Drabble: Do you?
Author: Elli
Series: Voy
Codes : P/T
Rating : PG
Part 1/1
Summary: Musings based on Lineage spoilers... Tom's POV
Archive: TPD, TPP...others ask...
Disclaimer: Trek is paramounts... the random thoughts are mine...

This is my first try at a drabble.. and at this kind of writing... I hope
you enjoy it...

I wonder why you didn't think of asking me.
I wonder why you not trusted me with this. I really thought you trusted
me. Trusted me to help you, understand you, love you.

Do you really?

I thought my love would be enough. I had hoped I could help you
overcome the barriers, to face that part of yourself you hate, and help
you learn to respect it.

But my efforts were fruitless.

Do you love me?

Do I not have the right to decide what happens with our child?
Do I not have any say?

Why didn't you tell me?

Don't you trust me at all??? Trust us? Trust us to be able to deal with it

The End

Dedicated to Claire, who inspired this story by posting a lineage spoiler
at the right moment!!