Title:  Christmas on Deck Three - P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  2 of ?
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.
Summary:  Sam plays councilor.
**For Britta**
"And I suppose if I'd fucked him he would have called me Admiral!"
Sam pointed over to where Naomi laid sound asleep under the freshly
decorated tree.
"Sorry Sam."  Tom looked over at the angel sleeping on the rug of his
quarters.  She had a pillow from lounge tightly clutched to her chest
and the sweetest smile he'd ever seen adorned her tiny mouth.  "She's
So are you Samantha thought as she watched the lieutenant watch her
child.  In one swift movement Tom's expression had turned from one of
discord to harmony and it was a wondrous sight to behold.  She knew
herself well enough to know that she was probably just a little bit
in love with Tom Paris and if wasn't for the deep feelings she held
safe in her heart for her husband, she wouldn't be satisfied with
just being his friend and confidant.  She took his hand.
"Maybe one day you'll have one of your own."
He turned on the lounge and gave her a brave smile.
"Maybe."  He squeezed her hand before letting it fall back to her
lap.  "But at the rate my love life's going, it doesn't look too
hopeful."  He collapsed back against the lounge.  "Damn him Sam.  Why
does he have to be such a prick about this?  I know he wants me, why
can't he admit that to himself?"
"Tom we all have weaknesses.  Maybe you're his."
"He's Superman and I'm kryptonite."  He saw Sam's puzzled
expression.  "Sorry, inside joke."
"Whatever.  What I'm trying to say is, that the commander prides
himself on being a very strong individual and it's possible that he
sees his attraction to you as a weakness.  You know falling in love
can make one feel very vulnerable."
"Gods tell me about it.  I threw myself at him down there on the
planet and afterwards when he called me lieutenant." Tom squeezed his
eyes tight in remembrance.  "I wasn't ready for it.  I was wide open
and he had a clear shot to my heart."  Sam sidled over to him and
pulled him into her arms.
"I know I'm sorry Tom."
He buried his head in her shoulder and returned her embrace.  "It
hurt Sam.  I've been hurt before but never, never like this."
She rocked him and petted his hair just as she did Naomi when she
woke from a nightmare and needed to be soothed.   Nobody brought her
maternal instinct out more than this fragile man did in her arms and
she felt the need to make things right for him.
"I could talk to him for you.  Find out how he feels and what really
happen down on the planet."  Tom pulled from her bosom wiping an arm
across his face.
He got up, walked over to Naomi and sat on his heels.  He brushed an
errant lock of hair away from her face before returning to stand
before her.
"Thanks but it's not up to you to fix this.  It's up to him."  She
saw the resolve creep into his features replacing the defeat.  "If he
wants me, if he really wants me Sam, he's going to have come to me."
He stood taller.  "It's time to see if Superman is really strong as
he thinks he is."
Samantha left her place on the couch and hugged Tom close to her.  He
indulged her for a moment, before squirming out of her hold in a
perfect imitation of her daughter.  Kissing her forehead, he stood
back and gave her "the" smile she was sure was responsible for
capturing the commander's heart.
"You'll be OK?"
"Yeah Sam I'll be fine.  Don't worry."  He spread his arms
wide.  "You don't really think he's going to be able to resist a
package like this for long do you?"
Sam slapped his arm.  "No I suppose not Mr, what was it?  Kryptonite?"
"Yeah that's me Mr Kryptonite.  The scourge of super human, anal
retentive first officers everywhere."
She waved a hand at him and looked skyward. "Whatever.  Now help me
get Naomi back to our quarters."
With the utmost care the lieutenant disengaged the tiny fingers from
their death grip on the pillow and cradled the sleeping child in his
arms.  He kissed each of the vestigial horns on her forehead before
heading out the doors of his cabin.  A sigh escaped Ensign Wildman's
lips as she followed the man who carried her reason for surviving in
the Delta quadrant, in his arms into the corridor.  As the doors
swished behind her she hoped that Chakotay would be able to see past
his own weakness to Tom's strength.
And if he didn't, she'd be there to kick his self-righteous butt
across the quadrant until he did.
"Merry Christmas Commander."
"Merry Christmas Ensign Britta."
She gave him a pretty smile before continuing down the garland decked
hall to B'Elanna's quarters.  He was surprised when a smartly dressed
Ken Dalby exited Tom's quarters, gave him a cursory nod and followed
hot on her heels.  Well that was about as unlikely a pair as, he
shrugged his shoulders, as he and Tom he supposed.  He took it as a
favorable sign and entered the lieutenant's quarters.
The room was full of sparking lights, laughter and nestled in a
corner was the famous Christmas tree.  It too glittered with lights
and brightly coloured glass balls reflected the light making the tree
glow.  He selected a glass of fruit juice from the buffet and walked
over to it using it as a vantage point to view the rest of the room.
Three cabins had been opened to the crew, B'Elanna's, Harry's and
Tom's.  He'd already put in appearance in the other two and had saved
the best for last.  Well at least he hoped it would be the best.  Tom
hadn't been very communicative since the incident on the planet and
he wasn't sure what kind of a reception he would receive here
tonight.   He scanned the room for him.
Bookended by Meghan and Jenny Delaney on the other side of the room
was Tom.  He was clad in tight jeans and a silk shirt the colour of
his eyes, a breathtaking vision in blue.   Chakotay took a few deep
breaths trying to bring his fluttering heart and hardening groin
under control but when the lieutenant caught his stare he forgot how
to breathe all together.
While the sisters continued talked through him, the pilot returned
his gaze and gave him a lazy smile.  And with his eyes never leaving
his, Tom brought his head close to Meghan's and whispered into her
ear.   What ever had he said caused the twin to erupt in laughter and
plaster herself to him, trailing painted nails across his chest.
Meghan began playing with the buttons of his shirt and still those
bright blue orbs never left his.
Chakotay fought the urge to race across the room, throw Meghan to the
wayside and take Tom right there and then in the middle of room of
partygoers.  Somehow the thought must have translated to his face
because the teasing smile widened and the blue eyes shone brighter.
Damn him!  He knew the effect he was having on him and what's more he
was enjoying it.   As he looked for a place to set down his untouched
drink and get the hell out the pilot's quarters, Tom disengaged
himself from the amorous twin and came up to him.
"Having a good time Commander."
"Not as good as you it would seem."
"What oh that, Meghan just has silk fixation.  It's nothing
serious."  Tom made a pretense of adjusting one of the ornaments on
the tree and brought himself within whispering range of the
commander.  "Do you like silk Chakotay?"
Anger and arousal mixed as Tom drew nearer tempting him to reach out
and touch a hardened nipple evident through the shiny fabric.  By now
his want was so severe it actually became a physical hurt.
"Stop it Tom."
"Stop what Commander?"
"You know."
Using his greater height to an advantage Tom peered down at the
commander through golden eyelashes.  Long delicate fingers played
with the sleeve of Chakotay's uniform.
"Do you want to fuck me Chakotay?"
The commander's cock stiffened at the words.
"Don't do this."
"Why are you afraid someone might get the wrong idea and think you
may actually like me?"  A thumb caressed the bulge of his bicep and a
hip brushed his erection.  "That maybe you want me?  You do don't
Through clenched teeth he answered. "Yes.  Damn it Tom you know I do."
"You know I was ready to let you take me right there in the mud a few
days ago but now," Tom pressed harder against the bulge in the
commander's pants.  "Now Commander if you want to stick your cock
inside my ass and hear me scream your name in ecstasy you're gonna
have to work for it."  The pilot planted a quick kiss on his
lips.  "Have good evening Superman."
With that Tom walked away and left a totally shell-shocked commander
in his wake.
He was playing with fire.
Samantha didn't have to hear the conversation to know that whatever
Tom had said had pushed the commander close to his limit.  The pure
look of frustration and anger on Chakotay's face as Tom
walked away from him said it all.  She had said earlier that love
made some people feel vulnerable but in Tom's case it made him
reckless.  Hoping to defuse the situation she picked up her glass and
wandered over to the commander.
"It's pretty isn't it?"  He hadn't noticed her approach.
"Excuse me?"
"The tree.  It's pretty."
Oh wasn't he the chatty Cathy.  Not one for subterfuge, Samantha got
right to the point.
"You hurt him pretty badly you know."
"I know."
Chakotay placed his drink down on the floor but he didn't leave and
she took it as sign that he wanted to talk.
"You love him don't you."  It wasn't a question.
"Did you tell him?"
Sam shook her head in amazement.  How was this man able to
successfully understand the needs of the entire crew of Voyager and
not be able to understand his own needs was beyond her.
"Why the hell not?"
"It's complicated."
"The hell it is.  You just have to walk up to him and say I love
you.  Simple."
"What if he doesn't believe me and laughs in my face?"
"You kiss him."
"Just like that?"
"Yes Commander, just like that.  Let him know you're not afraid to
show him the way you feel."
She placed her hands on her hips and looked in Tom's direction.
"What you've got something better you'd rather be doing?  Yes now."
He did the Picard maneuver and pulled at the bottom of his
jacket. "Now."
As she watched him walk towards the pilot Samantha couldn't help
thinking of an old terran proverb.
Men.  You can't live with them and you can't kill them.  Whatever.
**Note:  A special thank you to Vicki (VNapier) for letting me steal
Ensign Charlene Britta from her Dog Days in the Delta Quadrant
series.  A big hug and kiss and thanks again.  C.