Title: Christmas On Deck Three
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Tom asks for a tree.

Note:  This story is in answer to a challenge for a Christmas story
made by Bridget on Britta's behalf.  I don't know Britta but from all
the wonderful things I've read I figure she must be a very special
person, so this story is for her.

"If there isn't anything else people, dismissed."

Kathryn rose from her chair thankful the briefing was over and
anxious to head back to her ready room put her feet up and get back
to her cup of Brazilian coffee.  In the last six years it had become
part of her morning routine to relax in the quiet of her office
enjoying a cup before facing the rigors of command and these early
briefings cut into that moment of calm before the storm.  Making a
mental note to speak to the commander about it before the next one,
she was half way across the room before she noticed three of her
officers had remained seated.

"Everyone halt!"  Tuvok stopped at the entrance of the conference
room causing Seven to slam into him.  Chakotay executed his usual
grace and only briefly touched her as he stopped in her wake.
Reluctantly she marched back to her seat at the head of the table,
motioning Tuvok, Seven and Chakotay to follow suit.  With the
slightest hint of annoyance colouring her voice she addressed the
officers who were keeping her from her beloved Java.

"Is there something else?"

Tom looked at Harry, Harry looked at B'Elanna and B'Elanna looked at
Tom.  The captain following the exchange of furtive looks focused on
her chief pilot.

"Mr Paris?"

Tom, after giving the other two a peeved look turned his shoulders
towards her and folded his hands on the tabletop.

"Yes Captain we have a request."  Seeing the captain's brows rise in
impatience he tried to be a brief as possible.  "We'd like to stop at
the fourth planet and harvest a tree."

"A tree?"

"More specifically a Christmas tree."  This time he noticed the
commander and how his eyebrows rose and his mouth twitched.  That
full bottom lip forming into a half smile and his cheeks showing just
a promise of those killer dimples.  He started imaging what that
sensuous mouth would taste like when the captain's bark brought him
back to the matter at hand.


Hoping his blush was all that apparent he continued.  "With the
holiday season approaching I thought it might be a good idea to hold
a party on the officer's deck to boost moral."

"I'm listening."

"It's just that this time of year everyone starts thinking about home
and missing their loved ones and we," His arm went out to encompass
Harry and B'Elanna.  "Thought as officers and sort of the unofficial
heads of our family here on Voyager, could help the crew from feeling
lonely by holding an open house in the officer's quarters on deck
three.   It'll give them a chance to be together and to share their
memories of home, whether it is about Christmas or whatever.  Just so
they know they're not alone."

"And the tree?  Couldn't you just replicate one?"

"Yeah I suppose we could but it wouldn't be the same somehow.   Most
terran customs regarding Christmas involved a tree or a plant of some
kind and having a real one to decorate would make it special."  He
looked to Harry for the next part.

"Captain my scans of this system will won't be completed for another
day at least giving plenty of time for someone to go down to the
fourth planet in the Flyer.  It's an M class planet free of hostile
life forms and heavily forested.  There shouldn't be any problems
harvesting a tree for the party."

"Can you guarantee that for me Ensign?"

B'Elanna in Harry defense answered.  "Captain we all know that
nothing in the Delta quadrant comes with a guarantee but I checked
and rechecked Harry's scans and I am reasonably sure that a mission
to the fourth planet would have a minimal risk factor."

"It's a mission now is it?"

Kathryn sat back in chair and sighed.  She could see that the three
of them had put a considerable amount of time into this project and
whether it was just a ploy to relieve boredom or truly an altruistic
effort it didn't really matter, at some level it would still boost

"Fine.  Tom you can pilot the Flyer."  She watched as Harry raised
his hand for recognition.  "No Mr Kim you're staying aboard Voyager
with Lieutenant Torres to complete the mapping of this system."  She
turned to Chakotay who hadn't for once been her devil's advocate and
been oddly silent through this whole exchange.  "Commander you will
assist Mr Paris in his hunt for a Christmas tree."

His eyes connected to hers in a flash.  Kathryn knew nothing
disrupted her first officer's normally favored state of control more
than being paired with Tom Paris in any capacity.  It was amazing how
the blond blue eyed pilot had the ability to crack through the
commander's self-imposed wall of restraint.  Maybe it was because he
wasn't being his usual irritating self today that she somehow found
comfort in or maybe it was just caffeine withdrawal that caused her
to want to see that wall crumble if just a little bit.

"Captain I'm afraid I'll have to decline.  I have enough reports to
keep me busy for the next two years as it is."

Jackpot!  Kathryn smiled to herself.  Sometimes it really was fun
being the captain.  She dawned her most formal coat of command, all
the while biting the inside of her cheek.

"It wasn't a request Commander."

He gave her a nod of acknowledgment that the captain translated into
one of defeat before he turned to the chief pilot.  "Lieutenant I'll
meet you in the docking bay in one hour."

The captain stood up.  "Now if there really is nothing else, I have a
date with a man called Juan Valdez that I'm already late for."
Seeing no objections but only a few puzzled faces, she said the word
she had been waiting to say for the last 15 minutes.



"I'm getting wet."

Chakotay reaffirmed his hold of the top of tree as he looked over his
shoulder at the whining pilot.  His golden hair was plastered to his
head making it look darker than it was and his uniform was molded to
his lean body.  He quickly directed his eyes back forward.  Spirits
the man was beautiful even when he looked like a drowned Cardassian
vole.  Without violation his mind began concocting a scenario where
Tom wanders into his quarters looking like that in need of towel and
a brisk rub down to warm his chilled muscles.  An erection formed
between his legs chafing against his trousers despite the fact he was
as cold and as wet as the lieutenant was.

"Couldn't we use the transporter in the Flyer to get back?"

"It's only a little rain and the shuttle's not much farther."

"Fine.  Whatever you say oh master of the elements."

They stopped as they came to the gully.  Earlier on their way to the
harvest point it had no problem sliding down one side and climbing up
the other but now the rain had made both sides of the crevice slick
with mud.  Damn!  It was four meters deep and would be difficult to
traverse but they would do it.  Because there was no way in hell that
he was let the lieutenant know that he was wrong not to use the
transporter back to get back to the Flyer.  The man may control his
thoughts but he would not let him control his actions.  He was still
the superior officer after all.

"Oh this is just fucking wonderful!"

"It's not that bad.  We'll let the tree go down first, follow it and
then pull it back up the other side.  Simple."

Tom dropped his end of the tree and came up along him for a better

"Oh yeah simple if you're Superman."


"Never mind."

He trudged back to his end of the tree and brought it perpendicular
with the edge of the crevice and in a timed swing they tossed it to
the bottom.

"OK you first Superman."

Chakotay ignored the jibe and began his descent of the slope at a
sideways angle, using his hand for leverage as he neared the bottom.
Things were going well and he was feeling quite proud of himself
until his feet hit a loose patch of gravel.  Ass over teakettle the
commander rolled the remaining two meters landing on his back and
knocking the breath out of his chest.   Like a gazelle Tom was down
the slope and at his side.

"Are you OK?"

The commander tried to answer but had trouble getting enough air to
form words.

"Chak, don't move."  Tom leaned over him dripping water into his
face.  "Just lay back till I see if anything's broken OK?"

Not having a medkit, Tom ran his hands down his torso to see if
anything was out alignment.   Despite the rain and damp, Chakotay's
body became heated at the pilot's touch and he clawed the mud beneath
him in reaction.  Tom saw his hands move.

"OK you can move your arms and legs shifted so you probably don't
have a broken back.  Just let me see to your legs."

With one hand on each leg, Tom gently followed the line of his calf
and thigh.   The sensation was too much for the commander and he
squeezed his eyes shut and laid his head back waiting for the sweet
torture to end.  He felt his semi-erect penis stiffen into rock hard
readiness as fingers graced his hipbones.  Tom would have to blind
not to notice.

"Chak open your eyes."

Noticing he could no longer feel the rain on his face, he obeyed the
command.  As he saw that Tom's beautiful face was not two inches from
his own, the heated fingers left his hips and began tracing the
outline of his cock through his trousers.

"I don't care if you demote me or throw me in the brig but it isn't
gonna stop me from doing this."

Tom's lips were warm, soft, gentle and insistent as they came down on
his.  Barely believing that this was real, Chakotay parted his lips
when the pilot's tongue quested for entrance.  Feeling his surrender
the pilot deepened the kiss and the commander brought his hands up
carding mud through Tom's hair changing the colour once again.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

Tom broke the kiss and sat back on his haunches.

"You better answer her."

Still stunned, Chakotay slapped the comm badge on his chest.

"Chakotay here."

Tom stood up and began dragging the tree to the edge of the incline.

"Is everything OK?  Harry reported some cloud activity over the area
you're in."

"Just a bit of rain but were fine.  We'll be back shortly."

"Acknowledged.  Janeway out."

Still shaky in both body and mind the commander stood and addressed
the pilot.  In his unsettled state he reverted to form.

"Lieutenant maybe we should use the transporter."

He saw the use of his formal title wash over the man like cold
shower.  Before he had a chance to correct his mistake the smart-ass
veneer he was accustomed to surfaced.

"What ever you say Commander."

Tom contacted the Flyer's computer and requested a beam out.  As the
tingling sensation of the transporter overtook him, Chakotay saw the
look of hurt on Tom's face and knew he had messed up or if he used
the pilot more eloquent vernacular, he had fucked up royally.

It was going to be a very long trip back to Voyager.