Title: Changes P4
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 4 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Chakotay learns more about the virus and about Tom.

Etien listened to the story for the eighth or was it the ninth time?
He had lost count.

All afternoon, one after another of his brethren had visited his
estate to tell him of the beautiful Danai and the dark Corly and each
one had recited the story like a fairy tale.

With sparkling eyes they had told him how the two had fought with
passion in the marketplace and then had left with their arms wrapped
around each other. It was a pretty tale and if Etien had not met the
curious couple the night before, he would have discounted it.

Tomai and Chakotay were different and in many ways. So many ways,
that he had felt necessary to called upon his all of not
unsubstantial resources to find them out. So far his operatives had
come up empty or had for the most part.

Nothing was known about the handsome Corlearian who had the audacity
to wear his own tattoo. There was no trace of him in this province or
any other and it scared him. Aulnoy's agents were usually easier
than to spot than this. So if that's what Chakotay really was, a
government enforcer, then he was good, damn good but as for his
companion, there was little question of what he was.

Tomai could be the grand master. There had been stories for many
years of a mysterious man who could enchant multitudes with his smile
alone, someone who loved the Danai deeply but cared for the
barbarians as well. Someone who with his tolerance, would join their
two species together to find a way out of their suffering.

For the most part Etien had discounted the reports as wishful
thinking but again that had been before last night.

What kind of Danai could desire a Corly to the point where he doubted
his own magnificence? It was unheard of especially from someone as
regal as Tomai who had commanded the whole room as soon as he had
entered it. But that's what the beautiful man had done, then had
gone one step further. He had set himself lower than the beast.

To one who carried the toxic enzyme that was the catalyst to the
anoxic virus that was killing off his own people, Tomai had offered
his love. It had been veiled and subtle but because Etien had felt
the disturbing emotion once himself, he recognized it. He lied to
himself about the painful liaison all the time and even had to Tomai
last night.

There had been no wife nor had there been children, only prejudice.
His lover had seen him as no more than research even after Etien had
given him the honour of choosing him. The devotion he had expected
after their many nights of loving had turned cold and clinical when
man's project had reached it's completion.

Etien had been so bitter that he had joined forces with Ulien and had
encouraged the small following he had amassed, to throw their forces
behind the maniacal man as well. It had been a self-indulgent
mistake but maybe it was one he could correct.

He didn't care if Tomai really was this fabled savior or not, he
could still use his beauty and caring to dig the Danai out of the
grave they were creating for themselves. Chakotay, his unlikely
choice of mate could only be an added bonus.

The good-looking Corly must be a high rankling official if even his
spies couldn't find his origins. So if Etien could convince him of
his people's plight, there might be away of securing the resources
they needed to fight the virus. Both scenarios were slim hopes but
he had no other choice.

But first he had to get them out the hellhole they were living in.


"So things are looking up? You have a way in?"

Chakotay tried to concentrate on the captain's questions as Tom's
nakedness undulated against his own and his sweet mouth nipped at his
neck. This was one time he was thankful that covert communications
allowed for an audio feed only.

"Tell her I'm up and 'I' want to be in you." Tom bit into his throat.

"What was that Commander? I didn't quite catch that."

He brought the pilot's face up to his and kissed him deeply before
answering his superior officer. After breaking the contact, he put
his hand over Tom's delinquent mouth to shut the playful pilot up.

"Nothing Captain." Tom licked at his palm. "We have a meeting
tonight at one of the freehouses with some of the locals. I'll let
you know tomorrow how it turns out."

"Very well. Janeway out."

Chakotay was about to pressed the silver and gold badge between his
fingers to close the link when, Tom grabbed his wrist and spoke into
the small device.

"Wait! How's Harry?"

The pilot shifted between his legs and held the communicator to his
lips like a diver holding the mouthpiece to his oxygen tanks.

"Is that you Lieutenant? I read only one comm signal open."

"I'm right beside the commander." Tom explained into his fingers.

"But where's your badge? It should be tucked in the waistband of
your trousers. How could you…-oh. Oh." The second exclamation came
with a bit more enlightenment.

He slapped his hand to his forehead as Tom looked at him with his big
violet eyes apologetically. Chakotay prayed to the spirits that
Kathryn wasn't on the bridge or using a ship wide link.

"Harry's the same Tom." Her voice was even.

"Has the Doc found anything new about the virus?

"No. Why?"

"Well I get the impression from the Danai I've spoken to that they
blame the Corlearians for the virus. It's kinda of weird and I just
thought there might be a something to it."

This was news to Chakotay. Tom hadn't mention anything to him about
the Danai's opinion of the sickness but then again they hadn't done
much talking since they had returned to his room.

"I'll mention it to the doctor and Tom,"

"Yes Captain?"

"You are being careful down there aren't you?"


"I know you feel bad about Mr Kim and will do anything to help him
but I don't and I repeat don't want you do anything that will reserve
you or the commander a bed right beside him. Understand?"

"Yes Ma'am, very."

"Good. Janeway out."

"Oh fuck Chak. You don't think she knows, do you?"

"Oh I don't know. Let's look at the facts. You're close enough to
me you don't need a communicator and your own, which should by the
way be in your pants, is on the other side of the room. Oh yes then
she tells you to be careful about having sex with the Danai and then
off handily mentions if you aren't, don't infect me, which by the way
you can only do unless 'we' have sex. Mmmm. I'd say she doesn't have
a clue."

"OK very funny old man. It was supposed to be a rhetorical
question. You do know what 'rhetorical' means don't you or did they
invent the word after you were born?"

"Fuck you Paris."

"Oh I thought you'd never ask."

Chakotay rolled over on his sassy lover, pinning him in the crease
between the bed and the wall.

"You did keep the oil didn't you Chak?"

Oh damn he hadn't. He wasn't even sure where he left it after Tom
had sprinted away from him the alley. He'd been so angry. In fact
he still was, only he had toned it down to a more manageable level.

Nothing had been resolved in the marketplace. He still wanted to
know why the young man had been crying. Maybe losing the lube wasn't
so bad after all. It would give them a chance to talk.

"Did I hurt you in the alley?" He moved back to give the pilot room
to breathe. "Was I too rough?"

Tom immediately sensed the topic change.

"No." He said quietly and lowered his violet eyes.

"Then the tears were because of something I said."

Chakotay replayed the events after the sex, in his head. Foolish
thoughts of love had been racing through his mind at the time but he
hadn't voiced them. He had been too concerned about how the pilot
would react. Tom had already called him on his inexperience once.
Maybe that was the problem.

"It wasn't what I said but what I didn't say. That's why you were
crying and that's why you ran away."

"It doesn't matter. I over reacted. I was mad at you for being who
are." His bottom lip trembled. "It was wrong and I'm sorry." Tom
started to climb over him but Chakotay blocked his exit.

"Let me go Chak." He fell back to the bed and closed his eyes.

"Not this time."

"Please. I can't do this anymore." Tears seeped from his closed
lids, running into his ears and wetting his white gold hair.

"Do what? Make love to me? What if I want you too?"

"You're not gay Chak." Tom opened eyes showing him his pain. It was
deep and raw.

"No I don't think I am but that doesn't change the fact that I think
I'm falling in love with you."

Tom laughed bitterly. "No you're not."

"I am and I think you're falling in love with me too."

There was no rebuttal and Chakotay's heart soared. Tom rolled into
chest and wept softly. Rocking him in his arms, he let the pilot
pour out his emotions and talked quietly into the top of his head.

"I won't lie to you baby, I'm happy but I'm also the most frightened
I've ever been in my life. Spirits you scare me more than the Borg
and Janeway before she's had her morning cup of coffee put together."

He felt Tom smile into his chest and pulled him tighter.

"But I think that has more to do with your ability to strip my senses
bare more than you being a man. Which is a bit of a thing for me but
not as much as it was yesterday and probably less than it will be

Tom's head peeped up. "So you want to try this?"

"Yes but only if you stop running away from me." He kissed the
pilot's forehead and smiled into his eyes. They were altered purple
but all Chakotay could see were his clear blues ones. "I'm an old
man remember, I can't hack chasing you forever."

Tom rolled the precious orbs. "Shit Chak you're only eight years
older than I am."

"Oh is that all? Sometimes Tom Paris you make me feel ancient and
other times," He ran his hands down the slender back. "You make me
feel like a schoolgirl." He smirked into the pilot's face.

"Well you look like neither thank god." The pilot grabbed his ass
and squeezed. "You're big, hunky and incredibly hot when you're

"I am?"

"Oh yeah old man and you drive me fucking wild!" Tom leaned in and
stole his mouth with his.

Despite his fiery words, the kiss was soft and gentle. The pilot's
mouth pressed lightly as his tongue took its time parting his lips
and finding his own. He moaned as Chakotay met his caresses with the
same soft touch. This was the way he wanted to kiss Tom Paris.

The savage renderings were fine in the heat of passion but this sweet
soul touching was what he craved. Chakotay wanted to savour Tom
slowly so he could learn what the younger man liked and then make him
love it.

The pilot pulled back and looked dreamily up at him. "My Chakotay."

"My Thomas."

"Oh man you're not really going start calling me that are you?"

Tom was still smiling serenely, so Chakotay knew he wasn't really
offended by the use of his proper name.

"Nobody else calls you that do they?"

"Just two people and they're both in the Alpha quadrant."

"Your father." He guessed as Tom snuggled into him. "And who else?"

"The first man who ever fucked me."

"Oh." Maybe using the name wasn't a good idea.

"It's OK Chak he was special. When he used it, it didn't for the
sound like a curse. That was another first."

"Did you love him?"

"Yeah I thought so but at the time I couldn't separate my brains from
my balls. The joining had felt so fan fucking tastic that at the
tender age of twenty I proposed marriage." Tom chuckled in
remembrance. "Thank god Will had the sense enough to say no."

Will? Chakotay was about to as the man's last name when a loud
rapping came at the door.

Years of combat training resurfaced as he rolled from the bed and
placed himself between Tom and the entrance. He heard the pilot lift
>from the mattress behind him. Damn he wished he had a phaser.

"Here." The pilot handed him his pants. The brown corduroys weren't
much of defense.

"What's are these for?"

"Well unless you're kinkier than I thought. You might use them to
answer the door." The pilot was already pulling on his own stained

"Oh right."

He pushed himself out of commando mode and pulled on his trousers.
By the time he was zipping up his fly, Tom was opening the battered

"Etien." He heard Tom say.

He looked across the room into the alien's hard violet eyes.

Damn the man had rotten timing and by the small smile that
accompanied the cold stare, Chakotay was pretty sure he knew it.


Chakotay was jealous and Tom was thrilled to pieces.

Thankfully his lover didn't display the darker side of the emotion
but showed just enough annoyance to let Tom know that he love him.
He was still having a hard time believing that one.

Chakotay wanted him, a man but remained adamant he wasn't gay. Was
he in denial or was he what the poets had been talking about when
they said love had no boundaries? Could the commander love so purely
that the fact that Tom had a dick between his legs was just a minor
detail? He wished it so as he looked to where the big man dressed
handsomely in a maroon shirt tucked into tight black jeans, shared
the couch with their new host.

When Etien had first invited them to stay in his home, Chak had
balked stating a multitude of reasons why the move wouldn't be a good
idea. It had been his boyfriend talking then and not Voyager's
second in command.

After he had taken him to one side and explained that he no intention
of getting physical with Etien, Chakotay had relented focusing back
on the reason they were on the planet in the first place. The
emotional outburst was uncharacteristic of the dedicated first
officer but then again so was fucking his chief pilot. Go figure.

So here they were sharing a few drinks before hitting the clubs and
Tom was beginning suspect that Chak's earlier suspicions about the
Danai were true, that the green and gold tattooed alien didn't like

Etien had fawned over Tom from the moment he had stepped into his
household, giving him a spacious bedroom lavished with all the
amenities. Chakotay however he had regulated to a small room in the
opposite wing of the large brownstone. At first he hadn't given the
unbalanced arrangement much thought, the old man would be sleeping in
his bed after all but now watching them as they stared daggers at
each other, he reassessed his opinion.

Etien didn't like having a Corly under his roof. The reason why
still escaped him but he suffered his doubts for Harry's sake.
Living with the Danai made them one step closer to obtaining the

"So tell me Chakotay, what is it do you do? Besides exposing
yourself in public that is." Etien attired elegantly in an emerald
green robe, said icily.

Oh shit Chak's shirt hadn't been long enough.

"I take care of people." Chakotay answered vaguely, ignoring the jibe.

"You're an administrator?"

"Something like that."

"I see." The Danai dismissed the response and then looked in his
direction where he stood by one of the floor length windows that
spanned one wall of the den. Etien's brilliant purple eyes absorbed
his outfit so thoroughly, Tom swore he was leaching the blue right
out of his now laundered jeans and short cut tee.

"And you Tomai, what about you? Do you paint or sing? What worthy
talent do you perform?"

Oh shit he'd forgotten that all of the flamboyant natives of this
world were artists. As he fumbled for an answer, he spied a large
musical instrument in one corner of the room.

"Um, I play the piano." Like an amateur he refrained from adding.

"Wonderful!" Etien clapped his tattooed hands together. There's a
piano at one of the houses we will be visiting tonight. Maybe you
could play for us?"

"We'll see."

Tom was glad that the Danai wouldn't be familiar with the works of
the fabled Elton John. That way they wouldn't know had badly his
rendering was butchering the talented songwriter's music.

"I'll look forward to it. Now why you don't go dress so we can

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?"

"Nothing Tomai. You look positively fuckable in that outfit however
it is inappropriate for the clubs. Remember our image."

Oh terrific. Tom had hoped to look a little more himself than a
tarted up streetwalker tonight. It was bad enough that his body was
tattooed like a Risian pleasure worker, he didn't want to have to
wear the outfit that went with it. He wanted to show a little more
dignity around Chakotay. Harry, remember Harry, his newborn scruples

"Fine. I'll be right back."

He left to turn from Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris, chief pilot of
the Federation Starship Voyager into his alter ego, harem boy.



"Who are you?"

"I answered that question already."

"No you did not."

"Very well then let me put it another way. I answered that question
as much as I intend to."

"That is not good enough."

"It will have to be. If my response offends you we can leave. We
were perfectly happy at the hotel."


"No? Oh that's right if I leave, I take Tom with me and you wouldn't
like that would you?"

"Of course not. The filthy hovel you housed Tomai in was beneath

"But it was good enough for me? Why is he so important to you Etien
and don't you dare say it's because he's beautiful. It's more than

"Why should I tell you, a Corly anything."

"Because the man you're so fascinated by is mine."

"Yours to kill? Oh don't look so innocently at me. You know
eventually you'll infect him and he'll have no choice but to accept

"Me infect him? Not likely, I don't plan on letting myself be
infected by sleeping with a Danai so there no way I could pass the
virus on to him."

"Oh please Chakotay, surely you don't believe your own government's
propaganda? You're the ones that make us sick, not the other way

"No that can't be right. Corlearians catch Slumbers from the Danai
all the time."

"That's because we can't tell we have it until the symptoms appear.
There is no test for the virus. So yes sometimes we do infect you
and sometimes it is inadvertent."

"Sometimes? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Tell me who you are Chakotay."

"Quid quo pro? All right fine but I can't give you the specifics and
you would have to give me your word that you won't share what I tell

"You have it and it is bound by my life."

"Fine. Who I am isn't as important as why I'm here. A colleague of
mine is sick and I need the serum to save him."

"Understood but why is Tomai here?"

"Harry is his best friend."

"Do not lie to me Chakotay. It is hard enough for me to accept that
a master would love a beast, don't expect me to also believe that his
most trusted companion is a Corlearian."

"You hate us don't you?"

"I try not to but it is difficult."

"Because we're killing you, yes you said that but you didn't explain
it. It's your turn Etien."

"You should know this."

"Humour me."

"Very well. The Corlearians, both male and female carry a hormonal
enzyme that after repeated exposure binds to a dormant cell in the
Danai and causes it to become active."

"Then it's more of a chemical reaction than a virus."

"Yes I suppose but it is still transmitted like one. It infects both
the species after that. You fuck us, we fuck you and by accident,
everyone gets it."

"But it isn't always an accident, is it?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. It is your turn to offer information

"You learn fast Etien. What do you want to know?"

"Why Tomai loves you. I understand that he is here for a friend, his
heart is loyal but why does he care for someone like you?"

"A beast?"


"I don't know but I am very, very thankful that he does."

"And you truly love him? You have no hidden agenda?"

"Hidden? No I can't hide anything from Tom. When I tried to, I
almost lost him."

"And that is unacceptable to you?"

"Yes. Now about the accidents, Etien?"

"Not yet Chakotay. I am not as trustful as the young master is. I
need proof that you love him and that will take time."

"You want him too, don't you. You're a bastard, do you know that?"

"Yes to both."