Rendevous- J/?, J/P PWP , Rated NC-17
By Cori

The woman lying beside him stretched languidly and in doing so woke him from a peaceful dream. As his mind cleared from the fog of sleep, he relished in the feeling of her body pressed closely to his. Slowly, bits and pieces of the night before came back to him: meeting her unexpectedly while walking along a deserted street, inviting her back to his apartment, the feeling of her lips against his as he held her tightly in his arms, Kathryn's hands searching their way … Kathryn’s hands! He started to get up and realized that his arm was underneath her. She turned to face him, "Well, good morning," she said calmly.

"Hi there," he said, trying to act casual. His mind was reeling, what exactly had happened here last night? How had he ended up with the Captain in his bed? He remembered meeting her on the holodeck and inviting her back to his quarters for a late dinner. She’d resisted at first, but he’d convinced her, and apparently it wasn’t the only thing he’d convinced her to do.

"Is there something wrong?" she still sounded like the cat that had eaten the canary, so apparently he wasn’t in any trouble, yet.

"No, of course not," he tried to laugh it off, as though it was a normal occurrence to wake up with the Captain in his arms. She moved against him and against his better judgment, he felt himself responding to her. He slid his hand down her back to the swell of her beautiful behind and heard her giggle into his chest.

"Again?" she asked in disbelief causing him to wonder about his performance from the night before.

"I just had to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming," he said, the comment holding more truth than wit.

"Oh, I can tell you’re quite awake," she said, and he knew exactly what she was about to do an instant before she did it. As her hand encircled him, he closed his eyes, and for one irrational second he wanted to jump out of bed and get dressed as quickly as he possibly could. This was his Captain! Sure, he’d had his fantasies, who hadn’t? But none of them were quite this real.

He opened his eyes to see her returning his gaze, "Let me take care of that for you."

"Captain, I don’t – "

"Oh, so we’re back to that are we? Last night it was ‘Kathy, beautiful Kathy’ and this morning it’s Captain?" She said the word with the distaste that comes from years of being behind a barrier, and yet the whole time, her smile never left her face, and her ministrations on his cock never slowed. Without taking the time to ask again, she slithered down his body to arrive face to face with his throbbing dick, "You did so much for me last night, please let me."

He wasn’t given the chance to answer as her mouth enveloped him. He thought he was going to die, just from initial sensations alone, but it didn’t stop there. She was definitely talented, that much was unquestionable. He now sorely wished he could remember the night before.

She was a fast worker, and within a few minutes he felt himself draw closer and closer to climax. She must have sensed it too, because her strokes began to grow in intensity. He screamed her name as he spilled his seed into her mouth; she never missed a stroke.

All he wanted to do was hold her, the night before be dammed, this was his first time with her, regardless of what she might remember. But, Kathy had other plans. She didn’t allow him to relax for one second before she began caressing him again. In another minute when he was ready to go again, Kathy straightened up again and look him in the eyes, "Take me now, I have to feel you inside of me."

"Yes Ma’am," he said, but first… He pulled her close to him and kissed her furiously. He could taste the residue of his own juices on her lips and tongue, but it didn’t bother him nearly as much as he once thought it would. Underneath that was her sweet flavor, and he hoped he would never get used to how wonderful she tasted.

She was grinding her pelvis against him, so he decided not to make the lady wait any longer. He rolled on top of her and studied her face as he slowly slid into her. She was so beautiful.

It wasn’t long before he was thrusting in earnest, and she was screaming along with the rhythm. She was so wonderful, matching his thrusts perfectly, twice he heard her call his own name. She came so incredibly, he thought she would never recover. It was some time later before he felt his own orgasm approaching.


Tom stood at the door, wondering why it would be locked at this time of the day. He pressed the call button for the second time and was prepared to attempt to override it when he heard a throaty voice call "Come". The door slid open and he was instantly struck by an odd familiarity with the room. The lights were dim, but he could see forms moving on the bed. "Yes, come, come for me," a woman’s voice called.

Tom realized that he had intruded on a clandestine rendevous; the couple was obviously enjoying themselves, and had yet to notice his presence. He was just about to sneak out when he heard a well-known, albeit hoarse, voice scream, "Come for me, Tom!"

Tom!? Lt. Paris took a good look at the couple on the bed. Yes, he was sure, that was the Captain lying sprawled out on the bed and above her was a replica of himself. She had done a good job of copying him, but she had given him too much credit, Tom didn’t think he had ever looked that good.

"Oh God, Kathyrn!" the other Tom Paris yelled, apparently as he climaxed. He continued for another stroke or two before collapsing next to his lover.

The real Tom, as he had come to think of himself, took another look around the room and realized why it looked so familiar. It was his own quarters, as they had looked several years ago. The fake Tom had gathered his lover into his arms and was whispering something into her ear. The Captain giggled – Tom didn’t think she could even make a sound like that – and caressed the shoulder of her lover.

The sheets were in a pile on the floor, so he had a clear view of their entwined bodies. The Captain – he just couldn’t think of her as Kathryn – was a truly beautiful woman. How is it possible that they had worked together for so long, and yet he had never noticed how amazingly feminine she was?

Apparently she had taken notice of him, though. Tom blushed as he wondered just how often she ran this program. How many times was it his face she looked into as she came? Staring at the two of them together was having an effect on him. Before he could stop himself, he spoke aloud, "Computer pause simulation."

It took less than a second for the Captain to disentangle herself from her lover, and she was on her feet and staring him down almost before the words were out of his mouth. "Mr. Paris, I demand an explanation for this intrusion!" Her face was flushed, but whether from the sex or from being discovered, Tom couldn’t tell. She didn’t even seem to notice that she was naked, not like it would have mattered much at this point.

"Well, Kathyrn, I knocked, and you said come but apparently you weren’t talking to me," he looked pointedly at the hologram on the bed.

Her lips pouted, but she didn’t defend herself. "That doesn’t give you the right to stand there and watch – Just how long have you been watching, Mr. Paris?"

"I walked in just before, ‘Come for me, Tom’," he said, mimicking her voice. "Don’t you think we should talk about this?"

"There’s nothing to discuss, you will of course keep this in the strictest of confidence. And I – "

"And you will continue to meet in secret with a holographic Lt. Paris. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this Kathryn?"

"Mr. Paris, I do not seem to remember giving you permission to call me by my first name."

"Yes well, you and the Lieutenant there seem to be on a first name basis."

"The Ensign and I -- " she started before she realized what she was saying. Tom’s eyebrows rose at her admission. It was no wonder his quarters appeared to not have changed at all in the last few years, it was still an Ensign who lived here.

"Kathryn," he said gently, taking one slow step towards her. She looked like she wanted to back away from him, but she didn’t. "You could have come to me, instead of creating this fantasy."

"I like this fantasy," she said indignantly, "I don’t have to worry about outranking him; it doesn’t affect my command decisions, and whenever I want, I can turn it off and not worry about him wanting a relationship."

"So it’s just sex for you? You used my face, and my body," he pointed at the motionless hologram on the bed, "without my permission, and you’re going to tell me that it’s just sex?" He took another step towards her, there was only a foot of space separating them now. "I can’t believe that, Kathryn." She started to protest, but before the words left her lips he had her in his arms and was kissing her.

Kathryn moaned, she had been dreaming of this for so long. She hadn’t realized just how tall he was, though, her Ensign was easily three inches shorter. His hands were resting just above the swell of her ass, and for the first time she realized that she was still naked.

Tom broke the kiss but did not step away from her. Neither of them said anything for a very long minute. Tom was afraid, afraid that he’d just made the biggest mistake of his career, one that would earn him more than a 30-day stay in the Brig. He could feel his heart beating heavily in his chest.

"Computer," *chirp* "Delete Ensign Tom Paris." The air over the bed shimmered for a second and then Ensign Paris was gone. Kathryn pulled Tom close – the real Tom this time – "Don’t make me regret this, Lieutenant," she ordered.

"Yes Ma’am."


Later when they lay in a very similar position to the one he had seen her in earlier, he turned to her, "Why an Ensign, Kathy?"

Kathryn giggled – the second time he’d ever heard her giggle – "The truth Lieutenant? I never got around to updating the program after I promoted you."

She had never seen Tom speechless before.

The End