Title: Changes P2
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 2 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom makes an ally.

Tom wasn't fooled but he wanted to be desperately.

Winding his way through the crowd to the other side of the freehouse
so Chak couldn't see him, Tom found an errant pillow and sat down in
a dark corner to get a handle on his jumbled emotions. He brought
his knees up and wrapped his arms around them.

Chakotay's new found interest same sex intercourse was just a tad too
convenient and sudden. You didn't just wake up one day and decide
you wanted to switch to a different team. The game didn't work that

You always knew with whom you wanted to play with. Even free
agents, like himself who didn't care whose team they were on as long
as they got to play, knew what they wanted from the get go.

So that meant the commander was bullshitting him. All the crap about
not knowing what he wanted was his way of trying to make him feel
better about screwing up with Harry. It was what the first officer
cum crew advisor did for a living. Chak didn't really want to fuck
him. He wanted to counsel him.

So the big man got a boner while kissing him, big deal. It probably
had more to do with the fact that everyone around them was humping
their brains out than Chakotay truly wanting him. Fuck, he most
likely had to think of Janeway or Seven to even get himself hard. Oh
wasn't that a compliment and a half. No wonder he gotten so pissed
off and spoken without thinking. Man he could be a real idiot
sometimes. Tom crossed his arms over his knees and buried his head.

Now what the hell was he supposed to do? Go back there and stick his
cock up the first officer's ass and let the man become a martyr for
the cause? As much as he wanted the feel the tight passage close
around his dick, there was no way in hell Tom could ram it into him
and stay hard knowing Chak was making clinical notes for his
professional log at the same time. Tom had made an empty threat and
now he was going to have to go back to the booth and admit it.

"If you don't want him, I'll take him."

"What?" Tom lifted his head to see Etien sitting on the floor across
from him.

"What did you say his name was? Chakotay?" The Danai moved closer
and started to trace the blue lines of the tattoo on his leg as they
wound around the pink ones with a finger marked in gold and
green. "He looks pretty good for a Corly. I won't mind taking him
off your hands if you want."

"No!" Tom couldn't take a chance of Chak becoming infected like
Harry. "He's mine. I want him."

Etien's purple eyes sparkled with mirth.

"And that's why you're here in a corner by yourself? It's a little
hard to touch him from here don't you think? I haven't seen it but I
doubt your dick's that big, Tomai."

Tom wanted to tell the annoying Danai to go fuck himself but
remembered his mission. Etien could be valuable contact in obtaining
a cure for Harry's sickness. So he ignored the bastardization of his
name, the crack about his manhood and readjusted his attitude.

"I'm just taking a breather Etien."

"Why? You only kissed him once before you ran away."

"You were watching us?"

"Of course, and I'm not the only one. Besides your beauty, the two
of you 'are' the most interesting couple in the room. The attraction
between the two of you is titillating and would have made for a good
show. First times are always exciting!"

"Oh that's just fucking terrific. How am I supposed to get it up
with everyone watching too?"

"Is that why you fled because you can't get an erection?"


"But he's so delicious!"

"It's complicated."

"Oh it's that way then."

"What way?"

"You care for the Corly. My regrets."

"No I don't."

He was starting to like the exuberant Danai but he wasn't about to
admit his feelings for Chakotay to anyone, no matter how sympathetic.

"It's OK Tom. It happens to the best of us. It even happened to me
once. I remember with mine I couldn't come unless he told me he
loved me while I fucked him."

"What did you do?"

"I sent him back home to his wife and kids. He was bad for my
image. It hurt for awhile but I got over it."


The Danai shrugged his shoulders causing the gold flecks imbedded in
his skin to glint in the candlelight. Etien offered him a kind
understanding smile.

"You're not ready to let him go yet are you my poor Tomai?"


"Uh huh. Do you want to fuck him?"

"Yes but I don't think I can. Oh shit Etien what the hell am I
supposed to do? I promised him I'd take him hard."

"Did you tell him how?"

"No I didn't go into details but.-"

"Good boy. Now let's go do that hot little number."

"Etien." The Danai heard the warning in his voice.

"Oh don't worry Tomai, I won't touch your precious Chakotay. That
will be your job. I'm just going to make sure you don't embarrass

"You don't have to do this."

"No I don't but if you look bad it's a reflection on all of us."

"So you're going to help me entirely for altruistic reasons?"

"Well not entirely."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I only promised I wouldn't touch him Tomai."



He could be pure evil when he wanted something.

And watching the tantalizing sway of Tomai's hips as they made their
way back to the dark Corly, Etien was dead certain he wanted the love
struck newcomer. He would have said anything for the opportunity of
coming inside or even near the extremely fuckable man. He'd even
gone so far as to profess love for one of the low lives that in his
opinion, over polluted his planet.

The Corlearians were a bunch of self-righteous insensitive leeches
that fed off the vitality of his people. They took without ever
giving back. It didn't matter to them that it was because of their
avarice the Danai were dying. The only justice his people had was
that they were taking the bastards down with them.

No, no, no Etien thought. Death brought victory for no one. He had
to stop thinking that way or his soul would be damaged forever. It
was already frayed at the edges by the cruelties of his life and if
he let himself believe that revenge was the only answer it would be
blasted completely. He would no longer be able to follow his nature
and take pleasure from creating music or savor the delights of a
beautiful man. He would not let hate rob him of the things that made
life worth living.

He looked at Tomai and sighed. If he ever needed a reason to find a
better way, it was for beauties like him. The young man's nativity
combined with his willingness to embrace love were the essence of the

There had to be a way to stop the Corlearian virus.



Oh spirits Tom was coming back and he wasn't alone. A tall Danai
adorned in green and gold accompanied him.

Looking proud and royal in his pink and blue stripes, the pilot stood
at the end of the alcove and introduced his new friend.

"This is Etien, Chak."

The native gave him a dismissive greeting and then focused his
attention on what remained of Tom's clothing. The pilot stood still
as the Danai kissed and petted his pants from his body. When
Voyager's Danai was nude, he kicked off his sandals climbed into
booth between Chakotay's knees, giving him a spectacular view of the
artwork that until now had remained hidden. The native who continued
to lick and stroke Tom's body from behind was momentarily forgotten.

The blue and pink lines flowed in waves, cascading over his hips and
crashing into the white gold of his pubic hair. Tom's penis was semi-
flaccid and unadorned but it still made an esthetically pleasing
centerpiece to the design. Chakotay's sucked his breath between his
teeth as he reached out tentatively to touch it. Tom pulled his hips

"Not with you hands, Chak."

Oh spirits, he wasn't sure if he could do what Tom was asking.
Taking a man's genitals in his mouth was a far cry from an
inquisitive caress. It was more personal, more intimate. He wanted
know what it felt like to touch the young pilot but had hoped to take
it one step at time.

When he looked up from intricately traced groin to explain his
hesitancy, his words died on his lips. With his head thrown back,
his eyes closed and mouth open, Tom basked in Etien's lips. The
Danai held the pilot by the biceps as he nibbled and kissed a trail
from Tom's ear, down his pale white throat to his lean muscled
shoulder. A mixture of envy and jealously pierced his resistance.

Reaching up to his neck he tore Tom from the alien's grasp and
crushed the pouting lips to his own. The violet eyes flew open in
shock as Chakotay ground his mouth into his regaining control of the
situation. Teeth clashed as lips were bruised in the brutal kiss.
Possessing the pilot this way made him feel strong and powerful and
he found he liked it. He jabbed his tongue down Tom's throat trying
to own more of him. Oh yes he liked this very much.

Animal hunger drove his hips up repeatedly to the pilot's groin, his
hard weeping cock strained through the delicate fabric of his navy
pants. It was glorious but it wasn't enough. He needed to feel the
tactile sensation of his bare penis rubbing along side Tom's.

Keeping a firm grip on the pilot's nape with one hand he reached down
with his other to free himself. Tom cried into his mouth when flesh
finally met flesh. Chakotay pumped a few times into him and then
stopped. The pilot's penis, despite his amorous responses to his
rough handling was soft. He was doing something wrong, but what?

"Tom tell me what to do."

The pilot gulped air into his heaving chest. "You're doing it." Tom
nipped his white teeth along the side of his neck. Chakotay turned
his head into the rough caress.

"But you're not aroused." He said in a breathless whisper.

"I am Chak." Tom bit into him passionately but his cock still
flaccid. "Oh fuck am I ever."

Tom had to be lying. He was about to put a stop to the one sided
encounter, when the pilot screamed out and he felt the previously
inert penis beside his twitch.


Looking over Tom's shoulder, he saw the Danai standing close behind
him. While his angry violet eyes bore into Chakotay's, his green/gold
hands worked furiously between the cheeks of Tom's butt. Oh spirits
the alien was finger fucking the pilot.

"Kiss me Chak!" Tom screamed into his face.

Blotting out the image of Etien's fingers gliding in and out his ass,
Chakotay reclaimed the pilot's mouth falling back into his passion.
This time when he lifted his hips, Tom's cock was hard. Biting and
kissing they pounded into each other. When he felt a third beat, he
knew to whom it belonged.

Etien had entered Tom and was driving the young man harder into his
groin. This was what the pilot had needed and for the moment he
didn't care that he wasn't enough for him. His cock was weeping
freely now and his balls had tightened up flushed to his body. He
was about to come for the first time while touching a man and was
blown away.

Chakotay stopped moving and let the alien fuck the both of them to
orgasm but when the pleasure erupted from him; it was Tom's name he
called out.



Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck Chak was coming and he was doing it all
over his belly. Tom slid into him relishing warm slickness and the
fact that it had been his body that had done this. Etien was still
reaming him from behind torturing his prostate, but it was the
satiated man beneath him that was propelling him into new depths of

Reaching down with his hands, Tom clutched Chakotay's hipbones and
rammed into vee of his pelvis. The movement threw off Etien's rhythm
and he felt his cock slip from his ass to between his thighs. The
alien continued to fuck him, grappling at his body in an effort to
find purchase. Tom soon felt a wetness flood the space between his
legs but ignored it to concentrate on his new lover's face.

As his orgasm burned out of him in long hot spurts, he transferred
his hands to Chakotay's shoulders and leaned forward to direct its
flow. The pearly white jet pulsed from the head of his cock into the
small reserve of come that had pooled in the well of Chak's concave
stomach. They may not be together as couple but now at least parts
of them meshed.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Tom fell spent into the crux of the
commander's arm and shoulder. He watched Etien bleed back into the
swarm of patrons that had been watching their performance before
nuzzling his face into the smooth chest.

"Was that rough enough for you Chak?" He swirled his finger in the
pool of pearly liquid, mixing the DNA as he spoke.

"For now, yes."


"Next time I'd like to try it without Etien."

So there was going to be another counseling session, was there? He
wondered how far the first officer would go before deciding he had
enough data for his notes. Tom dipped his finger in come then
slipped the tattooed digit between the commander's bruised lips and
waited for a reaction.

Chakotay's brows shot up at the intrusion but Tom figured if he
couldn't handle this there wasn't much point in going further. He
remembered the commander's hesitancy at taking his dick in his mouth.

"Don't you like the way we taste together Chak?"

Sensing the challenge the first officer narrowed his eyes and then
grabbed his wrist. Like a cat cleaning its fur, the commander licked
his finger clean drawing the digit in and out his mouth to lap at its
sides. When he was done, he released him and moved his hand down to
his belly. Coating his thumb thoroughly, Chakotay smeared the
gelling liquid over Tom's mouth. Conceding the point he started to
lick the stickiness away.

"Stop Tom. Let me." He said, his voice low in his throat.

With tender care Chakotay used his lips and tongue to clean his
mouth. The commander ended the bathing with a kiss and then traced
his trembling jawline with his fingers.

"I never imagined you'd taste so sweet Tom Paris." The commander
kissed him again, running his fingers up into his hair setting his
nerve endings on fire. "So sweet, so sweet."

The room was starting to spin. He was letting the commander's post
coitus bliss effect him and he was drowning in the false euphoria.
Tom tried to keep in mind that Chak was just reacting to the release
of orgasm and not the delights of his body. Hell the drink tray
would probably taste as good to the recently fucked commander right
now. Tom bit the inside of his cheek allowing the pain to bring him
back to reality.

"Ah about Etien Chak.-" The commander stiffened at the mention of the
alien's name and brought his head up.

"What about him." His voice hardened in direct contrast to its
previously gentle tone.

"I think he can help us."

"We don't need his help Tom."

"Oh fuck Chak would you please get your head out of my ass and
think. I'm talking about obtaining some serum."

Chakotay sat up straighter in the booth. The come on his sculpted
belly funneled down over his now deflated cock glistening over the
wiry hair at its base. The pearly drops sparkled in the candlelight.

"Did he say he could get some?"

"No but he's a Danai and he's been around." Tom moved away from Chak
and the temptation to touch the twinkling stars in his lap. He
folded his legs in a lotus position. "I think if we cultivate his
friendship he might eventually lead us to the cure."

"All right but on one condition. You won't let him have sex with

"Oh Chak." He said impatiently.

"Don't oh Chak me. I'm not acting the jealous boyfriend here. Etien
could be infectious. Hell you could already have the virus for all
we know. I shouldn't have let him near you in the first place."

"I'm OK. He didn't come inside of me."

"He didn't?" Chakotay's shoulders rounded slightly with relief.

"Yeah and that's how the virus is spread according to the Doc."

"Well just to be safe, promise me you won't go to him." Chakotay
grabbed him by the biceps and brought him up to his face. "If you
need someone to hold, to kiss or make love to on this planet, you'll
come to me."

The commander's voice was so sincere, Tom almost thought he was his
jealous boyfriend.

"OK, OK." He shrugged out the big man's grasp. "Shit Chak you
certainly do take your duty seriously."

"My duty? No Tom, that's not why I touched you. I wanted to.-"

"Shut up Chakotay." He said as he unfurled his legs and got out of
the booth.

Tom didn't really want to rehash this argument again. He didn't want
to open himself up to the feelings it might awaken. Feelings the
heterosexual first officer couldn't even begin to comprehend. He
might let the commander treat him as a clinical case but he certainly
didn't want to discuss the details with him. His pride wouldn't
stand it.

"Can we just go home now." He began to search for his
clothes. "It's been a long day and I think we've done enough for one
night. When we come back tomorrow we can get to know Etien better."

"I don't think he likes me."

"Likes you? From what he says all the Danai like you Chak." Tom
found his pants in a puddle at the end of the alcove and put them
on. "I think it's your uptight libido that turns them on. You're a

"I am?"

"Yeah maybe I should be watching your ass and not the other way
around. You're pretty hot for a Corly, you know." He added trying
to lighten the mood.

"A Corly?" Chakotay grabbed a pillow to wipe himself down with.
With one swipe he destroyed the work of art at his groin. "Is that
what they call the Corlearians?"

"Yeah the Danai are the Danai and the Corlerieans are Corlies. They
both see themselves as separate groups."

"That might make things harder for us."

Chakotay edged the to end of the booth and began buttoning and tying
his outfit back together. As Tom watched in fascination the heavier
man dress with meticulous care, a thought stuck him. He wasn't just
his first officer anymore he was his lover and the idea made him feel
warm and kinda of fuzzy all over.

In the midst of all the bullshit that was going on between them,
their relationship had changed into what he'd always hoped it would
be. It had become sexual. Tom handed Chakotay his shoes and the
commander touched his hand a little longer than necessary as he
retrieved the footwear.

Oh shit he thought as he rubbed the spot where Chak had touched him
with reverence. The sensation had touched more than his groin. It
had shot right past his nether regions to his heart. His hopes had
expanded when he wasn't looking. Sex wasn't going to be enough for
him anymore.

Damn, damn, damn and double damn.


He didn't understand it.

What did a beauty like Tomai see in a beast like Chakotay? The crude
Corlearian did have the even have the class to take the gift of the
young man's cock when offered. If had been him, he would have sucked
Tomai until he came and then received his seed with the honour it
deserved. What kind of man would refuse such a prize?

Etien sipped his drink at the bar and watched them becoming more
confused. Now the Corly caressed the attractive Danai like a
favoured lover. His touches were kind and gentle as he shared the
essence of their love making between their lips.

It was surprisingly intimate gesture for someone of his crude
species. Most Corlies left quickly after sex without a backward
glance. Chakotay's loving behavior was totally out of character.
Etien was still pondering the odd man when Tomai did something just
about as incredible.

He served the barbarian. He actually picked up his shoes and gave
them to him. The Danai only catered to the poisoned Corlearians to
obtain sex from them. It was a weakness amongst his people to court
the dangerous but that had already transpired, so why was Tomai
lowering himself?

Could it be perhaps that the Corly was the special one of the two?
It was an impossible thought. Etien had never met one his ilk that
had outshone even the lowest of the Danai let alone someone as
glorious as Tomai. The blue and pink coloured man represented the
upper echelon of his race should have an army of the leaches at his
beck and call. Hell he could do the same thing with the Danai if he

Tomai was so beautiful he could be a master. Maybe he was in the
province where he came from and maybe that's why he was here, to
start a new legion, a different one and possibly a better one.

Ulian wasn't a bad master but his mind was clouded when it came to
the Corlearians. Etien couldn't blame him after all the beasts were
killing their people, however lately his edicts had become more and
more hostile.

He used the sick ones as a weapon to get the attention of the
resident seat of government. If a Corly infected you, you were
refused treatment until you shared the disease with one the

It was against the Danai nature to harm even the things they hated
and more and more of his people were choosing death rather than taint
their beliefs. Etien had not been forced to make the choice since
the law had been instigated. He instead avoided the Corlies rather
than test his morality.

So maybe this new master with his unconventional mannerisms and his
uncommon Corlearian could offer another option, one where no one
would have to die. He hoped so. It was time for a change.

Etien was sick to death of death.