Title:  Changes P7
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:   Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  7 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Tom and Chak spend a not so quiet night at home.

It was like living in a hurricane.

The winds of change were blowing at gale force speeds through his
life blowing all his ill-conceived notions and prejudices completely
away.  Chakotay's love was twisting and twirling around him, shaping
him into a new man.

As he waited in bed for his new roomie to emerge from the bathroom,
Tom marveled how quickly his existence had morphed from one of quiet
desperation to miraculous joy.

He could still barely believe that the big guy had asked him to move
in and share his life.  What was harder to comprehend was his lack of
hesitancy in accepting the offer.  While it was true he that he had
wanted Chakotay for a very long time, it was equally true that he
feared becoming an emotional basketcase.

How many times in the last few days had he cried because of him for
either good or for bad?  More than he had in decades. Slowly but
surely Chakotay was blasting away his hard shell of self-reliance to
make him into a walking, talking ball of mush.  It was a scary
transition but it was one he had committed to by saying yes to the
battering ram of man he'd fallen in love with.

Without a second thought, Tom had jumped whole-heartily into the
emotional abyss that not only had the ability to save him, had the
ability to destroy him as well.  He was in free fall hoping that when
he reached the bottom, Chakotay would be there to catch him.  It
wasn't the first time he'd jumped so blindly but it was the first
time he done so without a net.  However he didn't care about the

Tom was on the biggest thrill ride of his life and was happy he'd
bought a ticket.


"Promotes quick healing without annoying odour."  The label boasted.

No that wouldn't do.  Chakotay tossed the tube into the sink with his
other discarded choices, and debated for the third time about walking
stark naked through his bedroom to the replicator in the living area.

Tom would understand the lack of lubrication materials in his
medicine cabinet but he didn't want him too.  It was important to
Chakotay that the pilot saw him as strong confident partner with
sexual savvy, someone who was experienced and knew his way around a
bedroom.   He was, but the people he usually made love to came with
their own means of lubrication.  Tom was different.  Oh spirits his
mind cried out as he gripped the vanity to keep from falling.  He was
different too.  Chakotay was the one that would need his passage
eased tonight.

What would it feel like to have something shoved up a place that
until up to now only knew the other way around?  Would it hurt?
Possibly.  Would it feel good?  Maybe.  Did he want to find out?
Definitely, if his throbbing erection was any indication.  Chakotay
swiped his hand at the exclamation point at his groin and looked hard
into his medicine chest.  There had to be something here that would

Throwing a few more extraneous items into the sink, his fingers
lighted on a long forgotten Christmas present from Kathryn.  Letting
go of his dick, he retrieved the pink bottle with both hands where it
had been hiding behind a large bottle of foul smelling musk Seska had
left behind.

Chakotay shook the small vial and tested its viscosity.  Bubbles
formed and moved lazily to the surface attesting to its thickness.
OK so it was oil, so far so good.  Uncapping the top, he sniffed its
contents experimentally.  The strong smell of cinnamon assailed his
sinuses and made his eyes water.

Oh terrific, he was going to smell like a candy cane while Tom fucked
him if they used this.  Chakotay looked down a his cock which was now
leaking huge fat drops of pre-come on to the marbled surface of his
vanity and decided quickly it was something he could live with.
Besides if he didn't come out of the head soon, Tom would think he'd
died in here or worst, changed his mind.  He hadn't and doubted he
ever would.  Chakotay had committed himself to the young pilot and
like anything else he had ever felt strongly about, it was for life.

Sometimes old dogs didn't learn new tricks.


"Oh shit Chak, you look…-" Tom fumbled for words.

It was the first time he'd seen his lover totally naked.  OK, OK he
did love Chakotay for his mind, but holy jumping warp fields the man
was built.  He gave up trying to come up with a fitting word for his
magnificence and peeled back a corner of the comforter and motioned
the Risan god to join him.

"Here."  Chakotay handed him brusquely a small red vial as he climbed
into the bed beside him.  "I think you'll need this."

"Ah thanks?" Tom brought the gift to his nose, then yanked it
back.  "What the hell is it?"



"Is it all right?  I can replicate something else if you want."

"No it's fine."  Tom didn't really care what it smelled like, as long
as it was slippery enough to facilitate his cock up Chak's butt.  He
placed the vial under his pillow for later reference and leaned in
for a kiss.  He was ravaging the full lips in earnest when the
commander pulled back.

"Which way do you want me?"

"Excuse me?"  Tom halted his plundering.

"On my back or my stomach?"


"Look I'm new at this so I figured I'd leave it up to you which way
you want to do this."  He said matter of factly.

Anger began to well up inside Tom at the commander's coldness until
he understood.  Chakotay was so nervous about being taken he was
breaking the act of love down to a procedure so he could more easily
deal with it.

"We don't have to do this old man.  I'd be just as happy if you
fucked me right now."

"No I want to know what it feels like to have you in me.  It's just
that I'm not sure of what to expect."

"You're scared, right?"


"Turn over."

It was time to be Danai.


Oh spirits that felt good.

Chakotay relaxed into Tom's fingers as they ran through his hair, up
the back of his scalp and along the sides of his head to his temples.

"Do you like that old man?"

"Mmmm."  Chakotay managed.

"Then you'll love this."  Tom said as he settled lower and rested his
weight on the back of thighs.

In a circular motion firm palms moved down either side of his spine
spreading cinnamon scented oil and causing the hair at the back of
his head to stand on end.  When the talented hands kneaded the small
of his back, more than his follicles tingled.

"Lift your hips up Chak."  Tom whispered in his ear.

Placing his weight on his elbows, he raised his pelvis as Tom slid a
pillow under him.  During the maneuver, Chakotay continued to feel a
comforting hand soothing him from behind and not long after gentle
lips at his nape.

"I love you."  Tom breathed behind his ear. The pilot's reassuring
hands moved lower on his body, molding and cupping his ass. "And I
want to make love to you more than anything Chakotay."

"I know."  He had to strain to get the words out. He felt so
blissfully languorous that even the spicy smell of the lube had
ceased to bother him.

"Good because nothing's going to happen that you won't like, I

Involuntarily he tensed at the words that were meant to settle him.

"It's all right baby, I'm going to talk you through this." Tom
shushed in his ear.

Slipping back off his legs, the pilot moved between them and
continued his massage down his inner thighs assuaging his tension.
When delicate fingers brushed his scrotum, his tension level rose
again but this time more pleasantly.  Chakotay felt his previously
wilted cock stiffen into the pillow beneath his hips.

"That feels good doesn't it baby."

"Oh yes."

"So will this."

Tom's greased fingers moved upwards and fluttered against his anus.
The sphincter contracted in defiance but Tom persisted, working one
digit into the tight opening.  He held it there a few moments letting
him get used to the intrusion.

"You OK?"

"I think so, now what?"

"I'm going to loosen your muscles with my fingers to prepare you for
me.  If it hurts, even just a little bit, tell me.  OK Chak?"

"OK."  He said over his shoulder.

Simultaneously Chakotay felt lips at his neck, a warm hand massage
the base of his spine and a digit slipping deeper into his ass.  All
three wildly erotic sensations blended together and were transmuted
to his groin in a bolt of pleasure.  He began pumping into the pillow
and lifting his body into Tom's touch between heaves.

"Oh shit Chak you're beautiful." The pilot mouthed into his neck
between kisses. "Are you ready for more?"

"Yes, oh yes."  He responded and lifted his ass higher into the air.

The finger left him and he felt somewhat confused until he felt a
bigger warmer object take up residence in his anus.  Oh spirits it
was Tom's dick.  Its head rested still just inside his passage.

"Oh dear god tell me you're ready Chak."  Tom gasped.

Overwhelmed by the new sensations he was feeling, Chakotay had
forgotten what this was doing to Tom.  Taking the pilot for the first
time had made him feel omnipotent and although he suspected Tom
achieved a different kind of high from taking him, it was just as

"I'm ready baby." He said while clutching the sheets and preparing
for his lover's onslaught.

"Oh god."  Tom pushed his pelvis forward, filling him in one thrust.

It was supposed to hurt, it should have hurt but it didn't.   It did
anything but hurt and Chakotay almost passed out because it didn't
hurt so much.  In fact in if you asked him how right now, he wouldn't
even been able to spell the word.

"Oh spirits!"

"Screw the spirits!  Say my name!"  Tom howled as he pulled back and
began to thrust in long slow strokes.

"Tom!" He obeyed having no choice.  The pilot was touching a part of
him, that up to a moment ago he didn't even know existed and he would
say anything to make him continue.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby, say it, oh fuck, say it, say it,…-"

Repeating the mantra of his lover's name, Chakotay pushed back with
his forearms in time with Tom's thrusts.  The pillow became
unnecessary as his pelvis lifted higher than its support.

Tom grappled with his hips to draw him closer and the possessive bite
of his lover's hands on his body pushed Chakotay over the edge.  His
orgasm was hammered out of him in time with beating in his ass.

In a cry that almost sounded like sob, he heard and felt Tom come.
The fevered thrusts slowed down to a dying few deep ones before the
long body collapsed over him.  Exhausted from his own release,
Chakotay fell forward into the mattress bringing his lover with him.
Once they were both vertical, he shifted his pelvis dislodging Tom's
softening penis and turned on the bed so he could hold him in his
arms.  They lay quietly for awhile recouping their breaths and their

"I'm sorry."

Chakotay opened his eyes and looked down at the most amazing being
he'd ever known.  "For what?"  He said through his teeth still trying
to catch his breath.

"For going too fast.  It was your first time and I wanted it to be
special but shit Chak did you have look like you were enjoying so

"So you're apologizing but it's my fault?"

"Yeah," Tom propped himself on his chest with his elbows and smiled a
half ass grin.  "You're too hot too handle old man."

"Forgive me then my Thomas."  He lifted his head and kissed the
pilot's sweet lips before raising a hand to his chest and looking to
the ceiling of the bedroom.  "But it is your love that heats me and
burns through my veins to sear my heart."

"Oh that was sappy."

"You think so?"  Chakotay smiled in good humour and tweaked Tom's
nose with his fingers.  "Well 'to hot to handle' is pretty corny."

"Yeah well at least I meant it."  The pilot said with a beautiful

"So did I."  He lost the playful grin so his lover would know he was
serious.  "I love you."

Tears formed in the young man's blue eyes and unlike before, he
didn't try to hide them.  "I think I know that now."

"It's been difficult for you hasn't it?  Being with me."

"Yeah, I mean I thought you'd be the one with the hang ups."

"I was but I put them aside when I discovered it didn't matter you
were a man.  I wanted you anyway."

"Oh thanks a hell of a lot."  Tom grinned broadly through his
tears.  "It's good to know you're not going to march into Sickbay and
demand the Doc to give me a sex change."

"No.  I don't want you to change a hair."  Chakotay squinted at Tom's
platinum blond do.  "Well maybe the hair."

"What about the tattoos?  Don't you find them sexy?"

"They're pretty but you don't need them to turn me on."

"OK tell me what you need then old man."  Tom poked in him in the leg
without using his hands.

"Only you."  He cupped the randy pilot's chin in his hand.  "A pure
unadulterated Thomas Eugene Paris."

"That's a given."

"Good. Now can I interest you in a shower?"

"You can interest me anywhere old man."

Good, Chakotay thought.


"Where are they now?"

"In Sickbay with Tom.  He wanted to show Aulnoy Harry and the doctor
wanted to get a blood sample from both the officer and Etien."

Kathryn stretched out on the lounge in her ready room and took a
healthy swig of her coffee.  It had been a rough morning.

The meeting had started well enough with her speaking with the
ornately dressed Danai about the unusual hierarchy of his people.

It seemed the masses tended to emulate the behavior of whomever they
found attractive and presently that being, whom they called a master
was a man named Ulien.  Talk about a leader setting an example.
Kathryn was glad her crew followed what she said and not what she
did.  Hell if that were the case, they'd have to construct a whole
new holodeck.  It had been an informative and pleasant conversation
until the commander had entered the conference room with the
Corlearian envoy.  That was when the shit had hit the fan.

After giving her a very correct greeting, Aulnoy had turned to Mr
Paris and Etien to offer his respects. In forethought, maybe it would
have been prudent to inform the Corlearian official the identity of
the Danai representative.

"You!  What are you doing here?"

"Giving a damn just like you."  Etien had said evenly.  "I know it's
been awhile since I've cared about something or someone," He had
looked pointedly at the startled officer.  "But the situation has
become critical and I have no choice."

"I can't work with you."  Aulnoy had turned to her.  "Captain I can't
negotiate a solution to the problem of the virus with him."

"My name is Etien, Aulnoy don't you remember?  You said it enough
times while you fucked my ass raw."

Kathryn had been about to call some order to the meeting but had
stopped.  A lot could be learned from listening to a lover's spat, so
she had held herself still and let them play out their drama.

"I remember a lot of things 'Etien'.  Foremost among them your
inability to change."

"Change into what?  A lab rat?  A guinea pig?  Forgive me if didn't
want to become a part of your great experiment.  All I wanted to be
was a part of your life."

"That wasn't possible.  All I was sent to do was to find the Danai
master and ask him to close the freehouses where the virus is spread."

"It was an impossible request.  A more likely one would have been to
let me speak to your council about eradicating the virus all

"What you asked would have taken money and resources we don't have."

"No Aulnoy it would have taken tolerance and compassion.  Something I
found your kind have little of, but demand from us each time you come
to us for escape."

"You're a guilty pleasure, I admit that and that's the problem.
Don't you see?  Committing to you would mean bringing the forbidden
out into the open and there are people, many of them high ranking
with families who be loathe to do that."

"You didn't have a family."

"No Etien but I represent men and women who do.  I did not get close
to you to fall in love but to put a stop to the dying.  Maybe the
reasons weren't mine but the goal was and I knew of no other way.  I
wanted to change things but all I did was make them worse.  Didn't I?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do Etien.  After I left you stepped down as master and the
cases of infection escalated."

"It wasn't my fault."

"No it was mine for hurting you and buying into the hate.  I was
wrong to leave you, I see that now.  I should have taken you back to
the council as my mate and together we could have both stood before

"But you didn't."

"No but I am prepared to do that now if you'll have me.  I'm the
chief of security and you could be again if you wanted the master of
the largest province on this world.  Together they'll have to listen
to us."

"You paint a pretty picture my love but unfortunately there's a flaw
in your vision.  The Danai do not want me as a master anymore, they
want someone else."



For the first time in the last ten minutes the two men looked at
someone other than each other.  That's when her headache had started.

Pouring more of the black liquid into cup from the carafe on the
glass table in front of the lounge, she addressed her first officer.

"Will the Danai, as Etien says honour Tom as their master?"

Chakotay shifted uncomfortably in the chair adjacent to the couch.

"I have three words for you Kathryn."  He leaned forward.  "The Prime

"That's not the answer I was looking for.  Yes or no, will they
accept him?"

"Yes, I think so but sending him back down there is not a option."

"Is that my first officer or my chief pilot's lover speaking?"

"Both."  He said defiantly, daring her to make an issue of it and she
wanted to but unfortunately now wasn't the time for her to voice her
concerns about his new relationship.  Harry was dying and they needed
to obtain the serum by any means necessary.

"OK so maybe Tom becoming their master isn't the best way to go but
what other alternate do we have?"  She said, acceding to his point
about the Prime Directive.

Chakotay may have Tom stuck so far up his butt he couldn't make
rational decisions about his personal life but he was still her
trusted right hand and a professional.  He wouldn't base his opinion
on his dick alone.

"Etien has to regain his leadership.  If that happens the Danai who
control the dispensing of the cure will hand it over to him."

"And he'll give it to us but how do we do that?  They want Tom not

Lowering his chin into his hand, the commander closed his eyes in
thought.  There was only one answer to her question.  She knew that
and so did he, but she allow him time to come to terms with it.
After a few moments he raised his head.

"Tom does have to go back but not as a leader."

"How then?"

"He has to return to the Danai as Etien's supporter.  It's still an
infraction of the Fleet's most precious order but not so glaring a

It wasn't the answer she was hoping for.  It was a better.  Her trust
in the first officer was not unfounded, only her faith had been.
What had happened between him and the lieutenant planetside had not
affected his judgment.  Perhaps the relationship wasn't as serious as
she had first thought.