Title : Down Deep
Author : Elli- archivist@ParisNights.de
Series :Voyager
Codes : Voy, C/P
Rating : PG-13
Story: 5/?

Archive: TPD,TPP,Cha_Club, cpsg. All others, ask first.

Summary:See part One...

Note: This story was inspired by In His Mind's Eye and Sweet Dreams by Margeret Berger.

Dedicted to Jean, thanks for the beta!! And to Leone, for reviving my C/P muse.

Down Deep

Tuvok closed the monitor, eyeing the Captain with his cold Vulcan eyes. He was betraying no emotion. There was nothing in him to show whether he was shocked, surprised or even happy with this information.


Janeway on the other hand was human, and couldn't hide her feelings like that...
She stared at the camcorder on her desk, still unable to believe what had she seen.

"What does it mean, Tuvok?" she asked, still not able to ban the pictures from her mind.

Elara Prime, Tenth Day of Investigation...

She didn't know how to deal with the knowledge.

All colonists have met at the high plaza as usual, to celebrate the Human/ Cardassian exsistance on this planet...

She couldn't bear to think...

It is a 99% possibility that the Maquis infiltrators will strike today. After they stole the Orloff- detonator form the USS Yukon, they  left for this planet to use this weapon of mass destruction not only to take another blow at Cardassia, but to show their power to the federation as well...

... that someone on her ship...

I will just have to follow them, separate the detonator from the explosives and bring to Starfleet headquarters, saving Gul Marek's life to ensure the peace in this quadrant. As is my usual procedure, I will keep the camcorder on, collecting all data.   End Log

....was capable of doing that.

Begin recording...
It is dark, and in the backround one can here people celebrating. He breaks into the laboratory silently. Everything has been planned. He moves slowly, overriding all codes as necessary. One can see his skill has he hacks himself into the computer and gets control of the systems.. The detonator is right in front of him.In record time, he pulls it out, and tries to deactivate the detonation sequence. But it seems somehow connected to a second detonator. Somewhere else. Linked to this one. He followes the link...

But if it was only that...

*It is a conspiracy. Someone in Starfleet has given the Maquis this detonator to get rid of Gul Marek and take the Maquis- Cardassian fights to the next level, * he whispers. Footsteps echoed from the hall. Quickly he deactivates the detonator, pulling it out of the weapon. He pulls the coat over his eyes, his camcorder shifting from the door back to the weapon and again to the door. He moves towards the other side of the room, using the backdoor to escape. He can hear their voices.
*Where is the detonator?*
*I don't know, but it can't be far. I was here ten minutes ago.*
*The backdoor.*

He runs, but slowly, for he doesn't want to arise suspicion. The footsteps come nearer.
Suddenly the vision turns upside down, and metal hitting the ground can be heard. The sounds of a fight, the sounds of someone being beaten up come from the background.
Then a face can be seen in the in the picture...

Crewman Dalby, one of the Maquis crewmen...

Then it's quiet. Too quiet. After several minutes the sound of someone moving crackles through the camera. Someone lifts it up and examines it. Blue eyes stare into the ocular.

As the video recording stopped, Janeway was still staring at the blank monitor. Tuvok on the other hand, recovered a lot faster.

"That explains everything," the Commander said.
Janeway gulped. She couldn't get the image of Tom Paris' beaten face in the camera out of her mind.

Unaware of the Captain’s discomfort, Tuvok continued.
" It seemed that Starfleet sent Lieutenant Paris on this secret mission to to examine Maquis movements on Elara. Apparently the Maquis noticed this and intercepted him."

" Yes, I know that. What I wonder is why he kept it secret. I think we have the right to know that we have a criminal on our ship. That is a mystery to me, " Janeway voiced her concerns.

"On the contrary, Captain. I think his reasons are quite obvious."

"Oh yes, " Janeway asked him, a frown on her face.

"But I think it's best to ask Mister Paris personally," Tuvok added and waited for the Captain to give her consent, which she did.

"We should also invite CHakotay to the discussion. He is after all the Maquis’ former Captain," Tuvok added. Janeway thought about it for a while. Tuvok's explanation was logical. But Janeway knew too well about the Commander's feelings regarding the pilot. She didn't know how he'd act in a confrontation like that.


Chakotay strode along the corridor swiftly. He couldn't begin to come up with a reason why Janeway had summoned him to her ready room. And he surely wasn't in the mood for serious discussions.
At least not those serious discussions.

The only deep discussion he wanted to have was with Tom Paris, and it seemed that he would have to wait a long time for that. If he'd have it ever at all, because the pilot seemed to be avoiding him. And Chakotay wasn't sure how to read the man.

He was confused by Tom's behaviour. For some reason Tom's rejection of the Commander's advances always seemed more than a little too forceful. He really wondered if Tom had been truthful to him as he said he wasn't interested.

He entered the ready room then, still not wanting to be there. Commander Tuvok was positioned next to the Captain's table, his face blank, showing no emotions at all.

But Janeway, not being Vulcan, couldn't seem to keep her emotions in check quite the way Tuvok could. Her face showed more than simple worry. She seemed to be overly concerned.

Chakotay's curiosity was quipped. He wondered what was going on...

"Sit down, Commander," Janeway said and signed him to make himself comfortable on the sofa.
"We're still waiting for Lieutenant Paris."

Chakotay's eyes widened. What the hell is going on?? What does this mean?? They aren't going to confront us about our feelings, are they??? Efficiency cannot have been hampered by our avoiding each other, can it???

He wasn't sure he wanted to know what was wrong...