Title:  Changes P5
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.
Summary:  The boys go clubbing.
Every second person looked like Chak.
It might have been his over stimulated libido along with his vibrant
imagination but he didn't think so.  There were lots more Corlearians
here at the club than there were last night.  Specifically there were
more males and most of them were darkly sensuous and bore a striking
resemblance to his lover.
"Where are you right now Tom?"
He felt a kiss to his temple and brought his attention back to where
it should be.
"Right here old man, right here."
Snuggling down lower into his lover's arms, Tom unbuttoned his wine-
coloured shirt to expose a dusky nipple.  After taking a few moments
to marvel its deep brown richness, he kissed the round nub and pulled
its tip between his teeth.  Chakotay moaned and stopped asking
"Oh Spirits."
One of these days he was going to have to ask who the hell
these 'spirits' were that Chakotay kept calling out for but not right
After a few glasses of wine and lying so close to the commander he
was so horny he was jumping out his skin.  If he was going to do any
networking tonight, he'd have to get pass this.  Otherwise the only
cure he'd be looking for would be big, thick and fit nicely up his
Lifting the front of his shiny blue loincloth, Tom exposed his
erection to the probable audience around their booth and then reached
for the commander's hand.
"Touch me Chak."  He wrapped the thick fingers around his
cock.  "Make me come."
"Now?  People are watching."
"Yeah I know but I need it.  Don't worry I'll be able to do it again
later.  I'm young remember old man?"
"Yes and you're also a pest."  Chakotay was already moving his hand
up and down.  "But if it'll make you happy master, then your wish is
my command."
"Oh yeah…-oh yeah…-master?"
"It's a long story and I don't think you have that much time."  He
pumped faster.  "Am I right?"
Oh shit was he ever.  Falling back on the brightly coloured pillows
of the booth, Tom threw his arms over his head, spread his knees and
lifted his hips in time with Chakotay's strokes.  As the burning in
his loins flared hotter, he brought his feet up and dug his heels in
to well of the alcove.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…" No other words came to mind as his
orgasm exploded from his body like a star reaching its zenith.  He
closed his eyes and rode out the blissful detonation from its apex to
its dying aftershocks.  Soft kisses on his nape brought him back to
"Oh Tom that looked beautiful."
"You think so?"  He sucked at his lungs for breath.  "You should have
seen it from my side."
"No I mean it."  The commander's voice was serious as he grabbed a
moisten towelette from the dispenser over his head.  He wiped his
hand and the applied the wet towel to his groin, cleansing him
thoroughly as he spoke.  "Your body almost glows when you're aroused.
It flushes a rosy pink across your chest and down your belly to the
inside of your thighs."
"It does?  No one's ever mentioned that to me before."
"No?  I find that hard to believe."  Chak tossed the towel back up
over his head and then replaced the flap on his loincloth
meticulously making sure no part of his genitals showed. "And then
there's your face.  I think that's my favorite. Surely even your Will
noticed how it falls into a kind of rapture that's mesmerizing to
watch as you reach orgasm?  I couldn't tear my eyes away from your
lips as you spoke or the delicate fluttering of your lashes as you
came into my hand."
Tom wasn't sure how he'd done it but Chakotay had just made a hand
job a religious experience for him.  He felt humbled and deeply
touched by the reverence in his lover's voice as he described what
Tom had up to few minutes ago had seen simply as a release.  He felt
tears prick the corner of his eyes. Oh shit, was touching Chakotay
always going have this effect on him?  He hoped so.
"So it wasn't just the outfit?"  He said playfully trying to get a
handle on his emotions.  Tom didn't want the Danai or his adoring
lover for that matter, see him getting all soft and mushy over a few
words even if they were really good ones.
"Well blue is my favorite colour."  Chak responded in kind sensing
his need for levity.
"Oh is it?  Since when?"  He returned his attention to the smooth
chest and kissed his way along its dark expanse back to the dusky
nipple.  He worried it lightly with his lips and tongue hearing
Chakotay suck his breath between his teeth above his head.  It was
payback time.
He wanted to watch Chak come and then tell him how 'he' looked,
hoping he would be just as moved.
Everything the big man was feeling with him was brand new and Tom
knew that because it was new for him too.  He wanted to make this
more than just sex for the commander.
Tom wanted to fuck his body but make love to his mind.  To make Chak
feel as special, as beautiful and as loved as he had with mere
words.  To give as good as he got.
Letting go of the precious nub, he watched how the muscles in Chak's
chest and stomach spasmed at the release before looking up into his
"I want to see you come."  Tom kissed the cleft between his
deltoids.  "I want to see you glow Chak."
Dark orbs looked down at him.  Chakotay's pupils were so dilated that
they reflected the candlelight like a cat's.
"You won't be the only one watching."  His voice was low and
gravelly.  His eyes flicked up to their audience.  "The Danai…oh-"
Tom stemmed his protest with a finger along the outline of his
erection through the now tight fabric of his black jeans.  Chakotay
cried to his spirits and arched into the tracing.
Oh fuck but he was beautiful with his chest heaving and his breath
escaping in gasps.  A fine sheen of sweat had broken out over his
skin giving it a satiny texture and had released an earthy scent.
Hell, he looked good enough to eat and Tom wondered if he would have
seen something like this with another lover if he'd taken the time to
pay attention before.  The commander moaned again and as the sharp
lines of his handsome face relaxed into blissful resplendence, Tom
got his answer.  There was no fucking way he could have ever missed
this kind of raw beauty.  Score another one for Dorvan V.
"Only my eyes will matter Chakotay.  Let me please."
The commander nodded silently and taking the initiative unfastened
the front of his trousers to set free a demanding erection. Now this
was something he'd seen before but only briefly.  Tom now that he had
the time, took greater care to examine his prize.
The commander's cock was a shade darker than the rest of his skin and
unlike his own, it was uncut.  A dark purple head peeped out from the
folds weeping a clear liquid down its length.  Tom licked his lips at
the vision but starved himself.
"Take it Tom."  Chak's pelvis lifted a fraction from the coloured
cushions lining the booth.  "With your mouth."
Tearing his eyes away from the mouthwatering sight, he looked up into
his lover's sweating face.  "But I won't be able to see."
Chakotay smiled a little and ran his blunt fingers through his
platinum blond hair.
"I understand what you're trying to do and why you want to watch but
spirits Tom I want more than your hand right now."  The small smile
faded as he pleaded.  "Please baby it's what 'I' need."
It was the last sentence that undid him.  Having Voyager's first
officer actually beg him to suck his delicious cock was more than his
heightened emotions could stand.  Tom covered his turbulence with a
conciliatory nod.
"All right but next time old man, next time."
"Yes, yes I promise.  Now please Tom…-"
Lifting up from his position along side Chakotay, Tom shifted the
both of them so they were lying length way in the alcove.  That way
his bare butt wouldn't be exposed so squarely to a hundred violet
eyes as the metallic blue loincloth covered his frontal assets only.
After settling between his lover's legs, he kissed his full lips then
trailed his tongue down over his front and positioned his head in his
lap where Chakotay's hand was already there stroking.
The earthy scent was stronger here.  Tom inhaled deeply the totally
male smell imprinting it on to his consciousness.  He made it a part
of him so he could know his lover by his nose alone.  The feral act
so thrilled him that it renewed his hunger and his spent cock to its
former hardness.
Tom took the pumping hand away and licked at its damp palm before
placing it on the top of his head.
"Hold on Chak."
When the fingers weaved themselves into his hair, Tom covered his
teeth with his lips and covered the head of the weeping penis.
Lapping ravenously he used his tongue to clean the crest of pre-come
and to push the foreskin down.  That done he bobbed a few times to
savour the smooth feel of bulbous head before breathing in and
swallowing Chak's cock to its hilt.
"Oh spirits Tom!"
Oh fuck the spirits again.  Oh well at least his name was in there
too.  He chuckled low in his throat and the vibration evoked the
revered beings again.  He'd smiled around his mouthful thinking he'd
have to remember that little trick.
Getting back to business, Tom levered his mouth up and down the dark
shaft and with a forearm he stopped Chak's automatic desire to
thrust.  This wasn't what he'd set out to do but he still intended to
make it special.  The commander blindly fucking his mouth just
wouldn't cut it.
With his lips he tugged and pulled the skin of his dick, paying extra
attention the slit when he reached its apex.  The air in the booth
became denser as it warmed with the heat of both their bodies and the
bated breath of the crowd surrounding it.  It was the Danai's
closeness that prevented him from stroking out his release as he
worked to give Chak his.  If he came right now, he'd never be able to
hold it together and as a Danai himself, Tom did have an image to
"Ah Tom, ah…ah…-"
Oh this was it.  Increasing his suction, Tom moved his head faster to
pull Chakotay over the edge and when he did, it was hard.  A warm jet
of semen bathed his tonsils and streamed into his mouth.  The flow
was so much, he had to pull back and let the rest of Chak's orgasm
shoot into his face.  It tickled.
"Come up here Thomas."
Shit he recovered quickly for an older man.  Tom wiped his face, now
wet for a much better reason than tears and obeyed the command
settling on his lover's chest.
"That sounded an awful lot like an order."
"It wasn't."  Chakotay caressed his cheek with the back of his hand
and smiled.  "I know better.  You wouldn't have listened to me if it
"You'd be surprised."
The eyebrows went up crinkling the tattoo.  "I'll have to remember
"Good because I don't want you to forget a thing."  He kissed his
favorite nipple to make his point clear.  "Nothing, not a single
thing old man ever."
"I won't.  First times stay forever, my Thomas and that was one hell
of a first time."
So do last times, Tom though but banished the cynical idea quickly.
It wasn't something he wanted to think about.  This
relationship 'did' have a future and he refused to let his doubts
about the commander's sexual orientation poison that possibility.  It
was yet another personality flaw of his he'd have to work on.  Shit.
"Tom there's something I need to tell you about."
Oh fuck here it comes.  So much for trying to look on the bright side
of life.
"Tell me."
"I think the Danai are infecting the Corlearian purposefully."
"What?"  He pulled himself up the commander's body and folded his
arms over his chest.  Chakotay took advantage of his closeness to
stroke his forehead and card his fingers through his hair.  It felt
so good, he almost forgot about what they were talking about.
"With out proof I can't say for sure but Etien eluded that the not
all their deaths were accidental."
Not accidental?  Then that would mean the hedonistic aliens were not
at all what they seemed and that couldn't be right.  The Danai
worshipped life and all its pleasures.  Killing would be anathema to
them.  He listened as Chak went on to explain the properties of the
virus according to Etien.
"No Chak.  You must have misunderstood him.  The Danai are not
"I know it doesn't make sense.  From what I've seen, these people
don't seem like cold blooded killers but Etien did hint at the fact
and I'm sure I didn't mistake his meaning."
Could it be true?  When the commander wasn't acting the jealous
boyfriend, he had the ability to see things clearly and make sound
judgments.  That's why he was a good ship's counselor and an even
better first officer.
"Then they have to be forced or given no choice."
Tom lifted from his lover's body.  Chakotay halted his progress,
grabbing at one of the gold metal bands encircling his wrists.  They
were identical to the ones that adorned his ankles and throat.
"Where are you going?"
"To mingle.  Maybe I can find out something."
"No were here to obtain serum for Harry and not to solve the social
issues of this world."
Tom acknowledged it was his boyfriend talking again and not the
salient first officer.  Chak didn't want him to get hurt.  He didn't
want to even begin to image the shit that kind of attitude was going
to get them in once they returned to Voyager.
"I'm just going to play the piano old man. You'll be able to see me
from here, OK?"
"All right but be careful.  Too many people both Danai and Corlearian
pay you entirely too much attention and before you object, that's
your commander talking and not your lover."
Shit Chakotay knew himself better than Tom thought.  He got up and
flashed his bare ass at his enlightened lover making light of his
dead serious warning.
"If you look closely you'll see your name stamped across my butt, so
relax.  I won't accept candy from strangers nor will I accept a ride
from anyone but you."
Sitting up in the booth, Chak did up his pants and gave him an
exasperated look.   It was cute and he hoped to see it more often.
"Go and play but don't stay away too long."  He shooed him away with
his hand.
"I won't old man."  He turned to meld into the crowd, then
stopped.  "And Chak?"
"What is it now?"
"Promise me you'll be careful too. I'm pretty sure that not a few of
the Danai will be after your sweet little ass tonight."
Chakotay blushed bright red and man oh man that was even cuter.
From a darkened corner of the freehouse he watched intrigued and more
than a little scared.
Etien had lied to him.  These two beautiful creatures were more than
mildly interesting.  They were riveting.
Unlike the usual desperate coupling which was the norm between Danai
and Corly they performed a slow sensual dance before consummating
their union.  Playful touches and tender words had preceded sex and
then continued on after.  It wasn't right and it was also potentially
dangerous.  They were blurring the lines he'd drawn in the sand.
The Danai were followers and easily influenced especially when it
came to pleasure.  Foolishly time and time again they risked their
very lives and took the beasts as their lovers.  It didn't matter
that the price of becoming infected was now high.  They still found
the Corlearians attractive and persued them anyway.  It was bad
enough that many of the Danai chose death after choosing one of them,
he didn't need this couple's romanticism to make it harder for him to
defeat the beasts' all ready addictive influence.
Settling deeper into his niche and pulling his cowl further over his
features he watched as the tall blue/pink tattooed Danai left his
dark Corly alone in the booth.
He was a master from a far-flung province his more loyal subjects had
told him.  They said his words were as pretty as his face or the long
lean lines of his body.  A masterpiece some had even whispered with
bowed heads.  A threat he had translated but that was before he'd
seen the dark skinned Corlearian.  He could fight one his own.
Unlike his brethren, he held no sympathetic affection for the
destructive species they shared their world with.  He did however
understand it.
Like Etien a Corlearian lover had betrayed him only his had not been
so kind.  His second in command had been more fortunate when Aulnoy
had left him with nothing but heartbreak.  While he had that too,
Bartack had also given him the added going way present of the virus.
He had nearly died before being able to secure the antidote.  His
strife had hardened his heart to pleasure and from that moment on he
had vowed to extract his vengeance from the bastards that had stolen
his reason for wanting to survive the ordeal in the first place.  He
hated now and that was something most of the generous loving Danai
couldn't comprehend and that was also how he controlled them.
Knowing their fears and their wants, it was easy to manipulate their
foolish feelings and secure them to his cause.  All he had to do is
convince them it was their unrestricted behavior that spread the
virus and by infecting the Corlearians back they would force the
beasts into finding a cure.
Thousands had accepted his reasoning and had seen the beasts in their
true light.  One overly brilliant newcomer, master or not would be
nothing.  So Tomai as he was called, would either come to him as
others had or be destroyed.  It didn't matter to him if he had his
loyalty or his life saving cells, he would be an asset to him never
the less.  The Corly threat however would not be so easy to dispose
Traditionally to attract a master a Corly had to be exceptionally
handsome or a high-ranking official and now after seeing this
Chakotay he had no doubt he was both.
The finely built man carried himself with dignity born from
importance and his dark looks stirred even his long dead member.  He
would be missed from where ever he hailed from and taking him out of
the picture would take a great deal of cunning and planning.
Something the recently rebellious Etien excelled at.
There was another problem and threat to his mission.  What did he do
with his traitorous right hand?  He studied the black and red lines
on his fingers as he contemplated a solution.
It could be he supposed an advantage that Etien housed both of the
offensive beings.  If an unfortunate incident were to happen in his
over stated brownstone he could remove all three of them at once.  He
looked at the crowd gathering around the new master while he played
the piano and adjusted his thinking.
Tomai's beauty was drawing his people to him like a beacon.  He shone
bright and true igniting the fiery passion all Danai possessed.  The
music that flowed from his delicately long fingers was intoxicating
and so very different than anything he'd heard before.  Even he had
pulled back his hood to listen to his talent before falling abruptly
back into his hate.  No, no, no he refused to believe it.
This wonder couldn't be the grand master because there was no such
thing.  He was a myth and a lie.  Corlies and Danai couldn't love and
live together.  If they could there would be no virus that paid
testimony against it.  He gazed upon the amazing man again and
blotted out his beauty with his hate.
Tomai had to die if they were all to survive because hope killed the
Danai just as surely as the virus did.  The only difference was that
with the Slumbers they stopped breathing and fell down after they
Ulien knew that because there'd been no life inside him for years and
experience had taught him that a fresh face and a new attitude
couldn't change that.
The dead did not come back to life.