Title:  Christmas on Deck Three - P3
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  3 of ?
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.
Summary:  Chakotay gets to work.
**For Britta**
What the hell did he just get himself into?
After leaving Chakotay's side, Tom had melded back into the crowd of
celebrating crewmen.  He made sure he was never alone and swore to
himself he wouldn't look in the direction of the tree even when he
saw Samantha head in the commander's direction.  He'd said his piece,
laid down the gauntlet so to speak and now it was up to Chak.  All he
had to do now was sit back and be cool.
Yeah that's right cool and aloof, he could do that.  He'd faced down
Vidians and out maneuvered Borg.  So dealing with a sexy, not to
mention horny first officer should be a piece of cake, right?  He
broke his resolve and stole a glance at the commander who was now
talking to Sam.  Chakotay's hard ebony eyes captured his instantly
causing the hairs at the nape at the neck to stand on end and his
palms to sweat.  He looked away quickly.
Fuck!  What the hell did he just get himself into?
He was halfway to Tom before realized the mistake he was just about
to make.  He intended to be direct but if he went in too quickly for
the kill, he risked the possibility of Tom bolting.  No it was
necessary to stalk his prey first before approaching it.  He joined
the fringe of a group by the buffet, a few meters away from the
lieutenant.   He didn't actively join the conversation but just stood
close enough to the to look involved and studied his target.
Tom was playing the perfect host.  No one was without a drink and no
one was left alone standing in a corner.  To all the partygoers in
the room he appeared animated and jovial.  Only Chakotay knew how
terrified he truly was.
While it was true that he needed Tom in an almost visceral way, the
same could also be said of the pilot in regards to him.  He had felt
the hunger in those lips and seen the need in those dancing blue
eyes.  And he had also seen the fear.  Fear of hurt and betrayal,
both of which he, in the name of pride, had already foolishly
inflicted upon him.  It had been a mistake to act so formally towards
him on the planet after such an informal moment.  And regardless
whether or not the pilot's feelings extended beyond the physical like
his own, it was a mistake he intended not to make again.
Chakotay watched as Tom gathered up a few empty glasses and walked
over to the replicator at the other end of the buffet table to
dispose of them.  He was alone and vulnerable.  It was time. If he
was going to make a move, he'd have to do it,
"Can I give you a hand?"
It's OK Tommy Boy.  Just answer the man and ignore the way the
velvety sound of his voice makes the back of your knees tingle. You
can do it, just open your mouth and talk.
"What are you still doing here?"
The commander took the glasses from his hands and put them into the
replicator unit.  He took a step forward and Tom took a step back.
The commander became amused and advanced again.  When Tom took
another step his back hit the wall.  Oh this was not good.
"Isn't this what you wanted?"
"Yeah but right now?"
Like Meghan earlier, Chak fingered the buttons of his shirt, making
concentric circles that expanded outward.  His nipples became rock
hard points and the commander transferred his circular caresses to
encompass one causing his already tight jeans to become tighter.  Tom
scanned the crowd over a broad shoulder to see if anyone had noticed
that their first officer was making love to their chief pilot at
end of the buffet table.  No one had.  Chakotay's fingers on his chin
brought his face back to his.  Well not yet anyway.
"I love you."
Love?  Tom's tightly strung nerves snapped and a short hysterical
laugh erupted briefly from his lips before he gulped it back.  The
amused look on Chak's face faded into one of determination.
Tom saw stars as the Chakotay's lips descended on his.  As he tried
to pull back, his head was clasped from behind and the kiss was
deepened.  The hand that had been teasing his nipple left to grab one
of the belt loops on his jeans, pulling his groin flush against the
commander's.  The lieutenant was now as close as he had ever been to
the first officer and the sensation was making him forget his guests,
his duties as host and if asked most probably his first name.
Chakotay inserted his fingertips between their lips breaking the seal
of the kiss.  Tom's eyes flew open and into the depths of the black
pools that were commander's.
"Do you want me to fuck you Tom?"
Not trusting his voice, the pilot merely nodded his head.
With that Chakotay walked away leaving a totally shell-shocked
lieutenant in his wake.
What the hell was he doing?
He'd been heading in the right direction then he had made a detour to
the buffet table.  Now he was just standing there listening to the
Delaney sisters, Sue Nicolleti and few others talk shop.  Sam barely
resisted the urge to walk over there and grab the commander by the
ear, physically leading him over to where Tom stood talking to Neelix.
She watched a few moments longer from the cover of the tree, finally
deciding to go over to him and give, Superman as Tom called him, a
swift kick in the butt to get him moving again.  She put her empty
glass down on the floor beside the commander's abandoned one and as
she turned to vent her frustration, he was gone.  Damn him!
Samantha had been so sure she'd had gotten through to him.  Her own
experience making her wise, she knew that he loved Tom and probably
had for sometime.  Making him admit it aloud hadn't been hard, she
figured it was something he needed to say anyway but goading him into
acting on it had taken a little more finesse.  Being the control
freak that he was, he saw his love for Tom as a surrender of power
and that was the trick.  By telling him to kiss Tom into
subservience, she had played into his alpha mentality and manipulated
him into taking command of the situation.   Or at least she thought
she had.
Her festive mood gone, she made to leave the sanctuary of the
Christmas tree, say good night to Tom and go home to her daughter.
Using his blond hair as a guide she scanned the crowd.  Ah there he
was by the replicator and damned if he wasn't alone.  Backing him up
against the wall was the missing commander.   She stepped back into
the shadow of the tree.
Chakotay's back was to her but it looked like they were talking, so
far so good.   OK now just say it, she prompted the commander as if
he could hear her clear across the room.   Then she saw Tom's wild-
eyed look.  Yes!   He'd finally done it.  Great she thought, now she
could go back to her cabin and sleep.  Until she saw the commander's
next move that was and the thought of slumber was completely driven
from her mind.
In a room full of partygoers the commander was kissing Tom and
pressing against him so hard as if trying to push him through the
bulkhead and into the next room.   Whew!  She could feel the sexual
energy from here and as she glanced around the cabin she noted she
wasn't the only one.  Heads were beginning to turn in the direction
of the two men who had merged together into one.
Thinking she'd have to throw a bucket of cold water over them before
they started banging each other in front a growing number of eyes,
the kiss ended.  The commander left a dazed lieutenant trying to hold
himself up against the wall and made a beeline straight for her.
What the hell was he doing, now?