Title:  Changes P8
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  8 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.
Summary:  Etien throws a party and not all of the guests are welcomed.
For the umpteenth time since the party had started, Chakotay let his
fingers brush the small comfort at his waist.  The hand phaser was
tucked into a sleeve made especially for it in the waistband of his
blue suit and was hidden by the fall of the garment's shirt.  This
time he would not be caught with his pants down should danger
threaten Tom.
Last time it had been Etien, who they now knew was their ally who had
incited his instinctive need to protect his lover.  At that time the
only weapon he had was upright between his thighs and would have done
very little to stop the tall Danai had he wished to do them harm.  So
goodwill and planetary trust be damned, this time he wouldn't take
any chances with the young man's life.  He was too important to him
Standing unobtrusively in a corner of Etien's den, Chakotay sipped
his drink casually and scanned the room for the pilot.  Like most of
rooms on this level of the Danai's home, it was full to the brim with
laughing guests.  Both Corlearian races as well as a dozen of Tuvok's
best security men were here tonight in what they hoped would be a
grand show of the green and gold tattooed man's generosity and a bid
for his return to leadership.  So far things were looking good.
With the exception of Tuvok's men, who while blended in well enough
into the fracas to go unnoticed but were obvious to his trained eyes,
everyone seemed to be having a good time.  The atmosphere in the room
was much like the freehouse he and Tom had visited last night but
with a slightly different tenor.   The food and drink were as
bountiful as the bar but it was change in sexual intensity that gave
the gathering a different ring.
While there were still furtive gropings and more going on in some
places like the darken hallway beneath the second floor stairs, or in
the many small alcoves that lined the walls of the first level of the
large maze like brownstone, the desperation had vanished.  If
Chakotay didn't know better he would have thought he was at one of
the many house parties that he and Will had crashed on Earth or if he
stretched his imagination further, a Friday night in Sandrine's.
This was a meeting of friends.  Nobody was here tonight to service
anyone or to escape a boring lifestyle.  It was simply a party, which
was up till tonight was a completely foreign concept to Etien and one
that had taken his Thomas hours to explain the nuances of.
Chakotay remembered the pride he'd felt when Tom had come up with
idea in the brainstorming session with Kathryn and Tuvok.  It had
taken all of his restraint and a warning look in Tom's blue eyes to
keep from rounding the conference table and kissing out his
admiration on his sweet pink lips.
The warm feeling, warmer than the spicy drink in his hand brought him
out of his musing and back to his earlier quest.  Where the hell was
Tom?  He knew the security guards had specific instructions to keep
an eye out for the beautiful pilot but Chakotay needed to see the
young man for himself to know he was safe.  He put the glass of false
euphoria down on the nearest table to look for the real thing.
Twisting and turning his shoulders he weaved his way through the
throng, once or twice feeling a warm hand on his butt as he did so.
It wasn't until he reached the other side of the candle lit room did
the knot at the base of his neck loosen.  The beautiful man he had
come to love and cherish with all that he was in a few short days sat
beside their host on the long seat before the piano.  He was a vision
in his blue silks.
They weren't actually playing anything more than short bars of music
in bursts but a crowd had gathered around them never the less.
Chakotay used his broad shoulders to punch his way through the
admirers to get a better view.  When he reached the top edge of the
large instrument opposite Tom and Etien, he stopped.  The pilot
didn't notice his approach.
"Then you play the reprise?"  The pilot's forehead furrowed as he
held a sheet of what Chakotay surmised must be paper, and then let
his long delicate fingers stroke the all white keys.  Leaning against
the piano, he felt every note his lover hit thrum through the
instrument and into his body.  His cock hardened instantly from the
caress by proxy and he pushed his hips closer into the hard wood.
"Yes Tomai but with more force.  Feel the music my beauty."
Etien kissed Tom's slender throat igniting Chakotay's jealously and
inflaming his already aroused passions higher.   He knew the tall
Danai's affections were just an act but it didn't matter.  He was
unable represses the feral response.  Even Aulnoy's quiet form behind
Etien failed to quell his need to mark the enticing man as his own.
"Play something for me Tom."  He growled, needing make his presence
Tom looked up from the sheaf in his hand and narrowed his now again
violet eyes at him.  In an instant the pilot had picked up his green
tinged lust.
"Hello old man.  What do you want me to play?"  He said in soft silky
tones as his fingers ran the length of the white keys.  The
vibrations flowed out to his groin in tune with Tom's voice and he
moaned involuntarily.
"Anything.  Just play."  He said breathlessly.
"Something with a hard down beat?"  Tom slammed the keys with his the
balls of his hands causing another muffled groan to erupt from him.
Again his quick-witted lover had sensed his emotions.
"Yes."  He managed through his teeth, fully aware that the most of
the room was now focused on them and not caring.
"Hold on Chak." Tom said and Chakotay remembered the last time he'd
muttered those words was right before tempestuous pilot had given him
the most miraculous blowjob of his life.
Clutching the edge of the piano, he leaned into its hard surface and
nodded his head.  The small unspoken gesture was all Tom needed to
begin his symphony.
Hunching his slim shoulders but without breaking his heated gaze, the
white haired blond sank into a slow building rhythm.  Each note that
flew from his fingers radiated through the tempered wood of the large
string instrument to Chakotay's groin.  Letting his head fall back,
he closed his eyes and pushed his hips forward.
"Oh baby you're so beautiful when you do that."  He heard his lover
remark as the tempo rose.
As the soft velvet covered hammers of the piano hit its taut springs
in a more driving beat, Chakotay tune himself into his lover's
frequency.  Each strike of key was like a caress and he push himself
harder into the piano, fucking its cold hard surface with abandon.
The slap of his hips against its side was audible to his ears over
the opus Tom was playing as was the heaving he heard across its
polished surface.  The sounds of their combined passion were its own
sweet song.
He was near his climax when the tune began to falter becoming
erratic, losing its fluent melody.
"No!" He heard Tom cry out as the music stopped all together.
"Tom?"  With tremendous effort he opened his eyes at looked at the
pilot trying to convey both his blatant need and his confusion at the
"Not fucking here!"  Tom said as he sprung from the bench, almost
knocking Etien to the ground.  "You will not do this here!" He
screamed again as he rounded the large instrument and grabbed his
hand.  In a shell-shocked daze, Chakotay allowed the pilot to lead
him through the throng and out of the den.  In the corner of his eye,
he observed a few dark clad bodies following their exit.  Tuvok's
men, he guessed.
Through the winding hallways of the brownstone they went until they
emerged outside in the ornamental garden.  The rushing finally
stopped when they reached a small enclosure with vine-covered walls
and large white flowers.  The intimate well was secluded and vacant.
Tom let go of his hand and rounded on him, his violet eyes flashing
"What the hell do you think you were doing?!"  The pilot hissed.
"Enjoying your music?"  Chakotay was pretty sure that was the wrong
answer but it was the only one his confused mind could come up with.
"Oh fuck, were you ever but that's not what I meant!"
"What then?"  He screamed back at the furious pilot.
"You where going to come right there in front of everyone Chak."
"Wasn't that the point to your playing?"
"Yeah," Tom said sheepishly and then recovered and continued with
more force.  "But I didn't think you'd go that far."
"Why not?  I have before and so have you Tom."
"But this time it was different."
Different?  The only change Chakotay could see was the venue, well
that and the heightened security.  Maybe that was it.  The young
wanton blonde didn't care if a bunch of strangers watched them rut
like two animals in heat but showing any amount of affection in front
of Fleet personnel was another thing.  It embarrassed Tom.
"You don't like the crew knowing we're together, do you?" He said
feeling a little disappointed.
"No, not exactly.  I mean they're gonna know as soon as they find out
about my change in cabin assignment and that's OK, but shit Chak.
Everytime you come, I cry or near enough to it."
"You don't."  Did he?
"Yes I fucking do and forgive me all to hell for not wanting to do
that in front some space trash like Dalby!"  The pilot's head fell
forward and he murmured into his bare chest.  "Dammit Chak, it's hard
enough on me when where alone."
"So you don't care if the crew knows we're intimate, you just don't
want them to see it?"
"Not yet."  He looked back up and true to form, his beautiful eyes
were misty.  "So much has happened in the last few days between us
and I'm sorry, I'm still trying to deal with it."
Stepping closer, Chakotay folded the weeping man into his arms and
tried to soothe his turbulent emotions while marveling in the change
in roles between them.
If it had been just sex between them, he was sure Tom would have
exploited the situation to the hilt with verbal innuendoes and bold
touches and he would be the one holding back in public.  However
since it was more than that, the young man was the reticent one while
Chakotay wanted nothing more to scream from the rooftops he was in
love.  The turn about was ironic and he hoped not permanent.   While
he hadn't planned on making love to the troubled blond on the bridge,
lower key exchanges of affection would be nice.   Things like a
welcoming kiss in the messhall when they met or holding hands under
the conference table came to mind.
"Chak?"  Tom lifted his head from his shoulder.
"What baby?"
"Do you still love me?"  The violet eyes were hopeful.
"Even if I'm a basketcase?"  A small smile started to brighten the
young man's face.
"Maybe because you are.  I am a counselor you know.  I like that kind
of thing."
"You think?"
"Oh yeah old man."  Tom hands slithered down the front of his blue
shirt and then slipped up underneath it.  "But that's OK.  I like
kinky."  Fingers played with the drawstring of his pants and Chakotay
sucked his stomach in with anticipation.
"What are you doing?"
Tom fell to his knees and looked up deviously.  "Finishing my song."
With that, Chakotay lost sight of him as he poked his platinum blond
head under his blue shirt.
"Spirits!"  He cried as he felt Tom's mouth close over his cock.
In very little time the deflated member regained its vigor as the
pilot sucked him deeper into his heated cavity.  Chakotay fell
backwards into the wall, crushing the white flowers and releasing
their scent.
Damn but Tom was good at this he thought as the pilot's talent tongue
swirled around the crest of his penis before engulfing him again.
Chakotay's whole body trembled with the need to thrust but he held
back and let Tom work his magic unaided.  He looked down to where the
front of his shirt flapped comically by itself outwards in a steady
rhythm and then threw his head back closing his eyes as his orgasm
He might have called out Tom's name as he shot deep into his throat
but he wasn't sure of anything except the feeling of complete
rapture.  Love and sex balled up into one as his seed left his body
into his lover's.  His knees buckled and he slid down the wall
filling the small enclave with fragrance.
"Holy fuck Chak!"  Tom grinning from ear to ear got off his heels and
straddled him.
"What?"  He said blinking his eyes back open to a set of sparkling
purple ones.
"I bet the whole house heard you scream my name."
Oh damn then the security men who were lurking just outside the
alcove would definitely know what had just happened.  "Sorry."
Tom shrugged and wiped his face with the back of his hand.  "It's
OK.  They can listen but they can't watch."
Chakotay lifted his hand and brushed the last of the tears away.
Spirits it was humbling that his release moved the vibrant man so
much.  He lifted his knees bringing Tom closer to him and buried his
head in the golden down of his chest.
"I love you."  Tom said softly into the top of his head and Chakotay
squeezed him harder.  "Shit Chak let go.  I can't breathe." He
laughed and Chakotay joined him.
"We better get back in there and do some major ass kissing."  The
pilot stood up and offered his hand.  "Because I'm afraid after your
little performance with the piano the Danai will want to make you
their master."
Chakotay took the slim graceful hand and rose smiling.  "Well they'll
be out of luck because I'm not interested."
"Too bad.  I bet you'd look really good in a pair of black silks and
"You think?"
"Oh yeah and with gold bands at your throat and around your biceps
you'd be fucking hot!"
"I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time we're in Sandrine's
"Oh.  Ah on second thought, I don't think the crew's ready for sexy
first officer."
"Fucking right old man.  You're mine and don't forget that."
"Never.  Now let's go back to the party."
Tom smiled brighter than the sun and slipped his hand into his.  As
they walked side by side back to the house Chakotay tightened his
grip hoping the pilot would allow the small show of ownership once
they joined the others.  He heard the crunch of leaves on the path
behind them made by Tuvok's men and then felt a sharp pain on the
back on his neck.
He'd never know.
"What the hell do you mean you can't find them?"
Kathryn lunged from her seat behind her desk and tried to extract the
answer from Tuvok with the fierceness in her voice alone.  The dark
man didn't even flinch in his chair as he continued his report.
"It seems after an altercation in the house they retreated into the
garden behind it."
"What kind of 'altercation'?  They fought?"  Oh shit she would have
thought Chakotay had more sense than that.
"No Captain it was more the opposite.  My men followed but fell back
out of discretion when they realized why the commander and the
lieutenant wished solitude."
"They couldn't keep their hands off each other, is that what you're
trying to tell me?"
"Yes Captain."
"Oh terrific.  Now because they couldn't keep their dicks in their
pants, they've endangered the mission and themselves."
This time Tuvok did flinch at her vulgar interpretation of the events
planetside.  He recovered quickly, damn him.
"Excuse me?"
"They are missing but I assure you not for long, as for the mission,
I would say that their actions at the party solidified Mr Etien's
"How's that?"  She settled on the edge of her desk and waited for his
"The Corlearians were impressed with the volatile interaction between
the two men and Mr Etien's ability to provide them with it.  I
believe he has gained a large following of Danai and the respect of
the Corlies.  Aulnoy's presence was also helpful but having Mr
Chakotay and Paris' as his guests was the most prominent factor."
"Don't make excuses for their behavior Tuvok."  She spat, not liking
the sound of disgust in her voice.  It wasn't very 'captain' like.
"I am not.  I am only reporting the facts as they have been presented
to me."
So OK she couldn't deny the fact that it was Chakotay's dubious
attachment to her chief pilot that was bringing them closer to
finding the cure, but she didn't have to like it.  She'd deal with
her personal objections later but right now what was important was
getting the two men safely back to Voyager.  She couldn't tear a
strip of flesh off the first officer if he wasn't here.
"What the status of the search?  Have you locked in on their
"Yes they were found in the garden."
"Sans Chakotay and Paris, right?"
"Terrific."  She sighed and returned to her chair.
"We have instituted a search of the area for their bio signs but
without Mr Kim's talents in that field, it may take some time."
Kathryn slumped in her chair.  "Fine Tuvok.  Keep me informed."
The dark Vulcan nodded respectfully once and left her alone in ready
room to stew.
"My you are a pretty one, aren't you?"
Keeping his eyes closed, Tom remained inert on the bed to which he
was spread eagle, secured hand and foot and ignored the slimy voice.
He was doing a pretty good job of playing dead until he felt cold
fingers brush the inside of his thigh.  His head bolted up from the
pillow it was resting on and he glared at his captor.  The hand
pulled back and a satisfied grin formed on the face of the red and
black inked Danai sitting on the edge of the mattress.
"Oh so you are awake.  Are you hungry, thirsty maybe?"
Tom said nothing.
"No?  Good then we can have a little chat."  The icy fingers returned
to his leg petting the golden hairs against the grain.  Tom bit the
inside of his lip to fight back his nausea and refused to acknowledge
the touch.  He lay still and remained silent.
"You are you?  You're not Danai and you're definitely not a beast, so
what?  Tell me."
Tom wondered briefly how the insidious man knew he was an alien until
he saw the small white bandage in the crux of his elbow.  He was
surprised he missed it upon waking since it was the only thing he was
wearing.  The Danai noticed his glance.
"Yes, I had you tested.  I do control a rather large medical network
so it was fairly easy to determine you're not from our world, however
my followers were unable to tell me where exactly you do hail from.
I was hoping you'd enlighten me."
Fuck you Tom tried to convey with his eyes before closing them and
lowering his head back down to the pillow.  He wasn't about to have a
little tête-à-tête with this asshole.  The only thing he wanted to do
right now was get the hell out of here and find Chakotay.
"No?  Well perhaps we can do something else then."  The hand on his
leg tightened in a bruising grip.  "It's been awhile since I've
indulged, but you are a beautiful specimen no matter where you come
Oh shit not this, not now.  He'd been raped before but that had been
when the only person his body mattered to was himself and at the time
even he didn't care that much.  Chakotay had changed that and he owed
it to him to keep it safe.
"Earth." Tom said quickly as the hand grazed his balls.  He consoled
himself with the admission thinking it didn't really matter.  He
could have just as well said Cardassia or Vulcan and it wouldn't mean
anything to this bastard.
The petting stopped but the hand remained. "And where would that be?"
Oooh now answering that one was going to be a little trickier.
"In a galaxy far, far away."  He quipped and got a hard squeezed for
his impertinence.  Fighting back the pain that was bright enough to
make his genitals shrivel up into nothing, he tried to change the
"If were going have a chat, how's about a name?"
The iron grip relaxed and his captor sat back folding his black robe
around him.
"You know my name, Tomai."
"Ulien." Oh shit.
"Correct and do you know what I want?"
"I don't really give a rat's ass what you want Ulien."
"Funny that's what you're friend said but not so eloquently."
"Where is he?"  A fear sharper than the one he had for himself
pierced his insides.  Ulien picked up on it and twisted his mouth
into a poor excuse for a smile.
"Ah now I have your attention.  Ask me what I want and I might be
persuaded to let you see him."
"OK fine.  What do you want, your holy sleaziness."  He said
reverting into cocky mode as a defense against his panic.
"I want you kill Etien."
"Oh is that all?" Tom replied feigning mock relief.
"No and then I'd like you to kill yourself before you're apprehended
for the crime."  Ulien replied with a grin, playing his game.
"Oh now isn't that an generous offer."
"Yes it is Tomai and one you should consider carefully before
"Why's that?" He said knowing the answer would have something to do
with Chakotay's life but asking anyway.
"Because your friend, although he's an alien just like you is
probably still susceptible to the virus."
Bingo.  "So you'll infect him if I don't do what you ask?  That's not
very original Ulien."
"You're right."
He was?
"So if you help me, I'll give him the cure.  Is that clever enough
for you Tomai?"
"You bastard!"
Heaving his body forward, Tom pulled at his restraints but they held
fast.  The only satisfaction he derived from the maneuver was that
Ulien's smug look faltered and a little bit of the fear Tom had been
feeling earlier was reflected in his dark purple orbs.
"Yes well you have until tomorrow to think about it.  Sleep well
Moving silently, the Danai left him alone with his anger and