Disclaimer: Star Trek and its characters are the property of Viacom/Paramount. I am borrowing them for fun, not profit. Summary: PWP, fluff, P/T, rated NC-17 for sexual situations. Tom and B‘Elanna spend a few minutes in a turbolift. Takes place near the end of the fourth season.


"Halt Turbolift"
by Julie Evans (Juli17@aol.com)

B‘Elanna Torres stood in front of the turbolift outside of Main Engineering, tapping her foot impatiently. She was dressed in her uniform, which was a little rumpled, and her hair was in moderate disarray. And she smelled of engine coolant. All what might be expected if she had spent a good part of the day crawling through Jeffries tubes. She waited for the turbolift doors to open, thinking for the third time in as many minutes what am I doing here?, though she full well knew the answer.

The lift doors slid open—finally—and B‘Elanna took a step forward, then halted in mid stride. Tom Paris was standing—lounging—against the back wall of the lift, his arms and legs casually crossed. He was wearing gym clothes- cotton shorts and shirt- and he‘d apparently been working out. His hair was damp and lay in curling tendrils about his face, and a fine sheen of moisture glistened on his skin. Her eyes were involuntarily drawn to the v-neck of his shirt, where the three buttons were popped open and rivulets of perspiration trickled slowly down his throat and traced patterns through the damp curls on his chest. She could smell the sweat on him, which only magnified the musky male scent that was uniquely Tom- B‘Elanna realized what she was doing and looked up. Tom‘s blue eyes speared hers, and they glowed with...provocation. She swallowed and stepped into the turbolift, standing against the side wall near the door, as far away from Tom as possible. It was not far enough away to escape his scent. She wondered how he‘d managed to get himself into this state so quickly, which he knew would arouse her- This was not the place to be thinking about that, B‘Elanna reminded herself sharply as the doors slid closed. She waited a moment, for the heat that had suffused her body to subside, and to be sure that her voice would remain steady. "Bridge." As the turbolift began to ascend she finally turned her gaze back to Tom, confident now that she had herself under control. "You don‘t have any duty assignments in Engineering today, Tom. Imagine meeting you here."

She was sure Tom hadn‘t taken his eyes off her since the turbolift doors had opened and now he stared at her for a long second. Then his lips curved into a smile. A slow, seductive smile. "What a coincidence." B‘Elanna ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. Her throat felt suddenly incredibly dry. It took some effort to pull her gaze away from Tom‘s smoldering one, and stare instead at the far wall, pretending to be completely focused on her duties. "Yes, well, I‘m on my way to the Bridge to check the new integration circuits at the Engineering station. We, um, upgraded the connections from Main Engineering and I need to make sure-" "Computer, halt turbolift."

B‘Elanna‘s eyes flew to Tom, who pushed himself from the wall and advanced toward her, with one thing clearly on his mind. He certainly wasn‘t wasting any time. "Tom, what are you doing? I‘m still on duty..." He stopped in front of her, and their bodies were separated by a mere centimeter or two, though with the energy flowing between them they might as well have been melded together. "Take a ten minute break." "Ten min-" B‘Elanna shook her head. "I mean, here? I don‘t think-" She got no further as his mouth came down to claim hers, and his tongue immediately thrust between her parted lips. Then her body was trapped between the hard cold wall and the also very hard, but warm, body of Tom Paris. Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice reminded her that she was supposed to protest more, but she ignored it. If this was the way Tom wanted to play it... She threaded her fingers tightly into his damp hair and crushed his mouth against hers as their lips and tongues and teeth began a protracted assault against each other in a desperate need to taste and plunder.

"Ah!" B‘Elanna gasped as Tom managed to insinuate his hand between their clinging bodies and with one quick movement unfastened and pulled her pants down to her knees. Then his hand slid into her panties and cupped her. She shook off one pant leg and curled her leg around Tom, giving him better access. She gasped again as he began to stroke her, and her own hands pulled urgently at the waist band of his shorts. "B‘Elanna," Tom groaned as his mouth moved down her throat. His teeth nipped at her shoulder. "God, the way you smell drives me crazy." "Only you could be turned on by the smell of engine coolant," B‘Elanna murmured hoarsely, pressing closer against his stroking fingers, as she managed to pull his shorts down his thighs.

"Only by the way it smells on you." Tom had unclasped B‘Elanna‘s bra through her uniform shirt with his free hand, and now he pushed her shirt roughly up so he could caress her breasts. B‘Elanna stifled a moan as she finally kicked off her other pant leg, then she wrapped both legs completely around Tom, letting the wall against her back help support her. She pulled his briefs down and his freed erection pressed hard against her belly. Her mouth traveled down Tom‘s perspiration slicked throat, her tongue tasting the salty, arousing tang of his skin. She couldn‘t resist sinking her teeth lightly into the taut skin over his collarbone.

Tom responded by lifting her higher, using the wall for balance, and his own teeth grazed her breasts, nipping and sucking. B‘Elanna bucked against him as he inserted two fingers inside her. She gripped his hair tightly with one hand, and her other hand closed firmly around his erection, eliciting a strangled groan from him. She couldn‘t hold out much longer, so she guided him toward her insistently- "This turbolift has remained motionless for five minutes. Do you require assistance?"


Their passion glazed eyes met as they ground out the word in unison. Then Tom slipped his fingers out of her and jerked the already tautly stretched material of her panties, tearing them away. Sensing his intention, B‘Elanna pulled her hand away as he grasped her hips and in one swift hard motion thrust himself deeply into her. At the unexpected force of Tom‘s action, B‘Elanna instinctively threw her hands out against the wall for purchase. Her body arched and her head fell back, as she was gripped by an intense wave of sensation. She didn‘t realize that her hand had connected with the manual turbolift controls. And neither she nor Tom felt the gentle motion of the turbolift‘s resumed ascent as their senses were consumed by their own fevered motion against each other. B‘Elanna wrapped her legs tighter around Tom and completely lost herself in the feel of his mouth on her throat as he murmured her name, and the feel of him inside her, withdrawing and thrusting, as she met him movement for movement. As they both neared the crest she shouted Tom‘s name and her hands clutched at his hair as his mouth moved lower to taste the damp skin in the valley between her breasts. A throaty deep growl issued from her throat as the climax began to overtake her and then Tom‘s final deep thrust sent them both over the edge.

As waves of intense pleasure erupted within her, B‘Elanna could only ride the feeling, the rapturous completion that Tom always gave her, though somewhere in the back of her mind the small sudden jolt of the turbolift floor beneath them registered. She pulled Tom‘s weight tightly against her as the waves began to subside, then she opened her eyes, still dazed and unfocused by the passion she and Tom had shared. She saw something move and it took her a moment to realize what it was. The turbolift doors were sliding open.

As B‘Elanna watched in shock the Bridge came into full view, buzzing with the sound of monitors and status signals and the low murmur of conversation among the crew at the fully occupied stations. Her hands clenched reflexively in Tom‘s hair and she jerked his head up. "Ow! B‘Ela-" Tom‘s saw her expression and turned to look. He immediately stated the command that B‘Elanna hadn‘t yet had the presence of mind to do. "Computer, close turbolift doors." The doors slid closed far slower than B‘Elanna thought normal. Though Tom had spoken the command softly, his yelp as she‘d unintentionally pulled his hair had probably been easily heard. Several pairs of eyes turned toward the lift as the doors closed.

"Tom..." She didn‘t know if anyone had actually seen them pressed against the corner wall, but she squirmed and pushed against Tom, and when he didn‘t immediately react, she pressed the heel of her hand hard into his shoulder. "Put...me...down!"

"Ahhh!" Tom moved away from B‘Elanna and let her slide to the ground. "Hey, that hurt!"

"Good!" B‘Elanna glared at him while he rubbed his shoulder. She pulled her shirt down and reached behind her, trying to fasten her bra through the material. "What the hell was that? The doors opened, on the BRIDGE!"

"You ordered the turbolift to the Bridge," Tom pointed out, pulling his shorts up. He reached toward her to help her fasten her bra and she shoved his hand away. "And I‘m not the one who apparently hit the resume button."

B‘Elanna finally re-hooked her bra, and reached for her discarded pants.

She glared at Tom as she pulled them on. "That‘s not what I meant.

Why were there people on the Bridge? You didn‘t tell me that part!" Tom started to reach for her torn panties but she slapped his hand away again. "Aren‘t there always people on the Bridge?" Tom asked innocently, watching her pocket the damp scrap of material. "How else would the ship fly-" B‘Elanna released a frustrated breath and took a step toward him. Tom raised his hands in supplication. "Hey, I just programmed this to be a realistic simulation of the ship, so I left all the crew in their assigned positions. The anticipation of getting caught isn‘t the same if there isn‘t anyone to catch you."


"B‘Elanna, that wasn‘t really the Captain. Or Chakotay. Or Tuvok. Or-" "I know!" B‘Elanna snapped. She took a deep breath and crossed her arms, giving Tom an irritated look. "It still felt a little too real." "I don‘t even think they saw anything. The turbolift doors closed too soon, though if you‘d have just given the command instead of pulling my hair out of my head they‘d have closed sooner." B‘Elanna‘s look didn‘t soften as Tom rubbed his head gingerly for effect. Maybe she was overreacting a little, but still... "You should have warned me."

"B‘Elanna..." Tom took a chance and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close, mutinously crossed arms and all. She didn‘t push him away. "Okay. I didn‘t think about that actually happening. But it‘s just a holoprogram." He lowered his voice against her ear. "I‘m sorry if you didn‘t...enjoy it."

"I did," B‘Elanna murmured almost inaudibly against his shoulder.

Then she said more clearly, "But that‘s not exactly the point." Tom pulled back to look at her, leaving his hands on her shoulders, while his thumbs lightly skimmed the smooth warm skin over her collarbone. "It‘s not?" He asked, giving her a crooked grin, intended to charm.

B‘Elanna rolled her eyes.

"This turbolift has remained motionless for five minutes. Do you require-" "No," Tom spoke over the computer‘s voice. Since their holodeck time was almost up, he added, "Computer, end program and sa-" "Not a chance, flyboy," B‘Elanna interrupted, cutting off Tom‘s command. She gripped his wrists and pulled his hands from her shoulders. "I‘m not about to have anyone stumble across this program. Computer, end program and delete."

"Program deleted," the computer said tonelessly as the black and yellow grid of the holodeck reappeared.

Tom let out an exaggerated sigh. "I was hoping for another turbolift session, considering how...mutually satisfying this one was." B‘Elanna couldn‘t deny that, so she just shook her head. "Tom, answer a question for me. Why are men‘s fantasies so adolescent?" "Hey!" Tom decided he‘d better protest, not just for himself but for the whole male population of Voyager, maybe even the galaxy. "Only some of them are adolescent."

"Oh. Only some," B‘Elanna repeated.

"For instance I have this one great fantasy-"

"Not so fast, Tom." B‘Elanna released Tom‘s wrists she‘d been holding lightly and pressed one hand against his chest, her fingers resting against the tangle of red gold hairs below the base of his throat. "Shouldn‘t it be my turn next?"

"You want a turn?" Tom asked, as if he‘d never thought of it. "Yeah." B‘Elanna‘s fingers curled against his chest. "And I have to warn you, Tom, it will be a little more...challenging than a quick tryst in the turbolift." She smiled slowly. "I hope you‘re up to it." To his credit Tom only winced slightly at the sharp tingling where her fingers had pulled his chest hairs taut. He managed to give her an uncertain look. "I hope so too. So, uh, when will this fantasy of yours be ready?"

B‘Elanna unclenched her fingers and patted his chest. "I‘ll let you know. Right now I have to go put on a fresh uniform and attend the late staff meeting in Engineering."

Tom caught her hand as she pulled it away. "You have too many of these late staff meetings in Engineering."

B‘Elanna thought so too, but they were necessary, and she was the Chief Engineer. "I know. But you‘ll just have to think about your next great male fantasy alone tonight." She smiled at him and stretched up to peck his cheek, while she slipped a hand around him and patted his butt. A little smug that smile, Tom thought, as he watched her walk toward the holodeck exit. "B‘Elanna."

B‘Elanna turned as the doors slid open and looked at Tom. "What?"

"About that great male fantasy..." He gave her a provocative smile. "Don‘t you know that a man‘s greatest fantasy is that a woman will show him hers?" He watched as her eyebrows rose. He winked at her. "That‘s what I‘ll be thinking about."

B‘Elanna gave him a mock exasperated frown, but he saw the frank contemplation in her eyes. Or maybe it was anticipation. He watched her shapely behind disappear as the holodeck doors closed, and grinned wider with anticipation himself. B‘Elanna devising her own holodeck fantasy. Oh, yeah, it definitely wouldn‘t get any better than that.


the end