Title:  Christmas on Deck Three - P4
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  4 of 4
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Is Sam the only sane one in the room?  Let's see.
**For Britta**
"He laughed."
Samantha was not amused by his attempt at levity.  She slapped him in
the arm.
"What the hell are you doing back here?"
"I'm giving him a moment."
The ensign's eyes narrowed and she folded her arms over her chest.
"Don't play games with him Commander.  He deserves better."
"I know he does and I'm not playing games with him, really."  He
searched for the right words to explain, knowing he'd have to gain
this woman's acceptance if ever hoped to have Tom's.
"I just told him as well as showed him how I feel and I did it in
front of a room full of people."  Her defensive posture softened a
bit.  Good she was listening.  "I think he needs time to let that
sink in.  To realize that I'm serious about him."
"That wasn't about control then?"
Spirits she was perceptive and well as tenacious.   He made a mental
note to review her current duty assignment.  A woman like this would
come in handy in trade negotiations.
"Yes I supposed it was in a way and while I may learn to give some of
the control over to Tom, it's still big part of me and always will
be."  He gave her a self-defacing smile.
"Well Commander I guess that's something else he'll need to think
about then too."  Her head tilted to the side as she stood back and
looked at him.  "Tell me again that you love him."
"I love him Samantha.  I love him so much it scares me."
He watched her as she assessed his level of sincerity.  After a
moment her arms unclasped themselves from her torso and fell to her
"You understand then?"
"Yes I understand that you mean what you say and I also understand
the fact that Tom needs a little control in his life and you just may
be the one that gives it to him."
"Thank you."
She placed her hand on the same spot she'd smacked earlier.
"A word of advice Commander."  Pretty eyes full of concern looked up
at him.  "Don't make him wait too long for his happily ever after,
he's waited long enough."  She squeezed his arm.  "Understood?"
Tom said the word out loud to nobody in particular.  What the fuck
was that supposed to mean?  He braced his back against the wall
willing his knees not to buckle and stared out into the room.
Not a few faces were looking his way.  Some were shocked, some amused
and some, most notably Meghan Delaney's were down right angry.  Tom
felt all three emotions circulating through his brain one not holding
dominance over the other.  He tried to sort them out.
OK number one shocked.   He had expected some reaction from Chakotay
but not in his wildest dreams had he expect a declaration of love.
Even the crushing soul shattering kiss had been a bit of a shocker
but hearing the words "I love you" had sent his total being into warp
Number two amusement, was easier especially when he admitted to
himself that Chakotay's love was what he was after all along.  It
really was funny that he, the Casanova of the Delta quadrant, someone
who used the word love all the time to get into one person's bed or
another was brought to his knees when he heard the words issued to
him.  Oh it wasn't the first time he'd heard them, not by a long shot
but it was the first time they had meant what they were suppose to
mean and that was only because it had been Chakotay that had said
them.  Yeah he said them, kissed him and then walked away.  What the
fuck was that all about?
Oooh anger was even easier.  How dare he say the words he had waited
all his life to hear and then traipse away as if it didn't matter?
Was this all just a game to him, a way to get back at him for his
earlier performance by the tree?  It didn't matter if he deserved the
pay back or not; it was still a pretty shitty thing to do.  In that
case, this battle wasn't over yet, well not until he said it was.
Chakotay still had something to prove to him and he would prove it to
him now.  Tom used his determination to steady himself as he walked
into the middle of the room.
He saw the first officer turn from talking with Sam and look at him
with questions in his eyes.
"Get your ass over here now!"
The crowd in the room parted to allow the commander passage.  A few
long strides brought him to stand before Tom with his hands clasped
behind his back.  He smiled and his dimples blossomed.
"Yes Tom, what is it?"
"Tell me again."
"Now?  In front of everybody?"  He gestured to the crowd, that had
grown considerably in the last fifteen minutes or so, with his smile
still intact.  "Are you sure?"
"I don't care if the whole bloody ship's watching Chak, tell me."
With one more step in his direction Chakotay filled his vision and
made the rest of the occupants of the room invisible.  He felt rather
than saw a broad palm on his cheek.
"Thomas Eugene Paris you are the only one aboard this ship, no"
Chakotay shook his head.  "Correction you are the only one anywhere
that has the ability to make me angry, sad, afraid and deliriously
happy all at the same time."  The other hand went to his waistband
anchoring him to the commander.
"I because of all that or maybe in spite of it, I fell in love with
you."    As a thumb caressed his bottom lip Chakotay's voice became
like velvet to his ears.  "I love you Tom Paris."
Tom kissed the questing digit and wrapped his arms around Chakotay
feeling the strong muscles of his back before answering.
"I love you too Chak."
This time not only were there stars, but there were blazing suns and
super novas exploding behind his eyelids as Chakotay's mouth took
his.   And even though the sensation of being this close to the
commander was as great if not greater than last time, if asked he
would remember that his first name was Tom simply because it was the
name of the man Chakotay loved.
"All right people show's over and its time to go.  This isn't a
spectator sport you know."
At the sound of Sam's voice, he came back to himself and reluctantly
broke the kiss.   Shivering at Chakotay's moan at the loss of his
lips, he whispered in his ear.
"I think it's about time for a little privacy don't you?"
In what sounded like a growl, the commander answered back.
"Oh yes because what I want to do to you, I'd rather not do in front
of an audience."
He looked around Chakotay to Sam.  With one hand she was ushering
crewmembers out into the corridor and with the other she pointed to
the door of his bedroom mouthing the word "go".  He threw her a kiss
and took his beloved by the hand.
"Let's go Superman."
With the last of the merry makers gone making merry some place else,
Samantha Wildman gravitated over to the Christmas tree.  She leaned
against the wall next to it and slid down to the floor, hugging her
knees to her chest.  She requested the computer to dim the lights
leaving only the tree as the only source of illumination.
It really was pretty.  She flicked one of the coloured balls and
watched the lights sparkle as it swung.  She'd always had a weakness
for pretty things, and lately for pretty people, well at least one
anyway.  She sighed and looked at the door of Tom's bedroom, which
was in her direct line of sight from where she was sitting.  If she'd
been a different person or if perhaps Naomi hadn't come along, it
might have been her sharing his bed tonight and not the handsome
first officer.  She laughed aloud feeling a little silly doing so
sitting in the near dark alone.
The funny thing was that she wouldn't have had to whisper poisoned
words into Tom's ear or tell Chakotay to go sod himself, all she
would had to have done was sit back and wait.  Without her help, they
would have most probably continued hurting each other and Tom needing
comfort would have come to her for solace.  But it an instant that
had all changed.  She had still been battling with her conscience
when she saw the pained expression in his eyes.  Eyes so dark and
beautiful just like her husband's.  Her seduction of Tom Paris ended
right there before it had even begun.
So here she sat feeling sorry for herself and missing the man who
truly held her heart beside a tree decorated lovingly by his
daughter.  She tapped a ball again and watched how the lights made
rainbows through her tears.
"Ensign Wildman?"
Lost in her misery, she hadn't registered the cabin doors opening
until heard the soft voice call her name.  She wiped a sleeve across
her face before standing.
"Yes what is it?"
"Sorry I don't mean to bother you but a few of us are going to
holodeck two to sing carols and thought maybe you and Naomi might
like to come."  Excitement tinged her voice as she continued.  "Joe's
programmed houses decorated with lights and there will be snow
lightly falling everywhere.  It'll be so pretty, please say you'll
Samantha infected by the girl's joyousness felt her somber mood
lifting.   Snow, Naomi had never seen snow.
"Thank you Ensign Britta, we'd be delighted."
With a brief glance at Tom's bedroom door, Sam followed the bubbly
ensign out into the corridor.
Feeling better, she smiled and thought what the hell it could be fun
and besides that Britta said it would be pretty and she always did
have a penchant for pretty things.
"Say it again."
"I love you."
Tom lay on his back on his bed blessedly naked, his ocean blue eyes
twinkling like the lights on the Christmas tree.
"Now show me."
Not needing to be told twice, Chakotay straddled him kissing him
slowly and deeply and savoring his essence.  He intended to use all
of his five senses to explore his soon to be lover's body.
First there was touch.   His hands skimmed over satiny shoulders and
into the soft downy hair of Tom's chest.  The softness was contrasted
by nipples excited into hardness and the firmness of Tom's cock
against his balls.  Chakotay ran the ball of his palms over the
pilot's chest and shifted his hips relishing the distinction.
Tom moaned in his mouth and threw his head back exposing his pale
throat.  Now if that wasn't a sight to behold if didn't know what
was.  Tom was glorious in his arousal.  Chakotay took the feast that
was offered him, licking and tasting his way until his nose was
buried in fleecy golden hair.
The commander inhaled deeply.  The faint aroma of cinnamon and spiced
apples filled his sinuses.  He rubbed his face into the scent and
stifled a laugh.  Only Tom Paris would smell as good as he tasted.
"Oh gods Chak."  The fore mentioned erection poked him the stomach
reminding there was something else yet to be tasted.
On the way to his destination he stopped at those pink nipples
running his tongue around each one and giving them a nip before
moving on.   From there he followed the trail of reddish hair,
stopping briefly at the pilot's navel for a dip until his nose was
nestled in the course hair of Tom's loins.  He raked his nails down
the sensitized skin of his lover's sides and kneaded his hipbones
with his thumbs.
"Oh fuck Chak, hurry."
"Easy baby we have lots of time."
"You might," Tom's hips bucked.  "But I don't, oh please.."
He used a hand to steady the twitching member and took the weeping
head into his mouth and held it there while he used his tongue to
wipe it clean.  When he was done, he used suction to bring Tom's cock
further into his mouth.
"Oh fuck!"
Fingers grabbed at his short hair seeking purchase as he opened his
mouth enough to release the vacuum and rise back up to the tip.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, no time, no time." The words that followed were
Chakotay went back down on him and up again repeatedly, sucking and
licking as he went and Tom came.   Hot sweet cum flowed over his
tastebuds and down his throat.   He took it all trying to make the
enchanting creature below him a part of him forever.
"Hell who taught you to do that?"  The lieutenant said between
halting breaths as he brought him back to eye level.  "No don't tell
me, just let me believe that was the first time you've ever done
"It was." He cupped Tom's chin in his hand.  "Like that? Oh yes it
definitely was."
Tom catching his meaning hugged him and buried his face in his chest.
"I've changed my mind."
Chakotay stroked the back of his head like a kitten.
"About what Poocuh?"
A seldom seen serious face present itself to his.
"I don't want you to fuck me anymore."
"No."  Tom rolled from his arms to rummage in the top drawer of the
night table.  After a childlike cry of glee he returned and placed a
vial in his hand.  "No Chakotay I want you to make love to me."  His
hand squeezed over his.  "It'll be a first time for me too."
Spirits, he didn't think he could love this man anymore than he
already did but he did.  How could he have been so stupid to ever
think that this love would diminish him and make him less than he
After a little research he now knew who the character Tom kept
calling him was, and that it was apt.  Right now he felt like he
could jump tall buildings in a single bound and could stop a speeding
bullet.  Because of Tom, he was Superman.
"I love you Poocuh."
Tom's hand went down to stroke a penis that was still rock hard and
so wet with pre-cum it was as if it had already came.
"Prove it."
He shifted to place himself between the pilot's legs.  As if they had
choreographed this scene a thousand times, Tom moved his legs into
place over his shoulders in a perfect fit.  He popped the cap of the
amber vial in his hand and brought it to his nose.  Cinnamon, what
Tom reached up and took the oil from him, pouring a generous amount
into his palm before discarding it.  Cupping the liquid in both hands
the pilot encased his cock, letting the excess drip down into the
crack of his own ass.  The friction of his lover's hands caused the
oil to heat and make a tingling sensation that he felt deep in his
Not wanting his first orgasm with Tom to be on him instead of inside
of him, he found the puckered opening and readied it for his entrance.
"Now, Chak now."  Tom's hands left his penis and clutched the bed
He intended to go slow, he intended to savor every moment slowly, he
intended this to be just like his fantasies and bring both he and Tom
to heaven one cloud at a time.  However when he breached the opening
of his love's being, all his intentions vanished and he rammed into
him with a fury previously unknown to him.
"Oh fuck yes Chak!"  Tom began stroking himself in time with his
thrusts.  "Yessss!"
Overcome by the sight of Tom pleasuring himself and of his cock
sliding in a blur in and out of him, Chakotay climaxed.  As he roared
his release he felt and heard Tom reach his own.
Biting his lower lip in an effort to fight back the blackness that
ringed his vision, he fell forward as Tom's legs relaxed and
scissored around him.
He lay for awhile with his head resting on Tom's shoulder listening
to beat of their hearts and the rhythm of the warp engines thrumming
through the bulkheads.  A soft kiss to his forehead pulled him from
sinking into a sweet slumber.
"Thank you Superman."
"Your welcome Lois."
"I got it right didn't I?  If you can call me Superman, I can call
you Lois Lane, right?"
In a sharp movement his head was displaced from the comfort of his
lover's breast to the artificial softness of a pillow.  Tom loomed
over him.
"Look I might love you more than anything in the universe but until
you starting wearing blue tights and a red cape on the bridge, I'm
still Poocuh to you.  Got it?"
"Got it, Poocuh."
"OK then."  Tom rested for a brief second by his side before popping
up again.
"On the other hand maybe Lois isn't such a bad nickname after all."
A lazy finger traced his one of his dark nipples and a mischievous
grin formed on the pilot's beautiful face.  "I'd bet you'd look real
good in blue spandex."
Getting the point, he reached down and brought the duvet comforter up
over both their bodies.
"Good night Poocuh."
Tom rolled his eyes and settled down in the crux of his arm.  He
pulled him closer and planted a kiss on the top of his head.  As he
drifted into his previously sought after slumber he felt the warm
breath of his love on his chest.
"Merry Christmas Superman."