Title: Changes
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Paring: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 1 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: An alien virus infects Harry and Chakotay and Tom have to
infiltrate a planet's seedier subculture to find the cure.

Harry was dying and it was his fault.

It didn't matter that there wasn't any way Tom could have known the
young man the Ensign ended up with would be infectious. It had been
his idea to visit the Danai freehouse not Harry's. Hell Harry hadn't
even wanted to go at first.

The ensign had wanted to spend his shore leave on Corlear wandering
through the Danai museums and galleries. Tom had changed his mind by
explaining that the Corlearian's charged visitors to see Danai
artwork but the artisans themselves were free and if what he'd heard
at the local watering hole was true, hot and willing.

After asking Harry when was the last time he'd had sex with a live
person, the ensign had punched him in the arm and agreed reluctantly
to accompany him. Tom hadn't known the outing would be a death

Twenty-four hours after visiting the brothel, Harry had collapsed
into a coma. The natives called the virus the Slumbers because it
attacked the red blood cells that carried oxygen to the brain causing
ischemic anoxia and finally cardiorespiratory arrest. In layman
terms it meant that Harry wasn't ever going to wake up again. He was
going to suffocate in his sleep and die.

Tom shrunk further down in his chair in Governor Perrault's office
and listened quietly to the captain trying to save her Ops officer's

"What do you mean there's no cure?" The captain demanded of the

"Please Captain I didn't say there wasn't one. What I said was we
couldn't provide you with one." The dark haired official sat behind
his large ornate desk and offered his hand in apology. Janeway
ignored it.

"Then who can? My doctor says Mr Kim has only a few weeks, maybe a
month before he succumbs to the virus which is not enough time for
him to research and find a antidote for a disease he's never seen
before. So if you know of someone who already has the cure Governor,
I want to know who it is and I want to know right now." She slapped
her palm down on the desk for emphasis.

The overblown official cowered back in his chair mute and shaking his
head and Tom was sure the captain was about to smack him a good one
when the governor's security officer Aulnoy stepped up to her.

"The Danai Captain."

"Who are the Danai?"

"They are the artists, musicians and entertainers of our world and
they are also the carriers of the disease."

"And they have a cure?"

"They are the cure Captain. They are genetically different from the
rest of our citizens and the serum is derived from the unique
hepatocytic cells in their livers."

"So what's the problem? Can't we contact the Danai and ask for the

"It's not that easy. They represented a very small portion of our
population and live in isolated communities. What little serum they
have is difficult to come by and used exclusively within their group."

"But you said they all have the makings for it." This time it was
Chakotay who spoke. In his grief Tom had forgotten the big man was
in the room. That was a first.

"Yes but the cells can only be harvested after death Commander."

Tom watched as his superior officers digested that little factoid.
After a moment of silence, the captain ran her fingers through her
short-cropped hair and faced the security officer squarely.

"OK so it won't be easy, I can handle that Aulnoy. What are our

"Only one, the black-market but the cells obtained from there are
from unwilling donors. It's not unusual for one of my constabulary
to find a dead Danai in a back alley or cheap rooming house minus his

"No I won't contribute to such a barbaric business. We'll have to
ask the Danai directly."

"They'll only sell to one of their own Captain."

"That that's what we'll have to be."

"Undercover Captain?"

"Yes Chakotay its cloak and dagger time."

Tom loved the way his captain spoke sometimes. It was indicative of
the many hours she spent in holo-novels.

Officer Aulnoy interrupted the parlay between Tom's captain and first

"The Danai maybe a frivolous species but they are also intelligent. I
can give what information I have on their social practices but you'll
also have to look exactly like them to succeed and that will be the

"Are you saying with a little cosmetic altering I couldn't pass
Officer Aulnoy?"

"No but I could." Tom heaved himself from his chair and joined the

"The Danai are all men Captain and they're all tall and slim like me."

"He's right Captain, if you lighten his hair, colour his irises and
apply some tattoos your Lieutenant would fit right in."

"All right Tom you've got the job but you're not going in alone."

"I'll go with him." The first officer said decisively.

Oh fuck not him. Tom wasn't sure he could behave like a Danai around

"Commander? You might have the tattoo but you're built nothing like
Tom. There's only so much the doctor can change."

"I realize that but I could go as his escort. Your two species do
socialize together don't they, Officer?"

"Yes for purpose of sexual gratification only. We do not develop
friendships." Aulnoy's tone was indignant.

"Fine I can handle that. Captain?"

"All right you're in too Commander, get the particulars from the
officer and Tom you report to Sickbay for your transformation."

"Good luck Captain Janeway."

"Thank you Officer Aulnoy, I think were going to need it."

That was an understatement and a half, Tom thought as they left the
Governor's chambers.

Chakotay hadn't been to one of the freehouses during his time on the
planet. It wasn't his style. For one thing gratuitous sex wasn't
the straight-laced commander's bag, and secondly neither was men.
The first officer liked women, which was a shame because Tom would
give his right nut to be screwed senseless by the handsome man. It
was going to be difficult act like one of the wanton artists around
him because it wouldn't be an act for Tom.

Everyday on Voyager he fought his feelings for the big man but it was
hard. He had to crack jokes or making sarcastic remarks to battle
the nervousness he felt whenever they were alone together, which
wasn't much. Tom saw to that.

He could only be funny for so long before he would find himself
standing close the commander without ever remembering how he got
there. One of these days he was going to slip too far and Chakotay
would have no doubt of his intentions. He couldn't let that happen.
Tom didn't need to see the pity in those dark gorgeous orbs as he was
politely refused. Fuck that. If he wanted humiliation he'd read his
father's letters, thank you very much.

"Lieutenant are you coming?" Said the master of his fantasies. Tom
nodded and followed Chakotay to the beam out point trying not to
notice the way his tight ass moved under his uniform as he walked.
Was he coming he'd asked, oh fuck.

Not yet but he had a feeling he would be, soon.


"They're unisex but appear male." He read from the PADD before
looking up at the pilot. "Did you know that?"

"Yes. I was with Harry remember." The now bleached blond blushed.

Oh that was right. Chakotay smiled apologetically at the
lieutenant. He had been with a Danai and had intimate knowledge on
how they looked physically. He wondered briefly if the pilot had
given or taken during the encounter before dashing the image from his
head. Such thoughts would not help Mr Kim. He needed to finish the
briefing and stop thinking about Mr Paris' body. Although at the
moment it was hard.

The doctor was putting on the finishing touches of the lieutenant's
tattoos, tracing long lines of delicate filigree on his limbs.
Swirling strokes of blue and pink intertwined and marked the sides of
Tom's legs and arms. The bright colours then flowed over his feet and
hands in a cascade twirling around his digits. The design was
beautiful and that was only the parts he could see. The pilot's
briefs hid the upper section of the glorious tattoo. Chakotay had
missed that part of the application.

"What else Commander?"

The lieutenant was leaning against the bio-bed looking at him with
brilliant violet eyes. They were striking. The doctor had left for
his office.

"What? Oh yes. Aulnoy's notes say that the virus doesn't attack the
Danai as quickly. They suffer a period of lethargy for
approximately two weeks before slipping into a coma. Although they
usually procure the serum before that happens."

"Isn't there some kind of inoculation to prevent them getting it in
the first place? I mean if they have a cure it wouldn't be too hard
to make one, would it?"

"No but they would need resources for that and it seems the
Corlearian government doesn't consider it a high enough priority to
allocate funds."

"They'll fuck them but they won't help them." The pilot said with

"Or themselves it would seem. A high number of Corlearians die each
year from the virus. More than the Danai."

"So they're blind as well as dumb. Terrific."

"Don't take it personally Lieutenant."

"Excuse me? It's their stupidity that's killing my best friend. I
can't help but to take it personally."

"I know and I'm sorry but if were going help Harry we're going to
have keep our emotions out of this."

"Be cool."

"Yes Lieutenant, be cool. Can you do that?"

The blush returned to his fair cheeks as long decorated fingers
fidgeted with the waistband of his shorts. The word ingenue came to
Chakotay's mind.

"You do know what I might have to do down there?"

"Don't be frightened. I'll be there too Lieutenant."

"I'm not scared Commander. It won't be something I haven't done
before. I just need to know if you can't stand to watch me do it."

"You're doing it for Harry."

"Yeah but it might not look that way. I know you don't understand
but I like it and I won't be able to pretend I don't."

Why wouldn't he understand? The pilot hadn't come right and said it
but they both knew they were talking about sex with men. It may not
be to his liking but he wasn't a prude. Chakotay could appreciate
the male form, he just didn't feel the need to touch it. If Tom did,
that was his business.

"Don't worry I won't be embarrassed."

"No but what if I am?"


"Yes me!"

"You've let Harry watch you haven't you?"

"Harry's different."

"Why? You're not lovers are you?"

Tom rolled his pale purple eyes at him. "No."

"Then why?"

"He just is!"

"All right if it's that important to you I try not to watch you."

"Thank you." He grabbed a robe and covered his beautiful
body. "I'll see you in the transport room in an hour, OK?"

"OK Lieutenant."

After the pilot left, Chakotay tried to figure out why he'd become so
upset. The lieutenant didn't seem to mind him looking at his body
that was evident. He hadn't put on his robe until he decided to
leave Sickbay. Granted watching someone perform sexually was more
personal but he hadn't thought the liberated blond would have a
problem with that either.

What didn't Mr Paris want him to see then? What was the big.- Oh
maybe that was it, size. It was possible that the lieutenant though
he would lose respect for him if he didn't measure up physically.
Being ship's councilor Chakotay knew how some men linked their self-
image directly to the size of their genitals. He would have thought
Tom Paris would have more confidence than that, but maybe not.

Mystery solved, he headed to his quarters to pack and dress for his


"Looking good Tom."

"Shut up Dalby."

He sat down on the edge of the transporter pad with his arms between
his legs and waited for Chakotay to arrive. As he did so the sides
of his pleated blue silk pants spread open displaying the Doc's handi-
work from hip to ankle.

"Oh baby!" Ken leered at him from behind the transporter station.

"Bite me Dalby." Tom offered.

"With pleasure Lieutenant. Anywhere in part.-"

The tasteless jibe was cut off by the commander's arrival. Tom
jumped up on his gold sandals as Chakotay walked up to the pad and
assessed his outfit.

"Won't you be cold? That vest doesn't cover much and your pants have
so many slits you must be feeling a draft."

"The Danai don't go outside much. I'll be fine."

"I like the earrings Lieutenant."

Tom's hand went up automatically to his left ear to where six small
gold hoops now lined his lobe.

"Thanks." Having Chakotay's eyes on him unnerved Tom and he fumbled
for an appropriate response. "Ah, you look good too."

Oh fuck what a stupid thing to say. This wasn't a date they were
going on but a mission to save his best friend but the commander did
look good, damn good.

He was dressed in a deep blue fabric that might have been cotton but
was so finely woven it looked like silk. The mandarin collared shirt
buttoned down the front and fell over loose pants that Tom guessed
were drawstring. The whole outfit molded his frame delineating the
muscles in his chest, arms and upper thighs to perfection. The Danai
would be scrabbling over each other for a chance to fuck his sweet

"Thank you." The commander grabbed both their bags and stepped up
beside him on the pad. "Mr Dalby when you're ready."


As Tom felt the tingling of the transporter take hold, he stole one
last glance at the commander starting at his feet. When he reached
his face, he was startled.

Chakotay was looking back him and he was smiling.


Tom was attracted to him.

Chakotay wasn't sure how that made him feel. Flattered, certainly,
scared, a little but mostly he felt confused. He selected a bottle
of water from the refrigeration unit in the small room, Tom's was
next door, and settled down on the edge of the single bed. It was
the only place to sit.

It shouldn't matter that the blond desired him. When other men had,
he'd politely but firmly let them know he wasn't interested. That
way an uncomfortable situation would be avoided and they could move
on. It should be the same for Tom but it wasn't. For starters he
hadn't told Tom he wasn't interested and that was another thing.
When did he start thinking of the lieutenant as Tom?

When they had beamed down to the planet's Danai district, that's
when. In the course of securing rooms, the young blond had been
propositioned a dozen times and Chakotay had to hold him possessively
to his side as they walked to stop the offers. Otherwise they'd
never find a place to stay the night. He corrected that assessment
to the singular. Tom probably would have no problem finding a warm
bed in this neighborhood.

Playing his role to the hilt, the pilot had thrown his arm over his
shoulders as they moved along the brightly lit boulevard. Chakotay
had enjoyed the envious glances that were thrown his way all most as
much as he had Tom's feathered kisses on his nape. At that point
however he had still regarded the pilot's affections as a
performance. It wasn't until they had found a suitable hotel had his
perception changed.

He'd been paying the clerk in advance for their adjoining rooms when
he felt a hardness against his butt. He'd almost dropped the money
Aulnoy had given him when Tom wound his tattooed arms around his
torso from behind and began to massage the crack of his ass with his

"Two rooms Commander?" A sultry voice whispered in his ear. "Why
not save some money and get only one?"

Feeling out of his depth he shoved back hard enough to send Tom back
a foot and then had turned around.

"We have lots of money Lieutenant."

"Yeah I guess we do. Sorry my mistake."

Grabbing a key and his duffel the blond bolted past him up the two
flights of stairs to his room. Feeling like an idiot now that his
initial shock had passed, Chakotay lifted his bag from the floor and
went to his own room.

Setting the bottle on the small night table he flopped back on the
bed and stared at the cracked ceiling. He should go to him right now
and tell him thanks but no thanks. He could kiss him in public but
that would be the extent of their touching. Chakotay didn't want to
feel Tom's cock in his ass or anywhere else. Not in his hand, nor in
his mouth. He laughed to himself.

At least now he knew size wasn't issue for Mr Paris. Tom was huge.
The size of his dick rivaled his own and Chakotay wasn't too modest
to say he was larger than average. He reached up under his shirt to
confirm his thought and was amazed to find he was hard.

Oh spirits he was thinking about another man's cock and had become
aroused. That had never happened to him before. Undoing the
drawstring of his trousers he released the traitorous member. It
fell into his hand and unconsciously he began to stroke.

Lots of men wanted Tom Paris so why should he be any different?
Because he didn't like men that's why. It shouldn't matter that the
man in question face was extraordinarily beautiful or that his body
was long and graceful, Tom Paris was still the wrong gender for
sex. Chakotay couldn't fuck him like he could a woman. OK, OK so
maybe he could but that didn't change the fact that if he wanted to
Tom could fuck him right back. Wait a minute, why was that a draw
back again? Oh spirits he was coming!

Chakotay arched his back as his orgasm ripped through him and as he
pumped himself dry, one word escaped his lips.



He needed to get laid right now.

Tom paced his small room. He had time. Chakotay wasn't expecting
him for another hour. He could slip out and.- Oh fuck Chakotay.
What the hell had he done?

He'd come on to the heterosexual commander that's what he'd done.
Dumb, dumb, and dumb! Tom smacked the heel of hand into his forehead
three times.

What the hell had he'd been thinking. He stopped himself right
there. That was the problem. He hadn't been thinking; he'd been

Nothing had felt more wonderful than the big man's arm around his
waist and when the commander had let him kiss his happiness into his
neck, he'd gone off the edge.

Tom couldn't decide what he'd wanted first, for him to take Chakotay
or to have Chakotay take him. To fuck or be fucked. That was the
question. Unfortunately the answer had been no.

When he had touched the commander's ass with his dick even through
two layers of clothing, the big man had jumped back as if burned and
when he'd turned around, the look in his eyes had been scalding.
The refusal had hurt like a son of a bitch but it could have been
worse. Hatred wasn't near as bad as pity. If Chakotay didn't like
him anymore he could deal with that but if he felt sorry for him, Tom
would deck him. He didn't take that kind of shit from anybody no
matter how sexy they were.

Tom paced the room some more. Oh shit maybe he should just whack off
and get it over with. Chakotay would probably kill him if he went
out alone.

As he slipped his hand into one of the many openings of his blue silk
pants a loud rapping came from the other side of his door. He
removed his fingers from his cock to open the less than secure

"Tom we need to talk." The commander bolted past him and entered his
dingy room.

Oh shit here we go. It was pity time. Chakotay had gotten over his
shock and was now about to give him a pretty speech about how he was
flattered or honoured even, then wrap it up with the tried and true
line, 'but we can still be friends'. Well screw that. Tom decided
to beat the sanctimonious bastard to the punch.

"Look Commander what happened, happened. I got a little excited by
all the offers for sex and took it out on you that's all. Like a wise
man said to me once," Tom let his violet eyes bore directly into the
commander's ebony ones. "Don't take it personally."

"It's OK Tom. I felt it too." He said without blinking.

"You did?" Get a grip Tommy, get a grip. "Oh you did. Well it must
have been something in the air."

"Yes something like that." Breaking the stare, the commander spoke
into his chest. "It might happen again."

"What might happen?" This conversation was getting weirder by the
moment. "You might want to be with a man?"

Chakotay looked back up. "No I might want to be with you."

Tom didn't quite know how to react to the admission so he took the
safest route and got angry. It was easier on his ego than hope.

"So what the fuck am I suppose to do about it?"

"I don't know, nothing maybe. I just thought you should know. We'll
have to work very closely together to find some serum for Mr Kim and
I thought it might make our job easier if we acknowledged our
attraction to one another."

Oh hell it was the 'friends' speech after all. Chakotay had just
added his own special spin on it. I like you and you like me but for
the sake of the greater good, blah, blah, blah. He was right but it
didn't make Tom feel any better.

So for the sake of Harry he would be Chakotay's port in the storm if
need be. If the commander needed a place to dock his boat, Tom
would play the pier.

"Are you ready to go out Tom?"

"Aye, aye captain. I mean Commander."

"I think we should refrain from using rank Tom."

"What ever you say." He gave him his sweetest sexiest smile. "Chak."

The commander gave him a tolerant look and then held the door for
him. He sashayed through the exit noting the way Chakotay's eyes
darkened as he brushed pass him. This could be an interesting
mission after all, he thought.

There was a definite possibility he might get docked.


It was like a harem in some Arabian tale.

Chakotay walked deeper into the gloom with Tom on his arm. There
were lots of glowing white candles and large over stuffed satin
pillows lined recessed alcoves. Most of them contained two or three
bodies in various stages of intercourse. The majority were male but
surprisingly some were female. Finely woven tapestries covered the
floors and walls completing the busy room's Middle Eastern feel. Tom
pulled him over to one few vacant cushioned wells.

"You get comfortable and I'll get us something to drink and eat."

"This isn't the same place Harry got infected is it?" He grabbed
Tom's elbow before he disappeared into the crowd.

"No that was in another province. Now lie back and relax."

He sat down stiffly and crossed his knees indian style. Tom looked
at him impatiently. "And please Chak, try to look like you're here
for a good time and not an interrogation."

The pilot slipped out his grasp and headed for the bar. After he was
gone Chakotay took note of his body language. Tom was right. He did
look as if he was waiting to be grilled by a Cardassian.

Unfurling his legs he pushed back into the padded wall and stretched
them out letting them bend comfortably at the knee. For added
effect, he kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. By the time
he had neatly placed his footwear in a corner of the booth, the pilot
had returned with a tray. He put the refreshments on a shelf to the
side of the alcove custom made to hold it and climbed in beside him.

"Oh don't get too carried away Chak." Tom peered down at his naked
feet and said sarcastically, "Any more skin and you'll have half the
bar fighting over you."

"Very funny." Chakotay was not amused.

"Yeah it is. Here let me help."

Before he could protest the exotic looking blond straddled him and
began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Chakotay lay still and tried
to ignore the feel of Tom's groin against his. When he was done he
sat back adding extra pressure and compressing his genitals further.
When his long delicate fingers peeled back the edges of the top and
brushed his now erect nipples Chakotay had to stifle a moan.

"There that's better. Now you look like you want to be fucked."

And he was starting to feel like it too. The aroma of sweating
bodies and sex permeating from the room combined with the pilot's
clean scent sparked his libido higher. If Tom didn't move or rather
if he did move much more, he was going come in his neat blue navy

"Get off Tom."

"What? Oh yeah."

He reached over Chakotay to snag one of the dark filled glasses from
the tray then slipped off his hips to settle under his shoulder.
Having no other place to put it, Chakotay let his right arm fall
about the blond's neck.

"I made a friend at the bar." The pilot said as he sipped his wine.

"What? You were only gone two minutes." Unwanted jealousy rose in
his chest.

"He was a Danai and we didn't do much more than exchange names."

"What was it?"

"Etien. I think he wanted to join us."

"Why's that?"

"He asked your name too."

"I don't understand. Did you tell him I wanted to buy him?"

"No I didn't. The Danai aren't prostitutes Chak. They don't operate
these houses to make money. They do it because they like sex, which
is something they are very, very good at it by the way. So you
don't choose a Danai, they choose you. It's sort of an honour. Most
of the time they rather fuck themselves but at times for variety
they'll take an outsider."

"How do you know so much? That information wasn't in Aulnoy's notes."

"They chose me Chak." His voice saddened as he buried his blond his
into his chest. "And then they took Harry because I asked them to."

That information wasn't in anybody's report. He hadn't been aware
that it had been Tom's influence that had inadvertently caused the
ensign's illness. The pilot must be eaten up with guilt. Chakotay
took the wineglass that was resting on his recently bared stomach
from the pilot's hand and replaced it on the tray.

"You should have told me." He anchored his left hand behind the
pilot's neck so he directed his face upwards. He wasn't about to
have a conversation with the top of his head.

"Why? So you could feel sorry for me? Fuck that Chakotay." Tom
struggled against hold but he held firm.

"I don't understand you at all Tom Paris. You want me to want you
but you don't want me to care."

"The two aren't mutually inclusive Chakotay. I didn't love the Danai
I fucked the other night any more than he did me."

He had his answer to his earlier pondering. Tom had been the one
that had taken. The revelation made parts of his body tingle for the
first time.

"Then that was his loss."

"Don't say that. You don't know what you're talking about."

"No I don't." He said softly into the pilot's distraught face. "I
don't think I know much of anything anymore."

Not letting himself second-guess his actions Chakotay leaned forward
and kissed Tom's lips. They were as soft and sensual as any women's
he had tasted before but somehow sweeter. It might have been the
wine the pilot had been drinking earlier but he didn't think so. It
more to do with the mouth those lips belonged to.

The pilot kissed him back, darting his warm wet tongue between his
lips. As Chakotay tried to capture it with his own, Tom pulled back.

"No not like this."

He was dazed by the loss and reached for the blond as he pulled
further away.


"I don't want a pity fuck."

"It's not pity."

Tom had moved completely away from him now so that their bodies no
longer touched. Chakotay's erection stood alone poking a tent in his
loose pants.

"When it's soft and tender like that, yeah it is."

"You want it rough?" He asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I like it that way." The pilot sneered. "Why do think I come
to places like this? For the love, hardly." He challenged him with
violet eyes. "Does that turn you off Chakotay? Does that make you
want to hide back into your heterosexual world?"

No it didn't. Why would he want a mere world when he'd just
discovered a whole universe to explore? He was scared to death and
wasn't sure he'd like it but he didn't want to turn down the
experience. It had been a long time since he'd tried anything new,
it was same old, same old on Voyager and he found it excited him.

"All right then how do we do it rough?"

"Oh fuck off."

"No I'm serious. If you don't want to make love, OK I'm fine with
that. You want to fuck, so let's fuck." He could barely believe
what he was saying.

"Oh come on Chakotay. This is a little more than any port in storm
don't you think? If we do this it will have nothing to with you
being a little horny and feeling the need a to blow your load because
if I fuck you, I'm going to blow your mind as well."

It was serious threat and he knew it. Tom Paris didn't do anything
by halves.

"So you intend on taking me?"

"Yeah I think I do and I promise you I won't be gentle. Can you
handle that?"


"Fine then wait right here."

Tom jumped from their pseudo bed and stood at the end facing him.

"Where are you going?"

The pilot ripped off his silk blue vest and threw it at him.

"To wet your appetite you bastard. This is one fuck you're going to
remember for the rest of your heterosexual life."