Title : Down Deep
Author : Elli- archivist@ParisNights.de
Series :Voyager
Codes : Voy, C/P
Rating : PG-13
Story: 4/?
Archive: ATPS, TPD,TPP, TrekLuv. All others, ask first.
Summary:See part One...
Note: This story was inspired by In His Mind's Eye and Sweet Dreams by Margeret Berger.
Dedicated to Jean, the best beta reader in the world...

Down Deep

Captain Kathryn Janeway drank her coffee in the solitude of her ready-room.
She was worried. She couldn't go around noticing the renwed tension between her crew, for whatever reason it exsisted, nor was she oblivious to the the growing attraction between her pilot and first officer.
She wondered what was holding them back, but vowed herself not to interfere.
It was their buisness alone.
The door chime went off, interupting her musings.
"Enter," she called, putting down the coffee cup.
Her security chief, Tuvok, stepped through the door, his face passive as ever.
"Captain, I need to talk to you," he announced.
"What is it?" she asked him, knowing from the set of his jaw, that it was serious.
"I am not certain, Captain," he sat down.
"Yesterday, Lieutentant Paris installed a security program to protect his quarters from unauthorized entry. It would tell him immediately if someone entered his quarters without permission. And someone did. He was notified. But he wasn't the only one.
I monitor communtications like that and detected it. It was a Starfleet Intelligence program, " he explained his findings.
"Why should he do that? Protect his quarters?" Janeway asked. She paused. Tuvok just watched. Said nothing.
"Why? Is someone harrasing him? Is he hiding something?" she continued to muse.
The idea that Paris could have a secret he had to protect this much seemed way to implausible to even take under consideration.
What the hell should that be? But then why was he using a Starfleet Intelligence program?
"We can only speculate about his motives. That's why I want permission to investigate," he stated.
"Wouldn't it be better to just ask Mister Paris," Janeway said, eying Tuvok. It just didn't make any sense to her.
"I'd like to keep him out of ti and investigate objectively. But I will need permission to d a search in his quarters and to take a look at his personal logs. As last option that is," he told her, knowing she had no choice in the matter.
She thought about it. She really didnít know what to think. Tom Paris was hiding something and she had not a single clue as to what that something was.
What she knew as that if they didnít find out, she couldnít trust Paris. And depending on the context of Tomís secret, it was impossible for her to trust Paris right now, whether she wanted to or not.
He might lie to her.
"Permission granted," Janeway made a descision.
That was not a good day for Voyager, that was for sure.
After disabeling the security program, Tuvok entered Tom Paris quarters.
It was unusually dark, so he orederd the computer to illuminate the room.
It was still dark, but Tuvokís Vulcan eyes to see just what he needed to.
The room was tidy. Clean. Almost sterile.
No plants, pictures or other personal items were displayed.
It was extremely odd.
The only thing that reminded of Tom Parisí Human heritage was a Teddy Bear resting on the sofa in the living room. It seemed old and very rumpled.
It irked Tuvok that Tom Paris, who was one of the most emotional member of this crew, had so few personal items.
A little board computer was resting on a desk. Tuvok aktivated it and started to call up Tom Parisí personl logs. Only to find out that they were from personal. Describtions of away missions, but no personal feelins or admissions, no secrets or plots, no nothing.
He shut the monitor off again.
What was Paris hiding? Nothing logical came to mind. Not yet. He had to keep searching.
He entered the bedroom area. A camcorder was resting next to the bed. Seeing it as a new scource of possible evidence, he picked it up and tried to see what information it held.
But to his surprise, he didnít get access to it. It was highly restricted.

It took him the better part of an hour to get through the complicated system of codes.

What he saw there did more than surprise him...