Title:  Clone P5
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series 5 of ?
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Disclaimer:   Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Chakotay thinks about what he really won in the ring.

His every second thought was of Tom.

And every third and forth.  Chakotay swiveled in his chair and gazed
out into the starfield speeding past the viewport in his office.

As he read report after report, he found some way to direct his train
of thought back to the beautiful blonde.  If it was engineering
efficiency report, it could effect the way Tom handled the ship, it
was about a problem in astrometrics it could effect navigation and
Tom would have to be consulted, and the list went on and on.
Spirits he'd even found a way of connecting Neelix's special of the
day to Tom's performance.

The commander glanced at the chrono on his desk.  While it felt like
forever, he was surprised to see it had been only two days since he
held the ethereal sylph in his arms.   Since then the touch and taste
of Voyager's chief pilot had haunted him.

His comm messages to Tom had gone answered and in public the pilot
avoided him.  Twice he'd run his boxing program in hopes of re-match
with Kid Chaos and twice he'd been disappointed.  Instead of a tall
willowy blonde, a scarred-faced Terrelian had faced him in the ring.
Feeling defeated even before the fight had started he had considered
re-programming his opponent into the image of the lieutenant, but it
wouldn't have been the same.   He wanted the real thing and not a
holographic image.

He rose from his chair and drew closer to the window.

The real thing.   That's what this was, wasn't it?   He splayed his
fingers against the liquid aluminum of the glass and rested his
forehead against the back of his hand.

There were no ghosts or phantoms here, there was only a living,
breathing man.  This man had the ability to instill in him feelings
of tenderness, passion and love, emotions the previous incarnation
had only been able to scratch the surface of.   Those feelings were
real and so was the man responsible for them.  So if Tom was real did
that mean he had a soul and he could love him?

His people believed everything born into being, even the creatures
that inhabited the woodlands had an eternal soul.  That was why they
were vegans and did not eat meat.  They did not need computer scans
or bio-read outs to know this, they just did.  It was a matter of
faith.  But Tom hadn't been born; he'd been manufactured and that was
the difference that had plagued Chakotay.

There were young souls and there were old ones but was there such a
thing as a fabricated soul?  He didn't know if was possible but maybe
he could believe it was.   Tom not only lived and breathed he
shone.   There was an intangible vibrancy about him the commander was
unable to define.   Could that be his soul?

He touched his chin still bruised from a well executed left hook and
came to a conclusion.  Yes he decided.  Tom had a soul, an
unconventional one perhaps but it was there, as strong and as
beautiful as the man himself was.  He could be wrong but he had faith
he wasn't.  In any case if he were mistaken, it wouldn't matter.

He would give Tom his own.



He said the name again just to get the feel of it on his lips.  He
tried it again slurring out the second syllable imagining saying it
when he was coming.


He touched himself and smiled.  A few more strokes and he wouldn't
have to pretend.  He lay nude on his bed thinking of the man who had
replaced eating, sleeping and every else the human body needed
survive in the last few days.

"Oh fuck Chakotay!"

He had meant to stop this and grab something to eat before his duty
shift in Sickbay but as the lightening stuck traveling down his spine
his hand moved faster.  His hips bucked up from the mattress and he
came in long hot spurts over his chest.

Grabbing the towel he kept by the bed for the expressed purpose of
commander overload, he wiped himself down and suppressed another urge
to call him.  He fell to his side and pulled his knees to his
chest.   Two days ago it all had made perfect sense but now as he
felt the spent member between his legs begin to harden again, he
wasn't so sure.

With a maturity he certainly didn't feel at the moment, he had
decided Chakotay needed time alone to come to terms with what he'd
done and more importantly with "what" he'd done it with.

The commander was a deeply spiritual man, hell he'd even called to
the spirits as his cock was buried deep inside his ass and Tom knew
the nature of his existence had caused a religious conflict within
him.   He also knew that the outcome of that struggle would mean the
difference between Chak loving him or just fucking him and as much as
enjoyed the latter, it would mean nothing to Tom without the former.

He unfurled himself, stretched and stared at the ceiling of his
bedroom.  He wanted it all, love, desire and respect and damn it he
deserved it as much as anybody did.  So what if he wasn't exactly
human anymore, he still laughed and he still cried just like anyone
else.  And if Chakotay couldn't see that, well then fuck him and the
horse he rode in on, he'd find someone who could.

"EMH to Lieutenant Paris."

Tom jumped off the mattress and scrambled to find his communicator in
the jumble of clothes beside the bed.

"Mr Paris!"

In his frustration to fail to lay his fingers on the device he
slapped at the pile until he was rewarded with the familiar chirp.

"Doc, I'm just heading out the door now."

The doctor's voice evened out. "Well I suppose better late than never
but before you get too far from your quarters, do me a favour?"

"Yeah Doc anything."  He found his tunic and began turning it right
side out.

"Get dressed first!  EMH out!"

The communication ended.


"I'm a doctor not a Peeping Tom, Mr Paris."

"Did I say that?"

"No but you inferred it. "

"Well how you did know I was naked then?"

The Doc handed him yet another tri-corder for calibration.

"I always know."

"Oh really?" Amusement tinged his voice and the EMH frowned.

"Yes really and before you jump to any wild conclusions Mr Paris let
me assure you that you're not my type."  His voice became
aloof.  "For strictly medical reasons I've added a sub-routine to my
program to monitor the physical and emotional effects of your nuclear

OK this wasn't funny anymore.  He felt violated and not a little
embarrassed when he'd thought about the amount of time he'd spent in
the bathroom focusing on the "physical" effects of his transformation.

"Ah you could have told me Doc."

The EMH was perplexed.  "Why ever for, I'm your doctor it's only
natural I would keep tabs on your condition."  Realization
dawned.  "Ah you're uncomfortable about the masturbation."

"Shit Doc, why don't you announce it to the whole ship!"
Mortification pinned his eyes to the instrument in his hand.

"Oh please Mr Paris there's no one else here and besides what you're
experiencing is natural given the circumstances."  He took the tri-
corder from him.  His voice softened.  "Look at me."

Tom did as he was bid, blinking back tears.

"The Saltosians gave you a mature body with all its memories intact
but what they couldn't give you was a mature mind.  You have neural
pathways and synapses that are being used for the first time.  Most
like the ones related to autonomic functions such as breathing, food
digestion and disposal are unconscious and your body easily adapts
but the ones related to sexuality are conditioned through
application.  Emotions also come into play causing myriad of neurons
to fire and send sexual impulses to a body that lacks the experience
to control them."

"So in other words I'm a walking talking hard on."

"That's not the exactly the medical term for it Mr Paris but yes I
can understand how you'd see that way."

He sighed relieved he wasn't the sex-crazed freak he thought he was.
No he was a just a thirty-six year old man going through puberty for
the first time or was it the second?

"If you like, I can explain all this to the commander."

"No!"  Gods that's all he needed right now.  Knowing Chak he'd most
probably go all righteous on him and think he was robbing the cradle
or something.  Another thought hit him and he rolled his eyes.

"You know about Chakotay too?"

"Of course."

He winced. "The boxing match?"

The considerate bedside manner fell away and the ill-natured doctor
he knew and loved resurfaced.

"Yes and if not for the confines of patient/doctor confidentiality I
would have been forced to report the security breach you and Mr Kim
perpetrated.  I would appreciate it if you refrained from such
illegal practices in the future."  He set down the tri-corder on the
bio-bed and made to leave.

"Whatever you say Doc."  Feeling more like his old self and needing
to release the tension caused by his embarrassment, he called the EMH
back as he turned to go.  "And Doc?"

"What is it now Mr Paris?"

"Are you sure you're not a Peeping Tom?  I know you said you watched
for medical reasons but Chak and I did put on a pretty spectacular

This time it was the doctor that rolled his eyes.  His arm shot out
in the direction of the Sickbay doors.


"You're sure?  I mean if you'd like I could stay and weed the
hydroponic garden or maybe adjust the settings on the bio-stasis

"Go now Mr Paris before I change my mind and call Tuvok."

His hands came up in mock defeat. "OK, OK I'm out of here."

He moved towards the doors but stopped before exiting.  He leant
against the frame and lost the attitude.


"Now what?"


The EMH's features softened and he nodded silently to him before
entering his office.


"Good game Tom."

"Thanks but it was just luck."

The man beside him laughed. "Yeah and Risa's just another vacation

Dalby slapped his back heartily before picking up his pool cue and
turning to Harry in hopes of recovering the credits he'd just lost to
him.  His heart warmed as he returned to his seat at the bar to watch
the game.  A few months ago Ken would have been just as likely to
whack him up side the head with the cue instead of giving him a good-
natured cuff after losing a game to him.

It would be more than kind to say that before his rebirth he'd been
an ungracious winner, no a full-blown prick was more like it.  When
he came to pool he was a shark with killer instinct intact.  There
was no joy only survival, it was him or them and when he won, as he
usually did, he vilified his existence with their humiliation.   It
hadn't been fun, no it had been anything but that, but it had given
him the strength to get up the next day and face them all.  It had
been a pathetic life but it was all he'd known.  He took a sip of his
beer and quietly mourned for the sad man that was him.

"I've missed you." He felt a warm breath on his nape and a questing
touch on his thigh.  He knew that touch.


"Poocuh?"  The voice was subdued.

Tom didn't turn to face his beloved; he couldn't without breaking out
in tears.   He was already in emotional overdrive thinking about the
kindness of Dalby and Tommy's unhappy life and if he looked into
Chak's deep brown eyes now he'd lose it for sure.  He leaned back
into him so he wouldn't misunderstand his internal turmoil for

"I missed you too."

The first officer moved into his touch, molding his chest to his back
so intimately that anyone looking at their display would have no
problem guessing the nature of their relationship.  He felt the light
trace of Chak's lips behind his ear.

"Come home with me."

Oh such wonderful words.  Someone once said, "For it was not into my
ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed
but my soul."  More wonderful words but they weren't the words he
needed to hear right now.

"We have to talk."

The hand on his leg left and found his own, entwining the fingers
together and bringing them to his chest.

"I know Poocuh.  I'm ready."

Now they were putting on more than a just a display, now they were
putting on a full blown show.   Heads were turning and voices were
murmuring.  Fuck!  Now what was he supposed to do?  Not he was afraid
of his fellow crewmembers knowing about his relationship with the
commander, no he kinda liked that part, it was that now he was so
aroused he couldn't walk without limping.  He tried to convey his
fear to the commander.

"Chak either you're going have to stop touching me or you're going
have to fuck me right here over the bar."  He understood.

"It's that bad?"


The commander backed off and Tom heard the chirp of his communicator.

"B'Elanna now."

Now?  He felt his chair spin and as the tingling effects of the
transport engulfed him, full sensuous lips covered his own stifling
any outcry he might have made.


"Spirits baby I need you."

He knew he'd promised to talk first but now that he actually had the
elusive pilot in his arms, he was having trouble putting coherent
thoughts together.  A need greater than he'd ever known drove him to
possess the body in his arms.   He pushed him down on the bed in his


Yes say my name.  Scream it, yell it and tell me you love me.  He
pulled the younger man's uniform jacket over his head taking the
under tunic with it leaving him bare chested.   Oh he was so
beautiful.  He leaned forward and took a pink nipple into his mouth.
His hands went to fastenings of Tom's trousers.

"Chakotay!" Tom bucked beneath him, bumping his knee into his sobbing
erection.  "Let me go!"

The plea in his lover's voice, not to mention the pain in his groin,
dampened his arousal enough for him to realize what he was doing or
had almost done.  He rolled off Tom and lay on his back panting.

"I'm sorry."

Instead of running away from him in fear, Tom moved to his side and
threw a leg over his.

"It's OK.  I want you too."  His lips came down on his in a delicate
kiss.  They were sweet and soft and spoke of forgiveness.  He drew
back.  "But there's some things I gotta know first."

"I know Poocuh and there's some things I need to tell you."

"Tell me."

He took one of the pilot's hands in his and made the most important
speech of his life.

"I want to comfort you on difficult days and I want to give you
smiles when sadness intrudes.  I want to kiss your lips with laughter
and give you sunsets to warm your heart."  He sat up and pulled his
love with him.  "I offer you friendship to brighten your being and
confidence when you doubt.  My courage is yours to know yourself and
my patience to accept the truth.  And most of all I offer my love to
complete your life."

They were the words his father had offered his mother on their
wedding day so long ago and they were the words that expressed all
that he had in his heart for Tom.   Blue eyes gazed at him in


"Too much?"

The pilot curled against him burying his head in his chest.

"No, it was wonderful."

For along time the pilot clung to him saying nothing.  Chakotay began
to doubt the wisdom of his words.  Maybe that's not what he wanted to
hear.  Maybe he should have been more blunt and just told him he
didn't care what he was as long as he was his.


He broke from his reverie.

"Yes Poocuh?"

Tom brought himself to full height and straddled him.

"Touch me."

Ever so lightly he ran his hands down Tom's arms.  When reached the
pilot's hands, he brought them to his mouth and kissed them.

"Oh please Chak, touch me."

Understanding he reached for the fastening of Tom's pants and freed
his burgeoning erection.  It was as tall as a proud as the man who
bore it was.  Making an "O" with his index finger and thumb he
circled the head.  Tom's hips sprung forward and his back arched
causing his hand to travel further down his shaft.

"Oh fuck."

Adding another finger he moved his arm in short quick strokes,
applying pressure each time as he reached the head.  The pilot's hips
pistoned forward spasmodically and the commander relinquished his
rhythm and let him set the pace.

"Oh gods Chakotay!"

The pale skin flushed brilliantly and the commander watched in
arousal and awe as his lover reached his pinnacle.  An angel couldn't
have been more beautiful as the man in his lap came.  He pulled him
back down to his side.

"Thank you Poocuh."

Tom tipped his head up and smiled.

"Should that be the other way around big guy?"

He laughed.  "You'd think so wouldn't you?"

"Ah yeah."  Tom kicked off his shoes and peeled off his trousers.
When he was done he lay on his stomach, propped up his elbows and
rested his chin in his hands.  "Are you gonna take off your clothes
or do you plan on fucking me while in uniform?"

Leaving the imp on his bed, the commander rose and entered the head.
Finding what he was looking for he returned to the bedroom and
removed his clothing.  Tom flipped over on the mattress giving him a
critical eye.


"You think?"

"Oh yeah.  Now come here and show me you meant every wonderful word
you said earlier."

"Yes master."

Tom gave him a wry smile and pulled him between his legs.  He kissed
him long and deep, letting go his restraint and reverting back to his
previous passion.  The young man beneath him wrapped his slender legs
around him and pumped a renewed erection against his belly.

"Make love to me Chakotay."

Not having to be told twice, the commander popped the cap of the vial
he had retrieved from the bathroom.  With a shaking hand he spread
the aromatic oil over his cock and over the opening of Tom's ass.  He
prepared the pilot for his entrance.

"Now Chak, do it now."  The pilot grasped the back of his knees and
offered himself to up him.

Leaning forward on his hands, he eased himself pass the puckered
opening slowly.  Inch by inch he engulfed himself into the velvety
warmth until his pelvis met Tom's.  He felt a rumbling low in his
throat and knew he was growling like a wolf and with the same primal
instinct he took his mate, the one he'd chosen for life.

He pumped hard and then he pumped harder.  Rational thought left him
as he strove for the completion of the bond.  When he heard Tom
scream his name out in release, he rammed his cock deeper and moved
faster.  As his peripheral vision narrowed he erupted with a howl.

He awoke to tender mercies.

"Welcome back gorgeous."

Calming fingers ran through his hair and strong body held him fast.

"Are you OK Poocuh?"

"Me?  Considering I'm not the one that screamed blue bloody murder
and then passed out cold, I'd say I'm fine.  Well a bit more than
fine but we'll save the full accounting for small talk on the bridge

"Very funny." He poked the jesting pilot in the ribs.


"Sleep."  He pulled the comforter from the end of the bed and nestled
back down into his mate's arms.



"About that trick with the transporter?"

Spirits, he was getting too old for this.  He kept his eyes closed as
he talked.

"I had B'Elanna ready for a site to site."

"What we're you planning to do?   Throw me over your shoulder and
take me caveman style if I didn't agree to come home with you?"

"No I planned to hunt you down and then go in for the kill if you
didn't come willingly."

"Hunt me?"

"Yes Poocuh.  'That's' more my style."


Finally the young pup quieted and he let himself drift towards