Title:  Clone P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  2 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to paramount and not me.

Summary:  The new Tom has a mind of his own and knows what he wants.
Any guesses to what that might be?

"Where is the body now?"

"In the medical facility in the lower level of this building."
Ambassador Anserine, a tall chestnut haired man of six feet,
approached her with his palms up.  "Again Captain on behalf of my
government and myself, we offered our most sincere condolences on
your loss.  Ware, the governor's son said he was a fascinating
individual and from what I heard last night at the reception, an
extremely talented pilot."

"Yes Ambassador our Mr Paris was certainly one in a million.  Voyager
will suffer greatly for his loss."

She shifted in the overstuffed couch in the diplomat's office and
rubbed her eyes.  Damn she was tired and she probably looked like
shit.  She'd been up most of the night following Tuvok's
investigation into the incident and occasionally spelled off her
first officer's attempts to console an emotionally splintered Ensign
Kim.   She looked over Chakotay who after finally getting Harry to
sleep in one the antechambers, was back at her side and seated on the
other end of the lounge.

He didn't look too bad for a man that in the space of a day had been
forced to face his feelings for someone and then lose them before
having a chance to do something about it.  But then again Chakotay
just wasn't any man.   He had the strength of character, something
she often confused with stubbornness, to do his duty and be there for
his fellow crewmembers, saving his grief for later when he was

"Can we see him?"

The ambassador turned from her to address Chakotay's request.

"See him?"

"Yes before we transfer his body into stasis on Voyager."

Maybe he wasn't a stable as she thought.  From what she heard Tom's
body had shattered on impact when it hit the marbled plaza and
wouldn't be a pretty sight.

"Chakotay you can see him in a couple of hours after the Doc cleans
him up a bit."

"Kathryn, he's been alone for almost eight hours now, I just want to
see him and let him know we're here, that I'm here."  He took a deep
breath and rose from the lounge to stand at her feet. "Please
consider this a personal request."

Oh hell he knew she couldn't refuse him when he made it personal.
She rose herself and squeezed his shoulder briefly with one hand
before stepping around him to the diplomat.

"Ambassador Anserine if you would be so kind?"

"Of course Captain, this way."


The place was beautiful.

As he waited with the captain to be taken to Tom's remains he
couldn't help admiring through his sorrow the wealth of plant life
that ensconced every nook and cranny of the hospital.   Vines lined
the hallways and flowers bloomed in small niches in the walls.
Everything here was so alive that for a moment he forgot what he'd
come here to see.  But only for a moment.

He was here to see all that was left of the man he that he realized
too late that he loved.  The depth of his feelings for the man still
amazed him.   It had been true when he told Kathryn he didn't like
the man.  He had been a crude, faithless man, irreversibly damaged by
the circumstance of his life.   He also been stalwart when it came to
his friend Harry and fearless when flying Voyager not to mention a
beautiful creature to behold.  Maybe it was those good things that
had made him care and maybe if there been time he could have changed
the bad things.   Maybe.

"Captain I'm afraid there's a problem."

"What kind of problem, Ambassador?"

"Perhaps Dr. Shelane should explain."

A small dark skinned woman approached them and guided them into a
small office off the main waiting area.

"You're here to see Thomas?"

Kathryn was tired and he heard it in her voice.  She was not her
usual diplomatic self.

"Yes and then take his remains back to our ship.  So if you wouldn't
mind showing us where he is."

"I can't."  Chakotay gave the little Saltosian credit, as she
continued on despite on one Kathryn's more intimidating
stares.  "After nuclear transfer the body was destroyed."


"Yes as per normal procedure all biological waste is disposed of
immediately after harvest."  Confusion caused the doctor's eyebrows
to knit.  "Forgive me but I thought you said you were here to see

"We are!"

Unperturbed by the captain's outburst, the doctor nodded and smiled.

"Fine then if you'll just follow me."

The captain, the ambassador and himself did as they were bid.


God he was beautiful.

Ware watched the tall blonde as he slept through the one way glass of
the observation room.  The doctors had wanted to improve him, make
changes but he had insisted on leaving him exactly as he was.  To him
he was already perfect.

They would be here soon, the people from Voyager and they would take
him away.  But before that they would want answers.  Ware knew that
they distrusted the art of genetics.  After they had made love Tom
had told him all about somebody named Khan and the destruction he had
inflicted upon his home planet Earth. It was the same story he had
heard as a child, only in Tom's world the eugenist became a monster
and not a leader.

Somehow he had to make them understand that this was still their Tom
and that they had to accept him because as much as he wished to keep
the fascinating pilot he knew that his world never would.  He had too
many failings, too many differences to fit into Saltosian society.
Voyager was were he belonged and where he'd be happy.

He had been responsible for his death, no matter how indirectly and
now that he had corrected that mistake, he committed himself to being
responsible for his life.

The observation room door opened and Ware readied himself for battle.


"You cloned him?"

"A crude term, we call it nuclear transfer, but in essence under my
authority, yes we did replicate Tom."

Kathryn stared through the glass at the man who was the spitting
image of her chief pilot fighting down waves of disbelief.

"It's not him, he's dead."

Her first officer's voice came from behind her.  While she had
pressed her nose up against the glass immediately after entering,
Chakotay had fled to the farthest corner of the room.  The governor's
son instinctively knowing that the commander was the one he
ultimately had to convince redirected the gaze of his pristine blue
eyes to him.

"Yes it is.  He has all the same personality traits as before.  All
the same likes and dislikes, phobias, temperament, musical qualities,
sexual preferences, everything.  He'll even have the same laugh."

"But not the same soul."

"Ah and did you know for a fact he had one before.  That anyone does

"No but the point is he won't be the same.  He won't have had the
same life experiences."

"No but he'll remember them."  He turned to include her in his
explanation.  "Simply put we infused DNA from the extrapyramidal
section of his brain where transient memory is located, into a donor
cell.   So now he remembers how to walk, how to talk, how to fly a
ship as well as what happened on his fifth birthday and even when he
lost his virginity."  He turned back to the commander.  "So no it
won't be quite the same as living the experiences but he'll remember
how reacted when they happened so it'll be close."

"But not quite."

"No there will be some differences and he'll need time to adjust. Not
everything will come back to him at once.  Like an amnesiac, recent
memories will be less clear than older more ingrained ones."

OK she could accept that.  There had never been any question in her
mind about taking this new Tom back with them but there was still one
thing bothering her.

"Ware, does he know what he is?"

"Yes captain he knows."

"And does he want to come back with us to Voyager?"

She felt as well as heard the sadness in the man's voice as responded.

"Yes Captain, that's only place he wants to be."  His fingers brushed
the glass window and his eyes misted.

"It's were he belongs."


This was his room.

Tom walked through his quarters touching everything as he went.  It
was familiar and yet not.  He walked over to the ancient vid player
Harry had given him.  It was just like watching one of the old
recordings.  He knew the plot, the characters and even how the story
ended but he was removed from it.

For example, he recall his feelings of guilt and misery when he lost
his shipmates on Caldik Prime but he didn't feel the impact of those
emotions now, just the memory of them.

He settled down on the lounge, swung his feet up on the low table and
reviewed the havoc that was Tom Paris' life.

"Man it sucked to be you."  He said to the ghost that had been
him.  "You just never caught a break did you Tommy Boy?"

A father with impossible expectations and the resulting physical and
emotional abuse, Caldik Prime and prison had made the life of the
previous Thomas Paris a living hell.  No wonder he was such a prick
to be around.  Hell most people would have ended up at the academy in
a chrono tower with a phaser picking off cadets instead of being just
being incredibly annoying jerk.

Well this was his life now and while he didn't have the best material
to work with, he was prepared to make the best of it starting with

The old Tom had wanted the dark brooding commander as a lover and
that hadn't changed with the new one.  With such a damaged psyche the
only way his previous self was able to show his desire was to
challenge the man's authority but now with his new outlook infinite
possibilities came to mind.  He still had Tommy's abilities to
connive and wheedle but with the added perspective of clarity.

But he reasoned if he wanted Chakotay, he'd have to prove himself
first.  The commander would want a nice guy and a team player and
that was definitely doable.  The raw material for it had always been
there but now he had an ability to cut through the shit and access
it.  By whatever gods there were he'd been given the rare opportunity
of a second chance.  This time he'd find his place on Voyager.

And this time he'd do it right.


"And am I still supposed to fuck him?"

"Only if you want to."

She walked over to his replicator and ordered the hard stuff,
Colombian coffee.  After retrieving her cup and with extreme care as
to not to spill a single drop, she sat herself down across from him
on the floor on his meditation rug.  Now that she was at eye level
with him she saw his displeasure.

"OK bad joke."  She balanced her cup on her knee.  "But I still want
you to watch him, however."

"Isn't that Tuvok's job."

"It's whose ever job I say it is."  Her cup went down.  "Look
Chakotay I know he's passed all the Fleet requirement tests and all
physiological tests the Doctor's thrown at him but for the sake of my
sanity I want you to keep an extra special eye on him, OK?"

"Kathryn you're asking a lot."

"Yeah I know but with the exception of myself, the Doctor, Harry and
you're the only one I have left that knows what he is and he's not
just a victim of amnesia."

In the past week Chakotay had avoided the new lieutenant.  Seeing him
only brought to mind all the unresolved emotions he'd had for the
former pilot and he refused to connect them with this thing that now
inhabited his likeness.   Feelings of want and need still infused him
whenever he was around the clone and he hated himself for it.   It
was an impossible thought that spiritual man like him would want
something that had no soul.

And even though Kathryn knew all this, still she asked anyway and if
their positions had been reversed he'd be asking the same thing of
her.  The needs of the many and all that.  Such was the burden of

"OK, I'll keep close but you owe me one. "

"Thank you Chakotay."  She drained her cup and stood.  "Please
believe me when I say understand the nature of your acceptance."

"I know you do but Kate," He stopped her mid turn to the replicator

"For the record you're still a hard assed bitch."

She completed her maneuver and placed the cup in the unit.

"Yeah but at least I'm a consistent one."


"Yeah Chak deeper, oh that's it, oh fuck!"

He grasped the pale white hips tighter and drove himself home.  The
passage was so tight, so soft and so velvety.  It made him wild with
lust.  He couldn't stop the thrusting of his pelvis if he wanted to,
it felt so good.

"Oh yessss."  The man beneath him shot his ass forward, embedding him
deeper into a well of pleasure than he thought possible.

"Oh spirits, baby!"

With a few final thrusts he released his seed deep into his beloved.
With each pulse of semen he felt his balls contract and with each
pulse his lover's sphincter contracted around his cock.  In his
primal urge he continued to pump against his lover's body even as his
spent member slipped from its enclave.

"Oh Tom, I love you."

Silence ensued.  The thrum of the warp engines, something only he
would be aware of was the only discernible sound in the bedroom.

"Not yet baby but you will.  You will."

Unwrapping himself from a tangle of sheets the new Thomas Eugene
Paris broke from his fantasy left his bed and entered the head.  He
spoke to his ghost.

"Just wait Tommy, in time he will be yours."  He stepped into the
sonics and as the evidence of his fantasy washed away he made his
oath once more.

"One day Chakotay will be ours both in body and soul."  He laid his
forehead against the cold enamel tile of the shower.  "With what ever
I have that constitutes as a soul I promise."  Tears threatened as he
considered his words.

"I just hope it's enough."