Title : Down Deep
Author : Elli- archivist@ParisNights.de
Series :Voyager
Codes : Voy,  C/P
Rating : PG-13
Story: 3/?
Archive: atps, TPD, ASC. All others, ask first.
Summary:See part One...

Note: This story was inspired by In His Mind's Eye and Sweet Dreams by Margeret Berger.

Dedicated to Jeanette.

Down Deep

*Dammit, I can't believe I slipped!!!* was the only coherent thought cursing through Tom Paris' head.
For years he had kept this s secret. For freedom, for the sake of this crew.

"Gods, I'm fucked," he whispered.
He bumped his head into the walls of his quarters. He turned his head to stare at the camcorder resting back in his quarters.
He had kept it to himself all this time, knowing it was for the better. Telling the truth would have split apart the Starfleet and Maquis
and the Maquis in itself  into factions of this crew, would have created an unbreakable rift of distrust and hatred among them. Not to
ever be healed.

And now they knew that he knew. There was only one thing he could do now. H could not loose the information.

The camcorder was lurking in the shadows, staring. Almost.

Josh Marcs stumbled into Freddie Bristow quarters blindly. Dalby was sitting in a big chair to the side, studying a datapad. He had
just returned from the holodeck, awaiting the results of Marcs talk with Paris.

"He knows," Marcs screamed, being at the verge of panic.

"Josh, calm down and tell us what wrong," Dalby soothed.

"Did Paris invite you into his quarters or something?" Fred teased.

"He knows. Elara Prime. He knows," he stammered.

"What did ya have, Marcs," Bristow continued to taunt him.

Dalby motioned for Bristow to stop. "What do you mean. Are you saying that Tom Paris knows the truth about Elara Prime. He
wasn't there. And if he was. He has no evidence. No proof. Who do you think they will believe? Paris or us?"

"He knows something. Isn't that enough. How do you know there is no evidence?" Josh's voice sounded very high now. Like that of a

"We'll check, okay."

Dalby and Marcs neared Tom Paris' quarters. They had made sure that no one was there. Paris was on the bridge and the neighbors
were out as well.

They had enough time to search through Paris' quarters.

As they had finally stepped through the door, an alarm sounded.
"Halt intruder. You are not allowed to enter these quarters. All illegal activity will be reported immediately."

"Damn, we better get out of here. With luck, nobody knows what's going on."

"Bit what if Paris..." Marcs started, only to be interrupted by Dalby: "Paris has been quiet  about this for four years. Why should he
come out with it now?

We'll just pretend nothing happened. No one will get us."

Meanwhile the intruder notice had just been sent to Tom Paris console. The data would still be there. Secure.

Unbeknownst to Paris someone else was aware that he was running a special security program...