Title:  Epiphany P3
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  3 of 3
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  A battle for the Top.

Sweetness, he could get used to that.

After returning from two days planetside discussing Federation
directives with the Affinity's council, he'd checked the computer for
the lieutenant's location immediately on his return.  He hadn't even
visited his quarters before coming directly here.  So here he sat
waiting at the bar in Sandrine's waiting for Tom to finish his pool
game with Harry patiently waiting to hear the endearment again.

Someone once said absence makes the heart grow fonder and the
commander agreed that while it did that it also gave one time to get
their head together.  While he'd reluctantly enjoyed the local
magistrate's hospitality on the planet surface he had time to bring
his raging hormones under control and gain a better perspective of
his relationship with the sensual blonde.

Tom had driven him to brink of madness first sexually and now
emotionally like no one had ever done before and it had blind-sided
him.   For six years he had worked beside him without thinking once
about the blue of his eyes and the brightness of his smile.  Why had
one touch under an alien sky changed all that?  And why did it have
to be his touch?

He looked over at the object of his conundrum talking quietly with
Harry and then at the other patrons of the bar.   Like moths to a
flame they were drawn to his golden light and many of them had
touched that light, often.   Tom's promiscuous lifestyle was only one
of facets of his nature that bothered him.   His disdain for
authority and his irreverent attitude were others.   In effect he was
the last person on Voyager he would consider building a life with but
that's what he intended to do.

Call him traditional but he needed to bind the man to him both
emotionally and as well as physically.  He couldn't believe he could
have such a strong sexual need for someone he wouldn't be able to
love.  There had to be a balance between the two and since he
accepted that despite the man's faults he still desired him, he would
make it his mission to find it.

He was determined to fall in love with Tom Paris whether he wanted to
or not.


"Voyager to Tom Paris."

"What?"  He tore his gaze from the gorgeous man at the bar and looked
at his best friend.

"It's your shot."  Harry stepped back to give him room to
shoot.  "Unless of course you'd rather forfeit and answer the
commander's beck and call?"

Beck and call?   So what if every nerve in his body was singing at
the man's presence in the bar it didn't mean he was going to drop
everything to rush to his side.   He was the commander's lover not
his lapdog.  He lined up his shot.

"He'll wait."  He made his shot and missed.  "Shit."

"You're going to make Chakotay wait?"  Harry continued on, making no
move to take his turn.  "Man Tom you got balls.  He's the first
officer for crying out loud."

"Harry he's just a man."  He was beginning to regret telling his
friend about the other night.

"Just a man, yeah right."  Harry stood closer to him and lowered his
voice.  "Do you have any idea what you're doing?  Chakotay's not
going to let you get away with your usual shit.   If he decides
you're his, that's what you'll be, no more playing around."

"What the hell do you mean if 'he' decides?  Look I'm not saying I
want anybody else, I don't but that's because I say so not because he

"That's not what people are going to think when they find out.  They
are going to think you've finally been captured and tamed."

"Tamed? Oh that's fucking rich Harry."  He was having trouble keeping
his voice down.  "I'm a man not a wild animal to be domesticated."

"That's not what I meant."


He broke away from the ensign and returned his cue to the rack on the
wall, telling himself that he was just tired of playing pool and not
running to Chakotay.


"Tom."  Harry grabbed his shoulder.  "Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to
upset you.  I didn't know that it bothered you so much."

He took a deep breath to quiet his nerves.  Why was it he always took
his shit out on the best friend he had in the whole world?  Harry
wasn't trying to hurt him, he was only telling him how it was.  He
placed his hand over Harry's and touched it briefly.

"Yeah well it does but that's not your fault.  Sorry, Har."

"Forget it, it was worth it for the rations."


"Yeah you forfeited remember?"

Chakotay must really fucking with his head if he'd willing give up a
pool game.  Oh what the hell, Harry deserved it.

"Consider it your Christmas gift."

Winking at Harry he turned and set off for the bar, trying not to run.


"Hey sweetness."

Resisting the urge to lick the graceful lines of his tattoo, he took
a seat beside Chakotay.  He wasn't sure what the rules were here yet
and touching the commander in public may not be one of them.

The big man smiled, letting loose his killer dimples. "Hello Poocuh."

His heart and his cheeks warmed at the endearment and he was happy
that Chak felt it was OK to say that out in the open but how was he
going to handled the rest of it?  There was no way in hell he was
going to let Chakotay lead him out of here like a lost puppy.  A beer
appeared in front him and staring into its foam, he took a sip and
considered his options.

"Down on the planet I thought about you."  He looked at the
commander. Chakotay talked quietly and stared into his tea.

"And at night lying by myself in a borrowed bed I thought about how
hard it was going to be with you."  He played with the handle of his
cup.  "And I thought about what I was going to do."

Tom looked into his own drink and his concerns about his ego went out
the viewport.   Oh God please he be anything Chakotay wanted him to
be, lapdog included but please don't let him regret the other night.

"So what are you going to do?"

Chakotay looked back at him and Tom willed for the smile to return.
It didn't.

"Make it work."  His hand slid over the bar to rest on his.  "If
you're willing?"

Turning his hand, he squeezed his relief into the strong meaty palm
and offered him a shy smile.


And Hallelujah, the dimples returned and the commander smiled back.
Can I get an Amen!

"Let's get out of here Poocuh."  Chak rose from his chair, he didn't.

OK God I know I promised to be his lapdog but if there's another way
of getting out here without looking like he owns me, I'd be real
grateful.  Chakotay sensed his hesitancy.

"What is it?"

"Chak we're sitting here in a public place holding hands.  What are
people going to think if you haul me out of here now?"

The commander not even giving the room a cursory glance stepped
between his knees.  His voice was a low growl.

"They're probably think I'm going to take you home and have my way
with you and they'd be right.  So what?"

"So you don't care what they think?"

A proprietary hand slid up his thigh and around to his ass.  "No."

"You're sure?"  Tom draped his arms over his lover's shoulders

Chak looked at him through dark lashes. "Yes, Tom I'm very sure."


With that Tom took the lead and wrapped his long legs around Chakotay
waist.  Ebony eyes flew open and sapphire ones shut closed as the
pilot locked his lips on the commander's and kissed him.  He tortured
the man with his mouth until he felt a hardening bulge form against
the crotch of his jeans.  Pulling back Tom checked to see if the
commander's eyes were sufficiently dazed and dilated before taking
him by the hand and leading him off the holodeck.

As the doors swished closed, Tom heard clapping.


When they arrived at his quarters Chakotay set about teaching Tom
that while it was OK to dominate him in public, it wouldn't be OK to
do so in private.

Letting his arms fall to his sides the commander spoke firmly into
the ear of the wanton plastered to his body.

"Bedroom, now."

Tom stopped his examination of the commander's tattoo and peered at
him with suspicion.

"What aren't you gonna even offer me drink to get me in the mood?"

"You don't need a drink for that."  He reached up and unwound the
pilot's arms from his neck.  "Move."

Piqued, Tom turned and started walking seductively in the direction
of the sleeping area, throwing a smart assed comment over his

"My aren't we the demanding one tonight."

Chakotay answered back with the flat of his hand on the pilot's smart
little ass.

"Hey!"  He spun around rubbing his butt through his tight jeans.

Having had enough of the blonde's stalling Chakotay stepped forward
and threw the younger man over his shoulder.

"Chak put me down!"

"I will."

The doors of the bedroom swished open and he threw the man
unceremoniously on the bed.  Gone was the cocky chief pilot and in
his place was a spoilt child lying on his back.

"What the fuck was that all about?"

He stood at the end of the bed and hovered over him. "Be quiet and
listen to me."

"I 'was' moving."  The voice was plaintive.  "I was just trying to
have a little fun."

Chakotay straddled him.  "Tom just shut up and listen!"  He pulled
his long arms over his head and pinned his hands to mattress.
Satisfied the pilot was done whining he began.

"I understand what happened in Sandrine's and it doesn't bother me.
When we're in public and off duty you can treat me as you would any
other of your conquests.  However when we are alone I want you to
understand that the pageantry and pomp doesn't impress me and you
will respect me and my wishes."

Tom eyed him speculatively.

"You want me to obey you."


"You're my lord and master."


Tom nodded and then in a sudden movement bucked his hips throwing him
backward on his ass to the floor.   He jumped off the bed and towered
over him.

"Well fuck you Chakotay!  Who the hell died and made you king!"

Anger did wonderful things to pilot's appearance.  His face flushed
and his blue eyes blazed brilliantly.  Spirits he was beautiful.
This was the real Tom Paris not some spineless dandy and he was
surprised that this was the one he wanted.  He growled low in his

"Come here."


Tom shook his head defiantly causing his beautiful golden hair to
fall over his brow wildly.  He had to have this beauty now.  Chakotay
leaned forward and hooked his fingers behind the knees of the angered
blonde hitting his reflex.

"What the.."

Tom legs buckled and he fell against his chest.  Not giving the man
time to recover, the first officer rolled pinning him by the wrists.
Blue eyes flashed at him as the slender form writhe beneath him
rousing his cock to hardness.

"Get the fuck off me Chakotay."

Before that raging mouth could say any more he descended on it.   He
parted the lips with his tongue and explored it sweet depths.   It
wasn't long before he was getting as good as he gave and he pulled
back.  Tom's eyes were closed.

"Do you still want me to get up?"

Tom lay still and quiet, too quiet.


"I'm thinking."  After a few moments he spoke again. "I'm done."

Eyes as deep and as blue as an ocean peered up at him.

"Fuck me."

His lips bent into an impish grin.




He screamed the epithet as Chakotay reamed into his ass.

"Again!"  The commander reached around him to stroke his near
bursting penis and he saw stars.  In a daze he answered the first
officer not knowing if he said the words aloud or not.

"Yours, only yours."

"Mine."  It sounded almost feral when he said it.

Tom clutched at the bedclothes for leverage lifting his ass to meet
his lover's powerful thrusts.    The movements were deep and forceful
but controlled as Chakotay took care to ensure that his prostrate was
brushed with each penetration.   The commander made every encounter
he'd had as a bottom before seem like boyhood fumblings.  He started
to go blind with pleasure.

Wanting to take the commander with him, Tom squeezed his anal muscles
as he came.  Chakotay's precision faltered and he roared.


Holding on to sheets for dear life, he withstood a final lunge before
Chak collapsed trembling over his back.  The extra weight caused his
legs to let go and he fell forward into the pillow.

Hearing his even breathing, Tom pulled Chakotay around him and
followed him into the realm of dreams.


"You're a Pekingese?"

The wolf's head tipped to the side.

"Yeah, we both sit on command and like sitting around in the laps of

"Oh and do you do tricks?"  She was cute when she tried to be funny.
Well cute as a screwball figment of his imagination could be anyway.
He leaned forward touching his nose to hers first for once.

"Yeah the best.  Ask Chakotay."

"OK let's go."

She spun, flicking him in the nose with her tail and headed into the
gloom of the forest.


He stood and walked to the edge of the clearing trying to get a
glimpse of her silver coat through the trees.  Damn but it was dark
in there.  He yelled into the blackness.

"You really are a nutbar if you think I'm stupid enough to go in

As he stood debating on whether or not to follow the crazy wolf,
small lights began to glow on the forest floor illuminating a path.

"Oh fuck." He said to nobody in particular as he started forward
joining the trail.


"I've been busy."

"Busy?  Busy doing what?"

He sat cross-legged in the middle of the plateau trying to figure out
what that was supposed to mean.  A warm wind rose up from the depths
of the cliff behind him and hot sun shone down on his body clad in
it's usual loose trousers and leather arm band.

"Yes.  The world, including the spirit one doesn't revolve around you
Chakotay son of Kolopak."

Afraid of offending the she wolf, he put the respect back in his

"Of course not.  It's just that these last few days I could have used
your council."

She accepted his silent apology and came closer to him.

"I don't know about that.  It seems you done pretty well on your own."

"No I haven't."  He wrapped his arms about his mid-section.  "I've
been angry, confused and in need of answers.  My life has been turned
upside down."

"Yeah just like everybody else's on Voyager.  Look as a friend of
mine is fond of saying 'you just have to roll with it' Chakotay."

"Roll with it?"

"Yeah it knows it's sound trite but it's also true."  She sat down in
front of him.

"I know you've had lots of questions you wanted to ask me but believe
it or not I didn't have the answers, you did."


"Yeah to most of them anyway.  Nobody knows all the answers, that's
what faith is for.  You have to learn to accept things as they are
and then move on."

Her ears perked to a sound in the brush.

"And here comes your biggest answer now."

"Does the word 'turbolift' mean anything to you!"

Emerging from the rainforest naked as the day he was born and looking
absolutely glorious was Tom and for the first time something stirred
in his breast first before his groin.  His eyes were opened and
that's when it happened.  He had an epiphany and saw the light, a
golden one with blue eyes.

Whatever power he'd been afraid of losing was reflected back in the
beautiful blonde pilot.  It hadn't been lost; no it had found a home
in Tom and had been amplified ten fold.

"Chak?  What are you doing in my dream?"

The wolf answered for him.  Which was just as well as he couldn't
seem to find his voice at the moment.

"I believe we covered that earlier."

"OK, OK so it's not mine."  Then Tom walked forward and did something
amazing to Chakotay.  He touched the wolf, running his fingers down
the length of her back.  The familiarity told him that Tom had been
here before and it also answered his previous question about his
guide's where abouts of late.

"So what's up then?"

"It's time Thomas to claim what is yours."

"Is he real?"  Tom motioned his head towards him.  "I mean when I
wake up, is he gonna remember all this?"

"Yes."  With her muzzle his guide pushed the pilot in his
direction.  "Now go."

Tom approached him and sat down beside him mimicking his crossed-
legged style.


"Hello Tom."

"OK here goes nothing."  He sat up straight and tall.   "I'm here to
claim what you owe me."

"What's that?"

"Your life.  It's mine and I want it."

It was the oath.  In the last years he forgotten about it and was
than a little surprised and a little hurt to hear Tom bring up the
old wound now.  He was about to say so when the pilot brought his
hands up to quiet him.

"Before you say anything let me say this first.  I'm willing to trade
you for it and to give you back something in compensation."

"Like what?"  There was nothing the man could give him that would
make him give up his being.

"My life."

Except that.

"I love you Chakotay and I want to share my life you."  His slender
fingers caressed the braided band on his arm.  "I know I might be
getting the better end of the deal here but I promise to spend the
rest of my life making up for it."

Tom Paris loved him and he loved Tom Paris.  His guide was right.
This was the answer.  He removed the pilot's fingers from the band
and undid the knot that held it there.

"Deal."  He took the worn braided circlet, a gift from his mother and
transferred it to blonde's arm.  Tom touched it gingerly and gave him
a smile that warmed his whole being.

"I love you too Poocuh."  And as he reached for his epiphany he woke.


"Will I see you again?"

The she wolf curled around his body and rested her head in his lap.

"If you need me."

"You really belong to Chakotay don't you?"  He stroked the fur behind
her ear.

"I don't belong to anyone Thomas."  She looked up at him.  "Just like

He sighed and looked at the sun setting behind the treetops on the
horizon, fingering the band on his arm.  She was only half-right.
His heart definitely wasn't his anymore it belonged to Chakotay.

"OK, OK so I can't be right all the time."  She stood and tapped his
nose with hers.  "Give a spirit a break will ya?"

"For you anything!" He laughed.  He was really going to miss the
crazy old wolf.

Running the length of her smooth coat against his bare shoulder, she
saw his thoughts. "Crazy or not I'll miss you too Thomas."

And with one last look from her gray eyes she turned and melted back
into the forest.  Tom watched her go and his heartfelt thanks going
out to her retreating figure.

"Your welcome Thomas."


"Good Morning Poocuh."

He snuggled under the covers and into the man he loved embrace.

"Hey sweetness."

Chakotay rolled his eyes at the endearment and Tom filed the reaction
away for later reference.  On the bridge perhaps?

"I think she really liked you."

Did he remember?  He held his breath.

"And what about you?"

The commander pulled the covers down, bunching them at their waists.
He kissed his nose and ran his hand over his shoulder stopping at his

"I love you."  Chakotay said as he tweaked the newly inherited
leather band on his arm.  Tom covered the hand with his own.

"I love you too."

And the spirits smiled but they didn't howl because after all a girl
still gotta have her pride.