he was causing he lifted his hips off the mattress
and used his hands to bring his cock in deeper. Unable to stop
himself Tom screamed at the intrusion and held himself still.

Once Chak was fully implanted within his bowls he didn't have to
move, the commander did that for him. Repeatedly the dark man
between his legs pumped up into him and Tom had to white knuckle the
bedstead to keep from passing out and falling over.

In the mist of his pain he was still able to feel the commander's
wide palm encased his dick and incredibly it was stiff. With strokes
hard enough to pound into the patch of golden pubic hair at the base
of his groin, Chakotay jerked him in time with his thrusts and oh
fuck it felt good. The ease of the big man's thick cock even seemed
easier as he pulled and pulled as his erection. His passage almost
felt slick.

"Oh sweet.-oh Tom.-!"

Opening his eyes, Tom looked down into his lover's face. The
commander had told him that his face was beautiful in orgasm but it
could never be as exquisite as this.

With his head thrown back exposing his throat and accentuating his
muscled shoulders, Chak's mouth was opened in the perfect circle as
his orgasm erupted. If Tom was to die right now he be happy having
this as the last thing he'd ever see. He came in jubilation.

Losing hold of the headboard he collapsed on to his lover. Gentle
hands moved him to the side and pulled the comforter over his
sweating body. Tom felt a gentle kiss to his temple before he heard
Chakotay call out.

"Computer, time."

"There are 5.6 minutes left in the present program."

"Damn." Fawning hands caressed Tom's flushed face cooling his cheeks
with their passage. "I have to go now sweetness."

"I know time's up."

"We'll need more time next Friday. Can you do that?"

"I'll try."

In a fierce embrace, Chakotay pulled him close and whispered in his

"I love him even more because of you. Thank you."

After kissing him again, the big man wiped himself down on the covers
before exiting the bed and then dressed. With a one last glance of
worship, he left the holodeck.

With an effort he felt all the way from the tips of his toes to the
roots of his blond head, Tom opened the drawer in the bedside table
and retrieved his comm badge. Pressing it between his thumb and
forefinger he activated it.

"Paris to Sickbay."

"Yes Mr Paris."

"Please arrange a site to site transfer. I think I'm hurt."

He heard the doctor pause on the other end of the connection.

"Very well Mr Paris. One moment while I contact engineering."

"Fine, whatever. I'll just be here bleeding to death in Holodeck two
while you get your shit together Doc. Paris out."

Falling back on to the pillow Tom clenched his sphincter tighter
hoping to stem the heated flow until the transporter could spirit him