Title:  Clone P3
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  3 of ?
Disclaimer:   Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Chakotay makes a leap of faith.

"I know you're here somewhere.  You might as well give yourself up
now and come out."

Tom rummaged through the dirty clothing on the floor of his closet.
While he did find the "Alien 3" vid he'd been hunting for the last
three weeks, his errant left sandal was no where to be found.

"Damn!"  He sat in the middle of a mountain of clothing running his
fingers through previously well coifed blonde hair.   Wasn't this
just fucking typical?  For the first time since his transformation,
he liked to think of his cloning that way, shit it was better than
recycled, he'd actually been invited to a party and now he'd be
late.  "Cause I can't find my fucking shoe!"

For the last two months he'd worked to be the best damn lieutenant
Voyager had ever seen all the while trying to make up for a multitude
of sins against Harry.   He been prepared for an infinitesimal amount
of hard work and a lot of ass kissing but to his amazement neither
task required either.  After losing the meteor-sized chip on his
shoulder everything had seem to just fall into place.

OK getting his ass out of bed every morning was still a monumental
chore but doing his job without being a prick about it was a joy.
He'd forgotten how the thrill of piloting made his budding soul sing
and yeah he'd decided he had a soul now, a young one but a soul never
the less.  He'd also discovered how rewarding it was to perform his
duty and be appreciated for it.  Hell he'd almost fallen off his seat
at the conn the other day when the Captain had padded his shoulder in
praise after completing a particularly tricky maneuver.

And there was Ensign Harry Kim his new found god of kindness,
compassion, tolerance and a lot of other things the old Tom wouldn't
have a clue about.  When ensign had first seen him after Saltos he'd
greeted him with a big, sloppy kiss.  He'd known what he was and it
hadn't mattered.    Once again the big hearted Ensign Kim had offered
him, the outcast, friendship and this time he'd hadn't taken it for
granted.   No this time he'd treated the man with respect, caring and
only teased him occasionally.  He couldn't help the last part, after
all he did still have his quirky sense of humour and Harry still got
that wet-behind-the-ears look from time to time that he could help
commenting on.  Some things just can't change.

Heaving himself off the floor of his bedroom, Tom moved his search
out into his living room.  If he had to he'd use a few of his
rationed replicator credits to replicate a new shoe he would, the
Resort party on the holodeck was that important.

His fellow crewmates hadn't trusted the new him at first.  Thinking
him an amnesiac, he supposed they thought at any moment his previous
abrasive personality would resurface and make fools of all of them.
So he'd played it cool and with Harry's help they had let him hover
on the fringes of their social scene but today they had gone one step
further and had actually invited him to participate.  It was only a
small get together, mostly just alpha shift but for him it would be
his debut.  And oh yeah did he mention Chakotay would be there.  He
spun around.

"And if I could find my bloody sandal I'd be there right now charming
his socks off!"  He smiled to himself; well he'd be trying to charm
something off anyway.

Plopping down on the lounge he felt something poke his ass.  He
slipped hand beneath the cushion and came up triumphantly with his
missing sandal.


He strapped on the previously lost sandal and as he smoothed his hair
with one hand, he straightened his Hawaiian shirt with the other.
Determination graced his handsome features as he headed out the

"Look out Prince Charming cause Cinderella's coming to the ball
and "he'" ain't going home at the stroke of midnight alone!"


Man!  Did he look that hot before?

Tom twirled the tiny pink umbrella in his drink and tried to the
follow the captain's conversation as his eyes followed the
commander's progress as he emerged from the pool but damn it was
hard!   He muffled a laugh.  That wasn't the only thing that was hard
and he was thankful his shirt was long enough to cover his thickening
penis.  He shifted a little in his deck chair to compensate.

His body was responding like a schoolboy's whenever he got close to
Chakotay and what was worse so was his head.  Gone were the witty
comments and the confident smiles to be replaced by one-word
sentences and blushes as hot as the deserts on Vulcan.

He was a virgin with the mind of a slut. Tommy had wrote the book on
the art of seduction but he, Tom, had only read it, not lived it and
putting its principles into practice was turning out to be harder
than he thought.

Chakotay took the empty deck chair next to him and beside the
captain.   The artificial sunlight of the holodeck sparkled on the
water droplets that were dabbled over the commander's dark velvety
skin.  Tom watched with hungry eyes as they coalesced into small
streams over his tightly muscled chest and abdomen and dripped on to
the ground beneath him.

"It is hard, Tom?"


The captain's face peered around a dusky mountain of beefcake.  Shit
he was caught!  His cheeks had turned a fiery red and his drink went
to his groin before he realized she wasn't talking about "that".

"Is it hard getting back into the routine of ship's life?"

"No it hasn't been too bad." The commander was looking at him
curiously now and it took all his and Tommy's will power not to look
back. "Harry's been a great help."

"Yes Ensign Kim's a good egg.  He knows "his" duty."  She looked
pointedly at the commander.

Involuntarily his knees began to fidget causing the cotton of his
shorts to rasp against his bursting hard on making it weep.  Gods if
he didn't get out here soon and take care of it, he was going to cum
right in front of the captain and Chakotay.  He rose leaning forward
slightly allowing his shirt to fall forward enough so the tent in his
shorts wouldn't poke through.

"Ah could you excuse me for a moment Captain?"

"Of course Lieutenant."

Taking a last quick look at the dark nipples of Chakotay's chest, for
later reference, he headed for the lagoon at the back of the program.


"Now look what you've done!"

Chakotay snagged a fruit juice from one of the scantily clad
attendants and settled back in his chair.

"Me?  What did I do?"

"Nothing as usual."

"OK I'll bite Kate, what was it I was suppose to do?"

The captain swung her legs off the lounge chair to face him in full
bitch mode.

"You could have said something."

"Like what?"

"How's about something like 'I hope you're doing well.'  Or maybe you
could have god forbid at least said have said hello."

She was right and he had planned on giving the blonde pilot some
words of encouragement being the dutiful commander that he was but
when he noticed the man's observation of him he'd been struck
speechless.   He'd felt the intense gaze of those blue eyes on his
body like a caress and his world had winnowed down to that one
sensation.  It took all that he was not to grasp the young man by the
back of the head and take his lips in a crushing kiss, let alone talk.

"Next time Kathryn, I promise."

"Promises, promises."  Her voice softened and he knew he was in real
trouble.  "Look I know all I asked you to do was watch him but I
think he needs more than and what's more I think you do too."

"He doesn't and I don't."

"Oh really.  Shit Chakotay a moment ago the testosterone level was so
high in here I'm surprise the computer didn't call a biological
alert."  Her hand went up to stop his retort.  "Seriously Chak, it's
obvious he wants you and want him.  I fail to see a problem here."

He placed his drink on the small round table before him and tried to

"He's like this table, that waiter, they're not real and neither is
he.  It isn't right."  A look of hurt descended on his best friend's
face before he realized his blunder.  "Michael's different Kate."  He
touched her forearm and she sharply drew away bringing her knees up,
clasping them tightly to her chest.

For almost a year she had been visiting the holo program "Fair Haven"
and had been enjoying a romantic relationship with the local barman
Michael Sullivan.  Knowing the difficulty she faced in finding a
romantic equal and seeing the positive aspects of such a relationship
he had encouraged her friendship with the thoughtful hologram.   And
now with one sentence he had become a hypocrite to her and made all
his heartfelt encouragement a lie.

"What makes it wrong?"

He looked around the deck.  Over the at the bar were Harry and
B'Elanna laughing as they exchange quips with Neelix and at the far
end of the pool Sam Wildman smiled with pride as she taught Naomi how
to swim.  None of this was real and yet it made them happy.   Michael
made Kathryn happy, could this Tom make him feel the same way even
though to him he had no more substance than a collection of directed
energy?  He didn't know but it was time to put his credits where his
mouth was.

"OK I'll try."


He had been prepared to explain further but with that one admission
her face brightened and the look of betrayal vanished.  He shook his
head.  He should have known she'd wasn't really that vulnerable.
That's why she was the captain and he was first officer.  He returned
her grin.

"You're an absolutely first class bitch."

"Thanks that means a lot coming from you."  She moved back to face
him.  "Now go see where he went to."

Commander Chakotay stood, gave his superior officer one last sour
look and turned to face what he considered to be the great unknown.

Thomas Eugene Paris.


"Oh Chakotay."

The commander's ears perked up as he heard his name spoken.  No not
spoken, moaned.  He left the path and entered the clearing of the

Sitting on a blanket with his back to him on the sandy expanse of the
inlet was Tom.  His shirt was off and Chakotay could clearly see the
bunching of his back muscles and the repeated flexing of his left
bicep.   Spirits was he doing what thought he was doing.  Another
moan confirmed his hypothesis and with grace he took a few steps back
and made the noisiest entrance he could.


This time when he stepped into the clearing the muscles were still.
Without asking permission he sat down beside the pilot, settling
within inches of him.


"Hi Tom."

Finely sculpted arms wrapped themselves around slender legs covered
with fine golden hair.  For the first time since Saltos, Chakotay let
himself absorb the erotic picture this vision conveyed.    What ever
he was now he was still beautiful and the stirring in his damp shorts
confirmed it.

"Do you want to know a secret Tom?"

"What?"  His blonde head turned and rested on his trembling knees.
Soul stealing blue eyes looked at him waiting for an answer.

"I didn't like you very much before."

The pilot's head went back and laughter erupted from the slender pale
throat.  When he got a hold of himself he turned back with a familiar
twist on his lips.

"Ah no shit Commander.  Sorry to shattered your illusions but I think
I knew that."

"That's not the secret part."

A more confident lieutenant faced him.  "Well what was?"

"I wanted you anyway."


The lieutenant looked at his hands, then at him and then back down at
his hands.  With a tremor in his voice reminiscent of venerability
and innocence he spoke again.

"And." He blew his breath out and with a confidence Chakotay was
he didn't feel continued.  "And how do you feel now?"

"Like this."  He snaked his hand around to cup Tom's chin and pulled
his face forward.  Tilting his head he scissored his mouth on the
pilot's.  Like forbidden fruit, Tom's lips were sweet and succulent
but they remained closed.  He probed their outline before slowly
dipping into their well.  He felt the vibration of a moan and after a
moment the slide of another tongue along his.

He let years of denial orchestrate his actions as he pushed Tom's
legs down and covered the long slender body with his own.  He was
lost now to this and he knew it.

"Oh fuck Chakotay." Tom's hips pumped against his.

Remembering the little scene he had interrupted earlier, Chakotay
knew the pilot must already be close to climax, he stripped off his
trunks and then returned the favour.  When they were both bare the
writhing wanton beneath him ran his nails down his back and clutched
his ass.

"Gods fuck me now Chakotay!"

His body quivered at the words and his mind responded in kind but for
different reasons.  As much as he wanted to enter the beauty below
him it was one step further than his conscience was willing to let
him go at this point.  If he did it now he'd be fucking nothing more
than a ghost and this Tom what ever he was deserved more than that.
There was a quality of newness and of innocence to this new one and
it surprised him that he felt loath to violate it with false
pretenses. So when and if he made love to this reincarnation of his
lost love it would only be to him and not to a phantom.

"Please Chakotay." It was more of a plea now than a demand and
Chakotay took measures to relieve both of them of their suffering.

Falling to his side and bringing Tom with him, he grasped both their
erections in his broad palm and began to stroke.  Hands raced up and
down his back clasping and unclasping as he hurried his motion.

"Yes!  Oh fuck yes."

Warm semen pulsed from Tom's cock splashing his chest and easing the
passage of his palm.  It was too much.  The depth of wanting in this
being in his arms infected him and he came hard into his own hand.

"Oh baby.spirits!"

He took his hand away and pulled the pilot closer as he rode out the
effects of his orgasm.  Tom rested his chin on the top of his head,
murmuring endearments and quieting him with soft caresses as he did

"You OK?"

He disengaged himself from the pilot's embrace and looked up into a
set of concerned eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine why?"

"Well you screamed louder than a targ in heat and then you passed out
that's why."

"I did?"  He didn't remember screaming or passing out.

"Yeah."  Warm lips touched his forehead.  "I'm surprised no one's
showed up to find out what's wrong."

"I'm not." He said thinking of Kathryn.  She probably shooed everyone
off the deck as soon as he had left her presence.



"What just happened."  He propped himself up on one elbow.  "Not that
I'm complaining or anything it's just, well this was kinda sudden."

"I don't know."

Tom's chin fell to his chest a moment and his eyes closed in
thought.  A solemn face presented itself to him.

"OK."  His fingers trailed a path down his stomach, stopping at his
flaccid penis.  "But just so you know."

"Yes Tom?"

"I do know what happened, and for now it's OK but it's not going to
be OK forever.  All right?"

"All right."

With that the enchanting creature that now went by the name of Thomas
Eugene Paris grabbed his clothing and left.