Title: Clone P4
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  4 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Tom gets advice from one who knows.

"Fuck me now Chakotay."

He said the words quietly under his breath and shook his head as he
walked the corridor of deck three.  What a totally moronic thing to
say.  Of course it wouldn't have been if Chak had actually gone head
and done it but as it was all he had been prepared to do was give him
the best hand job of his short life. OK so it was the only one he
ever had but it still had been pretty fantastic but that was beside
the point.

The point was that he had asked for too much too soon and now it was
really possible that he had screwed up any chance of the commander
seeing him as a serious lifemate.  It wouldn't do any good for him to
present himself as a lifeless automaton existing for the sole reason
of pleasuring him.  No the commander had to respect him and what he
was in the past before a mature relationship could exist between them
and that might meant no sex.

No sex, shit did he really just think that.  He wanted the commander
in the worst way morning, noon and night.  It wasn't unusual for him
to sneak back to his quarters on his duty breaks to relieve the
bursting sensation in his groin.  He'd come so hard he'd have to
spend a few minutes on the floor of the head regaining his composure
before returning to the bridge.   No there had to be another way to
gain Chakotay's faith but if there was he didn't have a clue what it
was.  Tommy was no help.  Respect hadn't a big word in his vocabulary
and talking to Chakotay was out after his grand exit on the holodeck
the other day.

No there was only really one person left on Voyager that would
understand what he was going through and might have some answers.
He stopped at the door of the private cabin that was the reason for
his late night walk and pressed the chime.   The door slid open.

"Can I help you Lieutenant?"

"I hope so Ma'am."

After a moment he was invited inside and shown to the lounge.


"Do you love Michael?"

Thankful her tea was on the table and not resting in it usual
position on her breast, she answered the troubled young man.


She had debated on telling him that his question was out of line but
knowing the reason he was here as well that heartsick look in his
eyes had forced the truth out of her.  If she ever had any doubts
about his legitimacy they were dispelled the moment she saw him on
her doorstep.  Nobody could hurt this badly and just be a collection
of cells and neurons.  He may not have the personae of the old Tom
Paris but he was Tom Paris never the less.

"Just like that?"  He played with the rim of the cup in his lap.  "I
mean did you have any doubts because he's a hologram."

"Did I?"  She placed her hand on the side of her face for
effect.  "Just about a million of them give or take a hundred
thousand or so."

"What changed your mind."

"Well let's see.  Besides Michael himself, a manipulative EMH, a
supportive crew and an understanding first officer."  That last bit
caused his angelic face to open in wonder.


"Yes I'd even goes so far as to say he encouraged the relationship."

She watched as he placed his cup on the low table and strode, no
glided to stand in the centre of her quarters to ponder her words.
He moved with as much elegance and precision as he flew her ship and
it as with both it was memorizing to watch.  As her thoughts lead her
to fantasize about what he would be like in bed, she reminded herself
that he wasn't her type.  She like big dark and brooding men like
Michael and she admitted like her first officer.

"Then why doesn't he want me?"  His hands flowed over the expanse of
his body.  "Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure he wants this but
what's wrong with the rest of me?"

Looking like a little kid, he returned to the lounge and looked at
her with pleading eyes.

"Why is it so easy for him to accept you and Michael and not him and

She leant forward and placed a hand on his knee.  "Are you so sure he

His lids shut over glassy eyes, squeezing out the tears.  His voice
was an anguished whisper.

"Yes, everytime he talks to me or when he looks at me and now when he
touches me.  He holds something back and it's that something I
want."  His ran the sleeve of his uniform across his wet cheeks and
gave her a guilty smile.  "I know it sounds dumb.  I mean how can I
want something I can even name?  All I know is that I do, all the

"It's called love Tom."

"No it's more than that."

"No it's not."

It was clear to her now what the problem was.  Because of the
experience on Saltos both men were quick to explain their inability
to relate to each other to Tom's transformation.  The truth was
neither one of them feared that the pilot was not the same man, no
what they really feared was that he was.

From day one on Voyager their attraction had been evident to her.
Unfortunately because of past differences neither one had been
willing to see the attraction for what it was and the relationship
that could have been never happened.  If they had worked as hard at
seeing what lied beneath their posturing as they did at hating each
other, Kathryn was sure that the cloning incident would have been
only small disruption in their lives.  But as it was it had become a
traumatic experience driving them even further apart.

"Tell me one thing Tom.  Do you love him?"


"Do you ever remember, and I mean before Saltos too, not loving him?"


"Fine then problem solved."

"Excuse me?"

Having enough of playing "Dear Abby" to two full-grown men she made
herself plain.

"You want him go after him."

"But what if starts talking about me being different and."

"Kiss him and shut him up."

For the first time that evening, Tom's beautiful face brightened.

"Just take him?"

"Yep, Chakotay's a bright man when it comes to a lot of things but
when it comes to his personal life, between you, me and the bulkhead
he's an idiot."

A true smile now embellished the pilot's breathtaking visage and damn
he was beautiful when happy.  If it wasn't for Michael and the
respect she held for her first officer, she might have considered
being devil's advocate saving the sweet young man for her own bed.
However decency reared its ugly head and she began shooing him out
before she changed her mind.

"Now go and make my first officer an honest man."

"Marry him?"

She had been only talking about his feelings, forgetting archaic
reference to the phrase but it had been a long time since she had
officiated at a wedding and she always did loved weddings, so what
the hell.

"Yeah do that but do me a favour and wait till he asks you.  No
scratch that do me the personal favour of making him beg to marry
you, OK?"


The lieutenant was so pumped he fairly bounced from her lounge to the
door.  Not being able to help herself she gave him one last piece of
advice before he left.

"Tom, one more thing."

He turned.  "Yes Captain?"

"If he puts up a fight, just ignore him and tell him this old adage
from my favorite Borg."


"Resistance is futile."

"Yes, Ma'am!"

With a mock salute he left her quarters.


"Jim "fucking" Kirk!  Just imagine it Harry!"

Harry dipped a french fry into a small bowl of fettran sauce and
pointed the dripping vegetable at Tom as he responded.

"Come on Tom, official logs recorded only that Miramanee might have
been pregnant if she survived at all that is."  He popped the french
fry into his mouth and gave the lieutenant an incredulous look across
the messhall table. "Besides how does that make the commander her
great grandson anyway?"

The lieutenant not discouraged by his friend's lack of faith, grabbed
the rest his lunch away from him in order to get his point across.

"Simple just look at the facts.  One Kirk spent time on a planet once
inhabited by natives of Dorvan V, two Kirk spawned most of the half-
breeds in the Federation and three they both have that sexy come fuck
me walk.  You know swaying big shoulders and a tight little butt that
just won't quit."

"Wait Dorvan V?  The settlers there were from Earth not." He stopped
mid-sentence, shit Tom had done it to him again.  Harry grabbed his
lunch back.

"You made that whole thing up just so you could talk about Chakotay's
ass again, didn't you?"

A good-natured smile formed on Tom's lips. "Well maybe, but Har you
gotta admit it is a pretty cute one."

"So tell him already and quit bothering me about it."

"I will but I need your help."

"Hell I'll do anything to be spared another tribute to the first
officer's butt."

"OK but it involves bending the rules a bit."

"Bending them how?"  He looked over at his friend and remembered many
times in the past when he'd been asked the same question.

"Just a little invasive holo programming."

"Change a program?"

"Well I can do the changes, but what I need you for is access."

Realization dawned. "You want to break into one of the commander's

"Right on the first try!"  Seeing his hesitancy he pushed
on.  "Please Harry this time it's important."  He put a hand up.  "I
know you've heard that one before but this time I really mean it."

"Fine but just give me one good reason why I should put my butt on
the line for you."

"I'm in love him."

Well he'd already known that for, what seven years now but it still
surprised him to hear Tom say the words.  He never thought his friend
would be able to see through all his macho bullshit long enough to
see the truth.  Thanking the Saltosian once again for giving his a
friend the swift kick in the zygotes he needed, he gave the blonde
the only answer he could.

"Good enough, I'm in."


"And in this corner Kid Chaos!"

Through the tingling of the transporter Tom heard the prearranged
announcement of his arrival.  Silently thanking Harry for his
precision he lifted his gloves and entered the centre of the ring to
await his opponent.

Chakotay's back was to him as he leaned over the buckle in the corner
of the ring stretching after his warm up.  He whistled silently
through his teeth as he took in the gleaming body clad only in
gloves, boots and black silk shorts.  He was wearing similar attire
only his shorts differed, they were a cerulean blue but he was sure
his body looked no where as near as good as the sweating man before
him.  The bell sounded and the commander turned around his fists to
his chin ready to fight.

"What the fuck?"  He stood still in tracks.  "What are you doing

OK it was do or die time, Tom just hoped the latter wouldn't come

"Call it therapy.  Take your best shot Chakotay."

The commander put his gloves down.  "I'm not going to hit you Paris."

"Fine."  He executed a perfect left hook and knocked the commander on
his ass.

Watching as the first officer shook his wits back into place, he
danced from one foot to the other and readied his fists for another

"Get up."

Dark eyes glared at him and slowly the commander rose from the mat.
A snarl erupted from lips so sexy they made his knees weak.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

He did a pirouette, splaying his arms out wide and ending it in a
deep bow.  From his position of mock submission he gave Chakotay his
best and brightest smile.

"Ready when you are, oh master."


This time an upper cut was the method of delivery.   Stars danced
before his eyes as his head ricocheted back and he hit the mat with
enough force to knock the wind from his lungs.

"Get up."

He really wanted to and when he found his legs, he planned on doing
just that.  He put his hand up and bobbed the glove to indicate he
needed a few seconds.  While he lay on his back trying to force air
back into his lungs, he reconsidered the prudence of his plan.   It
wasn't supposed to get this physical, well it was but it wasn't
supposed to hurt this much.   He had hoped to get Chakotay all fired
up to the point he lost himself in the passion of physical contact
and fucked him silly.  Well that had been Plan A, now it was time for
Plan B.  Unfortunately he had failed to come up with a Plan B which
meant now he would have to make it up as he went along.

"Time's up."

"OK, OK."  He crawled onto his knees and with will of a man in love,
stood and faced his beloved.  Wavering only slightly, he put his
gloves back up and spoke.

"Lucky shot."

"You think so?"

"Yeah big guy, now let's see what you can do when I'm looking."

Chakotay nodded in assent rotated his right shoulder downward causing
his gloved fist to follow through and connect with his midsection.

This time he saw whole galaxies as he went down and this time he
wasn't going to get up, not for love or credits.  He was down for the


Wishing he had the super-human powers he need right now to answer, he
merely squeezed his eyes tighter and groaned in response.  He felt a
warm breath on his cheek.

"Oh baby I'm so sorry."

A light went on in the darkest recesses of his brain and he found
Plan B.  Hurt and comfort, oh there was angle he could work.  Not
that he had much choice at the moment with his insides feeling like
they been reassembled to Bolian standards.


"Yeah Poocuh, I'm right here.  Can you move?"

"I think so.  Help me sit up will ya?"

Big strong arms brought him up and he leaned into their embrace,
wrapping his arms around the neck of his repentant commander.

"How's that?"


Criss-crossing his arms tighter behind Chakotay's neck, he brought
him in close and touched his lips with his own.  The first officer's
mouth offered no resistance and as he was pulled closer he lost
control of the kiss he had initiated.  Chakotay's mouth devoured his
with a hunger he had only dreamed of.  He went back down to the mat,
his lover following not relinquishing the hold on his lips and tongue
for a moment.    An eloquent battle of desire in which neither one
called themself a winner played itself out in the middle of a
holographic ring.  When their need surpassed kissing they stopped.
Chakotay looked at his gloved hands and then at him.


Catching his meaning Tom addressed the computer.

"Computer delete trunks."  As they were replicated just like many
things aboard Voyager they vanished from their bodies.  The gloves
and boots however were another matter.  Both sets had been made from
leather obtained by Neelix in one of his trades and would remain
where they were until someone with five separate digits physically
removed them.


Chakotay's eyes followed the line of golden hair on his chest to his
groin.  His cock throbbed under the commander's gaze.

"A little."

"Use your imagination."

It had seemed like the right thing to say because shit he didn't know
what to do now?  He did know that he wanted Chakotay inside him but
lack of practical experience left him at a loss on how to accomplish
that with out fingers to prepare him.  As much as he loved the
commander he didn't relish the pain that would be inflicted if he
were taken without his sphincter muscles loosened first and as for
lubrication, he didn't even want to go there.

"Turn over."

Oh shit.  Preparing himself for the worst he obeyed and offered
himself to Chakotay on his elbows and knees.  He felt a blanket of
warmth as the commander covered his back with his front.  As soft
kisses spread along his hairline and down his nape, goosebumps rose
on the back of his arms and his knees quivered.

"It's OK baby, relax."  The kisses trailed down his spine.  "I won't
hurt you.  I promise."

Tom did as he was bid taking deep breaths to calm himself.  He wanted
this badly and so what if their first time wasn't a smashing
success.  It was his own fault as it was his poor planning that
caused this dilemma in the first place.  He was still berating
himself for his shortcomings when the first bolt of pleasure hit.
His head fell to rest on his gloves.

Wetness rimmed his anus as strong softness invaded him and it was fan
fucking tastic!  This was a new sensation for him, as Tommy had never
allowed anyone to touch him this way.  In fact it hadn't been often
that his alter ego had bottomed at all, his loss he thought as
Chakotay tongue sent him to new heights of arousal.   He was on the
verge of coming when it stopped.


He looked under his right bicep at the commander.  Chakotay was
sitting on his haunches, his erection poking proudly up from his


"Come here."

He lowered his butt and turned to the commander crossing his legs,
Indian style.


A clubbed hand went to his nape and Chakotay leaned forward to
whisper in his ear.

"I need you to make me wet, baby."

Not being totally naïve he knew what was being asked of him and
lowered his mouth over the thick cock in front of him.   A muskiness
invaded his nostrils and he drove his head down closer to its source
and then back up again.  He repeated the action until soft gloves
captured his shoulders.

"Oh please Tom, turn around."

No longer frightened of what might happen he moved back to his
previous position and waited to feel the fullness of Chakotay's cock
inside him, his own cock was already weeping freely in anticipation.

"Are you ready Poocuh?"

He shoved his ass back a little.  "Oh yes."

Gloved hands grabbed his hips and the commander shot forward
penetrating him fully in one go. He felt Chakotay's thighs tremble
against the backs of his own.

"Oh spirits Poocuh."

The desire in the commander's voice sparked his own and he twisted
against him and willed him to move.  From his mind to Chak's hips,
his wish was answered as the cock in his ass began to thrust and
trying to answer its call he braced himself on the mat for deeper

As the thrusts became more frantic he felt the softness of leather on
his erection attempting to match the rhythm.  After a few more
strokes on him and in him, he came in a burst staining the mat below
him.   He was still riding the throws when Chakotay roared filling
him with his release and collapsing on his back.  In his current
condition he was unable to support the spent man for very long and
with care eased him down to mat to spoon behind him.  They both
relaxed in silence a few minutes before rousing.


"I'm awake Poocuh."  Gloved hands tapped his before crossing his
chest and pulling him tight.

"Do you know what happened this time?"

The silence stretched for so long he thought maybe that Chak had
fallen unconscious again.


Tom pushed against the embrace to turn on his back and look at
Chakotay's face.


"I won the round."

It wasn't the answer he'd been hoping for but this time it didn't
feel like a rejection either.  Whether he realized it or not Chakotay
have given him more of himself than last time and next time would be

Next time Tom would not only with the round, he would win the match.