Title:  Changes P9
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:   Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  9 of ?
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Disclaimer:   Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.
Summary:   The not so great escape.
He was an idiot, no worse than that.  Chakotay looked down at himself
and grimaced.  He was a naked idiot.
It didn't matter that there had been a half a dozen of Tuvok's best
men watching over them, ultimately the responsibility for the pilot's
safety had been his.   He was the senior officer and the one with
superior military training.   He shouldn't have let himself become
distracted and let his guard down.  Their capture was his fault.
Sitting up slowly from the canvas cot in deference to his thick head,
Chakotay decided not to make the same mistake again.   He could beat
himself up later for his failure.  Right now he had more important
things to worry about, like getting his ass out of this closet of a
room and finding Tom.   Standing up carefully, he analyzed his
situation.  He hadn't had much a chance the first time he'd regained
Earlier four tall Danai had roused him from his induced slumber and
pinned him to the cot.   Over powering him, they had taken his
clothes and a sample of blood from his right arm.   It had been a
struggle and he had made them work for their treasures deriving some
small satisfaction from knowing his blood wasn't the only one that
had flowed before he was blind sided and knocked back into
Chakotay raised a hand to the side of his face to check for cuts and
winced.   Sucking his breath through his teeth, he brought his hand
down and examined his fingers.    They were clean but he suspected
that even without having a mirror to check the reactions of his
pupils, he had a concussion.   That was bad but not as bad as the red
welt on his left arm.
They had injected him with something while he was out and he'd bet
his life it hadn't been a vitamin supplement.  Besides the obvious,
it meant they were using him as leverage to make Tom do something.
What, he didn't know but it would have to be something they couldn't
accomplish themselves.  Why else would his captors infect him?
Satisfied he could still function for the present, Chakotay inspected
his cell.  It really wasn't much more than a closet.  There were no
windows and besides the cot, the only other thing in the room was a
metal bucket, which he assumed was for waste.   He walked over to the
makeshift latrine and kicked it in frustration.  It rattled.
He peered inside the pail and almost jumped in triumph before he was
slammed back down.  It was his phaser but it was in pieces, useless.
Recognizing the find as a tactic and a classic way to demoralize him,
Chakotay turned quickly away from the broken weapon to examine the
door of his cell.
It was made of wood and hung on metal hinges.  He tried the round
handle on its right side and was not surprised to find it wouldn't
budge.   Splaying his hands on the surface of the door, he pushed to
test its strength.   There was no give and he decided against
injuring himself further by throwing his shoulder into its bulk.   It
opened inwards and no amount of battering would snap the locks that
held it firm.   Fighting his defeat, Chakotay retreated back to the
cot and sat down to consider his next move.
OK if he couldn't leave by force, what other options did he have?
Make enough noise until somebody came to check on him and then what?
Anybody that came to investigate the disturbance would be armed and
he couldn't take the chance of getting shot.   He couldn't rescue Tom
if he was dead.   Chakotay lowered his head in his hands trying to
think, wincing when his fingers grazed the hot area around his left
eye.  He was halfway into a meditative trance when a noise brought
him back to himself.  The door was opening.
"Are you hungry?"
An orange and green Danai entered holding a tray in one delicately
inked hand and a what looked an awful lot like a Klingon disrupter in
the other.  Chakotay stood and faced the alien.
"Who are you?"  He said all the while judging the distance between
him, the armed Danai and the opened door.
"I don't want to eat Ulnae.  What I want do is leave."
"I can't let you do that Chakotay."  The alien set the tray down on
the floor by the door, never once lowering his weapon hand.
"I didn't ask your permission."  He took a step forward.
"Please stand against the wall.  I don't want to hurt you."
The tall alien's voice was sincere and Chakotay believed him.  Tom
had told him once that killing was anathema to this race and looking
deep into this man's violet eyes, he knew his lover was right.
However Etien had also told him his people were followers.   They
emulated what they desired and they did so proudly without regret.
It was an inherent weakness that the Danai had turned into strength
and had allowed them to survive in a society that used them as a
recreation.  The concept appalled Chakotay but he could use it to his
advantage.   Tom's life was more important than his scruples.
"Do you know who I am?"  He said in a sultry tone designed to seduce.
"Yes."  The alien said as he backed out of the room.
"Then you know my lover is."  Chakotay said quickly trying to keep
Ulnae's interest and prevent him from leaving.
The tackily inked man stopped his progress.  "Yes of course.  Tomai
but everyone knows that."
"And what do you think of Tomai?"  The foreign version of his lover's
name left a bitter taste in Chakotay's mouth.  "He's beautiful isn't
"And that exquisite creature loves me.  What do you think that means?"
Ulnae's deep purple eyes scanned his naked body and his weapon hand
relaxed.  If he could have, Chakotay would have willed himself an
erection, but considering the circumstances, it was impossible.   His
penis remained flaccid and he hoped its resting length would still
impress the now fascinated Danai.  Chakotay kept careful attention on
the ugly device in Ulnae's grasp and edged closer.
"I could show you, my beauty."  He said using the endearment Etien
had used on Tom hours before.
"No, you are infected."   The weapon came back up and pointed
squarely at his chest.
"So you'll fuck me."   Chakotay turned, spread his legs and braced
his arms against the cold wall of his cell.  "Tomai has done that."
He continued over his shoulder.
"Tomai."  The alien said in an awed whisper close to his ear.
A coldness traveled down his spine and then Chakotay felt a hard edge
jab roughly between the cheeks of his ass.  He bit back a cry and
remained still.
"I'm no fool, beast."   The tip of the disrupter bit hard into his
anus.  He felt a warmth trickle down the inside of his legs.  "You
wish to escape that's why you offer yourself.  I know that.  I will
not succumb."
Falling flush against the wall, Chakotay tried to pull away from the
hurt in his ass.  Ulnae followed his retreat and pushed harder.  His
senses wailed not so much from the pain but from the humiliation.
It didn't matter that the alien wasn't using his dick to penetrate
him, he was still being raped.  Without thinking about keeping whole
for Tom, he twisted his body and jabbed an elbow back reflexively.
It connected with the tall Danai's midsection and sprawled him to the
Turning quickly, he kicked the prone man with a bare foot in the
stomach and then again in the head until his foot became as slick
with blood as the insides of his thighs.  It was only when he heard
the gurgled gasps of Ulnae's laboured breathing did he stop and fall
to his knees before his assailant.   Looking at the Danai's battered
face Chakotay was struck dumb by his violence.
"I'm sorry."  He croaked out to a man that probably couldn't hear
him.   After checking Ulnae's pulse and finding it strong, he took
the weapon from his lax hand.  Its tip was stained red and he dropped
it like it was on fire.
Leaving the tainted weapon on the floor, he staggered upright and
left his prison to look for Tom.
"How are you feeling?"
"If I said good, would you let me get up?"
"No.  Now answer the question."
Harry Kim looked at the Doc's over serious statement through slotted
eyes and thought that maybe he'd done more than just faint in the
messhall.  Did he eat something he shouldn't have?  He raised himself
up off the bio-bed on his elbows.
"I feel OK.  Can I go now?   I promised Tom I'd play pool with him
tonight in Sandrine's."
"No headache or nausea?"  The hologram asked while continuing to run
a medical tri-corder over him.
"No."  He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.  "I
feel fine.  If it was food poisoning Doc, I'm past it."   Harry felt
a grumbling in his stomach.   "In fact I think I'm even hungry.  I
feel like I haven't eaten in a week."
"No only four days."
"You been in a coma for four days and haven't eaten anything solid
for the duration."
"A what?"
The hologram looked at him with impatience.  "A coma Mr Kim.  A state
of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness which is usually the
result of disease or injury."
"I was hurt?"
This didn't make any sense.  He'd been feeling tired since returning
from the planet but he didn't remember feeling really sick.
Actually he'd been feeling pretty good.  The gorgeous man he'd been
with the night before had seen to that.  It had been a very long time
since anyone had let him do what Ulnae had let him do.  A very long
"You were dying Ensign but thanks to my incredible skills as a
healer, you'll live."
"You cured me?"
The doctor rolled his holographic eyes.  "Yes now don't make me
regret it."
"I don't understand."
"Of course not."  The doctor's look went vacant as he stared beyond
Harry's shoulder.  "Sickbay to Captain."
"Janeway here."
"Mr Kim is awake."
"He is?"  Came the startled reply.  Shit he must have really been at
death's door.  "Is he fit for duty?"
"Captain he just woke up."
"You said that but is he lucid, can he walk?"
Oh this was bloody ridiculous.   They were talking like he really had
died.  Harry slipped off the bio-bed and stood at attention to speak
to the captain directly.   She couldn't see him but it didn't
matter.  Protocol was protocol.
"Captain?"  He ventured.
"Mr Kim?"
"Yes ma'am."
"How are you feeling?"
"Fine and ready for duty."
"Good, then get your ass up here pronto.  We need to find a needle in
haystack and I'm thinking you're the only one we've got that can do
that for us."
"Yes ma'am."   His hand went up for a salute before he even knew what
he was doing.  He stopped himself mid-motion from completing the
outmoded precept.  "I'm on my way."
Slipping around the Doc, Harry headed out of Sickbay for the
turbolift that would take him to his station.   Something weird was
going on and apparently he'd been sleeping through it.   Damn how he
hated being left out of the loop.
He only hoped once he got to the bridge, Tom would fill him in.
"You've looked better."  Tom let his recently liberated hand touch
the shiner below Chakotay's left eye.  It blended spectacularly into
his tattoo.
"Yes and I love you too.  Now shut up and be still."
Chakotay leaned over him releasing the last of his bonds and then
pulled him into his wide embrace.  Tom fell into him with his whole
body, ignoring the protests of the over stretched muscles in his arms
and legs.  The big battered man hugged him back fiercely.  He knew
the old man would save him, he just knew it.   But now it was time to
save him.
"Oh baby we have to get out of here and get you back to the ship so
the Doc can help you."
"You know?"
"About the virus?  Yeah, his holy ickyness took great joy in telling
me he'd infected you."
Chakotay's eyes narrowed.  "What did he want from you?  Did he," The
big man in his arms took a deep breath before continuing.  "Did he
touch you?"
"No."  Tom lied.  "Ulien wants me to kill Etien."
"My life for his death."
"Yeah well he's not going to get either one.   Can we go now?"
"That would be a good idea."  Incredibly the dark man smiled.  The
simple gesture gave Tom hope and the strength to attempt standing.
A strong arm helped him up off the mattress and then directed him
over to one of the bedroom's elegantly dressed windows.  They both
looked out the second story pane trying to get a handle on their
location but there wasn't much to see other than the blackness of
"There's no lights, so we must be in the country or an isolated
area."  Chakotay opened the sash and peered downwards.  "It's a bit
of drop but it might be safer than trying to escape through the
house.  I didn't see anybody on my way to you but that might change
if they find my guard."
Sticking his head out of the window, Tom assessed the drop for
himself.    Lining the edge of the house was a flowerbed that would
either break his fall or his neck.   At least he hoped it was flowers
and not a rock garden.  It was hard to make out the difference in the
dimness.   He pulled his head back in.
"Maybe everyone's still asleep and we can sneak out the back door?"
"And what if it's locked?  Your room was open because Ulien didn't
think you could escape from your bonds but we may not be so lucky
with the house door.   I don't want take up more time looking for an
alternate exit."  The commander said patiently.
Oh shit time.   Here he was worrying about a few scratches wasting
it, while Chakotay's life ticked away.   Finding his balls again, Tom
walked over to the bed and stripped the black sheet off the mattress.
Walking back to the window, he held up his prize and smiled.  "A
landing pad."
"Good thinking Lieutenant."  His lover smiled back and took the sheet
throwing out the window.  It wouldn't help if they fell into stones
but it would prevent scratches and maybe make a good loincloth
afterwards.   As much as he liked looking at Chakotay's naked form,
it wouldn't be practical when running through the forest that
surrounded Ulien's estate.
"Ready Tom?"
"Yeah old man.  Let's blow this popsicle stand."
After a kiss for luck, they jumped together.
It was flowers.
He was tired but he was pretty sure it was from running for two hours
and not the virus.  Doing the math in his head, he guessed that he
probably had another twelve to fifteen hours before he felt the true
effects of the sickness.
"Do you want to rest Chak?"   Tom pulled at his arm and halted his
progress through the undergrowth.  "I don't think anyone's following
us and I could use a break."
Winded, he only nodded and then spread their stolen sheet at the base
of the tree they'd stopped beside.   His lanky companion fell to the
ground and pulled him down with him.   Chakotay winced as his tender
butt hit the forest floor.  In the dim light of the planet's two
moons, the pilot didn't notice the grimace and he thanked the
spirits.   He wasn't sure if he'd ever tell Tom what happened to him
with Ulnae.  In the house, he'd use the first available cloth to wash
away the evidence of the assault because he didn't have time to
explain the incident to his lover but now it was shame not haste that
kept him from telling.  He had lost control and wasn't proud of it.
Being a counselor, he knew it was the normal reaction to rape and if
that was all it was, he could deal with it.   However it wasn't the
attack itself he had trouble reconciling, it was his retaliation to
it.  The Danai was damaged mentally and not responsible for his
actions.  Ulien had twisted the man's mind and made him behave
against norms.   Chakotay had known that from the moment the soft
voice had hardened into one of pain but still, he had reacted
viciously.  It was a side of him he didn't want Tom to know about.
"I wonder how Harry's doing?"   The pilot said from left field.
Forgetting his own troubles, he pulled his lover to his
chest.  "He'll be fine Tom.  One way or another, he'll be fine."
"No thanks to me."  The voice was small and quiet.  "I can't even
save him, without needing to be saved myself."
"Yes I know."  The over blond head tipped up to him and he kissed the
end of a perfect nose.  "You're too beautiful for your own good, Tom
Paris."  He said trying to lighten the mood but the distraught man in
his arms would have none of it.
"Stop thinking with your dick Chak.   I fucked up.  It wasn't the
first time and I promise you it's not going to be the last.   We're
sitting here naked in the dark with rocks poking our asses because of
Self-pity was something he hadn't seen in Tom before.   Sadness and
regret maybe but not this kind of defeat.   It was beneath him.   He
was too honest and caring to be tainted by such a useless emotion.
"Well if you want to play that game, then it isn't your fault.  It's
"How's that?"
"If you hadn't chased me into the Badlands we wouldn't even be in the
Delta quadrant."
"That's different.  You couldn't know about the Caretaker."
"And you couldn't have known about the virus."
"But I-"
"Now you stop it Tom."   He brushed fingers against the pilot's cheek
and moved his face closer so he could see his features in the
semidarkness.  "Some things are beyond our control and are going to
happen whether we like it or not.  You can't change that and I can't
change that.  Which doesn't mean we have to like it but it does mean
we have deal with it and move on."
"Shit happens, so get over it.  Is that what your telling me old
man?"  A familiar light was returning to the young man's eyes and its
brightness help to heal the fracture in his heart.  How could he
doubt himself for reacting blindly in terror when someone as trusting
as Tom believed in him?  It didn't mean what he did was acceptable
but maybe it was understandable.
"Yes I suppose it is."  He said accepting his own advice.
"That's good enough for me."  The renewed pilot threw his long arms
over his shoulders and then straddled him.  "Can we fuck now?"
"What?"   The man's resilience was amazing.  Little wonder he
survived after all the tragedies in his turbulent life.   "I think we
should get going.   Voyager will be looking for us but without our
comm badges, it may take them awhile.   We need to find a way to
connect up with them."
"We will baby," Tom rotated his hips rousing Chakotay into instant
hardness.  "But first, I need to connect with you."  The pilot's hand
went to his now erect cock and began stroking.  "Please."
The sensation was transmuted into every nerve ending in his body
wiping out his common sense.  It was hard to believe that up to a few
days ago he been able to get up every day and function without ever
knowing this glorious man's touch.   What the hell had he'd been
living for?  Grabbing Tom's ass he pulled him closer and lifted his
hips up into his hand keeping time with its movement.  It was hard
with a six foot man in his lap but he managed.
Raising his head, Chakotay opened his lips entreating Tom to kiss
him.   Violet eyes sparkled in triumph as a sweet mouth obliged
him.   Licking and sucking the pilot teased his lips with his own and
fucked his mouth with his warm wet tongue.   No one had ever kissed
him this way.  If they had, he would have proposed to them on the
spot.   Oh spirits what was he thinking?
"I need you Chakotay."  Tom said releasing both his mouth and his
Dazed, he watched by the silver light of the moons as the pilot
wetted his long slender fingers with saliva and reached back to work
them into his own ass.   Erotic wasn't a big enough word for what Tom
was doing.   Chakotay leaned against the tree, his cock weeping in
empathy as he watched the young man straddling him fuck himself.   He
was going to come just watching.
As he reached down to facilitate his release, Tom stopped his antics
and looked him square in the eye.
"I love you."  The pilot said as he arched up and impaled himself.
Chakotay cried out as his hips moved up instinctively to meet him.
He was pumping frantically into the slender form above him when what
little of his sanity he had left took the opportunity to reasserted
itself.    Reaching out he grabbed Tom by his biceps and slammed him
down holding him immobile.
"No!"  The pilot wailed as he tried to lift his pelvis to complete
their joining but Chakotay held him firm.
"We have to stop Tom."  Chakotay tried to turn his hips so he could
withdraw his cock from his lover's ass.   It might not be too late to
save him.
"No!"  Tom screamed as tightened his thighs and his anus around
him.  "Fuck me!"
"I can't baby, I'm infected remember?"   He said breathlessly trying
to ignore the pulse of his lover's passage around his erection.
"I know that Chak.  Now move."
"But I'm killing you."  Chakotay bucked his hips in an attempt to
throw his misguided lover from his body.   It was a fruitless act
that only managed to bring them both closer to orgasm.
"If you don't finish this, I'll die anyway."  Throwing his arms up,
Tom broke free and resumed the joining.   With surprising agility and
speed he lifted his long form up and down the length of his cock.
White liquid spurted from him as he moved painting Chakotay's chest
and abdomen and as his lover's come covered him, his protests died on
his lips.   Unable to stop, he shot his tainted seed hard up into his
lover's body.
Spent, Tom fell forward and cried into his shoulder.  Trying to
soothe the younger man's racking heaves, he rubbed his back and
kissed his neck.   As his poisoned member slipped from his lover's
ass at the change of position, Chakotay fought his own sobs and held
Tom tighter.   Their mission was serious but now it was more than
that for him.
It was deadly.